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Now, going on… If you have an idea or if you really did read into the other Brock siblings behind Forrest, then there is a girl named Yolanda named in the anime, although besides from her name, it seems as if she has no kind of other character development. So, she seemed to be one of the better characters for me to put into the story, mostly because I can give possibly some characterization to Brock's siblings as well through her. So, yes, Yolanda is a real character from the anime, thusly the reason why she is not going to listed under the copyrighted original characters in the storyline section. Also, I have received my first profile, thanks to HotRod198, but I received it shortly after this storyline plot was drawn up already so I'll have his character appear in the next few chapter, at the latest, mostly because I wanted to possibly get to Forrest in the next chapter or so and I don't want to rush introductions.

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Characters for Chapter 3: Ren Suzuki (Episode 1-Present, Main character); Xth Form Keyblader

Julian Hill (Episode 4, One-time character); Xth-Form Keyblader

Recap: The last episode, Ren discovered that the Viridian City gym is out-of-commission for the time being and because of that, begins a trek towards Pewter City for his first badge. Along the way, he runs into Buzzy Grover, an aspiring pokémon trainer who was looking for a Butterfree for him to start off his pokémon journey with. Although they are able to get the Butterfree, Buzzy decides that the connection that he has made with Heracross was more important than getting the perfect pokémon right off the bat. After leaving Buzzy, Ren continues down the forest and then runs into a new person: Yolanda. But, who is this new girl? And why is she here?

Episode 4: A Hypnotizing Spell

Right now, Ren is standing in front of a girl who has a Geodude at her side. She is wearing a yellow zipper-held shirt, with a couple of hearts on either side of her slim stomach and one laying on her back. One thing that stands out to Ren is her eyes, which he really can't see because it seems to be that her eyes are closed. As she begins to move towards Ren, she adjusts her blue shorts, which cut off down to the middle of her thigh. Along her waist is a white belt with pokéballs attached to it, which swayed only a little bit as she walks. Ren then blinks a couple of times before he spins on his heel and begins walking off, which prompts the girl to open her mouth and say, "Hey! Wait up!" Ren then lets out a soft sigh. He was deliberately trying to avoid getting himself in more trouble than he was trying to before. However, as soon as he notices that he is about to walk towards a tree branch before he ducks down. Before he can really get away, though, the girl grabs onto his hand. "Hey, can you hear me out? I need some help with something."

Ren blinks a couple of times, knowing that he needs to get to the Pewter City gym sooner rather than later. But, he simply lets out a sigh. What can he do really when the girl deliberately asks him to go and talk to her? He's not good with people, after all…


"Ah, so your name is Ren Suzuki and you're one of the new Pokémon trainers," Yolanda says, scratching her chin as she smiles at him, biting into a sandwich. After all, the girl was saying that she was "starving" and that it would be nice if Ren could "extend some hospitality." Of course, this leads her to taking at least two of his sandwiches and he's not sure where the eating's going to stop anymore. She then looks over to Eevee before she smiles. After all, Eevee is a cute little pokémon and she always seems to have some kind of weakness to them. "And you have a cute little Eevee there. So, this is your partner…" She then looks up to Ren before she notices that he isn't really responding at all. Yolanda lets out a sigh before she asks, "Hey, are you listening?" Ren quickly nods, as he is attentive, just not saying anything. Yolanda lets out a sigh before she says, "Man, you should speak up more or people will believe that you're a wet blanket!"

Ren makes a face that shows a little bit of his disproval of what Yolanda is saying before he looks over to Eevee, which just puts on a confused look on its face. Knowing he has to be on his way, he quickly picks up his bag and such and says, "Please excuse me."

Yolanda, realizing what Ren is doing, comes up with an idea. "Hey, if you can do something for me, then I'll take you through this forest to Pewter City," she says with a large grin on her face. Really, going to Pewter City from here is a straight shot. But, Ren is a rookie trainer and could be lost regardless. This could be her huge chance!

"No thank you," Ren out rightly says, continuing to walk away. "To go to Pewter City is right down this main road right now, right?" Even though he is right, he doesn't realize that he is sounding like a cold person right now. After all, without anything to bargain, there is no agreement. Yolanda is aware of this and now has resorted to drastic measures. If bargaining won't work, what would the next one be? Pulling out that cute girl charm, after all.

Ren sudden feels someone grab a hold of his hand before he blinks a couple of times. He then looks back to see Yolanda holding onto his hand, her eyes cast down towards the ground. "Are you really…" Yolanda begins before she looks up to Ren with teary eyes. Ren is taken a little bit aback, so much that he wrenches his hand out of Yolanda's grip. "… just going to abandon a girl in distress like this?!" Before she is able to do anything else, she notices that Ren is sighing. Looks like the charm worked, just enough for Ren to feel at least a little bit of sympathy for her.

"Fine," Ren says simply, not sure what else he could say to the girl. He'll have to hear her out. After all, she seems to be somewhat persistent.


At this point in time, Yolanda and Ren are sitting down in the grass. The Geodude that was out earlier was now in its pokéball and Eevee is resting beside Ren, its ears up just in case of any possible activity. "So, anyways," Yolanda begins. "There is this guy who has been going around stealing things from people when they are alone and me, with my great sense of justice is trying to go and hunt him down." Ren blinks a couple of times, wondering how he got himself into this. "So, you must be wondering: is there any kind of evidence or anything? Well, not really. You see, everyone was put to sleep while he was there with an outfit and he left before they could go and wake up."

"So, it happens at night?" Ren concludes quickly.

"Nuh, uh," Yolanda says, shaking her head. "Sometimes, it can even happen with people out during noon and such and being completely awake beforehand." Ren blinks a couple of times, somewhat confused as to whether or not the girl is contradicting herself. "Then, I realized something: what is some of things that could forcefully put someone to sleep? First is some kind of substance or something, right? But, there was no sign of that at the scene. So, what is another possibility?" Ren blinks a couple of times, not sure as to what Yolanda is saying before she directs her gaze down towards Eevee. Then, Ren realizes what she is trying to say.

"You mean, a pokémon using something like Sing?" Ren asks.

"Nail on the head, Sherlock!" Yolanda says with a large grin on her face. "Yes, we believe that it is possible that the people were lulled to sleep by some means, like Sing or Hypnosis. After all, Sing and Hypnosis really only need a few seconds. It would be no wonder if people can't even remember them with how quickly the situation went." Yolanda then stands up and puts her hands in her pockets. "The thing is, however, that under the case that we find said person, I want to pose as a travelling trainer to possibly lull him into a trap. Best way for me to do that is to have a person who can get attacked and another person in the shadows to catch him."

"So, you need a guinea pig," Ren says objectively.

"Not exactly!" Yolanda says. "Listen, it would be easier for you to get this guy now so he doesn't come for you later. That and also, I'll stalk you until you promise to help. And when I stalk, I mean… going into the bathtub with you…"

"I think that's a little…" Ren mutters before he sighs. "Okay, I get it. I'll help."

"Good! Now, off to catch the crook!" Yolanda yells out.


Meanwhile, a person is standing in a forest. He is wearing a red bandanna with the white image of a pokéball on it. He is decked out in a blue jacket, which look to be cut off on both sleeves to become sleeveless. Underneath the jacket is a red shirt, which is a short sleeved shirt, so it actually runs down his arm to his elbow. Because of the fact that it is hot, possibly, he is wearing a pair of shorts and some sneakers. He is sitting down with a pokéball in his hands and his eyes on his bag. "We're going to need much more than what we've got so far…" he mutters to himself. He then tosses the pokéball up into the air before he says, "Poliwag! I have a job for you."

As soon as the pokéball hits the ground, it opens and a small blue figure stands in front of the person. Even while it is standing on the pads that it likes to call feet, it only stands at around two feet and is a really 'plain' pokémon in many people's definition of it. It has an almost completely blue body, other than the eyes that seem to be glued to the top of its "face," a small pink opening for a mouth, and a white patch on its front side. Within the white patch, it has a black line, which curves in on itself to create a swirl that goes clockwise from the outside in. Also, attached to it is also a long tail, although it is mostly transparent and is almost hard to catch in the sunlight as of this moment. "Poli?" the pokémon asks questioningly.

"We need to get more stuff," the trainer says simply, looking back at the stuff that he has in his bag before he rubs his head. "Sorry for putting you through this, but it looks like we're going to need a bigger haul than before." The trainer than kneels down to the Poliwag before he pats it on the head. "Just a little bit longer, okay?" Poliwag blinks a couple of times and doesn't respond, something that the trainer notes as some kind of acceptance of what is going on. The trainer then gets up and takes a stick from nearby and swings it once. "I have an idea. Another means for us to possibly get ourselves in a position for us to get something. Poliwag, come over here, will you?"


At this moment, Ren and Yolanda are searching for the one who is responsible for all of the thefts, although her lead is rather non-informative. After all, many pokémon have the ability to put people to sleep, like Hypno and Drowzee. Also, the attack Hypnosis is not the only attack that puts people to sleep. There is also Sing, which Jigglypuff can do, he knows that. So, where could the pokémon be? And how will be know when he ends up finding it? As the two approach a clearing, they notice something in front of them. It's a small blue blob extending from the surface, prompting Eevee to run over to it and sniff it. It rolls it over before it comes face-to-face with a whirl. It's a small pokémon, yes, but Eevee can still tell that it is a pokémon. It quickly turns back to Ren and Yolanda before it yells out, "Eev! Ve eevee!" it yells back to the pair before they walk over to where Eevee is and notices that it is a pokémon as well.

"It's a… Poliwag?" Yolanda says before Ren takes out his pokédex and points it at the pokémon.

"Poliwag, the Tadpole Pokémon. It has no arms, but its tail makes it a good swimmer," the pokédex states before Ren puts it back in his pocket. He then notices that the pokémon has that swirl on its stomach and blinks a couple of times. Before he can even form a thought in his mind, Yolanda moves over towards it and picks it up. Ren scratches the top of his head as Yolanda looks at him expectantly, something that usually means that she expects him to give the Poliwag something. Ren lets out a drastic sigh, not sure as of what else he could give the pokémon.

"What? You're not going to help the poor thing?" Yolanda asks, somewhat annoyed at Ren's personality now. "Give it some pokémon food! Hurry up!"

"But, what about Eevee?" Ren asks somewhat timidly, finding Yolanda's own voice to be intimidating at this moment in time. After all, the girl's attitude seemed to change as soon as that pokémon showed up. What is he supposed to do against the girl when she's even more determined than she was before.

"You're such a horrible trainer!" Yolanda yells out. "You see a pokémon and get stingy because you're not willing to give up extra food! Then, you go and use your Eevee as an excuse!" She begins flailing her arms around in comical fashion. "Unforgiveable, you hear me?! Unforgiveable! Right, Eevee?!" Eevee, having taken a liking to Yolanda, quickly nods in agreement and then begins speaking to Ren, making Ren's eye twitch.

"Aren't I your trainer?" Ren asks somewhat rhetorically before he goes into his bag and proceeds to take out a bag of pokéfood, deciding to just settle down and eat lunch. Yolanda decides to do so as well, placing down the Poliwag nearby. As soon as he gives the food to Eevee in its bowl, he drops some pokéfood in front of Poliwag, allowing it to go and eat it. As soon as he's done doing this, Yolanda looks to him expectantly before he blinks a couple of times. "What?"

"Our share, after all. Have you forgotten?" Yolanda asks, releasing her pokémon: Vulpix, a female Nidoran, and a Chansey. Seeing all three of these pokémon for the first time, Ren blinks a couple of times before he remembers what Yolanda just said. Her share? Wait, she's a pokémon coordinator and yet she doesn't have pokéfood for her own pokémon? Ren tilts his head, somewhat annoyed with the fact that the girl doesn't seem to have any kind of intention of backing down from her previous statement. After all, wasn't she the one who should be the more mature one and get pokéfood before leaving town? As he continues to think about this, Yolanda quickly snatches the bag out of his hand, something that takes Ren a few seconds for him to register.

"Wait!" Ren yells out, somewhat worried. "If you use all of that up, then we won't have anymore pokémon food left for the rest of our trip in here." However, his pleas fall on deaf ears, as Yolanda has already dumped out the whole bag and has just allowed her pokémon to go and eat it. Ren then glances over to Eevee, only to wonder if it is perfectly okay with starving for a day… No, it's not. But, it would still be his fault, either way. After all, Ren seems to be the only one using his head right now. Ren then sits down and takes out a sandwich as Yolanda wonders what is wrong with Poliwag. After all, it hasn't even really touched it's food just yet. Yolanda picks up Poliwag and tries to feed it, not wanting it to be anymore weaker than it already was. But, all that Poliwag does is just open its mouth to use Water Gun on Yolanda's face before Yolanda drops it onto the floor.

"Ah! Looks like Poliwag is somewhat upset," Yolanda says as she tries to move towards her bag for the sake of getting a towel out from it. Meanwhile, Ren just simply looks at Poliwag before he walks over to it and bows down to it, rubbing its back of some of its oil to notice a cut there. So, the reason why it attacked Yolanda was simply because it had a bruise where it was. Poliwag then prepares to attack Ren before Ren heads to his backpack as well and takes out a potion. Poliwag blinks a couple of times before Ren sprays the potion onto Poliwag's back, right over the wound. Although it feels it sting to begin with, it then feels the soothing rubbing of Ren's hand, trying to calm the pokémon down.

"Poli?" the pokémon asks before soothes down a little bit. It feels like as if it has never received this kind of treatment before. It closes its eyes as Ren continues to massage its wound. Meanwhile, Yolanda walks up to the pair and smiles a little bit.

'Well, the guy does care. That's no doubt,' Yolanda thinks to herself before she moves over to the Poliwag and picks up some of the food for it. "Here you go, Poliwag. Eat up!" She then puts some of the pokémon food into the Poliwag's mouth and as soon as it tastes it, it puts on a content face, letting Yolanda know that it was satisfied. Yolanda then looks over to Ren before she says, "Nice job. You identifying its cut like that. I didn't even notice."

"It was just a feeling," Ren says simply before he looks over to Yolanda. "Just a feeling that it was hurting. That's really all there is to it."

"Hm…" comes out of Yolanda's mouth, showing understanding. "Still, nice work. Hopefully, this little thing will feel better soon." Ren then simply nods in agreement before he looks back at Poliwag.

However, Poliwag is simply looking down at the ground. After all, it had taken the hit from his trainer for the sake of helping him with his problem. Although it wishes that it didn't have to come to this, the Poliwag also realized that it need to do this so the trainer could get more things to trade in for money. However… Poliwag looks at Ren and Yolanda before it looks back down. Why did the nicest people in the world have to be the ones who picked it up and tried to take care of it? Now, it is starting to feel guilty for having done anything. And it hasn't even done anything yet.

Meanwhile, within the cover of the forest, the trainer is watching carefully, completely decked out in black, waiting for Poliwag to make its move. Although, he must admit, the people that Poliwag ended up luring in did seem to be rather nice people. He lets out a soft sigh before he mutters, "This is for our sake… Don't forget about that… Rally… and Poliwag, too."

Poliwag then, all of a sudden, hops out of Ren and Yolanda's grips before it begins to walk off. Ren blinks a couple of times before he ends up heading after it, Yolanda having already headed off. As soon as the pokémon goes into the bushes, Yolanda heads inside only to find Poliwag looking straight at it and the swirl on its front spinning rapidly. Yolanda's eyes widen before she mutters, "Are you the poke-" Before she is able to finish, she ends up falling down. She's fast asleep, now. Poliwag lets out a soft sigh before Ren comes in the bushes as well, catching Poliwag off guard. Ren, noticing Yolanda on the ground, quickly moves towards her to ask how she is doing, before the Poliwag's trainer comes from behind Ren and grabs him in a headlock. Seeing this, Poliwag's eyes widen. It wasn't expecting its trainer to try to knock Ren out like that…

"Wh-?" escapes out of Ren's mouth as he begins to struggle, the trainer somewhat conflicted as to what is going on. At that moment, Eevee comes rushing in and rams into the trainer, knocking him in the back. This is enough for him to loosen his grip on Ren, giving Ren enough room to elbow him in the stomach to break his grip on Ren almost completely, enough for Ren to be able to strip himself away from him and move towards Eevee. Poliwag, concerned for its trainer's safety, moves somewhat in the direction of him, but it then stops, remembering how bad the confrontation was going, decides to stay where it is. Ren looks over at the trainer before he asks, "So, you're the thief?" He lets out a small fit of coughs as he tries to keep his breathing under control. At this moment, the trainer begins to reach towards his belt, with two pokéball resting on it. The trainer then, quickly and inaudibly, throws the pokéball, revealing a small plump bird, with brown-colored wings and a cream brown body, along with the tips of its wings. Around its eyes, it has black markings, making it somewhat intimidating for Ren to look at, and it seems to have eyebrow-like feathers right over its eyes with the same cream brown color as the main body. Ren notices, also, that it is standing upright and it seems to have the ability to walk as well as fly.

Ren takes out his pokédex before he asks, "Pidgey, huh?"

"Pigdey is a Flying Pokémon. Among all of the flying pokémon, it is the gentlest and easiest to capture. A perfect target for a Pokémon Trainer to test his skills. Pidgey's Gust attacks has the power to create tornados. It also has Sand Attack."

"Hm…" Ren mutters to himself before he looks to the Pokémon Trainer. "Well, we might as well do something. Eevee! Use Tackle!" Eevee begins to charge towards the Pidgey, something that the other Pokémon Trainer was expecting.

"Pidgey, use Sand Attack!" the Pokémon Trainer yells out before Pidgey takes off from its position and then begins to blow wind towards the ground, making some of the dirt laying near Eevee take off on air currents and into Eevee's path. As Eevee charges through the sand cloud, it winces. Some of the sand has just come into its eye, its eyesight becoming less and less precise. As soon as the dust cloud passes over, Eevee is standing in place, shaking its head so it could possibly get some of the sand out of its eyes. "Good! Now, Pidgey! Use Gust!" Now, the flapping wings of Pidgey begin to flap even more as a strong air current heads towards Eevee from above.

Not knowing the nature of the attack, Ren shakes his head and says, "Eevee! Just keep on moving!" However, with all of the sand in its eyes, all that Eevee can tell is that Ren is yelling from behind it. It can't tell where the Gust attack is actually coming from and begins just moving in a random direction, just towards the same direction that it was going in before. However, the gust attack comes right in Eevee's person and ends up sending it back.

"Eee!" Eevee yells out in pain as it ducks down as low as it can towards the ground so it could at least absorb most of the Gust attack.

"Now, Pidgey! Let's go in for a Quick Attack!" the Pokémon Trainer says before the Pidgey nods in agreement before it begins to move in the direction of Eevee, now reeling from that last attack.

"Eevee! Use Sand Attack! Use it in the opposite direction of my voice!" Ren yells out as Eevee regains its bearings and then uses Sand Attack towards Pidgey as it comes in to attack it. Pidgey, wanting to dodge out of the attack, tries to pull out by expanding its wings, but because of the air pressure, it ends up getting pushed into the attack anyways and comes out of the sand cloud, narrowly missing Eevee. Pidgey then quickly plants its feet into the ground and proceeds to try to wipe its eyes.

Ren lets out a soft sigh of relief before he yells out, "Eevee! Use tackle now!" Eevee then begins to charge in the direction of the Pidgey.

"Pidgey! Take off into the sky!" the Pokémon Trainer yells out, really getting into the battle now, as the Pidgey begins to take off, but Eevee leaps up into the sky and rams into it still, bringing it to the ground. "Pidgey!" The Pokémon Trainer then looks to Poliwag before he asks, "Poliwag! Can you go in for me?" Poliwag then quickly props itself up. It was still confused about the whole situation. But it knows that its trainer needs it. And that's all it needs to know right now. It puts on a determined face before the Pokémon Trainer takes out Pidgey's pokéball and says, "Pidgey! Return!" The pokéball then shoots out a red, almost invisible light to Pidgey before Pidgey's frame becomes red as well and then disappears entirely. Now, the Pokémon Trainer looks towards Poliwag before he says, "Let's go, Poliwag!"

Ren blinks a couple of times as he sees Poliwag come out on the other Pokémon Trainer's side, before he bites his lip. "Really… So, it really was the pokémon," he says simply before he looks to the Pokémon Trainer.

"Looks like it," a voice rings out from nearby. Ren looks to notice that Yolanda has come back to her senses and has slowly begun to get back up. She then walks over to Ren before she asks, "So, do you feel satisfied knowing that you're abusing your pokémon like this?"

"What exactly are you talking about?" the Pokémon Trainer asks before he looks down. "It's not like I want to do this either…" Hearing this, Ren's eyes perk open before the Pokémon Trainer points at Eevee and yells out, "Eevee! Use Bubble!" Poliwag then opens its small mouth and then small bubbles come out of it, heading towards Eevee.

"Eevee! Dodge it and use Tackle!" Ren yells out before Eevee tries to side step the bubbles, only to be hit by a couple of them, and then charge towards the Poliwag. However, it only scrapes past the Poliwag before Ren bite his lip. "Is it the sand still?" Ren asks himself as he looks over at Poliwag.

"Now, Poliwag! Use Doubleslap!" the Pokémon Trainer yells out before Poliwag moves to Eevee, which is still reeling from the last strand of attacks, and begins slapping it with its tail. The last slap is enough to send Eevee off of its feet and Eevee quickly gets up, determined. The Pokémon Trainer looks down at the ground and says, "It's not like I wanted this, either. I just wanted to have enough money for me to make a living. After all, I wanted to put my little brother through Trainer's School…" The Pokémon Trainer shakes his head before he yells out, "Now, Poliwag! Use Water Gun!" Poliwag then opens its mouth and shoots a spray of water out of it, heading towards Eevee.

Ren blinks a couple of times, having heard what the trainer just said, before he lets out a small sigh. "Eevee! Dodge out of it and use Tackle! Quickly!" Eevee jumps over to the side, although once it lands, it feels some pain on its left front leg and winces, and then charges towards the Poliwag and rams into its swirl, one of the only things that it can distinguish from everything else. However, at this point, its eyes are starting to clear up. Even Ren can notice. However, Eevee can also tell that it won't last for much longer.

"But, is this really okay?" Yolanda asks the Pokémon Trainer. "From what I've seen, your Poliwag might be a little bit afraid of you right now. It must not like your character right now."

The Pokémon Trainer blocks Yolanda's words before he yells out, "Poliwag! Use Hypnosis!"

"Eevee! Don't look at Poliwag!" Ren yells out, remembering earlier. Eevee then quickly closes its eyes before Ren yells out, "Now, while its stationary, use Tackle with all of your might!" Eevee then charges towards Poliwag and the Pokémon Trainer, knowing what is about to happen, frantically thinks of a means to help his pokémon.

"Poliwag! Just stop and run away!" the Pokémon Trainer yells out, but it is already too late and Eevee rans into Poliwag and sends it into the arms of the Pokémon Trainer. "Poliwag…" he mutters to himself before he notices that Poliwag is knocked out now. Before he is able to run off, Yolanda grabs him by the collar and tosses him down to the ground. "Whoa!"

"Nice job, Ren," Yolanda begins as Ren runs over to Eevee, who just collapsed shortly after winning the battle. Yolanda then looks down at the thief before she says, "Weird… And I said that he didn't care for pokémon before… Maybe it was just my imposing of a personality onto him. He just seemed to be the aloof type, after all."

"Rest Eevee," Ren says, putting a slight smile on his face. He then runs his hand through Eevee's hand, similar as if he was trying to groom it. Whatever the matter, the pokémon seems to be put more at ease now. "Good job, really." He then picks up Eevee and cradles it before he walks over to Yolanda and the thief. "Now what?"

"The Viridian Forest's patrol is going to come. I just called them on this," Yolanda then takes out a pink piece of technology. It is rather small, so small that it could fit in Yolanda's hand. Besides from a small cylindrical piece laying horizontally on it, it would be a completely rectangular, excluding from the actual corners, which all are rounded off. The outside frame of it makes it look as if it is a tool to be used by trainers, as both sides have a white imprint of half of a pokéball, including the button in the middle, which protrude slightly from the otherwise straight frame of it. Ren notices that there is a small slit about three-fourths the way down, just below the artistic pokéballs, which Ren believes is the means for someone to open said device. Yolanda then flips it open, revealing that it looks similar to a cell phone.

"That's a cell phone?" Ren asks, unknowingly.

"No, not just that," Yolanda says simply. "This is a PokéGear. It acts as cell phone, a map, even a radio." Ren then nods in agreement, somewhat confused as to what said item really is. "It's a must have for all Pokémon Trainers. You should get one too. Don't want to get lost… And you can even call home on it and some of your friends."

Ren nods quietly in agreement, somewhat confused.

"Hey…" the thief mutters to himself.

"What is it?" Yolanda responds with her hand on his hips. "You know, no matter what the reason, you still caused all of this. We're not letting you go."

"Whatever about that," the thief responds quickly. "There's something that I want for this little guy…" As soon as Ren and Yolanda hear this, they both blink.


"Julian Hill, a resident of Pewter City," a Viridian Forest patroller states to someone on a radio. "After his mother's florist business went south, she left him with his younger brother. Apparently, he began using pokémon when he was eight and actually kept them for all of this time. Then, with his brother needing money to enter the Pokémon Trainer's School in Viridian City, he began to steal items in order for him to get trade-in items."

"Oh, I see…" the person on the radio states. "And? What about the people who caught him?"

"Yolanda, and a Ren Suzuki from Pallet Town," the person responds rather quickly.

"I see… Well, tell Yolanda to go back home soon, if you do not mind," the person on the other side of the radio states before both sides hang up.

Meanwhile, Ren and Yolanda are standing away from the scene unfolding regarding Julian's arrest. After hearing the story, however, Ren does feel a little tinge in his chest. He then begins to notice that Poliwag has woken up and is coming out of the bushes. Ren blinks a couple of times before he opens his mouth to state that Poliwag is right here before he remembers a conversation that Julian, him, and Yolanda.


"You see, I really want Poliwag to find a good home," Julian said. "When I get arrested, they'll confiscate all of my pokémon and after that, I have no idea where they're going to go. Even though Pidgey's tough and everything, my Poliwag's really a scared and timid one. It's quick to trust and get scared. Just like a baby."

"So…" Yolanda stated quietly, her attention was grabbed and her sincerity strings pulled. "What do you want us to do?"

"Please… Don't let them take away Poliwag," Julian said. "I don't really care as to how you do it. Even if Poliwag has to go back out into the wild…" Ren's attention was grabbed at this point, so was the small amount that Eevee had as well. "But, please give Poliwag the chance at a good home. It'll be a good pokémon. It always was for me." Julian then looks up at Ren before Ren realizes what he is trying to say. He then looks at the Poliwag in Julian's hands and then plucks it from him. "Thank you."


Ren then closes his mouth before Yolanda bends down to Poliwag and says, "Please understand, Poliwag. He… Julian needs to go away for a little while. He wants us to take care of you until he comes back." However, Poliwag breaks past Yolanda and begins moving towards Julian.

As soon as it approaches him, Poliwag lets out a, "Poli Poli!" Julian simply keeps his eyes forward, knowing that looking at Poliwag and acknowledging it would be sealing its fate as well. He just simply continues on, being led by the Viridian Forest patrol before Poliwag lets out a sad, "Poli…" And then, it proceeds to head in a random direction. Then, Ren stands in its way. Poliwag then looks up to Ren, showing its slightly tear-filled eyes, before Ren bends down to it and hugs it. "Poli?"

"Cry," Ren states, almost similar to a command. But, it is muttered so softly that the pokémon realizes that it is not a command. No, it's a choice. But, within that one word and gesture, it lets it know that it can rest on someone else's shoulder. As Poliwag's tears begin to stain Ren's jacket, Ren says, "I'll take care of you. For his part, too. So, please… Trust me." Yolanda, watching the scene, looks away slightly, trying to act cool. But, she must admit: she's starting to get the sniffles, too.

Poliwag then blinks a couple of times before Ren breaks the hug and holds his hand to Poliwag. Poliwag then turns around to Ren and pauses a moment before it places its tail in his hand. Ren lets out a sigh before Poliwag leaps into Ren's arms and begins to cry once again. Ren then looks over to Julian, who shoots a glance back and just simply smiles before continuing on his walk.

Yolanda lets out a sigh before she thinks, 'Even though it was different situations… He still showed the same love that a Pokémon Trainer is supposed to have.'


After having Poliwag cry itself to sleep, everyone decided to rest for the night. And now, it is high noon and Ren and Yolanda are walking along on their way towards Pewter City. Eevee is now walking to Ren's right and his new friend, Poliwag, is walking to his left. Unlike last night, Poliwag is wearing a determined look on its face. After all, Poliwag knows that Julian is trying his hardest and so will it. With Eevee and Ren. Yolanda then looks to her PokéGear before she points and says, "It's right here!" With that, Eevee and Yolanda run further ahead, with Ren and Poliwag bringing up the rear.

Ren then looks over to Poliwag and says, "At the Pokémon League, let's make the top. So he can see it too." Poliwag blinks a couple of times before it nods in agreement and then begins running after the pair. Ren lets out a small sigh before he begins to run after all three of them.

'I am Ren Suzuki, a new Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town. In this forest, I ran into a new rival… And some new friends,' Ren thinks to himself as he reaches where Yolanda, Eevee, and Poliwag have stopped. 'And now… In this city, I will take my new bonds in hand and win in my gym battle.' Ren looks at the view and sees many buildings, as well as a blue sky, which makes everything seem to be even better. He is now out of Viridian Forest.

"Welcome to Pewter City!" Yolanda says before she flashes a smile over to Ren.


Next Episode: Now in Pewter City, Ren runs into the Pewter City Gym Leader, Forrest. Realizing that this is a Rock pokémon gym, Ren's best chance at defeating Forrest and claiming his first badge is for him to utilize Poliwag to its fullest. Next time: The Rock-Solid Foundation

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