Chapter 1-Majin Gohan

Gohan looked on in fear of Majin Buu, as the fat tub of lard absorbed the kick to his face, and had that sick happy look on his face that told of evil deep behind the pudgy form. The half-breed of a Saiyan tried to attack again, ignoring the Supreme Kai's protest to stop, and was rewarded by a huge blast of energy that sent him flying away into the sky to eventually destroy his body.

'No! Gohan can't die. I can't let another person die at the hands of this monster!' thought the Supreme Kai, as he targeted the ball, and sent what energy he had left into a psychic attack that caused the ball of energy to explode early to possibly save Gohan before he collapsed into unconsciousness.

Babidi being the evil sly wizard he was, turned his head from the explosion to look down at the Supreme Kai now unconscious, and narrowed his eyes at the celestial being. There was something wrong with this picture, as that ball of energy should not have exploded like it did, and suspected the Supreme Kai had a hand in it.

'That boy was quite powerful. I sensed something in him that could rival if not surpass Majin Buu, but in his current condition that boy will most likely be dead soon, and the Supreme Kai will join him. Still, I can't miss an opportunity like this where I can nab a new servant to help keep Buu in line, and I doubt he will be as stubborn like Vegeta,' thought Babidi, as he silently did a tracking spell to find Gohan at a later time, and then focused himself back to Buu.

(Time Skip-Several Hours Later)

"Master Babidi doesn't look so good," said Majin Buu, as he looked at the hole the wizard was in barely alive, and how he was literally cut in half by the strange green warrior.

"Of course not you idiot! You wouldn't look so good either if you were sliced in half and couldn't regenerate," said Babidi, as he saw the pudgy face of Majin Buu frown, and then aim its pink antenna at him before shooting a green energy at the wizards body that fully restored the fowl villain once more.

"You feeling better now?" said Majin Buu, as he saw the wizard float out of what was just a few minutes ago be his grave, and nodded his head in amazement before focusing his attention on the events in front of him.

Vegeta was gone now, as his attempt at killing Majin Buu had failed, and cost the Saiyan Prince his own life in the process. The man's own son had stalled the royal Saiyan's death for a moment along with another the child of similar strength came along with a strange green warrior, who had cut Babidi in half, and now they fled to safety. But it was of no real consequence at the moment, as no one that could stand against him with Majin Buu by his side, and made him feel a sense of pride in that fact. However, the wizard was no fool, as he knew that some warriors out there did have the potential to rival if not surpass Majin Buu, and could be a threat to him later.

Those two brats were a prime example since they were strong already and if left to grow could possibly challenge his Father, The Great Bibidi's creation! However, if there was one thing that Babidi was outside of being a wizard, it was always thinking steps ahead of one's enemies, and there was one step he had to take before he could get his revenge on those fools that attacked him.

Starting with that boy from earlier the Supreme Kai tried to protect.

(With Bulma and the Others)

Bulma had been worried for awhile now, as she felt a pain in her heart earlier that could only have been a premonition about Vegeta, and wondered if she could forgive him for his actions. She did love the royal pain in the ass of a Saiyan without question, as proof of it was in the form of their son Trunks, and the fact she didn't try to kill him in his sleep years prior to that before the Androids came. She had seen the weird "M" on his forehead and knew that whatever mission Goku with the others went on had somehow turned the Saiyan Prince into something evil once more.

'I thought after what had happened with Trunks being born, the attack by the Androids, then dealing with Cell, and the peace that followed he would have let that side go. I guess I was wrong,' thought Bulma, as she thought of how Vegeta had calmed down quite a bit from his old self, and now whatever was happening on the Earth had brought that side out with a vengeance.

"Hey Mrs. Briefs, can I ask you something?" said Videl, as she sat in the seat behind the richest person in the world, and saw the blue haired woman look back at her.

"Sure! Fire away whatever questions you want," said Bulma, as she wanted to direct her attention away from Vegeta right now, and collect the Dragon Balls to fix the wrong her husband had committed.

"Well...its just I heard Krillin call Goku and Vegeta Saiyans when they were eating prior to the start of the tournament start. Could you tell me what a Saiyan is?" said Videl, as she saw Bulma flinch at that, and past a look over to Chi-Chi since this was something else she would rather not talk about when around the short tempered woman.

"Videl, a Saiyan is a being from another planet, who looks human, but is in fact not, and grew up with a form of bloodlust if not a joy for fighting. Before you were even born an evil person named Frieza destroyed the planet leaving only a handful of Saiyans in the entire Universe left. One of them was Vegeta and the other was Goku. As you now know Gohan is Goku's son, but he's only half-Saiyan, and doesn't enjoy the thrill of fighting like his Father or Vegeta does. Still, back when Gohan fought Cell, the kid sure wasn't one to be a pushover after he let out all the rage he kept bottled up inside, and finally killed Cell," said Bulma, as she looked back at Videl, and saw Chi-Chi was still not paying attention to her thanks to 18's kid running interference in that department.

"But if what you say is true, then the Saiyan side is possibly the dominant side of Gohan, but that being the case why hasn't it manifested like it should, and been a part of him long after Cell was destroyed?" said Videl, as she saw the power Gohan unleashed, and knew that it was not something one could throw away.

"Because...because I did something at his Mother's request that if my husband found out I did...would never forgive me," said Bulma, as she saw Chi-Chi look at her, and gave a glare telling the genius to keep her mouth shut after catching the last of the conversation.

'What? Gohan's Mother had Bulma do something to him? What? Why?' thought Videl, as she looked at Chi-Chi not looking at her, and returning her attention back to 18's kid.

(With Babidi and Majin Buu)

"Well, I must admit I am impressed with your luck my boy, and will take great pleasure of making you my servant like I did Vegeta. Though unlike that Saiyan, I don't expect much resistance from you when I give an order, and expect it to be obeyed. Plus, I'm sure Majin Buu would love to have a friend with him while we travel, and raise all sorts of destruction upon the world," said Babidi, as he knelt down next to the boy's skull, and began to examine Gohan's memories of his life to see how to use it against the boy.

What Babidi found however, as he tried to dig deep into Gohan's defenseless mind had caused him to frown, and sensed some kind of inhibiter system placed in the back of the boy's skull at the base where the neck attached. Using his magic to study this item that had been surgically implanted into Gohan, the wizard gasped at the design, and all the memories that came with it.

Chi-Chi this is wrong! Gohan is your son. If Vegeta finds out I made this, he'll kill me, and I mean that literally. He'll see this as a betrayal to the entire Saiyan race and to Gohan. You know how hard it took for your son to gain my husbands respect and that's not an easy feet!

Then make one and destroy the plans while the knowledge stays in our head. As for your husband, I don't care about his feelings since he's no friend of mine, and my son is not going to embrace that horrible side of his Father's family tree. You hear me Bulma? That side is not going to turn my son into some fighting delinquent and thug like his ancestors were. My son is going to live like a human and NOT as a dirty ape warrior from another planet!

Don't forget Chi-Chi, your husband was a 'dirty ape warrior from another planet' before he came to Earth, and had it not been for the blow to his skull as a kid you wouldn't even be here right now. I'll make this damn thing, but after that, I won't make another, and I'm burning the plans so it will be one of a kind. However, if it breaks, you should know that all of the anger he's kept locked away will come out, and he's going to have questions that YOU are going to answer. Got it!

Just make it Bulma. And make sure it slowly suppresses his energy too. I don't want him trying to train and awaken his Saiyan side anytime soon.

Sorry Gohan. Hopefully, you'll forgive me if you ever find out..

"My you are an interesting one, aren't you my boy. So much power inside of you and it was suppressed by your bigot of a Mother no less. And for what? To use your brains more then the muscles of your body. What a stupid woman you have for a Mother. At least mine had come to an understanding with my Father in teaching me the arts of magic since it was my legacy. No matter. Soon my boy, you will become more powerful then your Mother, Father, and all your friends could possibly imagine. And you know the best part? You'll be under my control!" said Babidi, as he used his magic to easily remove the device from Gohan's brain without any problems, and then gave it to Majin Buu before the blob turned it into candy to eat.

The instant Babidi did that however, Gohan's body erupted with power, and the once unconscious boy awoke with a start. Babidi acting quickly ordered Majin Buu to keep the boy pinned down before he could get away and the pink blob did just that by extending his arms. Gohan tried to struggle and break free with this new sense of rage now filling his being, but couldn't break Majin Buu's grip even with recovering some of his energy, and cried out when Babidi put his skeletal yellow hands on his head.

"Don't worry Gohan. I'm not going to kill you. Trust me when I say that its time the real you was expressed and that bitch of a Mother of yours gets what's rightfully coming to her. 'Ayatsuri no Majyutsu'," said Babidi, as he invaded Gohan's mind, making the boy relieve the times his Mother was always yelling at him for training, not studying, and kept making him feel like he was letting her down.

And it hurt. It hurt so much at those memories where Gohan wanted to fight to protect everyone and his Mother had forbid him because she wanted her son to go to a good College. He was barely in his teen at the time and was already the smartest person on the planet with the exception being Bulma though it wouldn't be long before he did surpass her in that regard. Gohan remembered how his Saiyan blood called for him to meet this enemy in combat, to defend what was his by right, and do what was right for the world. His Mother however, forbid him from training, and helping others just so her wishes could be fulfilled while his along with his Father's were ignored.

It made Gohan angry. Very angry!

'It wasn't fair! I had the power to help people and yet I was stuck at home studying while that arrogant fool Hercule took all the credit for Cell while kicking dirt on dad's name. I wanted so much to go there and set the record straight, but Mother forbid it, and said my mind should be focused on becoming a scholar. I didn't want to become a scholar, I just wanted to protect people, and that meant training to fight!' thought Gohan, as he felt his power growing, and his anger flooding his heart while blaming his Mother for making him so damn weak.

He should have left her years ago!

"Good! Good! Let out that anger my boy. Pledge yourself to me Gohan and unlimited power will await you. Together, we will show your Mother, and the world what it means to take things that they don't deserve from you," said Babidi, as he heard Gohan scream out, and it was music to his ears like it had been when he corrupted Vegeta.

Oh yes, Gohan was going to become an excellent subordinate.

(Kami's Lookout)

Goku looked down from Kami's Lookout, as he had come to the belief that his son had died just like Vegeta at the hands of Majin Buu, and wondered how everyone was going to take this. Goku's friends would be crushed, as would that girl Videl, who apparently does like Gohan more then a friend, and Chi-Chi would be devastated by the news at the loss of her eldest son.

Then there was Goten, the son Goku didn't know he had until later on, and had always had Gohan to lean on. From what Goku knew of his oldest son, Gohan had always tried to be the ideal big brother for Goten, and try to fill in the whole of being without a Father at the same time.

Goku didn't think Goten could take the loss of losing Gohan so early on in his life.

'At least with the Dragon Balls we can bring him back to life,' thought Goku, as he knew that would be a small comfort to his youngest son, and would wonder why dear old dad failed to stop it in the first place.

"You need to find Bulma to get the Dragon Radar so you can look for the Dragon Balls if she hasn't already Goku. After what Vegeta did back at the Marital Arts Tournament, she is going to use them to wish everyone back at the arena, and we can't risk that with Majin Buu still out in the world," said Dende, as he saw Goku nod his head, and then turned to Piccolo seeing the Namek was still in pain at losing his surrogate child.

"Yeah. I'll," said Goku, as he noticed the sky was darkening, and his eyes widened when he recognized what that meant.

"Oh no! Bulma must have found the Dragon Balls already. Though considering this is Bulma were talking about its not really surprising," said Krillin, as he saw Goku tense, and prepared to do Instant Transmission to stop Bulma.

(With Babidi)

The wizard smiled down at his newest servant, who was now free to get up off the ground after Majin Buu removed his fat gloved hands off Gohan's shoulders. The helpless boy, if you could even call him that, had changed dramatically through Babidi's mind controlling magic, as Gohan's skin was now slightly tanner, his body more muscular, and he had a "M" on his forehead just like Vegeta. But what was really interesting was the fact that Gohan's tail from years ago had sprouted once more and awakened the dormant part of the young warrior long since forgotten.

"Oh my! Just look at you Gohan. You are completely perfected!" said Babidi, as he was ecstatic at this boy's power even in his injured state, which was being taken care of now by Majin Buu just like the creature of destruction had done for him not that long ago, and the only thing Gohan needed was a new set of clothing since what he had one clearly was not worthy of such a deadly looking warrior.

"This feels weird. I wonder if this is how Vegeta felt when this happened to him?" said the newly transformed Majin Gohan, as he looked at Majin Buu, and a part of him felt like fighting the fat pink monster...another told him differently for healing him.

"You look aaaalllll better," said Majin Buu, as he danced around like a child, and Gohan wondered if this was how people underestimated the creature.

"Thank Buu. Sorry for kicking you in the face earlier. I don't know you remember, but in case you do, I want to say...I'm sorry," said Gohan, as he saw Majin Buu become serious, and nod his head in understanding.

"Me accept your apology. You are not mean like that mean man Vegeta. He hit Buu, put holes in my Buu's body, and tried to blow Buu up," said Majin Buu and it seemed to be the end of it in the creatures mind.

"Well, now that you two have become friends, I say we move onto stretching our legs a bit over a city, and do a bit of damage to show everyone what we think of them," said Babidi, as he saw the storm clouds cover the sky when turning Gohan into what he was now, but ignored it, and now it was time to finish off this backwater planet.

"Will we get to eat something while there? Buu is hungry," said Majin Buu, as he hadn't eaten anything since the Demon King, and that inhibitor that Babidi gave him.

"Quiet Majin Buu! Your stomach is big enough as it is and doesn't need to get any fatter," said Babidi, as he saw Buu frown, but stopped when Gohan put a hand on the monster's shoulder, and walked towards the wizard with a frown on his face.

"Master Babidi, it is clear to me Majin Buu requires food like any other being to stay strong, and from my understanding he did survive a power explosion that should have for all its purposes destroyed him. If Majin Buu does not get the food he requires, then he will become violent, and take his anger out on you for denying it," said Majin Gohan, as he saw the wizard snarl at him for supporting Majin Buu, but Babidi knew that he had a point, and to deny it could prove to be his undoing in the end.

"I suppose your right my dear boy. After all you do have the brains that go with that new brawn of yours. Not only that, but you need new clothing that doesn't look like its going to fall apart, and expose you like you are now," said Babidi, as he saw Gohan nod, and flexed his right arm to make the fabric of what was left of his suit tear.

"There is a city not far from here. It has everything we need and more," said Majin Gohan pointing to the direction of the nearest city and saw Majin Buu looking excited at the prospect of eating.

"Ah well that solves everything doesn't it? Clothes for you, food for Majin Buu, and the death of countless people for me! Oh if only your precious Mother could see you now!" said Babidi, as he giggled at the prospect, and then flew onto Gohan's back.

"Buu wants food! Buu wants food!" said Majin Buu, as he took to the air, and Gohan was right behind him with Babidi holding on for dear life.

'Soon I will have my revenge on those two brats and that green warrior and no one can stand in my way of making it happen. Not with these two!' thought Babidi, as he grinned at the thought of unleashing this boy beside Majin Buu, and seeing the look on the face of the boy's Mother before ordering him to wipe her out.

(Kami's Lookout-Some Time Later)

"Goku, why did you bring us here? We had one more wish left!" said Bulma, as she saw her friend with a frown, and Chi-Chi looking around for her eldest son.

"Where is Goten? Where is Gohan? I swear the oldest one shouldn't have run off to join you in the first place, it gives his brother crazy ideas, and I want him here Goku!" said Chi-Chi, as she saw Goku frown in thought, and Krillin was freaking out as only Krillin could.

"Where is Trunks?" said Bulma, as she looked around, and ignored Krillin looking ready to piss himself

"Chi-Chi, there is something you, and everyone else needs to hear. Goten and Trunks are all right, but...Gohan and Vegeta are dead. Majin Buu...killed them both," said Goku, as he saw everyone look at him with surprise, and the cries of anguish that followed made him want to die all over again.

'Gohan,' thought Videl, as she saw that kindhearted boy in her mind, and how she felt her heartache that the hero from 7 years ago in defeating Cell was dead.

The moment of sadness had to end however, as Majin Buu's power was felt by them, and what was more was the sound of Babidi's voice echoing in their heads.

(With Babidi)

"Greetings everyone, I am the all knowing, all powerful, and all merciless wizard known as Babidi. I am contacting you using my magic so I can get your undivided attention from whatever it is you are doing with your miserable lives! If you don't believe me and think this is some kind of trick I'll prove I'm not some figment of your imagination. Close your eyes and you will see me," said Babidi, as he smiled at those who were closing their eyes, and knew among them were the ones he was seeking.

"Buu! Buu!" said Majin Buu behind Babidi, as he float along like a child, and felt good after stuffing himself full of cakes while Gohan went off to get new clothes.

"As you can see, I am quite real, and not some hallucination. Behind me in the sky is the mighty Majin Buu, who just recently filled his tummy with sweets, and killed quite a few people in the city below. Not only that, but to further add to my entertainment for you today is a young man, who needs no introduction, but will get one anyway for being my newest if not most powerful follower, and his name for those of you who don't know him is...Son Gohan!" said Babidi, as he knew this would get certain groups attention, and would lead him to his enemies.

(Kami's Lookout)

"G-Gohan?!" said Krillin, as he had his eyes closed, and then shot them open with the image of his friend forever burned into his skull like it was the others.

Gohan wore a darker version of his Father's clothes, as he wore shadow black Gi pants, and matching shirt with the kanji symbol for "Saiyan Legacy" on his back. The sash tied around his waist was blood red and his face held no form of humanity in like it use to from those that knew him. And what was more shocking to the Z-fighters was they saw Gohan had his tail out twitching every so often in the wind.

"As you can see, my friend here is quite the unique individual, and has a look on his face like he could break you all in half with a flick of his wrist," said Babidi into the minds of the people, as more of them closed their eyes to see this, and were shocked at seeing them flying above the city.

"Why would Gohan side with Babidi? The Supreme Kai said that people who are pure of heart wouldn't be affect by his magic," said Piccolo, as he felt his heart breaking at seeing the boy he once trained turn out like this, and saw out of the corner of his eye the boy's own Father ready to collapse.

"Something's happened in him. Yes, I sense it. Something inside of Gohan has been freed after all this time and its that part of him Babidi went after," said Master Roshi, as he saw the tail Gohan had, and hoped Babidi didn't learn of Gohan's ape like transformation if looking up at a full moon.

'No! No! Bulma told me that part of him was inhibited forever. I knew Gohan shouldn't have gone with his Father!' thought Chi-Chi, as she cursed herself for not putting her foot down, and even more in not taking measures to keep that girl Videl away from her baby.

"Now, you are wondering what I want since I am now inside your heads every time you close your eyes, and I'll tell you since I am a busy wizard. I'm looking for some people, who have insulted me, my rather large friend Majin Buu, and this young warrior Son Gohan. The list is small, but it should be hard for people, who don't know them, and if you can deliver I will spare your city from certain death. Their names are Brief Trunks, Son Goten, and a green pointy eared namek by the name of Piccolo. Also, if by chance that Gohan's Mother is watching, I wish to say you should be ashamed of yourself for hindering your child's fighting development with that inhibitor you had cooked up, and I look forward to seeing him blast you into oblivion my dear. Tampering with the legacy such as this one's is not good for your health or this city below me for that matter," said Babidi, as he knew this would get people's attention, and scramble to find out more about where they might be.

"H-He knows my name. He even knows the names of the boys. How?" said Piccolo, as the only real explanation could be that Gohan told him, but not where to find them, and while that was a small mercy it shouldn't have been so tortuous either.

"What I want to know, is what he meant when he mentioned Gohan's development being hindered, and I would kind of like to hear the news behind that...Chi-Chi," said Goku, as he stared at his wife, and so did everyone else wanting an explanation.

"He's lying Goku! Who are you going to believe? Him or your wife?" said Chi-Chi, as she saw Bulma looking at her to tell the truth, but wouldn't do it, and saw the blue haired woman would.

"Goku, its partly my fault. During the time everyone was here preparing for Cell, I had created an inhibitor designed to keep the Saiyan side of your son suppressed at Chi-Chi's request. I had made blueprints of the device originally when the Androids first came, as that was the purpose of them to originally to suppress the Androids' power in the case one of them was caught, and could be studied like we did Android #16. However, when Cell came around, and everyone was preparing for the Cell Games up here...Chi-Chi contacted me to make one for Gohan. I told her she was out of her mind, as Gohan was too much like his Father, and would be needed to help protect the Earth should Cell be defeated. She wouldn't listen to me, as Chi-Chi wanted Gohan to be a scholar, and have him be more human then Saiyan since she blamed that part on the reason why he wanted to train so much. Chi-Chi said if I didn't do it, then she would get my Father to do it, and scare him into making more then one while leaking out Vegeta being the alien who came to Earth years ago to kill everyone," said Bulma, as she knew Chi-Chi would do it, and after they went after Vegeta they would go after Trunks out of fear of the boy taking up his Father's old habits.

"When did he get it? After the Cell Games?" said Goku, as he saw Bulma shake her head, and Chi-Chi was being glared at by everyone around her.

"No. After the whole Bojack incident. Chi-Chi came to see me to learn she was pregnant with your second child and told me to do it then by giving him a checkup before having me drug him to do the necessary surgery. When Gohan woke up, he was none the wiser, and did more studying then training. Though I warned Chi-Chi that Gohan would still be like you and fight to protect people. She said that Gohan would be kept extremely busy with his work to even consider helping the people of Earth and make sure the Saiyan side of him never came out," said Bulma, as she saw Goku's eyes have a look of fury in them, and she looked away with guilt in her eyes.

"How many of these did you make?" said Piccolo, as he wanted to know more, and saw Chi-Chi in the corner of his eye looking like a lamb surrounded by tigers.

"Just one. I was so disgusted with myself that I destroyed the blueprints, all the data, and everything else I could think of that was connected to that project," said Bulma, as she turned to Chi-Chi, who looked scared right now, and angry at being judged by them.

"Why Chi-Chi? You knew after I died Gohan was to take over as a defender of the Earth. The boy's I.Q. was already higher then that of anyone twice his age and his power had surpassed me in everything I was. So answer me Chi-Chi? Why destroy a part of your own son?" said Goku, as he got an angry glare from the woman, and for once...he wasn't afraid of her.

Before he could get an answer though, Goku along with the others felt Gohan's power spike, and was much greater then it was fighting Cell.

"Well...I'm sure many of you are trying to find those three individuals which I seek, but you failed to do what was asked of you, and it was so simple too. So as punishment, this city along with all its inhabitants must be destroyed, and be made an example of. Shame since it is a lovely city and Majin Buu does like all the food it has to offer. Oh well, there will be plenty of other cities to visit, and wreck until the perpetrators are found. Majin Buu, would you care to do the honors of removing the people from the city first?" said Babidi, as he turned to Majin Buu, and the fat pink thing nodded before stretching out his hands.

The Z-fighters gasped when they saw the people of the city floating up into the air, as they screamed out in fright, and called for someone to help them. Their faces went pale when Majin Buu turned them all into balls of candy, and sucked them all into his mouth before chewing on them loudly.

"That's cruel!" said Videl, as she saw what had become of the people, and how they died following it.

"Oh, now the city is empty now of all its people and Majin Buu is too stuffed in the gut to do anything else right now. I know! Gohan my dear boy why don't you show everyone your power that I unlocked in you that was kept suppressed by that bitch of a Mother of yours for 7 long years. This city is a waste of space and needs to be torn down so it won't be an eyesore to us anymore," said Babidi, as he saw Gohan nod, and extend his hand down upon the now vacant metropolis.

"He won't do it. Gohan is my son and I know he won't do it," said Goku, as he prayed with all his heart that his son had not fallen, and his heart soon sank when Gohan had created a ball of energy before shooting it off into the city.

In a flash, the city was gone with a loud boom, and only a crater remained.

"I have done what you commanded Master Babidi," said Gohan behind the wizard and seemed to be without a care in the world.

"Isn't he grand ladies and gentlemen?! This is how things will go until my demands are met, oh before I forget you will need to contact me, and to do that is to use that head of yours to think with your mind. I'm listening, but try not to crowd because I prefer only one person at a time speak to me, and not give me a headache. Take care!" said Babidi, as he cut the "transmission", and let his smile be the last thing they saw of him.

"CURSE HIM!" yelled out Piccolo, as he should have finished the job when he had the chance, but assumed he had, and didn't count on Majin Buu saving the damn wizard.

"Calm down Piccolo. We need a strategy. First, we need to wake up Trunks, and Goten to inform them of what's going on. Then we need to prepare them for training to fight Majin Buu," said Goku, as he saw everyone look at him like he was crazy, and wondered how that would be possible.

"What?! You are not sending my youngest son out there to fight...," said Chi-Chi, as she was silence by the fiercest glare Goku had ever given since...ever in their entire marriage, and now directed himself on her.

"Goten is not your son anymore Chi-Chi. Neither is Gohan. That was clear the instant you tried to keep his Saiyan side suppressed and make him into something he wasn't," said Goku, as he saw his wife glare at him, and she looked ready to hit him though he knew if she did it would only hurt her in the end.

"Fighting is for delinquents, thugs, and criminals Goku. You and your friends here are the most former of the three! After you died, raising our kids became my responsibility, and how I did it was up to me Goku! Not you! ME! If I want my son to be a scholar and not some stupid brute who only thinks about the next fight, then I'm entitled to handle it how I see fit!" said Chi-Chi, as she saw Goku's eyes narrow, and they changed color for an instant.

"You had him being trained to be a scholar long before I died the first time Chi-Chi and you know it. Remember, we had this conversation Months after Gohan was born, and how you constantly wanted a genius instead of a fighter. You wouldn't let me train him in anything and wanted him isolated from the outside world until he was ready to go to a fancy school that would set him up to be something great. But it was what you wanted Chi-Chi. You didn't even consider what Gohan wanted to do with his life and when you saw he wanted to follow in my footsteps you cut the ground out from under him!" said Goku, as he saw Chi-Chi snarl at him, and he knew this was not an argument she could win.

"And what makes you think it would have been any different had you stayed alive Goku? Regardless of your belief's, legacy, and blood in your body there is no chance of my son becoming like you, ever! The instant Gohan is subdued, Bulma is going to make another stronger inhibitor, and will make my son into someone I can love," said Chi-Chi, as she glared at Goku, and was not about to back down from her Saiyan husband.

"No I won't. I told you before Chi-Chi, I wouldn't make another one, and I'm sticking to it," said Bulma, as she saw Chi-Chi glare at her, and refused to let the woman intimidate her anymore.

"Yes you will! If you don't then your Father will and I'll have it suppress so much of his Saiyan nature that it will be practically nonexistent in his own children!" said Chi-Chi, as she had wanted to break the whole Marital Artist lifestyle, and this was her only chance to do it.

"What?" said Goten, as he had heard everything, and Trunks was beside him with both boys looking shocked at hearing how Gohan had the side that came from their Father's suppressed.

"Looks like the cats out of the bag now," said Krillin, as he saw Chi-Chi looking stunned, and Trunks ran to his own Mother to find out what was going on with Bulma having to tell her son that Vegeta was dead.

"Goten honey, it's all right, your Father was just disagreeing with me on something, and it was being resolved," said Chi-Chi, as she tried to comfort her youngest, but he didn't go near her, and instead looked to his Father for answers.

"Why is Gohan being forced to be something he doesn't want to be daddy?" said Goten, as he was always told by his Mother to leave Gohan alone, and leave him to study in his room continuously.

"Sorry Goten, but that's not really a question I can answer until you're much older," said Goku, as he saw Goten frown, and everyone around him sweat drop.

'Goku does realize that after today ends he heads back to the Other World, right?' thought everyone, as the little mini version of Goku nodded, and just accepted his Father's words.

"Now, as for you two boys, I need to tell you that this training I'm going to have you go through is not easy, and you must work together to fight Majin Buu," said Goku, as he told them about the special training they were to go under.

"Goku, what if we use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? If we use it with this training, they could get things done easier, and fight Majin Buu in a shorter time," said Piccolo, as he saw Goku shake his head, and frown at the thought.

"No. The Time Chamber can only be used twice in a lifetime. We might need it later on if things come down to a pinch," said Goku, as he saw the Namek nod, and turned to the two boys seeing them determined to train for this.

"What about Gohan? You can't expect the boys to fight Gohan in the state he's in?" said Yamcha, as he saw Goku grimace at that, and turned to face his old friend.

"I'll deal with Gohan myself. Even if I couldn't reach Vegeta, but I know Gohan, and he will listen to me," said Goku, as he turned his eyes to Chi-Chi, who glared at him, and cowered under the death glare from Piccolo.

"Goku, maybe you should let me go instead. Gohan was my student in Marital Arts first and always respect me no matter what," said Piccolo, as he felt that the caring teacher, and surrogate Father would have more impact.

"Sorry Piccolo, but after today, I won't be here anymore, and we will need you to have the boys continue their training," said Goku, as he saw Piccolo nod, and look away with anguish in his heart.

"So what exactly is the training?" said Trunks seriously despite the some reluctance in his voice, as he didn't want to fight Gohan, and he knew Goten didn't want even less.

"A technique I learned about in Other World. It's called...Fusion," said Goku, as he saw everyone's eyes widen, and the name itself spoke of something powerful.

(With Babidi, Majin Buu, and Majin Gohan-Hours Later)

Babidi floated in the sky frowning, as he waited for someone to tell him where those two brats, and the namek were hiding. However, the wizard was getting nothing from being patient with these people, and while he appreciated them the franticness the people all over the world were wasn't enough.

"Gohan, it occurs to me that I never asked you if you knew where the three people I'm looking for maybe hiding. Do you know?" said Babidi, as he saw Gohan with the namek before, and he did know their names too.

Internally, Gohan was now in conflict with himself, which showed slightly on his face, and was seen clearly by the wizard now floating in front of him. On the one hand, the half-Saiyan didn't want to reveal Kami's Lookout since that was a sacred place, and could not be revealed to his new Master since Dende had to live to sustain the Dragon Balls to wish people back from all of this. However, Gohan could give another location, which the wizard would believe, and head there instead of looking higher up into the sky.

"Yes. There is a large dome of a building in West City where the Brief Family lives that they would take refuge in," said Gohan, as he saw the wizard snarl at not being told this information, but then again Babidi never asked the question in the first place, and ignored the ranting the worm of being did.

"I should have asked you that before and I would punish you for your lack of response if it weren't for the fact you are making up for it with the destruction you've caused so far. When we get to West City, you will destroy everything there is, and everyone that lives in it without hesitation! Understand?" said Babidi, as he knew that part of Gohan might be rebelling against his control, and while a little autonomy of his puppets was fine...the wizard was not about to have another "Vegeta incident" with his much stronger puppet.

"Yes Master Babidi," said Gohan, as his Saiyan side was itching for a good fight since destroying buildings was quite literally child's play for anyone of Saiyan blood, and the half-Saiyan was not about to let his newly awakened side slip after 7 long years again.

(Kami's Lookout-At the Moment)

Piccolo watched the two half-Saiyans train in the art of Fusion like Goku had instructed them to, but his mind was elsewhere, and it was on Gohan. The namek wondered if he had the strength to fight his former student? Gohan was much stronger not only due to Babidi "enhancements", but the inhibitor that was in the boy was removed to let out the side of once nice kid he help train become something almost monstrous. With his Saiyan side no longer suppressed, Gohan was stronger then he had been when fighting Cell, and was much stronger then Vegeta was when fighting Majin Buu. If what Goku told them was true, then even he couldn't beat Gohan, and was only good for talking to the kid into letting go of the evil that plagued his heart.

'I don't think I could ever fight Gohan, even if we had equal power levels, and to even think of killing him would be like killing a part of myself,' thought Piccolo, as he saw Goku freeze up from looking at the two boys, and turned in fear at sensing the eldest son of the Son family.

"Gohan's heading towards West City with Majin Buu and Babidi. But...why?" said Goku, as he saw Trunks look concerned for his grandparents, and all the animals they had there.

"We have to stop them or else Majin Buu will turn my Grandparents into candy or cake!" said Trunks, as he saw Goten nod, and were getting ready to move when Goku put a hand on their shoulder.

"You two will stay here. I'll handle Majin Buu and Gohan," said Goku, as he saw both boys look at him disbelievingly, and so did Piccolo.

"Are you sure you want to fight them alone Goku?" said Piccolo, as he saw Goku nod his head, and gave a weak smile.

"I have to Piccolo. Besides, its not like I can just die again since I'm already dead," said Goku, as he left via Instant Transmission, and appeared in front of a shocked Babidi on Gohan's shoulder with Buu in front of the two.

(With Babidi, Majin Buu, and Majin Gohan)

Gohan thought back to the memories of the past while flying to West City, as he thought of Bulma's parents being so nice to him when he visited with his Mom (provided that he spoke to the scientist about something involving science), and treated him like he was their second child. Now Gohan was on his way to destroy them, their home, and the city they lived in on the command of the wizard on his back. It brought a conflict in him, as he didn't want to destroy those nice people, but his Saiyan side told him that it will never come to that since his power level would no doubt get his Father's attention, and would be along shortly.

Which it did, as Goku appeared before them via Instant Transmission, and made the three stop 10 feet away from the legendary Saiyan hero.

"So you finally showed up," said Gohan, as he saw Goku narrow his eyes at him, and the man then turned his head from his son to a serious looking Majin Buu.

"Considering what's been happening recently with your actions mixed with Majin Buu's, did you really think I would ignore it, and let the world suffer?" said Goku, as he saw the seriousness on Majin Buu's face increase, and sensed there was more to the fat pink thing that was possibly the downfall of his Vegeta when those two fought.

"The world got along fine for 7 years after you died, which proves how stupid you were in not coming back to life after Cell, and chose to stay in Other World. What makes you think that trying to save it now will make any difference?" said Gohan, as he saw his Father look at him with stunned eyes at his words, and sensed another energy that was Trunks also heading towards West City.

"Gohan, you don't have to be this way. You're not like Vegeta was. You don't have evil in your heart. It's just Babidi's magic making you be this way," said Goku, as he hoped to reach his son, but his words only angered Gohan further, and sensed the boy's power spike.

"Not like Vegeta? What are you saying dad? Am I not a chip off the old block in terms of the Saiyan race? I think Vegeta had the right idea in being this way, as he felt free this way, and could unleash all his anger in the world rather then keep it locked away," said Gohan, as he saw Majin Buu get angrier at his Father, and the young half-Saiyan realized that the pink monster thought of him as a friend.

Strange how that worked.

"You were mean to Gohan. You hurt Buu's new friend's feelings. Me make you pay big time!" said Majin Buu, as he had come to like his friend, and hated everyone that hurt him.

"No Majin Buu. He's mine to fight. This is a family affair," said Gohan, as he felt Babidi get off his back, and floated in front of Majin Buu while his Father looked hesitant.

"Gohan this isn't you. It's Babidi's magic. Fight it! I know what your Mother did to you and I was against her decision the moment...," said Goku, as he was silenced by Gohan battle cry, and powering up that was felt by the others.

"YOU WERE AGAINST IT?! IF YOU HAD PAYED MORE ATTENTION TO ME AND THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY YOU WOULDN'T HAVE SUCH AN ANGRY SON!" yelled Gohan, as he transformed into Super Saiyan 2, and was ready to do battle against his old man.

"Gohan I...I'm sorry for the choice I made regarding our family, but at the time, it seemed like the best dec-AH!" said Goku, as he was silence by the punch to his face by Gohan, and sent the older of the two family members flying back well over a hundred feet.

Meanwhile, Babidi had used his magic to show the fight that was about to commence, and now everyone was going to further witness the fall the Earth.

"You cared more about the people of Earth then you did me. ME! Your own flesh and blood meant little to you that your former enemy had to take up the roll of a Father. You know what the sad part of it is for you dad, is the fact that Piccolo actually made a better Father then you, and I would choose him to raise me over you any day of the week!" said Gohan, as launched himself at his Father, who now went Super Saiyan 2, and fighting with his son in a ruthless fight.

And was losing...badly!

"Gohan, stop this! You are my son and I care about you," said Goku, as his words only seemed to infuriate his son further, and took several more hits to the body before taking another hit to the face that broke the Saiyan's nose.

"If you cared about me, then why didn't you come back to Earth after Cell died, and raise me like the Father you should have been. What about Goten? My brother wondered what you were like and I had to fill in the hole you left! How he wished you were alive to see him grow, but couldn't because you were dead, and training with your new friends in the Other World. Did you even once try to speak to me during those 7 years? Did you check up on either of your kids while using King Kai to speak? No! You just trained and trained and left me to suffer with Mom always making sure I was isolated from the world. If it weren't for the inhibitor she placed on me, I would have left that place years ago, and had been adopted by the Brief's or lived on Kami's Lookout with Piccolo!" said Gohan, as he saw his Father looking back at him while snapping his nose in place, and let the blood run down it for a second.

"Gohan, I know I was neglectful of you, but we made up for it later on didn't we?" said Goku, as he saw Gohan come at him again pressed for the offensive, but was finding it difficult to do so, and found himself barely holding his own against his son.

"It was not enough! We only bonded when we trained for fighting the Androids and then later on with Cell. That was it! What about before then? I wanted more then just sparring with you to help you get stronger to defend the Earth. I wanted a Father to bond with that didn't bend to the anger of a woman he married even if she was considered one of the strongest Marital Arts fighters the human race has to offer. Vegeta had more time to bond with his Father, then you did me. Vegeta! Do you know how angry that makes me? Do you?" said Gohan, as launched more punches, and kicks at his Father while his power kept spiking every few seconds.

'I can't keep this up. I need to knock Gohan out of the picture so I can refocus on Majin Buu,' thought Goku, as he moved out of the way of one of Gohan's punches, and powered down that caused Gohan to stop for a moment to see what his Father had planned.

'Why is he powered down? I could cripple him right now if I wanted to,' thought Gohan, as he thought it might be a trap, and kept his guard up.

"Why did you go down? You don't want to play with Gohan anymore?" said Majin Buu, as he saw Gohan was ready to fight, and his child like curiosity got the best of him.

"Will get to that Majin Buu. However, I think you need to learn something about Super Saiyans, and what we can do since my son hasn't explained it to you," said Goku, as he felt increase with rage, and knew he would have to act fast.

"Super...Saiyan?" said Majin Buu, as he looked lost on the subject, and Babidi didn't seem to care.

"Ignore it Majin Buu. They change their hair and have a glow about them. It's nothing to worry or get excited about," said Babidi, as he saw Goku smirk at that comment since that was hardly the case, and decided to show the wizard what a Saiyan can really do it.

"You're going to love this, trust me. What you see now is my normal state," said Goku, as he revealed his first ascension, and then his second one that he classified to them being "Super Saiyan 2".

"Big deal. You've changed your hair, so what?" said Babidi, as he was not impressed by the amount of power Goku was admitting since Gohan's was higher at the moment, and Goku's posed no threat.

Goku however, only smiled, and chuckled at the wizard.

"And go...even further...beyond!" said Goku, as he cried out, and his power level shot up to go beyond Gohan's.

'W-What? Is he saying that there is a...Super Saiyan 3?' thought Gohan, as he saw his Father power up, and seeing the transformation before him.

When the light around his Father died down, everyone watching this event was shocked to see Goku with longer golden hair, his face looking different, and his power was simply incredible. Babidi looked a Goku with fear, Majin Buu looked on in wonder with a mix of excitement, and Majin Gohan was enraged that he was once more deep in his Father's shadow.

"I'm sorry that this took so much longer then the others. I haven't had a chance to practice with this one. This is what I like to call Super Saiyan 3," said Goku, as he saw the looks on his foe's face, and then turned to Gohan now showing pure hate aimed at his Father.

"I don't believe this is happening! I won't believe this is happening! I refuse to be in your shadow Father! You are dead and the natural way of things is for the son to eventually surpass you. I...MUST...SURPASS YOU!" said Gohan, as he began to power up, and shocked everyone including his Father when began to try ascending to Super Saiyan 3.

'I don't believe it! Has Gohan really had that much potential locked away?' thought Goku, as he could see his son's transformation similar to his own with the hair being longer, and saw the fury in Gohan's eyes during it all.

Gohan was pushing for Super Saiyan 3 even more then Goku had and was using his anger at his own family to do it. The Earth shook violently under this ascension just like it had with Goku's ascension, but it seemed this time it was worse, and Goku realized that his son was indeed stronger then even he would ever realized.

"Whatever you can do Father, I can do it, and do it better!" said Gohan, as he breathed heavily, and got ready for a fight while Babidi was laughing hysterically at this shocking turn of events.

"Oh this is too much, even for me! Such a wonderful boy you've sired Goku. He's much better at following orders then Vegeta was and his hatred runs even deeper," said Babidi, as he saw Goku frown, and stared at his eldest son while preparing himself for battle.

"Gohan, I know you hate me, and your Mother for what we did. Looking back on them now, I realize that there were no more enemies left to fight after Cell, and should have stayed to raise you along with Goten when he was born. However, I was always proud of you, and still am knowing that you've embraced my side of the family. I imagine Vegeta would too if he were here, as he thought of you like family after Cell, and did what your own family failed to do. He acknowledge you as your own person," said Goku, as he saw Gohan nod, and knew that after he died that Vegeta had come to respect Gohan in his own way.

Vegeta no longer called Gohan the "Son of Kakarot" and simply called the young man by his name. It was Vegeta's way of showing respect to the young half-Saiyan and it was the on thing Gohan had wanted from his own family as well as friends.

"Now you see it. Now you see what I wanted, but its too late for you to fix it dad, and its too later the change what I am. I won't go back to be a sniveling weak book worm, who acts more human then Saiyan, and does not embrace his fighting nature. DO YOU HEAR ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME FATHER?!" said Gohan, as he thought about his past memories, and how it made his Saiyan blood burn at an all time high before charging his Father once more.

(Kami's Lookout)

"All this time, Gohan just wanted to be respected, and acknowledge beyond his Father's shadow. Why didn't we notice sooner?" said Krillin, as he was sweating heavily, and saw Master Roshi shaking with fear at this power being unleashed down below.

"Big brother is acting really scary," said Goten, as he had his eyes closed seeing his older brother, and their Father fighting each other in ruthless close combat.

"Your brother is letting out years of pain Goten. He's kept it bottled up for years and now expressing it through his Saiyan side," said Piccolo, as he felt his heart feel conflicted over this, and wondered if Gohan would unleash that anger on him?

If Babidi commanded it, then there was a possibly they would fight, but Piccolo believed that his bond with Gohan was stronger then the wizard's power, and yet he hoped it was never tested.

'Such incredible power. Such fierce strength. Its hard to imagine Gohan's own Mother did that to him,' thought Videl, as she saw both Father and Son slugging it out, and felt her heart ache for the boy since she loved him even in his current state.

(Back at the Fight)

"Come on dad. You fought with such a purpose with Vegeta. Am I not worthy of being taken seriously in your eyes?!" said Gohan, as he kept putting his Father on the defensive, and really causing the older (and dead) man to sweat.

'I can't keep this up much longer. I never expected Gohan to reach this level even after his potential was unleashed like this. Trunks has just left Capsule Corp. so I just have to hold out a little longer...if I can,' thought Goku, as he had hoped to deal with Gohan quickly in this state before redirecting himself on Majin Buu, but that plan failed, and wondered if the two boys could take on Gohan if they fought him when fused together.

Goku's thoughts were interrupted when Gohan came at him again, which force Goku to retreat back near Majin Buu, and Babidi before his son shot an energy blast at him. Goku barely dodged the attack, but it hit Babidi before he could create a barrier to shield his body from the attack, and destroyed the wizard instantly.

In that instant, Majin Gohan stopped moving, and cried out in pain while clutching his head as the Majin power that Babidi had given him left his body with the "M" on his forehead leaving it too. However, the strain it put Gohan under, combined with all of the fighting done with his Father, and his ascension to Super Saiyan 3 was too much for the half-Saiyan.

In that moment, Gohan's power level dropped before turning him back to normal, and he began to fall towards the ocean below. Goku tried to rescue him, but was beaten to the punch by Majin Buu, who got the boy, and glared at Father with narrowed eyes.

"Gohan was Buu's friend! You hurt Buu's friend! Me make you pay once Gohan is safe!" said Majin Buu, as he saw Goku look at him shocked before the full blooded Saiyan powered down, and looked at the pink blob with sorrow in his eyes.

"Majin Buu, I know Gohan is your friend, but he's also my son, and I do care about him regardless of what he may think. Please give Gohan to me so I can help him," said Goku, as he didn't want to start another fight, and even more so now since Super Saiyan 3 had eaten up a lot of the energy meant for him to stay on the Earth.

"No! You mean Father. You take friend back to mean Mother. If Buu give Gohan to you, then you will make Gohan weak, and Buu likes his friend the way he is," said Majin Buu, as he saw Goku look at him with pained eyes, and increased the distance between them.

"That's not true Majin Buu! I give you my word that I will not hurt Gohan. I am a warrior of honor Majin Buu and my word is my bond. Surely you understand this," said Goku, as he saw Majin Buu think about this for a second, but then the pink monster shook his head, and doubled the distance from before.

"No. Buu still don't trust you. Buu let Gohan recover with Buu and if Gohan wants to go see you, then Buu will let him," said Majin Buu, who took off to find someplace where he could put Gohan down for a second to rest, and regain consciousness.

"Majin Buu wait!" said Goku, but the fat pink creature was gone, and the man sighed in defeat before using Instant Transmission to head back to Kami's Lookout.

(Kami's Lookout-Moments Later)

The Z-fighter along with their family members were shocked at information Goku told them when the fight was cutoff from them after Gohan had killed Babidi. Gohan was now free of Babidi's influence, but still had his Saiyan tail, which made those that knew about it go on edge, and hoped that Gohan didn't awaken during the full moon. Some of them were worried that Majin Buu might turn on Gohan if the half-Saiyan did something to displease the pink beast and turn the young man into food.

"We need to watch Majin Buu carefully for now, but if an opportunity to retrieve Gohan does happen, then we need to take it, and bring Gohan back here," said Dende, as he was deeply concerned for his old childhood friend, and didn't want to see him die.

"That's all well and good Dende, but what do we do with Gohan when he comes up here? I mean, he has his tail now, and if we remove it...," said Krillin, as he saw everyone look at him with sad eyes since taking away Gohan's tail would signify that they wanted him to be more human then Saiyan, and they didn't want to do that to the boy.

"I don't see what's wrong with Gohan having the tail. It actually look defining on him," said Videl, as she saw everyone look at her shocked, and she blushed at the attention since it kind of put her on the spot.

"You don't see what is wrong with a tail? I will tell you what's wrong about it, my son is not some smelly ape creature, and is not going to have that tail on him if I have anything to say about it," said Chi-Chi, as she was not going to stand for her son being a Saiyan, and was going to force that side into submission before making sure this female influence never bothered her son again.

"You have no right to call him your son anymore lady. Especially after the inhibitor was placed on him without even considering his feelings!" said Videl, as she was not about to have this woman that was Gohan's Mother make the young man into something that was not him.

"How dare you! I'm his Mother, I raised him, and my feelings on what Gohan should be in life will always supersede his own!" said Chi-Chi, as she was got right in Videl's face, and the two were extremely close to coming to blows until Goku stepped between them while glaring at his wife.

"No you won't Chi-Chi. Gohan is old enough to make his own choices in life. If Gohan wants to embrace his Saiyan side then so be it, but I will not stand by anymore, and let you dictate his life for him," said Goku, as he saw Chi-Chi look at him shocked at his words, and then scowled in anger at being denied what she wanted.

"How can you say that? I brought him into this world Goku. I gave him life!" said Chi-Chi, as she wanted her happiness to be Gohan's, and right now it was being ruined by her own husband along with his thugs for friends.

"That doesn't matter Chi-Chi! You can't control his life anymore," said Goku, as he saw his wife shaking her head in denial, and ran off crying with anger still in her eyes.

"Have I ever mentioned how crazy I thought Chi-Chi was?" said Krillin, as he whispered his question to Yamcha, and saw his friend nod.

"This would be your 500th time saying it Krillin," said Yamcha whispering back and saw the former monk nod his head.

"Thought so," said Krillin, as he turned his head to see Piccolo looking down from the edge of Kami's Lookout, and one could sense he was worried.

"Piccolo, we need to talk," said Goku, as he saw the namek nod his head, and turned to face the now tired Saiyan.

"What about Goku?" said Piccolo, as he sees his friend give him a tired smile, and frowns at the sight since Goku had just been healed by Dende after coming back.

"I need you to have the boys continue training in the ways of Fusion after I leave since I have a feeling this thing with Majin Buu won't end so well even with Babidi now dead. There is also Gohan to consider too since his actions could decide how things go with Majin Buu since the two have formed some kind friendship and considering Buu's temper its not something we can ignore," said Goku, as he saw the Namek nod, and knew that for now to tread cautiously.

"What about your...wife?" said Piccolo, as he was quite tempted to send her to the Other World, and hoped that she went down to Hell.

"Nothing can be done about her at the moment. For now, have someone keep an eye on her, and keep Chi-Chi away from Gohan if he does come up here," said Goku, as he saw Videl in the distance talking with 18, and Bulma while hearing about how they couldn't believe the girl liked Gohan with his tail with the girl blushing at an innuendo the blue haired woman made.

"I'll have Krillin and Yamcha take turns watching her. You should get back to training the boys before your time is up Goku," said Piccolo, as he saw Goku nod, and smiled up at him before putting a hand on the taller warrior's shoulder.

"Thanks Piccolo," said Goku, as he went over to the two boys, and prepared them for the Fusion training with the namek right behind him to watch them perform the dance.

Piccolo could only hope that they wouldn't need it to fight Buu or for Gohan.

Especially Gohan.

(A/N: YAY! I wrote this little DBZ fic because I felt I needed to and I hope you liked it. I never liked how Chi-Chi made Gohan so weak after Cell's death and felt Gohan should have taken over for his old man. If I were Gohan, I would have said "screw this" and left years ago to live with at Capsule Corp while training with Vegeta or live on up on Kami's Lookout to train with Piccolo. Not to mention try having a life outside of studying since I would be smarter then most of the people on the planet. Anyway, I hope you liked this since its my first DBZ fic, and until next time...PEACE!!!)