Chapter 5-Epilogue

Gohan sighed at the destruction around him, as he saw the sacred world of the Kais had been damaged possibly beyond repair, and was about to leave when he heard the sounds of moaning one let out when it came to feeling pain. Looking around, Gohan saw the fat version of Majin Buu on the ground, injured, and looked like he was about to die. Taking pity on the pink thing, as he sensed no evil from the figure, Gohan grabbed Buu, and used Instant Transmission to head to the Grand Kai's Planet to see everyone looking at him for the first in the flesh in his Super Saiyan 4 state. Videl was instantly upon the half-Saiyan and gave Gohan a massive hug before yelling at him to never make things too crazy like that ever again. Laughing at Videl's way of showing affection, the young warrior merely returned the hug, and wrapped his tail around her waist.

"You scared me for a moment you baka," said Videl with her face resting against Gohan's muscled fur covered chest.

"Sorry. I had no idea he would turn into that form. Speaking of which, could you help out this version of Majin Buu Dende, and heal his injuries," said Gohan seeing Vegeta looked ready to blow the pink blob to oblivion.

"What? You want to heal this thing? After what it caused the last time it got angry!" said Vegeta raising his hand to obliterate the weakened Majin Buu before Dende could heal him.

"It can be managed. This Majin Buu is the nice one. If it wasn't for him, who knows what would have happened to me after I was freed from Babidi's magic, and you know it," said Gohan seeing Vegeta scowling at him.

"That's not the point! The point is that its better to kill this pink blob before he loses his temper and causes this mess all over again!" said Vegeta before summoning energy to his hand to unleash it on the creature.

"He won't do that again. Its not in him to do that anymore," said Gohan seeing Vegeta getting angrier at his resistance in killing Majin Buu.

"You don't know that! Besides, who is going to watch him to keep that from happening again? You? Me? I will not have this thing living with my family. I would rather die!" said Vegeta before Gohan let out a small laugh.

"Well it's a good thing you don't have to worry about that then Vegeta considering your already dead," said Gohan hearing the growl from the Saiyan Prince.

"Look, this isn't getting us anywhere, and its more up to the Kais then anyone of us to decide Majin Buu's fate," said Goku seeing the various Kais looking at Majin Buu.

"I agree with Goku. Leave Majin Buu with me on my planet. With my help, he'll be the coolest cat to walk around with pink skin, and be loved by all the ladies," said the Grand Kai seeing most of the people around him sweat drop before he let out a cough.

"You'll be in charge of him if you do this Grand Kai. The blame will be placed squarely on your shoulders should Majin Buu go on another rampage," said the Supreme Kai, as he had mixed feelings about this, but at the same time couldn't see any other alternative, and decided to let the Grand Kai have his wish.

Though the Supreme Kai would make it his business to check up on the situation just to be on the safe side.

"Buu is sorry for past trouble. Can you forgive Buu?" said Majin Buu bowing his head towards the Z-Warriors and they nodded their heads yes though it required some arm twisting to get Vegeta to agree to it.

"We forgive you Buu. You just relax now and hang out with the Grand Kai. He'll help you out from now on," said Goku seeing Majin Buu smiling at that.

"See you around Buu," said Gohan, as he gave him a hug, and Majin Buu returned it.

"Bye bye friend," said Majin Buu before the two let go and Gohan put a hand on Videl's shoulder.

"Ready to go back home. We have our work cut out for us to find the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron to bring all our friends back," said Gohan seeing Videl smiling at him with a nod.

"Wait! We can't because of the wish made to bring back all the people that died recently at Vegeta's hands. It will take Months before any wish can be made. Let's go to New Namek!" said Dende seeing Gohan smiling and then looked at Videl again seeing the surprise that there was another batch of Dragon Balls on another planet.

"Want to come with us?" said Gohan seeing Videl now looking like a fish at the idea of meeting an alien race.

"Really? Me? Go with you and Dende to another planet?" said Videl with the idea making her want to faint right now.

"Sure! Why wouldn't I want you to come with us?" said Gohan seeing Videl looking at tad bit nervous.

"I don't want to impose," said Videl knowing she'd feel like a bit odd being on a planet that wasn't her own.

"You won't. Trust me," said Gohan seeing the other two half-Saiyans rushing up to him with pleading puppy dog eyes.

"Can we come too! Can we come too!" said Trunks and Goten at the same time.

"Only if you promise to behave yourselves. If you don't...then no candy and ice cream for a whole year!" said Gohan since he was now the only parental figure they had still alive to take care of them.

"Well be good! We'll be good!" said the two boy again while nodding their heads rapidly.

'He'll make an excellent Father one day,' thought Videl, as she blushed at the idea of how that would come to be, and herself becoming the Mother of Gohan's children.

"Let's get going then," said Piccolo, as he put a hand on Gohan's shoulder, and grabbed both boy before Gohan performed the Instant Transmission technique.

Next stop...New Planet Namek!

(Earth-Several Days Later)

"I can't believe were all alive again," said Krillin, as he was beside his wife holding her, and she returned it with a headlock around his neck while their daughter laughed at the blue face her Father was making.

"Yes. Me too," said 18 sweetly, as she was clearly enjoying this, and so was their little girl thinking both parents were playing.

"Not only that, but one of the wishes used got the Kais most sacred planet restored to what was before Buu, and I tore it to pieces," said Gohan looking normal again, but his tail now out, and about for everyone to see.

He wasn't going to hide his heritage anymore. Gohan was tired of hiding everything out of fear of what people thought of him.

"So what do you plan to do now Gohan? Legally, you are an adult, and can do whatever you want," said Bulma, as she had every intention of raising Gohan since Goku was in Otherworld on Grand Kai's Planet, and Chichi was in a much darker place from what they learned before being brought back to life.

"We'll I'd like to be adopted by Bulma, but still keep my last name, and Goten too if he wants to keep it?" said Gohan seeing his little brother look thoughtfully for a second in a way that reminded them of Goku when he was a kid.

"Well...I don't mind keeping Dad's last name. Its like we're keeping a part of him alive, right?" said Goten with Gohan smiling down at him.

"That we are squirt. There you have it Bulma," said Gohan seeing the woman nodding in understanding with Vegeta having been wished back by the Namek's own Eternal Dragon to the realm of the living.

"All right! I get a younger brother," said Trunks with him high fiving Goten and the two were dancing around happily.

"Don't get too excited. It just means more intense training with me," said Vegeta, as he saw both boys go pale, and whimper in fear knowing that the Prince of Saiyans was no doubt going to train them both into the ground.

They were doomed!

(Orange High-Several Weeks Later)

"Feels strange being back at school. What about you?" said Gohan seeing Videl thinking about it for a second and then looked at him with a smirk on her face.

"A little. Being the mate of the strongest fight in the Universe is something we'll have to both get use to, and there is also the fact you stopped being your superhero persona," said Videl making Gohan at that.

"Should have never acted like way. Thinking back on it, I got the actions I did when introducing myself from the Ginyu Force when they were on Namek, and did the same thing. I'm never doing that again," said Gohan, as he saw the girl giggle slightly, and knew it was because of his past antics.

"Yeah. I think this is the more real you. Though I wish the girls around us would stop ogling your body," said Videl, as she glared at one girl batting her eyelashes at Gohan, and it was pretty clear what she wanted.

"Just as I wish every guy would stop leering at your hot one," said Gohan before kissing her neck and got a smack on his shoulder by Videl.

"Gohan! People are staring!" said Videl, as she felt everyone at the school were looking at them, and mostly at Gohan due to his changes from when they last saw him.

"So? Let them stare. We have nothing to hide. Well, except for the large hickey on your neck I gave you earlier," said Gohan making Videl cover it with her hand glare back at him.

"Gohan! I'm serious!" said Videl before they ran into Erasa and Sharpner.

"Hey Videl. Heelllo Gohan," said Erasa, as she couldn't help, but admire the sight that was before her, and could sense Sharpner glaring angrily at Gohan for looking more buff then him.

"Your still a nerd to me," said Sharpner, as he wondered if that tail now wrapped around Gohan's waist was real, or some weird attachment for fashion sense.

Either way it freaked him out.

"Knock it off Sharpner. I think he's sexy!" said Erasa winking at Gohan while Videl was fuming.

"And he's taken!" said Videl with her arm around Gohan's waist.

"Really? Oh poo! Well, if you want to share let me know. No doubt Gohan's going to need more the one woman in his life to satisfy him," said Erasa making Videl blush and growl at her.

"Erasa!" said Videl with her friend giggling before walking away with a sway in her hips.

"Remember Gohan, my door is always open to you. Don't be afraid to knock," said Erasa while Gohan used his tail to hold Videl back.

"Let me at her! I'll rip her limbs off, shave her head, and show just how fake her boo-ah!" said Videl, as she was suddenly kissed by Gohan with an intense passion behind it, and made the woman weak in the knees.

"Still think I'm going to knock on her door?" said Gohan smirking at the sight of Videl's dazed expression.

"Shut up and kiss me again," said Videl before they began making out and Sharpner was getting pissed off at the sight of them.

"Get a room!" said Sharpner angrily, but was kicked through a wall by Gohan, who was still kissing Videl, and smirked at her when they separated their lips.

"Do we really have to be in school? All things considered...," said Gohan with Videl smiling deviously back at him.

"All things considered, I think we are allowed to have a half day of sorts, and get some more personal time together," said Videl into his ear and felt his tail wrap tighter around her waist.

"Fair warning. You will be sore tomorrow," said Gohan seeing Videl blush knowing what he meant.

"So long as I'm with you, I think I can take it, and then some," said Videl before Gohan used Instant Transmission and the two were gone.

(Hell-Several Years Later)

"Are you sure you want to face her again? After all this time?" said the Supreme Kai, as he saw Gohan floating beside him, and looking around for the various villains that the Universe as a whole had produced.

"Yeah. I think she'd want to know if she hasn't already," said Gohan, as they flew to where the woman's energy signature was located, and saw her with the various villains Gohan had faced before in his life.

"Look who decided to pop in for a visit," said Cell having sensed Gohan's arrival and now descending in front of him along with the others.

"So the heroic son has come. How touching. Come to rescue your Mother from us?" said Frieza, as he saw Chichi was glaring angrily at her son, and found a new found respect for the woman.

"Hardly Frieza. She can rot down here with you fools for all I care. I just came to tell her interesting news," said Gohan smirking at the shocked expression Frieza, Cell, and the Ginyu Force with the exception of Captain Ginyu still in his frog body.

"And what news could you possibly have that I would be remotely interested in my so called son?" said Chichi, as she saw on the rock with the other villains wanting to hear this too, and saw Gohan smirk increase.

"Only the simple fact you are now officially a Grandmother," said Gohan seeing Chichi's eyes widen in shock.

"W-What?" said Chichi seeing Gohan walking towards her.

"Did I stutter? You're a Grandmother. Videl and I got married. We have a child," said Gohan seeing Chichi narrowing her eyes at the mention of Videl.

"So you married that little harpy. I knew she'd try to seduce you. No doubt convinced you to continue your life of senseless fighting just like the rest of your monkey family!" said Chichi with Cell, Frieza, King Cold, and the Ginyu Force laughing.

"I wouldn't laugh Cell. You have Saiyan blood in you. That makes you part monkey too," said Gohan seeing Cell frown in realization he was right.

'I hadn't thought of that,' thought Cell bitterly.

"I on the other hand have no such blood in my veins," said Frieza smiling cruelly at Gohan.

"And yet you died at the hands of full blood Saiyan. A Super Saiyan I might add. In fact, everyone here before me has died at the hands of a Saiyan. So what does that tell you?" said Gohan smirking at them seeing the angry looks on their faces.

"That we were screwed over because of some monkey's luck!" said King Cold deciding to speak up now.

"Really? Care to fight me then? I warn you this one time. I'm much stronger then I was over a decade years ago and I'm the one who killed Cell," said Gohan knowing out of all the villains in this group, Cell was the strongest of them, and he had been killed by the half-Saiyan at the peak of the scientific abominations power.

"That maybe, but I doubt you could fight all of us at once," said Frieza looking ready for a fight.

"You haven't been keeping up on current, have you? Let me show you what I've become since the last time I fought Cell," said Gohan, as he powered up through his different levels of Super Saiyan until he hit stage four, and shook the very foundation of Hell around him.

"Unreal," said Cell, as he felt the intense power coming off of Gohan, and it was nothing he had ever felt before today.

"So my monkey of a son finally shows his true form," said Chichi bitterly at the sight of Gohan in that state.

"Do you like it? It came in handy when defending the Universe from Majin Buu. Not that you would care about the Universe since all you did care about was me becoming your little whipped scholar," said Gohan walking towards Chichi while the past villains of his family stood between them.

"Your life was never meant to consist of fighting like a barbaric ape. I brought you into the world and I had every right to control it regardless of what you or anyone else thinks of my way of doing things!" said Chichi, as she saw Gohan sneer at her, and shake his head.

"Still as stupid as ever. You go on talking like being a Saiyan is a bad thing. Granted the Saiyan race has blood on its hand, but nothing this lizard freak to my right had a hand in, and our family along with Vegeta's has been charged with cleaning up the mess. We've done a pretty good job so far since the Earth is still in one piece and the Universe isn't wiped out," said Gohan seeing the group getting angrier.

"You watch your tone monkey man or I'll make you a permanent resident here," said Frieza seeing Gohan laughing at him.

"You couldn't defeat the first level of Super Saiyan. What makes you think you can take on a Super Saiyan 4?" said Gohan before vanishing from their sight, only for the enemies of the past to be struck down mercilessly within seconds of each other, and Chichi was the last one standing in front of him.

"So what now Gohan? You can't kill me since I'm already dead!" said Chichi with a bit of sarcasm in her tone.

"True, but I can still cause you the much needed pain to wish for death," said Gohan, as he fire a blast of energy at his Mother, and sent her flying back screaming out in agony.

"Bastard! I brought a bastard child into the world!" said Chichi defiantly at her son.

"Come from you, I'll take it as a compliment, and I thank you for it. so called Mother," said Gohan, as he blasted her again with ball of energy that exploded, and covered up the shrill scream Chichi gave off from being hit.

"Wasn't that a little harsh Gohan?" said the Supreme Kai seeing Gohan float up to his level after watching that whole mess.

"If anything, I was too merciful, and should have beat her bloody. I did what I came here to do. Let's go," said Gohan, as he used Instant Transmission to take the Supreme Kai, and himself out of Hell to the Check-In Station.

"Did you get what you wanted out of your trip down below?" said Kin Yemma seeing Gohan nod.

"I sure did. Thanks King Yemma. I owe you one," said Gohan seeing the massive giant smile at him.

"Anytime kid," said King Yemma finding Gohan to be much more respectful then his Father.

"Oh, one more thing. Its about my Grandfather on my Dad's side of the family," said Gohan seeing King Yemma's eyebrow rise.

"Your Saiyan Grandfather? What about him?" said King Yemma before looking up the family tree of the boy and saw Bardock's name there.

"Is he up or down?" said Gohan seeing King Yemma looking the information up.

"Down I'm afraid. He did many terrible things while alive I'm afraid despite fighting against Frieza in the end to stall him long enough to let your Father get away.

"I see. Could you...could you let him come up?" said Gohan seeing King Yemma look at him in surprise.

"What? You want your Saiyan Grandfather to come up from Hell to be up here? Why?" said King Yemma knowing the boy better have a good reason for such a request.

"My Grandfather helped set things in motion to allow my Father to get away, to one day become the man he is now, and bring about the balance of the Universe. He deserves to be up here with Dad. They have so much to learn from the other, it would be crime unto itself not to let them talk to the other, and deny them the family bond I was denied as a kid too. Please King Yemma. I'm asking you to do this for my Dad then myself," said Gohan seeing King Yemma look down at him in thought.

"I...suppose Bardock's sentence down in Hell has been served for those years of service in Frieza's army and allowing Goku the chance to escape. Very well. Consider the motion granted!" said King Yemma seeing Gohan smile at him.

"Thank you King Yemma. You have made all my dreams for my family complete," said Gohan before turning to leave only to hear a voice he never thought he'd hear until his official time being in Otherworld.

"Gohan. That's your name isn't it?" said Bardock in his attire he wore before Frieza's attack stripped him of it and his life.

"Grandfather? Wow you work fast," said Gohan seeing King Yemma smirk and saw the two Saiyan warriors walk closer together.

"Look at you. A Super Saiyan of legend. My son and Grandson both. Who would have thought? Not me that's for sure," said Bardock, as he had seen the vision of his son, and the warrior he would become.

His Grandson was another matter.

"I see Dad inherited your hair style," said Gohan seeing the spiky hair design was similar to his Father's own.

"And my love for fighting incredible strong opponents," said Bardock looking at his Grandson with pride.

"Yeah. That he does even now. With Dad's help, you'll become a Super Saiyan in no time on the Grand Kai's planet. They have all kinds of warriors on the planet and they all train constantly for the next tournament thrown there with only the strongest from each sector of the Galaxy competing," said Gohan seeing his Father was intrigued.

"Sounds like paradise fit for a Saiyan," said Bardock smiling at the thought of facing only the strongest of warriors and getting stronger with each battle.

"You more then earned it Grandfather. I will see you again one day," said Gohan, as he embraced his Grandfather in a hug, which was weird at first for the older of the two never really embraced others in such a manner, but it felt right in the end, and returned it with a warm smile on his face.

"Not for a long time I hope," said Bardock knowing Gohan understood the meaning behind his words.

"Yeah me too," said Gohan, as he left to head back to Earth, and be with his family back there to tell them the news.

(Capsule Corp.-Moments Later)

"That's incredible! Your Saiyan Grandfather was allowed to leave Hell to join your Dad on Grand Kai's Planet?" said Videl, as she had her bouncing baby girl Pan laughing, and seeking the woman's attention.

"Yeah. I convinced King Yemma to let it happen since it was because of him that my Dad got away without being detected and then killed by Frieza early one when he was just an infant. Those two deserve to bond not just as fellow Saiyan warriors, but to have a bond between Father, and son since they have so much in common," said Gohan, as he told Videl how his Grandfather, and Father looked almost identical to each other.

"I met your Grandfather once when I was a child myself only a few years older then Kakarot. The man always wanted the most difficult of mission and was even said would one day rival my Father's power if he kept doing what he was doing," said Vegeta having been around during that time just mere moments before Planet Vegeta's destruction.

"Well, the idea of being on Grand Kai's Planet did appeal to him greatly, and said it was a paradise fit for a Saiyan," said Gohan seeing Vegeta nod and smirk.

"Grandpa Bardock sounds cool. I'm glad I look like him," said Goten with his cheesy grin while rubbing the back of his spiky hair.

"You idiot! You take after your Dad more then your Grandpa," said Trunks seeing Goten pout.

"Meanie!" said Goten sticking his tongue out.

"Oh yeah?" said Trunks getting in his surrogate brother's face and Goten doing the same.

"Yeah!" said Goten with the two growling and showing signs of powering up.

"Enough! I won't have you two rough housing when your Mother needs her bed rest having become pregnant with your little sister and need I remind you of making your niece cry too!" said Vegeta seeing the boys lower their heads in shame.

"I'm so glad you got to have another kid Vegeta. Bulma thinks its going to be a girl this time. I don't envy the boy she picks to be her mate when older," said Gohan laughing at Vegeta's narrowing eyes.

"I don't have to worry about that since every boy she bring home I'll simply obliterate from this world to ensure she stays pure forever," said Vegeta hearing Gohan laugh while the boys looked at each other with question marks on their foreheads.

"Vegeta! That's cruel," said Videl, as she looked at Pan, and realized Gohan may try to do the same thing.

"Not from a Father's stand point," said Gohan getting a chuckle from Vegeta since both men understood each other when it came to being a parent.

"Gohan!" said Videl, but she knew it was pointless since it was clear no man was worthy of their little girl, and the only way for Pan to have a boyfriend was to wait until her Dad along with Great Uncle Vegeta died of old age.

"Come on. We have training to do. All of you," said Vegeta motioning for Gohan, Goten, and Trunks to follow him to the Gravity room.

Pan became excited at Vegeta's words, but Videl calmed her down, and began to draw the little baby's attention to her.

"Not yet Pan. Your time will come when you're able to walk. Until then, you're Mother's little girl, and I'm going to smother you with all the love I can," said Videl, as she saw her baby smile, and could tell this girl was going to be one heck of a fighter growing up.

Just like her Father.

(A/N: YAY! My fic is finally over. Hope you all enjoyed it. I know I did. In my opinion, that is how DBZ should have ended, and never done GT at all. The only thing that came out of GT was Goku's Super Saiyan 4 and even then it didn't make sense how he got it with the fur color being...almost pinkish when it should have been red. But that's just my opinion. Until next time with my other fics...PEACE!)