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Author's Note: This is my first fanfiction and I hope it's okay. This all takes place after the second aftermath show. Read and review!

Well, the second aftermath show was…interesting. Certain things about it were…unexpected.

For one, the creepy, obsessed fangirl otherwise known as Kelsey. I for one believe that she deserves to be put in a mental institution. Seriously, making a Trent doll, kissing it nine times, and reading a rather disturbing poem about him? Surveying the faces of those around me, the others seem to agree.

Also, Courtney seems a little paranoid these days. Duncan and I are just friends! You'd think that a creature of "logic" like Courtney would've noticed that when I made said claim, the anvil didn't fall and crush me. Evidently though, she failed to notice the fact.

And then we have Geoff and Bridgette. Who knew that the two lovebirds would be fighting now? It's with good reason of course. Geoff seems to have become a good deal more egotistical than when I had seen him last. Almost like Chris. First the game of Truth or Anvil, then trying to dunk me in a tank of piranhas? Chris MacLean would be proud of the cowboy.

But the thing that vexes me most is Trent. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that we're on good terms now. But what he said—that it was because I made him popular with the girls? I would've thought that he was already popular with the girls, but never mind. What bothers me about that statement is the meaning of it.

It shouldn't bother me at all. I broke up with him on national television, and I should just be happy that he even speaks to me. What is it—envy, jealousy? He has every right to move on. But that feeling gnawing at the back of my head—what does it mean?

Yes, I still have feelings for him. Trent was my first real boyfriend and most of the time he was sweet and someone I could rely on. I remember how happy I was in his arms, and how dejected I felt watching him walk the Dock of Shame. I could blame Duncan for my misery, since he was the one who falsely connected me to Trent's obsession with the number nine. But it was a logical thought. And Duncan didn't know the truth, did he? Or I could blame Chris MacLean and the show, but he was just trying to exploit us for higher ratings. I had known it coming on the first season and I knew it now. Besides, without the show I never would've met Trent in the first place. In the end, there is no one to blame but ourselves.

We were unable to juggle the competition with our relationship. And we ended up walking away with neither. The same thoughts circulate over and over in my head. I stare at the chair in my room. There's a half-sun on it. Is it a rising sun or a setting sun? As I go to sleep, I sigh. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.