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Upon waking up the next morning, she felt his eyes staring at her. He kissed her cheek and smiled. "Morning." He enjoyed watching her sleep, content with his arms wrapped tightly around her in an embrace, her head lying on his chest and their legs entangled.

She nodded sleepily, letting him wrap his arms even closer around her. She could feel his deep breathing and smiled inwardly, his chest rising and falling with the rhythmic beats of his bare chest. It was still hard to believe, even after all these years. That she had gotten everything she had over hoped for and more. Her eyes drooping, she quickly drifted back off to sleep.

A few hours later, the sun hit her eyes, blinding her momentarily. Groaning, she rolled over and rubbed her eyes. Trent pulled her back towards him and lightly kissed her. "Can you believe it?" he murmured, whistling.

"You know, you ask me that every year."

He shrugged, brushing a hair behind her ear. "Even after all this time, it still amazes me. I wake up in the morning and I still have that feeling of euphoria. Three wonderful kids and you, my beautiful wife."

Leaning in, he gently brushed against her nose before kissing her. When she began to graze his lip with her mouth, he stifled a low moan in the back of his throat. Pinning her against the bed, he grinned. "Twenty years and it still feels like yesterday. Mhhhm." Hungrily, he came crashing down, exploring her mouth with his tongue as she traced circles on his chest.

Just then, they heard their son, Matt, knocking on the door. "Mom? Dad? The mail came, a giant packet of things from somebody named Chris Maclean. Thought you might want to know." Trent and Gwen eyed each other, not sure of what was happening.

Hurriedly dressing, they stood in an awkward silence, knowing what the host had in mind when he contacted them. She looked at Trent for a moment before muttering, "Damn paperwork."

Following his wife downstairs, he looked at the giant envelope lying on the kitchen table. Picking it up, his brow furrowed immediately as he shuffled the pages. "Dear Trent and Gwen Hanley…"

"…The producers of Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama: The Musical have decided to host a new season of Total Drama, featuring the twenty-two original contestants and their children. I'll see you two and your kids at Camp Wawanakwa soon." Angrily, he slammed the paper down. "Damn paperwork. My sixteen year old self was too naïve and now Chris and Chef'll be using our kids to attract ratings."

She sighed, sharing his sentiments. "Well, I guess we should pack. Wouldn't surprise me if Wawanakwa is an even worse hell now."

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