I was barely awake, but I was still asleep. A beeping noise was next to me, and room smelt like it had been disinfected, a lot.

"Is she going to be ok?" said a female voice.

"Probably, but try not to disturb her. Now, how on earth did she get a gash like that?!" said another female voice.

"Oh, well uh, we were doing some redecorating, when something fell and hit a glass table-top. A piece of glass got lodge in her arm, and that happened." Well, I thought, that isn't exactly a lie.

"Mmm, well she'll have to stay another day here before we can release her."

The two women that had been taking left the room, leaving me alone to rest. Oh man! I thought. Why did they just leave me alone?! I started to open my eyes, when a male voice came from my right, "Try not to awake. You have to rest to get strength." Then a hand touched my shoulder.

"Mmm..." I said, clearly exhausted. I wriggled in the bed that I was in to get into a comfy position, seemingly comfortable, finding that my left arm was in a cast. This gave memories of the sight of my arm with a piece of glass stuck in me. I shivered, and the person sitting next to me spoke again. "Theo, just relax. If you stress out too much, you might strain your muscle. It's healing and you need to keep your muscles relaxed."

"Ok..." I said in a slur of tiredness. I relaxed my body as much as I could, feeling my arm muscle ache. I tried to keep it covered that I was in a lot of pain, but the guy next to me had noticed.

He said, "Just fall asleep, and the pain will go away."

The voice was so familiar, and his accent was unmistakable. "Ezio...?" I said, and the last thing I heard was "Just fall asleep, Theo."

Then I did as he said. I fell away from my half-awake state and into a laid-back state.


I awoke to a harsh-sounding voice; Altair. He was shaking me awake. The beeping noise from earlier was no longer there, and Altair was trying to say something urgent to me.

"GET UP!" he finally said in my ear.

I shot up and felt pain throughout my body. "Uh! I'm tired, Altair! Leave me alone..." I said sleepily. I then felt his arms wrap around me and take me off the bed. I opened my eyes for the first time in a long while, and found myself in a hospital. He carried me down the emergency staircase and out into the lobby. He paused for a second, looking around for something. I looked as well, and saw Desmond standing at the doorway to the hospital. Altair quickly walked out the door and I saw that it was really early in the morning, the cold gripping the morning air, causing me to shiver. The sun's rays were barely visible over the horizon, and almost all of the stars were visible. It would have been quite relaxing, if it weren't for the urgency of the situation.

Desmond opened a van door, and Altair set me in the back seat in a lying down position. I closed my eyes again and fell asleep instantly. I would have slipped into a deep slumber if Ezio hadn't slammed the sliding door open and practically thrown himself in the right side of the car.

I shot up at the noise and said, "What's going on? Why are you guys so paranoid...? Why am I at a hospital?"

Ezio looked back at me and said, "You're here because you're hurt, if you can still remember what had happen."

I nodded at him, and he turned back to the front as Lucy got into the driver's side. Altair got into the car from the left, and Desmond got into the passenger's side. Lucy immediately started the van and left in a speeding hurry, causing everyone else to jerk back, especially the two who weren't so familiar with cars. Lucy got onto the highway and sped on. Nice tactic, I thought. The idea of leaving at the time when practically no one was on the road made it a whole lot easier for her.

I got between Ezio's and Altair's heads and spoke in their ears on purpose, hopefully wanting to startle them. "So," I said loudly enough, "what happened back there?"

Ezio jerked away from me as he looked back at my face. Altair merely stayed where he was as he replied with, "Templars. They found us, easily."

"Mmm, ok." I said. Darn it! I thought. I was aiming for Altair.

"You know, you really can't startle me." Altair said, clearly aware of my thoughts.

I scooted back a little and said, "So, Altair, what was with waking me up? Why couldn't-"

"Because I didn't want you hurting yourself again by rolling around asleep when the car started." Altair said, breaking me off with casualty.

"Hey, Altair?" I said. He replied with a grunt. "Does anything like this bug you?"

"No." he said, obviously dropping the subject. He seemed to be extremely tired at the moment, so I left him alone.

I sat back in the seat I was sitting in and looked out the window. Everything that passed by was covered in darkness, and I wasn't sure if something would jump from every dark shadow we passed. It most certainly seemed like it to me at the time, especially since I was delirious with sleep. Lucy and Desmond were talking about something in the front, more like arguing. Probably talking about the incident that had happened back there, whatever it was, I thought.

I sat at the edge of my seat and asked, "Hey Ezio, what happened back there, I mean what is it that they wanted?"

Ezio moved his head slightly towards me and said, "You; they want to stop us from succeeding."

"Ok; well, I want to know what exactly your objective is. This is all so confusing to me when I don't know half of what you talking about."

"Mmm... Well, to keep you safe." Ezio said with his smirk on his face, trying to give as little information as he could, obviously trying to irritate me as well.

I scowled as I said, "Ok, that's enough. Please, tell me at least this; why me? Why did you choose me to go along when there are so many other people in the world? I mean, it's not like I'm ungrateful to see the two most awesome people in the world."

Ezio took a moment before answering. "Because you have an ancestor who moved some of the Pieces of Eden; and you're related to Desmond, by marriage, though."

"Whoa, what?! H-how?"

Ezio looked at me and said, "Uh, because people get married? It just happened, ok?"

I sat back again into my car-seat, thoughts whirling around in my mind. I don't want to know how the hell that happened,I thought. I closed my eyes for sleep, and quickly drifted off. I dreamt of Templars, back in the olden days…

I awoke in my dream in a lying-down position, the sun brightly shining into my eyes. I sat up, looking at the empty streets and vacant shops. I got up from where I was laying and began to walk down a random path. It all seemed awkward to be alone, not a sound to be heard but the bird songs. Then the bird songs turned into an eagles call. I looked up and saw it circling a view point, calling for anyone, maybe an assassin, to come.

I then heard distant yelling from up ahead of the road I was walking, then the sound of armor, like someone was struggling to run. I then heard a noise from above my head, like another person was running on rooftops.

"Come with me!" someone whispered above me. I jumped in surprise and swiftly looked up, seeing a hand reaching out for mine. I put my hand up and grabbed onto his, and got pulled up onto the roof with him. He ran off across building, saying, "Come on, hurry!"

"I can't!" I said, hearing footsteps as someone began running faster behind me. I tried to run as fast as I could, but I was slowing down the faster I tried to run. Then someone grabbed me and yanked me back by the arm. I screamed as I fell off of the edge of the building, the last thing I see is a Templar laughing.

I awoke with a yelp of pain, even though nothing had really happened to me. I shot up and looked around, seeing Shaun at his computer staring at me with curiosity. I then looked to my left and saw Rebecca staring as well, but with worry on her face. I then noticed that my cast was replaced with gauss wrapped around the lower part of my arm. I lay back down and thought of my dream, shivering as I thought of dying like that.

"Hey, are you ok?" said Rebecca.

"Jeez, might have a heart attack waking up like that." said Shaun.

I ignored Shaun and said to Rebecca, "Oh, just fine; a little shaken from my dream is all. Am I at the Assassin's vicinity?"

"No, you're at Abstergo." said Shaun. "Yes, what did you think?"

I glared at him, and then looked at Rebecca. "Yes," she said, "but Lucy and Desmond aren't here, if you're wondering; Altair and Ezio are, though. Lucy and Desmond didn't bring them with because they didn't want them to die; it might destroy the time line, so those two are staying here." She paused, and then looked puzzled. "Uh, how did you know this is the Assassin's vicinity?"

I paused for a second, wondering how she would take the fact that someone made a video game about them. "Uhhh... I sorta have a, uh, game about this stuff..."

Rebecca looked at me in surprise, then said, "Well, the game directors might die earlier than they expect."

I chuckled, then said, "You were joking, right?"

"That depends," she said, then began to work on her computer again.

I laughed nervously, and then asked, "Uh, how long was I out?"

She looked at me and said, "How should I know? I wasn't there when they picked you up."

"Oh, right…" I said, rubbing the back of my neck, which was sore from the car ride. "Well, can you explain some things to me?"

"Well, no, I can't. But that's only because Desmond and Lucy need to be here to explain some stuff to you."

"Oh, ok. Well… what can I do to pass the time, if you know anything to do?"



"You teenagers need to stop wanting to have something to do while you wait. Just be patient and relax."

"Mmm… Yeah, sure, relaxing sounds good right now…" I went over to the bed and lay down with my feet hanging over the left side. "By the way, where are Altair and Ezio? Oh wait, let me guess… are they training in that area by the parking lot?"

"That's it; that game director must know something about us." She said as she turned in her chair to face me, looking like she was going to do something.

"Uh… I don't think that will be necessary. Please don't kill the one of the greatest video game makers in the world." I said pleadingly.

"Sure, fine, I won't; but he probably knows something… Or he couldbe a templar."

"Ok, I'm good with that." I said, remembering where the conversation had originated from. "So, are they down there?"

Rebecca looked confused for a second. "Who?"

"Altair and E-"

"Oh! Yeah, they're down there, I think." She said as she turned back to her computer.

I started to fall asleep as I got up and started walking to the door. "Good," I muttered, "then I can watch…" For a second, I thought I had fallen and hit the ground, but nothing seemed to happen, because I was still standing.

"Oh," Rebecca said, "don't try climbing if you don't have any experience, which I doubt you do."

"Ok, ok…" I said as I walked out the door, not hearing Shaun as he said something.

I quickly walked down the stairs in a hurry and half-jogged, half-ran over to entrance to the training area. I walked in, calling out to the assassins who were supposedly in here.

"Hello-o?!" I yelled after calling their names for at least a minute.

Suddenly, I heard something hit the ground dreadfully soft behind me and felt something cold and metallic press against my neck. I quickly grabbed it where it wasn't as sharp and pulled it away with one swift movement of my right hand. I crouched to the ground as I quickly turn around, putting my foot out to trip whoever had snuck up behind me; I grunted slightly as my arm began to throb with pain when I used it to keep myself on balance. Once I heard them hit the ground with a thump, I straightened up hurriedly to see who my attacker was. To my most surprise, it was Ezio.

I slowly backed up, trying to figure out why he had attacked me, but my mind was in a daze and I couldn't think properly. He then kicked my legs out from under me, and I quickly grabbed the nearest thing to keep me on my feet, which was a stack of large, metal boxes. I stood back up and stared at him with betrayal clearly showing in my eyes.

Once again, something cold and metallic pressed against my neck. I grabbed the arm that was holding the sword with my left arm and quickly pulled it away from my throat, causing a spasm to erupt from my arm. Twisting around as I held on, I saw that it was Altair, and I had a hold of his right arm. I kicked him in his left side and he fell on his right side awkwardly as he tried to prevent it, but miserably failed. As quickly as possible, I turned back around and ran for the entrance, only to have my ankle grabbed by Ezio. I squealed as I plummeted toward the ground, my face hitting the floor. It took a minute of struggling before I could roll over onto my back to meet the faces of the two supposed enemies. I gasped as I took in the proper amount of air, trying not to break down in tears from all the pain of my arm and the feeling of betrayal.

"Wh-why…?" I managed to sputter before pain and frustration tookover and allowed the tears to flood my face. I began to shake uncontrollably and decided to roll onto my stomach and lay my face in the crook of my arm.

"Senorita-" began Ezio, but was interrupted by Altair.

"You need to learn self-defense if you want to live," Altair said plainly. "I had to see what skills you had before we began to teach you. Apparently, all you're capable of is trying terribly and breaking out crying."

Suddenly, I felt rage against him and looked back at him with such anger that he looked surprised for a second, but quickly hid it. I slowly got up with my arms carelessly dangling and didn't bother wiping away the tears. I stood for a second more before kicking him in the shins and running off. I quickly looked back and saw that Ezio had gone to help him. I turned my head back around and climbed the stack of boxes in the back, left corner of the room. Once I was at the top, I jumped as high as I could and grabbed the large steel bar hanging from the ceiling. I then pushed up from there and wrapped my legs around it.

After a second of debating with myself and then seeing Altair climbing the same stack of boxes, I quickly pushed up with my arms and put my feet on the bar. I stood up, trying to imagine the bar being the see-saw and me walking along it. I quickly ran along like Ezio did, minus put my arms out, and jumped toward the railing of the walk-way on the wall once I got to the other side of the bar. I grabbed it with my right arm and swung my left arm over it,quickly pulling myself up and over it. I landed on the walk-way as I shook with fear, and then looked at the steel bar and saw that Altair was almost at the spot where I was. I ran for my life with a rush of adrenalin and turned the corner at the end to continue running, but was stopped dead with a fist in my gut. The air in my lungs was quickly driven out as I was pushed back, slamming into the wall behind me. I caught a glimpse of Ezio, who had punched me. I felt dizzy and slid down the wall to sit on the floor as I held my stomach in pain and squeezed my eyes shut.

"Get up," said a harsh voice.

I clenched my teeth in response as I peered up at Altair. "You bastards…" I muttered. Ezio looked like he was going to say something, but I cut him off. "Why must you beat me up? I am no punching bag!" I growled.

"You must learn to take it and survive no matter what." Altair said.

I glared at him and slowly and unsteadily, I got to my feet and walked by Altair, pushing Ezio, who stood behind Altair, out of my way with my right hand as he merely stood there. I then lowered my head and held the lower part of my left arm where the bandages were with my right hand. I then noticed that a drop of blood had dripped from my mouth from the impact of Ezio's fist. I slowly wiped it away with the back of my hand as I wobbled along the pathway. Looking up, I then saw the latter at the end of the walkway and quickened my walking pace slightly.

Once I was standing in front of the railing of the latter, I had second thoughts about climbing down. I stood there for a minute, wondering if I would slip on the metal steps by climbing down because I was so weak, when I felt an arm around my waist pick me up.

"Agh! Damn it! Stop!" I yelled, hitting at the arm that was wrapped around me. "I'm sore there! Let GO!"

"Sorry, Senorita, but I'd noticed that you might need help down," said the voice of my "captor", whom I realized was Ezio.

I mumbled a curse under my breath when he had begun to climb, and I heard a chuckle escape his mouth. Once we were on the ground, I elbowed him in the ribs as he put me down on my feet.

"Hey! What was that for?" he said.

I looked at him with one raised eyebrow as I said, "Is it not obvious?! You flippin' came right up behind me and scared me! Not to mention the fact that you made me even more sore!"

"Sorry Senorita,but I only wanted to help you get down so you wouldn't slip or hurt yourself. I did not know that you would be offended by someone's help."

"Uh, you and Altair had just attacked me! How could I not be offended when my attacker just tried to help me, thinking that you were trying to hurt me again?! Ugh! Just, leave me alone!" I yelled, and ran toward the exit of the training area, my stomach protesting as I did.

Once I was out of the training room, I didn't stop running as I headed for the steps that led up to where the Animus stayed. As I ran up the steps, I wondered how I would explain what had happened to me when the others see my bleeding arm. What if they think I'm some kind of freak that tries to kill herself on her spare time? Or if I tell the truth, will they believe me? Pausing half-way up the stairs, I looked down at myself, realizing it was much worse than I had thought. I had bruises all over my body and the gash on my arm had reopened and was bleeding again, soaking my bandages. I then realized the urgency of my state and decided it was best to hurry up the stairs and try to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

Suddenly, something landed on me and I fell onto my face, feeling a hand on my back. I only grunted, no longer able to yell because of the impact on my stomach earlier, and I was too tired to waste my energy on yelling anyway. Then, I heard a pop, and that got me worried.

"AAAHHHH!" I screamed as my arm began to throb extremely painfully. "Damn it! Get the HELL off of me, person!!!"

They did as I had asked, and when I had turned over and onto my left side, I saw that my arm was extremely bloody. My eyes widened at the sight and I began to panic. I looked at the attacker, and wasn't as surprised to see Altair standing there, no sign of a worried expression upon his smug face. I swiftly rolled to my right, now looking up at the top of the stairs, and pushed myself forward and up with my right hand as I started to run away, up the stairs.

Once I had gotten there, I took me a second to take in my surroundings before I ran toward the door to where Shaun and Rebecca were. The second I had gotten in there, I received odd looks from the two before they had a chance to see my entire state of being.

I kept running, trying to scream "help" as I went, but all that had come out was a small, shrill squeak.

I ran to the bed and hid behind it, hoping to God that I wouldn't die. I tried to scream for help again, but only the quietest of sounds came out, like I had no voice. I then started to panic so much that I began to hyperventilate and started to pass out, but Altair had quickly found me and was clutching my right wrist as he tried to tell me something, but I could hear nothing.

Altair then dragged me over to Rebecca, but I couldn't be exactly sure if it really was her, because my vision was beginning to cloud. I mumbled about how my blood was draining and that I was beginning to feel faint and pail, but nothing else came out, for I was ready to drop dead. Altair dragged me back to the bed and picked me up so he could lay me down on it, with my legs dangling off the end. My arm was in so much pain, but surprisingly, I had grown used to the throbbing, staying focused on trying to stay awake. Rebecca appeared beside Altair, with gauze and bandages in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. Shaun appeared on my right, seemingly ready to do what Altair requested.

Altair began to unravel the blood-soaked bandages, being careful not to pull too hastily. Once all the bandages were taken off, he quickly took my arm and hung it off of the bed to take some of the water in the bucket and wash it off. It began to hurt even more when he had done that, but I didn't care. After that was done, he began to put gauze on it and wrapped it with the new bandages.

Finally managing to say something, the only thing I could say was, "Stop trying to KILL me, Altair!"

Obviously, I was quite delirious when I had said this, or they thought I was, because nobody had reacted to my words. Altair simply pushed somewhere around my neck to make me pass out.


Waking up, I heard voices all around me. It sounded unnatura to mel, and when I woke up enough, I shot up with wide eyes, worrying if I was sick and hoping I wasn't going crazy. I looked around and saw Desmond, Ezio, and Lucy on my left, and Rebecca and Shaun on my right. Wait, where's Altair… I thought about the things that had happened before he made me pass out, and I wondered if he was too ashamed to show his face. Mmm… I really don't know if he is or not… After all, he is an assassin, and they are unpredictable.

"Uh, Theo, are you ok?" Ezio said as he reached out to touch my arm.

I glared at him with daggers and I said, "DON'T, touch me."

He backed off with a confused expression, and Desmond said, "What the hell happened while we were gone?!"

"Why don't you ask Altair?" I said with disgust and hatred. Then I turned to Ezio and pointed at him with my good arm as I said, "And him!"

He was silent, and Lucy tried to urge him on, "What exactly is she talking about?"

After a short second, I said, "Him and Altair attacked me! Altair said it was because he wanted to see if I had any skills of an assassin, but he nearly killed me, and the blood, I'm sure, is all over the floor, as proof!" I glared at him again as he looked at me with more confusion on his face.

Everyone was quiet, and a minute passed before Lucy dared to break the silence. "What?" she asked confusedly.

Just then, Altair walked into the room from the main doors, and he stopped in the middle of the room once he saw that I was awake. I glared at him with anger and wished I could launch myself at him.

"Hello, Altair." I said in a sarcastic good morning. THIS, is not, a good morning, I thought. I gave him an evil, devilish smile and immediately wiped it off my face when I spoke again, since no one else did. "Would you care to explain what exactly happened yesterday? Because Ezio sure can't," I said harshly, not taking my eyes off of him.

"We were practicing yesterday," he said obviously as he began walking out of the room.

Bitch! "NO!" I yelled, not able to keep my anger inside of me any longer. "That is NOT what happened!" I jumped out of the bed to the left, not caring if my arm hurt.

He stopped and looked back at me, confusion upon his face. "What exactly are you talking about?

He was pushing me over the edge. "Ugh! Just shut up and listen you thick headed person!" I yelled. "You nearly KILLED me yesterday-!"

"Since when did that happen? Me and Ezio were down stairs practicing when we heard Rebecca yell for help when you fell to the floor," he said, cutting me off.

I stood in confusion, all of my anger drained from my body. I felt so confused that I began to wobble, a migraine coming to my head because I was trying to think of so much at once. "I-I don't feel so well…" I said before I fell, not able to stand any longer. Desmond and Lucy caught me by my arms, which hurt my left one. "AGH!" I screamed when Desmond grabbed my arm.

"Are… you… ok?" Desmond asked as he pulled me up and laid me on the bed.

I didn't say anything; I was too busy trying to sort out what all had happened to me in my head. So, I fell and Altair didn't attack me? Wait, but why do I have new bandages on? And wasn't I attacked? And…, the bruises! I bet they're there, or not. I suddenly shot up and looked down at my arms and legs. Whoa! They're… gone…

"What is it?" asked Lucy, fear in her voice.

"Mmm…? Oh, nothing…" I said distractedly, adding, "I'm just confused is all…"

"What the hell were you talking about earlier?" asked Desmond.

"I-I don't know… I… think…" I couldn't exactly tell or explain to them what had happened, but I did have questions. "Rebecca, what was I saying when I walked out the door to this room?"

"Theo, you didn't make it to the door; you were almost there, but you went limp all of a sudden," she said. "But I think you were saying you wanted to watch Ezio and Altair practice just before you fell."

I laid back down to calm myself as I carefully said, "Mmm, I think… I might have been dreaming."

"It would make sense," said Ezio from behind Lucy. "Especially since neither I nor Altair can remember attacking and hurting you like that."

"Yeah… Wait, what do mean, 'Like that'?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well, we did kind of attack you at your school," he said.

"Oh, right," I said. "Well, I had an awful dream while I was passed out, so I'm a bit unnerved; and I'm tired too. So I'll be getting some good sleep now; not a nightmare-filled sleep."

"Wait, we still need to know-," Desmond began, but was cut off by Lucy.

"Let her sleep," she said as she pushed him along while walking away, guiding Desmond to a place where he couldn't disturb me.

I visibly relaxed as I breathed out a calmed sigh, relaxing my stained mussels' so I could fall into a deep slumber. And it happened so quickly, I didn't have time to think another thought of mine.