"Molly-Murphy McManus! You get to school now!"

"Sorry, Mom!"

I ran outside of our little house and on to the busy Boston street. I got in my car and pulled out on to the hectic street. I drove five minutes to Mae and Tim's house. Mae and Tim are brother and sister. Mae is my age,17, and Tim is 15. We drove to school in the usual silence because we're all to tired to talk. We got out of the car and walked into school.

By second period I was awake. First period was graphics design and I slept through it. Thanks to the rows of computers is was too easy not to get caught. I ran to the vending machine to get my late $1.50 breakfast. After my cinnamon rolls dropped down to the slot I grabbed it and ran to my next class, study hall. Mae was sitting in her usual seat in the back corner of the class room. I joined her and started on my Math homework.
"So, when are you going to meet him?" Mae asked.
"I don't know, Mae. It's not like I just pop on in and it won't be weird," I said.
"Well, maybe if you call him then-"
"No, I don't want to call him that will make it extra wierd,"
"You have to know who he is, Molly,"
"I know who he is...,"
"Other than his name,Murph,"
"I know what he did, what his job was, his brother, his father,"
"Molly you know of them but you don't know them," I hated when she was right.
"But how do I talk to him. I don't how I should present myself. I don't know how to ask him such a big question," I wasn't about to walk to his front door and ask him a question that could very well change the rest of both of our lives.
"Molly, it's you father, I'm sure he'll be excited to have a daughter in the first let alone have you move in," Mae said with her eyes searching mine. Like she was trying to hear my thoughts or control my mind.
"Fine, I'll go today. After work," I was going to do this. I had to for the sake of my sanity. I had to, I had to meet my father.

After my shift at my mom's catering business, O'Brian Has Good Food; I went home and packed my bags. My mom came in and gave me a smirk. Like she thought it was funny. It was hilarious when you meet your father for the first time. My father who had killed the evil men of Boston with his own brother and father. My father, Murphy MacManus.

"So, I'm gonna do it," I said to my mother.

"Well, why else would you be packing your bags?" It's easy to tell where I get my sense of humor from. But not my looks.

Catherine O'Brian has light strawberry blonde hair, big blue eyes and a chiseled face. She could have easily been a model, but instead she invested in a catering business. I have red/brown hair, almond shaped green eyes, and to top it off, freckles.

"Yeah, so if I'm back you know why," I couldn't look at her. She had taken care of me on her own for 17 years. And now I was saying goodbye. "Okay, well, I love you, sweet pea. He's going to love you as much as me. You guys are so much alike, you can't not get along," My mother looked my straight in the eye at the last sentence. I started to weep, uncontrollably.

"I love so much, Mom. I'm so sorry, that I'm leaving," I said through gasps.

"I love you too, Murph. And I'm not mad at you for wanting to meet your own father. He's a great man and I loved him very much. He loved me too,"

"How can you know that. He left you,"

"Well, it's complicated,"

"I'm not stupid so maybe you should explain it to me," I turned around and picked up my bags.

"You'll realize as soon as you meet him. Why he left, why he walked out on me," She look as if she was about to cry. So I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and ran out the door. I shoved my bags in the backseat and climbed in the driver's seat. I put the keys in the ignition. The ignition was the first step in the rest of my life.