We all sat in the living room, and ate. They all still looked surprised, like, they were all still in shock that they managed to actually save me. I couldn't stop looking at my father, he looked so worn out and tired but he promised he would stay up as long as I needed him. I felt so energetic and, well, happy. I couldn't believe that I was actually home, with my family, and Brody.

After Murphy, Connor, and I had a cry-hug session, I realized that everyone was at my house. Detective Duffy and Dolly had to go, they demanded Brody to stay at the house and watch us. So, after they left and Brody had settled on the couch, I realized that I hadn't talked to my best friend since the funeral. I told my dad and uncle that I needed to call her and let her know I was okay; they didn't even protest they simply nodded.

I went upstairs in my room and picked up my cell phone which was still hidden under the covers. I shook my head and quickly plugged it in to the charger; once I had turned it on I saw that I had forty missed calls. They were all from Mae. I dialed her number as fast as my fingers would let me. The phone rang one time, and her frantic voice came over the phone.

"Molly? Is that you?" She asked harshly.

"Hi, Mae," I said.

"Murph, were the hell have you been? You haven't been in school for over a week, well, actually four days not including your mom and all. But, anyway, I had to tell everyone that you went away with your father on vacation to get away and all," She yelled into the phone.

"Mae, I'm fine. I want you to relax before I tell you anything further. Breathe in and out," I whispered soothingly into the phone.

I heard her breathe in and out for a minute or two, and then she returned to her norm. "So, what happened?"

"I was kidnapped-"

"What the fuck? Are you hurt? By who-" Mae was now screaming at me.

"Mae, let me finish," I said sternly, I heard her breathe and I started again. "I was kidnapped the night of the funeral from my house. A man took me, who was working for a man who doesn't like my father. He took me and kept me prisoner in his basement for almost four days. My dad and the police came and rescued me, but that's all I can tell you,"

"Whoa," was all Mae said.

"I know,"

"You sound like one of those crime show people, Murph. So,… did they, like, um…rape you or anything?" How did I know she would ask this, the one thing I didn't want to tell her. Too bad she knew when I was lying, it would be so much easier to lie to her about this.

"Umm,…yes," I said very slowly.

Mae was sniffling and crying over the phone for a little, while I hummed to her. Humming always seemed to calm her down. She slowly took in a breath before speaking again.

"Are you okay?" Mae asked.

"Yes. I am, actually. After the second day everything was just, like, numbing. I didn't feel anything,"

"Well that's good I guess..," She said, hesitantly.

"Yeah, maybe. What did I miss at school?" I laughed.

Mae giggled from the other line. "Nothing really, except Liam decided to claim his love for you at the lacrosse game," She started laughing uncontrollably.

I started laughing and then I started to realize how much I really missed Liam. He was the one person in the world that made feel so…, warm.

"Mae, I really love him, you know,"

"I know, Molly, I know,"

"Should I call him?"

"No, you should talk to him in person. He just spent the last ninety six hours thinking that you were dead…,"

"I thought you told everyone that I was on vacation?"

"Well, you see, Molly. Liam kept insisting that I knew more. And that you really weren't on vacation," Mae explained.

"Great, Mae. Well, I got to go," I sighed.

"Do you think it's safe?"

"Probably not, what else could possibly happen that hasn't already?"

"Okay, Moll,"

"I'll call you later, Mae," I hung up the phone and threw on my slippers on.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my keys, which were surprisingly still on the coffee table. "Dad, I have to-"

"I heard, Molly. Just, ah, take this," He got up from the smaller couch, and pulled a small gun off the table. He handed it to me with, hesitancy, but I grabbed willingly, knowing full well I might need it.

"Love you," I yelled as I went out the door. I heard them all yell back. I went to my car in the front of the house. I got in and turned the car on.

On my way to Liam's house, I realized how fearless I had become. I didn't give a fuck if I did get kidnapped again. Because, well first I had a gun this time, and I know to get the hell out there. And it did help that the guys managed to shoot everyone that was in there, including Anthony Yakavetta. I could do anything now; I was on my way to proclaim my love a boy I just broke up with. I mean, I dumped him pretty brutally, and honestly it was over nothing. I didn't want to admit it for the longest time, until now. Now, I could face myself, I could look myself in the mirror and accept to everything.

I reached Liam's house, I got out of the car and I knocked on his door without an ounce of fear in me. It took a minute or two, but Liam ran down the stairs. He opened the door rubbing his eyes, with messy hair and nothing on but his boxers. He looked so innocent when he was in this state. When he finally realized it was me, he looked utterly shocked. He opened the screen door and stepped in front of me. He went to go talk but I stopped him, I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to kiss him so badly at that one moment, more than ever. It seemed to last forever, he wrapped his arms around me and I sunk right into his warmth. He kissed my forehead, and pulled me into the house. We went into his room and I let him talk for as long as he needed to, and he let me cry on him for as long as I needed. Somehow we fell asleep and woke up at the slam of the front door. We were facing each other, he smiled at me.

All I could was say, "I love you,"

Liam had the biggest grin on his face, "I knew it,"