A/N: This is a silly outtake. There will be others, perhaps, after this whole story is done. This outtake was written for bsmog, who bid on me in the Support Stacie auction. She wanted to know what happened to Seth after "She Learns the Consequences."

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Kind of Sort of Not Accidentally

The last thing I remember was fear, darkness, and pain. I didn't know what would happen to me. We all just knew that it was something you didn't do. You couldn't remind the princess of anything she didn't remember herself.

Rules are stupid, if you ask me. Trouble is, no one ever asks me.

She tried to save me, and to be honest, it was hard for me to believe she was the same girl I used to play with in the old days, before we lost Paradise. I felt her love, but I just wanted her to remember who I was. Why should she remember Mr. Serious-All-the-Time Jacob and cranky Leah but not me? I was the coolest one! She loved me best!

I think the fear was worse than the actual dying. It was so dark, but the crushing feeling lasted only a minute. Before I could scream out in pain, it was over.

And now I'm somewhere else.

Everything smells amazing—like so amazing I just want to roll around lie on my back and crush the leaves and wiggle my paws in the sky like I'm trying to run up to heaven.

Oh, wait.

Am I in heaven?

I go exploring a bit. There are clear pools everywhere, sparkling, crystal, and the waters are sweet. Each pond tastes a little different, but they are all delicious. I start to bark and howl and leap around. I haven't felt this bouncy since I was a newborn pup, when she sang me into being. I remember the time before then, I think, when I felt like just one star in a whole big galaxy, a universe extending infinitely. We all thought the same and sang the same song, but a little part of me tried to mix up the rhythm, you know, jazz things up a little.

One day I felt pulled. I felt more "me." My song was finally really different from the others'. And then I was in her hands, feeling safe and loved, and I licked her palm with my little baby wolf tongue. She tasted like kindness.

"Hello, my wolfy wolf," she said, and she kissed me on my head and tickled my belly. I almost peed in her hand, but something told me that would not be polite. I held it in. But I laughed and kicked my legs and swatted at her chubby fingers as they came in to tickle me again. "I will call you Seth," she said, and she put me on the ground.

I miss her.

But this place is nice, and I can run so fast—I bet I'd beat Jacob in any race now. I feel strong, too, like I could take him in a wrestling match.

"I'm the King of Wolf Mountain!" I shout as loud as I can, and there is sort of a … I don't know, a massive wall of wheezy wolfy laughter all around me.

"Who's there?" I shout, puffing out my chest and trying to look tough.

From the shadows, all these wolves, hundreds and hundreds of them, come from everywhere, like ants spilling out of an anthill. "Seth!" they cry at once. "We've been waiting for you!"

I look at their faces, and it's the coolest reunion ever. I mean, better than that time Princess Izzy insisted on having this thing she called "Field Day," when she tied our legs together for us to have what she called "seven-legged races." That was a bad idea, but we laughed a lot. But this? This is way better!

"You guys!" I shout. "I haven't seen you in ages!"

"We know!" they say. "We weren't sure if you'd ever get here."

We touch noses and sniff each other's you-know-whats, because, come on, we are wolves. That's what we do.

Anyway, then this one wolf, Melanie, she comes up to me. When she was taken by the Stone One, I was so upset—she was so quiet and gentle. I almost challenged him to a duel or whatever, as if I could have made a difference, but Jacob held me back by the scruff of my neck. She had these amazing eyelashes. I mean, you don't think about wolves and eyelashes, right? But she had them, honest. When she'd flutter her lids, I could swear I heard birds chirping.

I never told anyone about it, not even all those years it was just me and Jacob and Leah.

"Seth, is that really you?" she says.

"M-m-m-melanie?" I stammer, scratching at the ground with my paw. I hope she can't see that I'm scratching a little heart into the ground.

"You remember!" she shouts. And we run around each other in circles, and start to wrestle a bit, and maybe, just maybe, I accidentally let my paw graze along her soft belly, and maybe I pretend I'm panting and out of breath with my tongue hanging out, and maybe I lick her face kind of sort of not accidentally. Maybe.

But she giggles and smiles and asks me to go for a run with her. She takes off without warning, looking over her shoulder at me, and I swear to the Eternal that she does that fluttery eyelash thing. Her eyelashes are even longer than I remember, and I feel all funny in my wolfy knees. I tear off after her, yelling, "Oh, you are dead, you cheater!" but throw back my head and laugh.

I chase her, letting her beat me, until we reach what feels like the edge of the world. I stop dead in my tracks.

"What's that?" I ask her, looking in awe at this huge body of water in front of me. The water goes on forever. The earth under my feet is strange, soft and rough all at once, and the water comes up to my paws and goes back, like it's alive, like it's dancing, like it's trying to lick my feet to say hello.

"That's the ocean," she says, and even just the word ocean makes me feel like I've come home.

I'm quiet for a second, trying to see the end of this ocean, my heart beating fast but not from fear.

I'm so lost in my thoughts, in the wonder of the beauty of this place, this ocean, that I don't notice Melanie's run off. She sneaks up behind me, takes a flying leap, and yells, "CANNONBALL!" jumping where the water is a little deeper, totally soaking me.

I grumble at her, pretending to be angry, but she does that eyelash thing again, and I chase after her, my tail wagging in anticipation.

Yeah, I think I'm going to like it here.