Galactik football murder mysteries

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Kernor bounced round the corner, looked left and right then bounced into a dark room.

"Damn where the hell is the spear thrower person... My intimidating bounce is getting me tired," Kernor said to herself and bounced out the room and back around the corner.

Sinedd was still there, he waved at her.

She bounced over to him, "I can't find the spear thrower," she informed.

"So it seems," Sinned nodded.


"Ah, Kernor kill the spear thrower!" Sinedd shrieked and jumped behind the metal woman as another spear hit Kernor's metal hide.

"I don't know where the person is," Kernor hissed, then suddenly gave off an ear-splitting shreik.

When Sinedd opened his eyes he saw the spear was wedged into Kernor's eye, she stood there for a second while towering over Sinedd.

"Your... your brain is metal right? You'll survive?" Sinedd asked and tapped Kernor who fell backwards on contact.

"AHH, my metal bodyguard is dead!" Sinedd screamed and ran off down the hall; a figure stepped out from the shadows, (A literal shadow not the alien) and walked slowly after the teen.

Baldwin approached the dog slowly; the dog's head darted up when he came close.

"Hello dog, you... you have my beard," Baldwin explained and continued to get slowly closer.

The dog growled quietly.

"Quite," Baldwin agreed, "But I really need my beard back,"

The dog growled louder as Baldwin came closer.

"DON'T MAKE ANY SUDDEN MOVEMENT AND YOU WON'T DIE!" Micro-ice appeared at the door and ordered loudly to Baldwin.

Because of the loud noise the dog suddenly leaped onto Baldwin. The scientist struggled with the dog on his chest but soon he was thrown to the floor, the dog stood on top of him, biting and scratching.

"Ew, gosh that dog is raping that man," Micro-ice pointed as D'jok appeared with him at the door.

"Baldwin?" D'jok muttered at the bloody figure on the floor.

"Baldwin? Is that his actual name or is it a nickname cause he's bald?" Micro-ice asked.

"I don't know but Micro-ice we need to save him," D'jok said and shook Micro-ice.

"If you haven't noticed D'jok I am the size of a thirteen year old and..." Micro-ice began.

"Ten year old," D'jok interrupted.

"Ten year old," Micro-ice repeated with a glare then continued, "I would be totally molested by that dog,"

"It's killing him!" D'jok cried and pointed at Baldwin, whose body had been completely ripped by the dog.

"Well if we save him what would happen, would we put a lead on the dog and call it Max then pick up Baldwin and carry around a dying man all day? Hey D'jok?" Micro-ice raised an eyebrow.

"I don't want blood on my jacket," D'jok mumbled, looking between his jacket and Baldwin.

"So, let's go!" Micro-ice moaned.

"Yeah, you're right," D'jok agreed. "Bye Baldwin!"

"Byee! Arggh!" Baldwin screamed.

Meanwhile Yuki was being treated.

"I have a sticker here for you," Sonny smiled when half of Yuki's face had been covered up with clean bandages.

Yuki took the sticker and looked at it with her one free eye, "Well done you killed a Technoid robot?" She read and looked at Sonny quizzically.

"It's good just accept the stickwe," Corso told her.

"CORSO!" Sonny bellowed, outraged.

"Would you stop talking to main characters like that?" Rocket scolded.

"Just stop talking all together, please!" Yuki said angrily.

"Sorry," Corso whispered.

Suddenly Sinedd came running in and jumped behind a sof a, wailing.

"Sinedd!" Warren squealed and skipped behind the sofa with Sinedd, looking adoringly at him.

"Hi Sinedd, why are you hiding?" Warren whispered with giggle.

"From a killer," Sinedd whispered and turned to see who he was talking to. "Oh! You!"

"Yes its little old Warren," Warren smiled and stood up gingerly with Sinedd.

Suddenly a spear came from outside the room, Warren was hit in the chest, he moaned.

"Sinedd... I wanna... do you," He coughed and fell to the floor dead.

Everyone looked at Sinedd knowingly.

Aarch entered the room with a spear, "Yes, killed the murderer now I can finally sit down and finish my book,"

Aarch placed all his spears on the floor and sat down onto a chair, and began to read a book he had taken from his pants.

"Aarch, you're the murderer... you killed Kernor!" Sinedd yelped when he realised Aarch had been carrying spears.

What? Heavens no I just killed the murderer; boy that used to be on my team," Aarch laughed.

"Well how come a spear killed Kernor!" Sinedd pointed out, Aarch blinked.

"Why now I think about it I did find these spears next to Kernor's body in the corridors," Aarch shrugged, "But the killer is dead now, I knew Warren commited crimes to children but to adults? craziness,"

"So you killed our scapegoat and the murderer is still in the building," Sonny said and shook his head, "Were doomed,"

Aarch nodded in agreement then placed his book on the side of his chair, concerned, "You mean to tell me Warren is not the murderer?"

"Erm, yes we have been saying that," Yuki explained.

"Who are you?" Aarch turned to Yuki in confusion.

"It's me, Yuki," Yuki told him.

Aarch marched over to her, "Well take off the mask, that's not gonna help you survive in a murder situation... if anything it makes you look like the murderer!"

Aarch ripped the bloodstained bandage off to reveal her destroyed face.

"Oh..." Aarch said over her scream, "It's like you were mauled by a very big rat,"

Sonny helped place the bandage back then shrugged, "What now?"

"We fight!" Sinedd decided.

everyone laughed at him.

"You," Rocket laughed and punched Sinedd gently, "You crazy kid you,"

Micro-ice and D'jok sped down the hall, both of them holding in their screams.

"Why did you say goodbye to a dying man? Now that bloody dog is after US!" Micro-ice yelled as the dog narrowly missed biting his ass. "Did you think Baldwin would really care about how polite you were in that situation?"

"Yea... no," D'jok nodded then shook his head.

The end of my chapter (Ghostsammeo by the way) if you didn't understand what was going on and who's alive or not then good... It means our story is doing its job.