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Angel Fantasy & Evanescent Silence

Challenged Pleasure : Chapter 1

On a green and flowery hill somewhere in the middle of Britain, three black-clad figures, two of them quite tall, the last one slightly shorter, slowly made their way through the tall grass and up the hillside.

All three of them were male, dressed in strange black uniforms with a silver cross on their left breast that marked them as Exorcists from the Black Order. They were athletic and carried themselves with an air that suggested they were ready to go into battle at any moment. Which wasn't that far from the truth, since Akuma could appear suddenly and without warning from anywhere, even in this desolate area of the countryside where no soul could be found in a range of miles.

The tallest of them is a fiery redhead with bright emerald green eyes - the right one covered by a black eye patch - and a quite handsome face. On his thigh, a holster carries a small mallet, probably his Innocence, the Exorcist's weapon. The redhead walks silently as the last in the line, and has an amused smile on his face as he parts the tall grass and bushes in front of him so he can pass.

In front of the redheaded Exorcist, the shortest male of the group stomps through the tall grass, occasionally using his claw-like left hand to cut through it angrily as if he wished he was cutting something else. This young man has quite the striking appearance – pure white hair, porcelain white skin, big silver eyes and a sharp but pretty face with a strange mark on the left side: a red pentacle on his forehead from which's tip a line descends across the boy's eyelid and down to his cheek, where it makes a sharp turn to the left, running parallel to the eye for more or less an inch, before descending again with a slight curve, following the outline of his cheek. It's a curse mark, one of the symbols of the Millennium Earl; not that this young man is an Akuma – he's an Exorcist, after all, and his Innocence is probably his strange claw-like left arm. A long, golden earring could be seen dangling on his left ear, and a strangely formed short white cape hung down from his shoulders.

The white-haired youth is heatedly arguing with the last man, a tall Asian man with long black hair tied up in a high ponytail. He walks in the front and is quite ahead of the other two. His features are sharp and flawless, even if almost always set in a frown or a blank expression. His strange dark blue eyes are fierce and intense as he treads ahead, right hand on the hilt of the sword that is strapped to his waist. His back is straight and proud, and he walks as if he was confidence itself; he's participating in the banter just as enthusiastically as his shorter white-haired companion.

"... very understandably, Your Highness just couldn't be a little more understanding, certainly not. Why not get the whole village against us, while you're at it?" the cursed white-haired Exorcist was saying sarcastically, and he violently shoved his clawed hand across a tall bush in his way, cleanly cutting it in two without sparing it a glance. "Because it's important to make sure the villagers don't tell us anything at all." He spat, stopping briefly to stare disgustedly at a long green something hanging from one of his claws, before throwing it away with a dismissive shake of his hand.

The Asian man took one hand to the bridge of his nose to rub it fiercely, as if trying to get rid of a pounding headache. His frown was now deeper than ever. "It's not my fault that you're useless. And will you stop whining like a woman already? Your imbecility is grating on my nerves." he said, grimacing.

"Your existence is grating on my nerves. Did you really have to go and antagonize our only source of information? Was it that urgent of a need? Have you no self-restraint at all, Kanda, or is it that you're just as stupid as I always thought you were?" There was no such thing as too much sarcasm in the white-haired Exorcist's book, and he wasn't afraid of showing it.

The redhead behind them let out a noise that sounded strangely like a choked laugh, but neither of his companions heard it as they were too busy arguing between themselves.

"And since when can you think at all, oh brainless brat?" the long-haired youth rolled his eyes, kicking a small stone out of his way impatiently.

"Oh, is that sarcasm I am detecting in your voice? Such a thing should be completely beyond your abilities..."

"Do you really want me to cut that old man hair of yours and sell it that badly, Moyashi?"

"The name's Allen, BaKanda. And for the last time, why, pray tell, would anyone want to buy white hair? Wouldn't you get a better deal if you sold that pretty shiny black hair of yours?"

This time the redhead couldn't suppress his chuckles, and he decided it was time he stopped their senseless bickering. "You guys, really... What will the new Finder- oh, and I think that's him over there-" the green-eyed Exorcist said once he noticed the white-clad figure moving towards them from the other side of the hill, waving to catch their attention. Waving back, he continued, "What will he say when he gets here and sees two Exorcists-" he looked back at his companions, only to almost jump back in fright at the murderous aura surrounding Kanda and Allen. "-fighting... like... children?" his words were squeaked out, the last one barely heard as the duo slowly turned to glare at him ferociously. He paled slightly.

"Lavi. Shut it or I'll cut you bald." The two demons's eyes glinted dangerously as they hissed in unison, claws and sword shining in the sun's rays in silent warning.

"Right." the redheaded male chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head nervously and half cowering in fear. Out of habit at feeling such a nasty threat nearby, Lavi's right hand was now clutching his minimized hammer, ready to activate his innocence at any moment.

Allen had already turned his head to glare at his rival again. "Are you imitating me, BaKanda?"

Dark blue eyes narrowed in a similar stare directed towards the white-haired Exorcist, while said samurai started walking again, huffing, "Why would I imitate an idiot? If anything, you're the one imitating me, bean sprout. "

Allen, whose body had been facing Lavi, turned around sharply to stalk angrily toward Kanda as he roared, "You just never-!" but cut himself off in the middle of it, having tripped on a stone he hadn't noticed. He quickly fell to the ground, extending his right hand to grab onto something to try and avoid his fall.

Lavi saw him trip and hastened forward to try and catch him, only to end up getting dragged down as well. Kanda, too, lost his balance when Allen 's right hand grabbed onto his long coat in an attempt to prevent his fall.

The three of them let out grunts and hisses when they hit the ground in awkward positions, limbs getting entangled with each other. They lay there, Allen face down at the bottom, Lavi on top of Allen (face down as well), and Kanda on his back on top of the red-haired Exorcist, face up.

Allen moaned in pain from somewhere under the other two, and Kanda felt the shorter male hit his legs as he cried. "Get off! Damn you, you're heavy! Get off!"


"He has a point, Yuu-chan." The redhead said with a groan, as he tried to slip out of his sandwiched position. "After all, you-"

A loud crack made them still suddenly.

A few seconds of silence.

"What was that?" Lavi cautiously asked at last, warily scanning their surroundings.

"I can't detect any Akuma in the area. The Finder isn't one either." The cursed male stated, trying to look around despite having Kanda's legs blocking his view.

"It was nothing. Don't be idiots." Kanda chided, muscles tensing in preparation to get up. Meanwhile, Lavi finally came out from between them, which caused Kanda to loose balance and fall back on Allen with an "Oof!". Allen stayed where he was, trying to regain the air that was knocked out of his lungs for a second time in less than three minutes. The Bookman jumped to his feet. "Well, I suppose Yuu is right, except for the finder – is that Toma, Allen? - I don't see anyone around either." He crouched down and jumped up a few times, as if trying to test his condition. "Still, that sounded like-"

A louder cracking sound was heard. Then another. And another. And another, each even louder than the last. Zigzagging cracks suddenly appeared under them and extended quickly with more cracking noises as they went. With a loud growl, as if the Earth itself was breaking, the ground split into pieces and the three of them fell into the black hole that appeared under them.


Allen felt himself roll down what seemed to be a tunnel, rolling faster and faster until he suddenly found himself rapidly falling through air. But, it was so fast and everything around him was so dark that he couldn't really understand what was going on. He could feel bodies bumping into him as he descended, which meant Lavi and Kanda were right next to him.

The terrible feeling of having nothing under him, that nauseating sensation of nothingness, of spiraling down madly with nothing to hold on to, made his stomach churn and shivers run down his spine. He knew that his appointment with the ground somewhere far below was approaching quickly, and he had this slight feeling that he probably wouldn't enjoy the meeting.

In a desperate attempt, he sent Crown Belt in every directions, hoping it to find a place to grab onto and stop their mad fall through the unknown blackness. To his dismay, however, nothing was to be found no matter how much he extended it. The place they'd fallen into must be huge!

Then the air seemed to rush by even more quickly, making it almost heard to breathe. In a last effort to protect his friends, he gathered Crown Belt again at the last second and spread it around them like a cocoon. There was a painful impact on something hard that made him gasp, the smell of dust, old wood and ceramics filling his nostrils. It was soon followed by another hard impact just as painful as the first one, through this time he was on his back. The dizziness that came over him at that moment made him deactivate his Innocence without meaning to.

A second later his fall restarted, this time only for a split second before he hit something hard yet again, face down this time. And he never felt more grateful when it fortunately all stopped then.

Allen only had time to moan out his discomfort before two heavy bodies fell on him almost at the same time, knocking the breath out of him yet again. Something in Allen's earring clicked in place before getting stuck, then broke down halfway afterwards.

Moans of pain and grunts were heard a moment later. "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn." Lavi's voice drawled from somewhere behind Allen.

It took a few moments for him to realize what exactly had happened. Somehow, the ground had opened up beneath them and they'd fallen through a tunnel of sorts, like a rabbit's lair, which somehow lead to an empty space underground. They'd fallen through the air, then probably hit something that was in the way until they'd finally landed here. Whatever 'here' was, it was incredibly dark. He could barely see anything in front of his nose.

Judging by where Lavi's voice had come from, right behind Allen's head, he should have fallen right on top of him. Then where was Kanda? He'd felt them both land on him.

"Get your fucking face away from my crotch, baka Usagi." Kanda's deep voice growled.

Ah. There he was.

"Give me a minute and I'll get back to you." Lavi's voice was breathy. He was clearly still recovering from the fall and in no condition to move.

"Kanda, where are you?" Allen asked tiredly.

"Using you as a cushion, idiot."

The white-haired boy frowned. "What?"

"I think he fell on top of you, and I on top of him." Lavi said, sharp as always despite the situation.

So Allen had fallen on his stomach, Kanda had landed on his back on top of him with his legs towards Allen's head, and Lavi had fallen on top of him, stomach down, head in the same direction as Allen's. Now the result… awkward.

"Oh." Was Allen's eloquent comment. There was a dark form in front of his eyes, which should be Kanda's leg. "Okay. But really, can you two get off now? You're really heavy."

"I hope you're not calling me fat." The redhead grunted as he sat up on Kanda's chest. "Because we all know I'm drop-dead sexy. And Lavilicious sexyness does not involve fat."

Kanda, already supporting himself on his elbows, felt his eyebrow twitch angrily.

Next thing Lavi knew, he had been shoved forcefully from his comfy sitting place and hit the floor with his face – and strangely, it seemed as if he had from a slightly elevated place, like a bed.

"Yuuuuu-chaaaan, you're so mean to me!" the redhead whined pitifully with big fat tears welling up on his green eye.

Kanda ignored him and swiftly moved to the side so he wasn't on top of Allen anymore. As the white-haired boy in turn sat up, hands going to his head with a hiss while coughing, the Japanese male reached for Mugen and activated it.

Immediately a soft blue glow coming from the sword illuminated the surroundings, revealing a dusty old bedroom. Apparently, the three men had fallen through the roof and the ceiling, and had miraculously landed right on the sturdy bed where Kanda and Allen sat. The room's door was right in front of the bed, and there was a broken closet on the right corner – from what little was visible in the barely lit division, it looked as if someone had attacked it with an axe, the poor thing.

Above the bed was the hole they'd created when they'd fallen, and a few bits of wood and cement fell from there. Luckily, no roof tiles had fallen as well – they could create serious injuries if they fell on someone's head.

Rubbing his head, Allen looked up at the hole on the ceiling thoughtfully while Lavi sat up properly on the floor, crossing his legs so he was sitting Indian-style. He looked up as well, and seemed to guess Allen's train of thought, because he said:

"Right. We fell from… somewhere up above, in the countryside, and somehow landed on a house. So maybe we found a hiding place of sorts? A house hidden in the hills?" said the redhead as patted his pants in an effort to get rid of the dust covering them. "And right on the bed. Fate must be telling us something." He chuckled, waggling his eyebrows at the two males still on the bed.

Allen ignored the last part of the comment. "I got the feeling it's bigger than that. When we were falling, before we hit the roof, I tried to stop it with Crown Belt. But there was nothing to hold on to, no matter how much I stretched it to the limit. Of course, that doesn't really mean anything because Crown Belt's range limit isn't that big, but still…"

Frowning, Lavi nodded. "Hmm. Now that I think about it, you might be right. It took us at least a minute to finally land, which means there's a lot of space up there. And why make it deep if you're not going to make it wide as well?"

"Another damn underground city. Just perfect." Kanda grumbled, getting up and heading toward the door.

Immediately his companions got on their feet as well, though with considerably more difficulty. "Yuu, where're you goin'?"

The long-haired male stopped with his hand on the door knob, and raised an eyebrow at the stupid question. "We still have to find that Innocence, idiot. Chances are, it's hidden here. It's close enough to the village to explain why the Akuma who killed the Finders were there."

"They couldn't find this place." Allen completed Kanda's logic, a look of realization dawning on his pale face. He turned his silver eyes to the dark-haired male as he kicked the door open after failing to open it normally. "Hmm, do you think Toma is alright? He was rather close to us after all."

Lavi threw an arm over the white-haired male's shoulder cheerfully. "Of course he's fine!" he said as they followed Kanda along the dark corridor. "In no time he'll be calling us on Timcanpy and-"

As if summoned by Lavi's words, Timcanpy jumped out of Allen's uniform and leaped into the air above them, the Finder's voice coming out of him.

"Sir Exorcists? Are you alright?! What happened?!"

"Yes, we're fine, we're fine." Allen assured, reaching out to grab Tim and bring him to eye level as they walked after Kanda toward what looked like the tunnel's exit. "We fell through some sort of hole and landed on-" he was cut off by his friend's strangled gasp.

"Holy shit." Lavi said. Kanda sighed in irritation.

"Knew it. Goddammit, sometimes I hate being right."

"Sir Exorcists?" the Finder's voice insisted, breaking their moment of awed silence.

Lavi finished for Allen, whose jaw was now hanging open at the sight before him. "We landed on a big ass underground city. Holy shit."

To every side of the elevation where the house they'd fallen in was, the shapes of thousands of other buildings covered the ground of the huge and dark cave underground, leaving no visible patches of land until the darkness hid them from view.

Needless to say, it indeed was quite a sight.


After a brief talk with Toma, it was decided that they'd search for the Innocence in the underground city. Meanwhile, said Finder would contact the HQs and ask for the authorization to use the Ark's doors.

So here they were, wandering into the strange city with Kanda leading them, using Mugen for a certainly less honorable purpose: lightning. The soft blue glow of the activated katana wasn't much, but it at least prevented them from tripping over things that lay in their paths.

It wasn't completely pitch black, however, due to several small holes on the cave's ceiling. Probably tunnels made by some animals. There must have been many more than those which let the light through, only those other ones weren't visible since no light came from them.

The holes that were visible were so small that barely any light got through them, and its effect faded a few meters down. But there were enough of them to at least allow the dark shadows of the buildings to be discernable; little else. Without Mugen's light, the three Exorcists would be tripping and stumbling in the dark.

Not that that didn't happen occasionally, regardless.

"Watch it." Kanda growled darkly as Lavi yet again tripped on something (probably his own feet, Kanda guessed), and crashed into him.

"Sorry, sorry."

"Lousy apology. Don't do it if you don't mean it, baka usagi."

Allen rolled his eyes at the exchange.

"You're so mean to me, Yuu. Even in bed together and everything and you-"

"Shut it."

"But you are! Why do you have to abuse poor little me?"

"You hardly have anything 'poor' and 'little' about you, Lavi." Allen said as they turned around a corner.

Lavi tripped on something again, but caught himself this time, and agreed, "You have a point. I'm too sexy to be cute like that. As for you, Allen, I don't know how you do it. You're too cute for your own good, but somehow you're still sexy as hell. Not as much as me, of course. But really, how'd ya do it?"

"Flattering as you probably intended that to be, it freaked me out." Allen replied with a raised eyebrow. Kanda resorted to just ignore the two nuisances.

"Oh, c'mon. It's not like you don't know it already since the three of us are..." He trailed off, realizing too late what he was talking about and not knowing how to continue. An awkward silence settled itself between the three Exorcists.

Their relationship was, to say the least, strange. Or maybe not strange, just different.

Being an Exorcist wasn't easy. This was a war. After every battle, every mission, they felt as if the weight of the world was on their shoulders. They were just so tired... The stress, the fear, the living nightmares that Akuma were, the friends that constantly risked their lives, the people around them that died... It wasn't easy.

So at night, no wonder they wished for someone's arms to hold them and comfort them. If there was anything in common that all the Exorcists possessed, it was that desire. The trio was no exception to that need, even if Kanda would never admit it out loud.

Allen, Lavi and Kanda were often sent on missions together – either just two of them or all three – so it had naturally led them to seek comfort from each other.

Kanda, of course, had never done so. But he'd let Lavi and Allen sleep in his bed with him more than once. Even the two at the same time. And it all wasn't exactly just friendly. There was a certain subtlety to the things they said, a certain tenderness to the caresses and to the looks they sent one another across the rooms they were in. It wasn't "a little bit more than friendship", it was "a bit of something other than friendship". Rather tempestuous, of course, whenever it involved Kanda.

None of them talked about it, none of them plainly acknowledged it, but they all knew, and in some ways acted accordingly to it.

They hadn't had sex yet, though. Before the whole relationship started, they'd all been too young, too fearful, or simply too prideful to resort to meaningless sex as a way to relieve stress. And once it had started, all they'd done had been little more than hugging, sleeping together, a few caresses now and then (and oh, how Allen and Lavi loved it when Kanda did that to them, since he did it so rarely!) and, mostly on Lavi's part, lots of insinuations and innuendos.

Still, their relationship was difficult enough already without adding the sex. They were attracted to each other in that way, however. Not that they'd admit it.

And now here Lavi was, almost about to say what they had never dared talk about before. He wasn't sure if he should go further. Were they ready for this?

After a few moments of that awkward, heavy silence, the redhead tried to lighten the mood. He let out a laugh and said, "But whatever. Point is, we're hot stuff, and everyone knows it."

"... Right." Allen muttered, looking at their surroundings to avoid looking at his two companions. They were in some sort of big square. Nothing unusual to be seen.

"And that's why Yuu liked having me in that position more than he'll ever admit!" Lavi found himself saying. He still didn't know if he should go ahead with this. But hell, they would have to do it someday or it would all fall apart! If he had to use sex as an excuse to do it, then so be it! Right?

Kanda growled in warning. "Don't even start with that, usagi."

The redheaded male put on a fake pout. "And why not?" then his lips curved in a malicious smirk, and he raised a dark crimson eyebrow. "Don't tell me... You're a prude?"

Allen couldn't contain his snort. "More like frigid."

The long-haired man turned around sharply, ponytail whipping the air. A scowl made its way onto his beautiful features, and glowing Mugen was turned to point dangerously at the two other Exorcists.

"Shut it. Now. Or I'll slice you to pieces." He hissed.

The green-eyed male chuckled as if Kanda's threats didn't affect him and slung an arm over Allen's left shoulder, fake-whispering to him with a smirk, "I bet Yuu can't do anything worth shit in bed."

Allen, British gentleman or not, was far too used to his Master's ways to do so much as blush at Lavi's comment. However, it still made him somewhat uncomfortable. This was Kanda they were talking about. Attractive as the man was, Allen still didn't really feel at ease discussing this particular aspect of his life in front of Kanda himself. "Well, maybe, but-"

"Shut the fuck up, bean sprout." Spat the Japanese man, hand clenching more tightly around Mugen.

Silver eyes glared fiercely at him in response.

Once again, Lavi just laughed. "Ha! You really do suck in bed, don't you? And I mean it in only one way. I'm sure you're not very good at the other."

Allen let out a strange mix of giggles and snorts at that.

Kanda narrowed his dark blue eyes at him. "You two have one hell of a death wish."

"Not really, no. I'm just sure that even I am better in bed than you are. It's a fact. I just want you to admit it."

The Japanese Exorcist began trembling with rage and suddenly Mugen advanced quickly towards Lavi's throat, ready to deliver a mortal blow. However, before it could do any damage, it was stopped by Allen's hand clamping on his wrist. "Enough, BaKanda."

"Che." The long-haired male spat, turning around once again and to walk down the empty road with large, angry steps. The redhead ignored Allen's attempt to stop him from closing on the samurai, and ran after the dark-haired male.

"Awww, c'mon, Yuu!" Lavi whined playfully once he caught up with him.

"Call me that again and I'll maim you."

"Okay, seriously now. Prove you're good in bed and I'll stop."

"What?!" Allen shouted, shocked, having overheard. "Lavi?!"

He just grinned maliciously. "Thank you, Allen, for volunteering. It'll be my pleasure to work with you."

"Excuse me?!"

"What the hell, usagi?" Kanda stopped in his tracks again to glare at said redhead, already readying himself to unleash Hell's Insects upon the goddamn irritating rabbit.

That seemed to have some kind of effect, for Lavi quickly took a step back and raised his hands defensively, certainly remembering that moment in the Ark when Kanda had showed how he truly didn't mind attacking his own comrades. "Hear me out! Just hear me out, okay? No need for violence. You just have to prove that you can actually-"

"I don't need to prove anything, moron." Kanda quickly cut him off.

"Because you can't, obviously." Allen couldn't help but add.

"Shut the fuck up, bean sprout."

That was it for Allen's patience. He glared sharply at Kanda with narrowed silver eyes. "And that, Kanda, is why you never get laid. You have such a loveable personality... And such a great memory you can't even remember that my name is Allen!"

"And since when are you interested in who I sleep with?" Kanda said disdainfully, raising an eyebrow at the seething white-haired male. Lavi just watched the two with a huge smirk on his face.

"Well, Allen can't really be interested in that since you sleep with no one." The redhead offered, still smirking. "Which only comes to prove my point: Yuu-chan sucks in bed. Even I'm better than him in that aspect." he finished cheerfully.

"You are not." Kanda growled, glaring at the redhead.

"For some reason I doubt that." Allen scoffed.

"Moyashi-chan's got a point."

The long-haired male narrowed his eyes at them, his expression turned darker, and the atmosphere was ominous.

"You asked for it." Kanda said darkly.

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