A/N: So I said that this was only going to be a one-shot but then I got a request for a jealous Chuck story as well and some people wanted a two-shot and this just came out. It wasn't that long to begin with but I lengthened it and tried to make it as steamy as before.

Summary: As his vision began to spot in the way that only Blair could draw out of him, he sank his teeth into her shoulder, further proving his point that she belonged to him and no one else, even if it wasn't quite obvious to anyone yet

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. I could never come up with the amazingness that is stealing Chuck's shoes and Chcuk's lack of focus at auctions.

Chuck hated himself for it, but he knew it was coming. Like a car wreck in slow motion that he was powerless to stop but he knew it was there. What was worse was were the feelings he could feel himself plagued by. He could feel it stirring and brewing inside of him. It sharpened it talons on his insides and poisoned the air with its breath. The green monster within him growled menacingly.

She was late. He didn't like it. He gave of the air of indifference but the truth was, he was a control freak. He needed to know and be in control of everything. He needed to know where she was and why she wasn't with him and he needed to know now.

He drummed his fingers on the bar, ignoring Serena's pointed stare. He hated that stare. He hated how she was so high and mighty when at the same time she was dating the dregs of society. For the life of him, he couldn't understand how Blair trusted such powerful and potentially deadly and dangerous information with her. Serena wasn't really known for her virtue and Chuck sure as hell didn't trust her.

That didn't mean that she didn't know anything. She definitely knew but Chuck wasn't about to swallow his pride and demand to know where Blair was (and who she was with.) That is, unless she approached him first.

"Chuck," she greeted superiorly. He swallowed his drink, resisting the urge to roll his eyes in her direction. "All alone tonight?"

"Not for long," he drawled. Hell if she was going to make him feel bad about himself. She already did that to Blair and that was something he did not condone.

"I guess this place does have a lot of girls who don't know any better," Serena mused.

"Or maybe they do, they just don't care," Chuck smirked. This made her retract. That made him smirk more. "Besides, you and I both know who I'm taking back to my bed. Most likely my limo. Its the only reason that you even deign to speak to me. So let me cue you to this charming development. She's already made the decision. She's made the decision thousands of times after you caught her and she's not about to change now."

Serena's icy eyes narrowed. Small victories.

"I guess that's why when I left school today she was talking to Nate," Serena replied. "He has been talking about how he wants to be friends again."

Chuck knew better. On the Upper East Side, there was no such thing as "friends." And he knew even better because dear Nathaniel was his best friend. And he knew he wanted to get in good with Blair again. Like Chuck was ever going to let that happen.

"Oh," Serena said brightly. "Here she is now."

Serena faded into the background as Chuck watched Blair walk through the door. Sans Nate. That was something at least. He pounced immediately.

"Where were you?"

Blair's bright eyes met his. Immediately, they darkened. She could tell when he was upset. He didn't think that Serena could ever be the one to manipulate him, but he could feel it already happening.

"I went by your house. I waited for you."

"I was out," Blair said firmly.


Blair set her jaw. "I went to Bendel's with Penelope and Iz."

He knew she wasn't lying. That didn't mean that what Serena said wasn't the complete truth. His attention was immediately drawn to the door again when (of course) Prince Charming had to walk in right at that second. Blair followed his eye line and looked back at him confusedly.

"Hey, guys," Nate said, of course honing in on them immediately. Chuck didn't respond so of course Blair had to be the one to be polite.


"Nathaniel," Chuck greeted tersely, following Blair's lead. He seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. Nate flashed him his All American smile.

Then he turned to Blair.

Chuck continued to not approve.

"So what I was saying today at school..." Nate started.

"Yes," Blair replied. "I had to go shopping for tonight. It was important."

She shot Chuck a pointed glare which he returned fully. She blew off Nathaniel. So what? He couldn't help that think she would jump at the chance to get back with him if the opportunity arose.

"Let me get you a drink," Nate offered. Before she could object, he went to the other side of the bar, leaving Blair and Chuck alone again.

"What is it?" Blair asked.

"Nothing," Chuck said coolly.

"Don't do that," she snapped. "Don't pull that with me. Me more than anyone."

"Well he is your Prince Charming," Chuck sneered. "Who wouldn't want a cold, society marriage like that?"

"Me," Blair stated simply.

"We'll see."

Blair recoiled. She hated it when he closed himself off like that. The reason that he held so much appeal was because he told her the truth. He knew her and he told her so. Then he acted like this and she had no idea why.

"Fine," Blair retorted. "Its not like I don't see them all over you anyway."

Nate had returned and Chuck couldn't watch anymore. He was done with the two of them. He was so over them. Nate couldn't handle a woman like Blair and it killed him that she couldn't see it. It was so obvious and he wished she knew what it was like to look upon them and have his insides torn to shreds.

He felt Blair's eyes burning into his back as he stalked away. He actually felt sick. He actually felt the scotch rising to the back of his throat. So much that he didn't see the faceless girl who purposely stood in his way.

"Hey," she said suggestively.

Chuck hazarded a glance back at them. Nate was grinning that irresistible grin of his, illustrating some point with his hands. Chuck wanted to vomit. He turned back to the girl who could never match up.


Blair literally wanted to hurl. She hadn't noticed it before, but Nate was exceedingly dull. Before, he just seemed romantic. But even though he was showering her with attention, she couldn't help but find herself get distracted by anything that would get her attention away from something she couldn't help but think would never really matter. But what really caught her attention was what was slutting it up in the corner. She continued to ignore Nate as she stared distraught at the lean that invited every sexually active slut in a five mile radius.

She knew she wouldn't be feeling this way if Nate had somehow felt the will to stutter those three words that she wanted. Instead, she was introduced to a world of burlesque, limos, and debauchery. And all three of those categories were narrowed down to just one person. One person who she could never get her mind off anymore. Because in comparison, he was just better. He taught her things, showed her things, made her feel desired and beautiful. And now, no one could take that away from her. Chuck gave her everything she wanted and more. Nate just couldn't match up.

Blair literally wanted to hurl. She felt herself catapulting through the deja vu of last week when she saw something so similar. She was just lucky that Chuck didn't have some skank pleasuring him in some bedroom this time. But this hurt more because he was doing it in plain sight of everyone. No man had really made her cry without cheating. They were just talking but Blair wanted to curl into a ball and die.

She flinched at the hand on her shoulder. She wanted to outwardly groan at Serena's misplaced affection. She casually shrugged her off. No big deal.

"It was bound to happen," Serena said helpfully.

"What are you saying?" Blair asked acidly.

"Blair," Serena said reprovingly.

"You really think you're better than me, don't you?" Blair scowled.

"What?" Serena exclaimed. "No. Of course I don't."

"They're just talking," Blair said, returning her attention to where it should have been. Though her voice said it, she couldn't help but glare at the slut flipping her hair as Chuck smirked down at her, talking in low tones.

"You don't know him," Blair said lightly.

"Yes, I do," Serena replied. "He's Chuck Bass. Its what he does."

"No," Blair shook her head. She looked pityingly upon Serena's face. "Its not."

Serena's eyes narrowed at Blair as she walked to what Serena couldn't help but think was impending doom. She felt him behind her.

"They're hanging out a lot now, aren't they?" Nate asked.

"They're friends, Nate." Serena didn't know how many times she had to relay this information to him. "They just get each other."

Serena finally knew that was the truth. There was something about Chuck that was just seductive and true for Blair and there was nothing that would stop it. Serena was tired of trying to. And you really couldn't stop inevitability anyway.

She could feel his eyes burning into her. He was chatting up some skank that most likely had herpes. He was still looking at her. His eyes followed her as she walked in their direction. She tossed him a simple smile which he didn't return. She walked right towards them but in a split second, turned her shoulder harshly towards the pair, in the process of walking right past them. She relished how Chuck's face fell and anger brewed beneath the surface.

Blair did a double take, pretending to spot them for the first time. She plastered a fake, cordial smile on her face as she walked back. She watched with satisfaction as Chuck stiffened, having no idea where this was going.

"Chuck Bass?" Blair said with sweet surprise. His insides churned. He had no idea what she was doing and it was killing him. He knew that he shouldn't play games with her but sometimes she was just so irresistable. With anyone else, it would be easy. But he should have realized that Blair Waldorf is the one person you don't cross. However, it was in his nature. He had to reciprocate.

It was in hers too.

"What are you doing here?" Blair asked, placing a light hand on his shoulder. His breathing went ragged at the sudden amiable touch. But that wasn't why she did it and he knew it. This was for Whatever-the-Hell-Her-Name-Is.

"I thought you had an appointment at the free clinic."

His eyes widened perceptively. God, she was good.

"Do you mind?" the girl asked, obviously not smart enough to understand what the term free clinic entailed. Blair would make her understand. That also meant Blair flaying her for the condescending tone that little bitch was taking with her.

"We were kind of in the middle of something."

Blair crossed her arms over her chest, darking the both of them with her eyes.

"Candi?" Blair asked, not breaking from the charade. "I didn't know you got Friday nights off from the strip club."

"Its Kelly," she snapped. Blair tilted her head innocently. She wasn't even smart enough to come up with a comeback. Chuck really knew how to pick 'em.

"Like I care. And, no, sweetie," Blair said condescendingly. "You really weren't in the middle of anything."

Chuck couldn't say anything. He was too entranced by her. It was the problem that she always held for him. She was too powerful. He could never manipulate the reactions like he could with everyone else he came across. She was something else entirely. It didn't help either that he was getting completely turned on the way she was outing him and putting down some chick that he was using just to gage a reaction from her anyway.

At least, that was what he was convincing himself now that she was here. It worked, didn't it? Instead of talking to the girl just to vent and maybe encure the Wrath of Blair, he just wanted to throw the object of his affection in the back of his limo and do things to her to caused the rake marks down his back.

Kelly recoiled at Blair's remark.

"Hey," Blair said brightly. "Why don't I go tell your boyfriend who I happened to see out there how you were planning on pleasuring a guy who just went to another STD panel?"

Chuck's face once again emitted shock and Blair couldn't be more pleased. At least, couldn't be more pleased without Chuck actually trying to make her that way.

"What is it now, Chuck," Blair asked conversationally, "the fourth time this month?" She watched his fingers twitch like he was about to go in and grab her. But that would mean losing and she knew how this game was played better than anyone.

The girl had taken a sudden step back. It was that easy.

"Enjoy," Blair spat, as the girl took her frightened leave. Blair walked down the secluded hallway, away from him again. But she should have known. No matter how many times she walked away from him, he always found a way back to her.

"What the hell was that?" he demanded.

"You tell me," she said coolly in the empty room.

"What, you and Nathaniel?" Chuck asked before he could stop himself.

"We were talking..."

"And so were we."

"What?" Blair asked. "You and that slut who I'm sure you respected enough to at least get her name first."

"You know me better than that," Chuck said coldly. Of course he didn't get her name. Blair was the only one who thought of these things and she had obviously gotten it before hand just to humiliate the girl.

"You're right," Blair sighed. "I think I finally do."

"You're not really going to turn this on me, are you?" Chuck asked icily. "You were practically throwing yourself at him."

Blair stared at him strangely.

"Why do you even care?" Blair parried monotonously. Chuck averted his eyes and she knew she had caught him.

"I don't," Chuck said stonily, both of them knowing that they both knew the answer.

"Yes, you do," she said simply.

"What do you want me to do, Blair?" he demanded. "That slut and I weren't doing anything. That was the deal, wasn't it?"

"That was the deal," she repeated slowly.

"Good," he said. "Because the reciprocation is so worth it. Apparently you're the only one who knows how to service me just the way I like it."

He should have been expecting it at his vulgar comment. She was his tigress and she snapped at things like that. Her hand was lightning quick against his face as his head snapped to the side. He felt the welt that was already spreading, burn across his face.

He hated the tears that he could see glistening in the corners of her eyes. He couldn't help it. He didn't know that he had this extreme power, to just make her cry at will. At the slightest sentence or action, he could make her break down with emotion. It gave him a strange sense of dominance but he hated it when it happened. He hated hurting her.

She had let him do things to her. She had asked that he not sleep around with anyone else. But then he had asked something that she had to give up as well. At first she thought it was her dignity, but the look on his face when he gazed down at her in adoration sort of made it worth it. He taught her things that she would never perform on anyone else. It was the deal. He wouldn't go to other women if she would just do the things to him that he went to the skanks for.

Now he was exploiting it. He threw it right back in her face. He could hurt her more than anyone just by doing something so little. He was using her dignity to hurt her and it wasn't fair. He saw the mistake he made in her eyes and for a tremendously eternity of a horrific moment, he thought he had lost her for good. But he wouldn't let it. He could never let her go.

He reached out for her arm tenderly, his eyes begging forgiveness. She instincually ripped her arm from her grasp, turning her head so he couldn't see the weakness that was welling in her eyes.

"Don't," she gasped, trying to hide the facts that were tracking down her face. With her back turned to him she hastily wiped the tears from her face, careful not to smudge her make-up.


She heard his soft and tender voice. She could hear the fear and remorse in it. She knew just like that she could forgive him. He would never ask for it, but its what she was doing. She turned a little at his coaxing hand on her shoulder.

"Blair," he said again. There was the begging. But he never begged. It was all in the eyes that only she could decode. She exhaled and he relaxed, knowing that she could never hate him for too long.

But he could do a complete 180 like that and there was her mistake. She should have seen his eyes turn green as his hand hardened on her shoulder as he demanded.

"I don't like you talking to him, Blair," Chuck uttered darkly. But he still couldn't help a smirk snake to his mouth. He wasn't angry at her. It didn't even hurt. She was just staring at him with those dark eyes of hers it made him want to throw her up against the wall. This ambivalent relationship of theirs was really getting to him no matter how hot it was. It was unique and he knew that he never wanted it to stop.

"And I told you how I don't like seeing you with all of them," she retorted.

"Its just reputation," he said. "You made it perfectly clear that you don't want this getting out. I'm going to at least have to talk to other girls if I want to keep up appearances. I know you can understand that. So unless you want to come out with what we are--"

He didn't even finish his thought.

And he was glad.

Blair shoved his chest angrily, cutting off his breath. He gazed at her incredulously. He couldn't find out if she wanted to castrate him... or do other things to him that he wouldn't mind so much. He watched in pleasure as her expression showed the change. Instantly, Blair's nimble fingers dug into the front of his dress shirt and ripped it open, flinging the buttons everywhere as she pulled it down over his shoulders. He knew that she could feel his excitement as she flattened her body to his, driving a wild kiss into his mouth so hard, he could feel the heat sear down his throat.

He grinned into her mouth as their tongues melded together in their wicked dance.

No doubt that this particular conversation was over.

Chuck hoisted her easily up against the door, locking it swiftly. She muffled his groans with her mouth and tongue, demanding his silence and subservience.

He knew he loved this about her. She could turn and bang a sudden left. Just like him. She would go from being cruel, to pissed as hell, to having him drive into her with a force he had yet to discover that he even possessed. All of these emotions came out when he was with her and he felt like he might explode; he couldn't take it.

"I hate seeing you with him," he confessed again into her hair. As if to mark his own territory, he struck his tongue up the ivory column of her throat thickly, leaving a glistening path. He felt her nails dig into his scalp, pulling him by his hair so he could look into her deep, lust-filled eyes.

"I think that much has been made blatantly clear," she struggled to get out spasmodically. "We made a deal."

"I think that will have to be rectified," he growled into her ear.

"I wouldn't have gone near him anyway," she confessed. "But I can't say the same for you and those whores you tote around."

"Yes, you can," he replied. "Just don't go near Nathaniel ever again."

"Like you're in a position for dominance," she said before she realized it. He cut off that train of thought when she felt him draw out of her another elongated moan that practically turned into a scream.

"I'm actually pretty sure that I am," Chuck rasped lecherously. Blair jerked and he was forced to bury his face in her neck again.


"Okay," he agreed.

It didn't matter. He was sure that either one of them would have said anything at this point. When Blair had made her demands, he hadn't exactly factored in the possibility for his own petty jealousy attacks.


His drawn out groan growled in her ears, sounding like that two syllable word. His inflection made her writhe, making her name a different word entirely


"I love you best when your scent is all over me," he rasped into her ear. Blair bit her lip, trying desperately not to do what her body begged of her. "I want you to."

She had a feeling she knew what he wanted from her. Her thoughts were confirmed when he said it.

"Scream for me."

She never had a chance.



"You amaze me," he said like it was some sort of secret. She knew what was brewing in his mind and it was moments like these where a fear of hers errupted. That maybe she could feel herself really falling for him. It wasn't supposed to be like that. But the more time they were together, the more it seemed like this was turning into an actual relationship. He didn't sleep with anyone else and she told him things that her own mother didn't know about her. Things she couldn't even tell Serena.

"Why are you here?"

She knew what the end of that sentence was.

Why are you here... with me?

She grasped his face firmly in the hand that wasn't entwined with his hair.

"I trust you."

That was it when it came down to it. It was why out of anyone, he was the one she drank in front of, told things to, got up in front of, danced in front of. It was why she shed the Blair that everyone saw and twirled in front of him, the Blair that only he saw. It was why his was the flesh that she made her mate to and his was the name she had first cried out. She let him breach sacred ground and for one reason.

I trust you.

Chuck let out a gutteral groan and pressed his body even more perceptively into hers so they grated with euphoric friction. He pressed a bruising kiss to her already swollen lips and she prayed that this wasn't what falling in love was like. With Nate it was easy. She was supposed to be in love so she was. But she had never truly fallen. Maybe this was it. Maybe trusting someone so deeply that they resided in your very soul and danced beneath your skin was it.

The chemistry and ecstasy wasn't bad either. On the contrary. It was very, very, very, very, very, very, very great. Orgasmic, even. Yes, that was it.


But that was it. She couldn't let it go any farther than the pleasure of the flesh and the trust of friendship because she would surely die. Even as though she could feel it coursing through her veins she would never admit it. Because rejection or his disappearance would hurt just that much more.

Though only in words, they had marked each other as belonging to one another. Even so, Chuck liked tangible evidence. It was just how he rolled. As his vision began to spot in the way that only Blair could draw out of him, he sank his teeth into her shoulder, further proving his point that she belonged to him and no one else, even if it wasn't quite obvious to anyone yet.

And anyway, he loved watching her trying to fashion her long, dark locks so it covered the loving and passionate teeth marks on her neck so no one would notice. He loved Nate's confusion when that conveniently placed wind fluttered her hair and convincing his best friend how she was still pure and virginal. He especially loved going back and darkening that mark for her no matter how much she pretended to put up a fight. In the end, he loved marking her as his. He loved having possession over her, even if he didn't yet realize what that sort of love implicated him for.