set: from no way out 16/2/09 / raw 17/2/09
rated: contains adult themes and language, potential R for later scenes
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"Get him outta here!"

Ted just nodded at Randy's command. He looked at Randy who was covered in blood.
"Take him, make sure he's alright!" Randy cried out when Ted didn't move.

His voice loud and full of urgency he continued, "Take him, go, go, go, go!"

"You sure?" Ted asked incredulously, looking at Cody slumped unconcious in the corner, then looking back at his leader, watching the blood drip down his face, wondering if he was actually ok to continue.

"Yes! Go, go!" Randy screamed at him, he could barely focus but he knew Cody wasn't meant to get hurt.
"Please Ted," he whispered, his lips barely moving, "He doesn't look right,"
"Ok," Ted just nodded as he sprung into action, Cody didn't look good but he was amazing at acting up and couldn't risk ruining the act with the cameras right on them like that.

Ted dragged Cody's prone form from the ring. Half carrying him up the ramp he looked behind at Randy whose eyes were fixed on Cody and filled with genuine concern as he watched them go.

Ted in turn was worried about Randy, leaving him in Shane's hands, he wasn't sure how hard he'd been hit in the head, but he wasn't supposed to be bleeding tonight. God Shane was just so crap! His timing, his angling, all awful. Everyone in the whole goddamned world saw his punches that first week he returned. Ring rust was an understatement that's for sure. He must've hit Randy with the corner of the monitor for him to be bleeding like that, and Ted was worried.

Cody, as if reading his mind, managed to hiss out the side of his mouth, "Randy?"
"He's ok," Ted hissed without moving his mouth at all in case the cameras picked it up.
"The blood..."
"I know, shhhh man,"
"I'm worried about him..."
Ted didn't say anything as they got backstage. The medics were waiting to give Cody a check up after Shane's coast to coast.

"You all right hun?" Steph asked him giving his arm a squeeze as he walked past.
"Yeah yeah, I'm fine,"
"You sure?" Steph grasped his shoulders with both hands and looked him over sceptically, "You sold it really well Cody but don't be afraid to go lie down for a bit sweetheart,"
"Yeah, I know, but Randy..." he trailed off as he heard the crowd gasp over something and looked up at the massive LCD TV set up for the backstage staff to monitor.
"Yeah I know Codes, and honey, believe me I'm going to be asking Shane what the hell he was playing at, he hit him right in the temple with the god damned corner, we saw the replay, could've killed him the idiot. But Randy is tough, don't you worry baby," Steph smiled at him and placing a kiss on his forehead, nodded him off towards the medi-bay, "Anyway, he'll be in there with you shortly, you can check up on him then,"

Cody grimaced and walked away with Ted, who was looking at him strangely.
He got a brief check up and was instructed to wait around until told otherwise.
"Want me to stay man?"
"Dude, I'm fine, sold it like a pro, even Steph said so!" Cody smirked at him sideways as he sat down for his check up.
"Yeah yeah." Ted rolled his eyes and laughed, "You did actually have me worried for a moment, your eyes were rolling back in your head,"
"Randy taught me to do that,"
"Yeah of course he did," Ted couldn't keep the snideyness from his voice.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Don't worry Cody I'll give you some alone time when he gets here,"
"What?" Cody turned and looked at him funny, "Teddy you're not making sense,"
"Don't worry Cody I know all about it,"

What? Cody was beginning to wonder if in fact he got hit in the head harder than he thought, because he certainly seemed to have missed something here.
He stared at Ted in complete confusion.
Ted was staring back at him in defiance.

"About what?"
"You and Randy." Ted said matter of factly, and he watched as a frown crossed Cody's face, "But it's ok, I'm cool with it. I just thought you'd have told me is all, before letting it out to the whole world first."

Cody was dumbfounded.

He just kept staring, confused, mouth slightly open as if to say something but no words were forthcoming. He shook his head slightly as if to clear it, scrunched up his face as if trying to find the missing bit of conversation in his mind, to no avail. "WHAT?? Me and Randy what? Cool with what? Told you what?"
"Don't play dumb with me Cody, I told you, I know. I've seen it with my own two eyes man."

Cody shook his head again, "I'm sorry Teddy, I really don't know what you're on about."

Ted stood up in frustration, he was beginning to get annoyed now. He was his best friend for god's sake, had been practically his whole life! Why couldn't he just admit it? He sat back down.
"Ok Cody," he whispered as the medic walked through, "Quit the games. I know you're gay. You and Randy. I know you're fucking him."

"WHAT?????" Cody sprang from his seat, eyes boggling out his head, total shock written all over his face.
"It's ok, I won't tell anyone,"
"Damn right you won't, cos you're talking fucking shit!" Cody hissed, sitting back down giving an apologetic glance to the medic on the other side of the room.

Ted laughed incredulously at him.
"Ted, I don't know what you think you're playing at man, but you can't go around saying things like that to people,"
"So you're denying it then?"
"What the fuck? YES I'm denying it, of course I am, 'cos it's NOT FUCKING TRUE!" he was almost shouting in fury now.
"Really," Ted said sarcastically.
"YES! REALLY!" Cody shouted again, "Sorry," he mouthed towards the medic, raising his hands in apology.
"Well how do you explain yourselves then?"
"Explain ourselves??! What exactly do you mean by that?"

Cody just couldn't believe he was hearing all this. He had no idea where Ted was coming from and was becoming quite perplexed. He and Randy weren't gay, that was fucking ridiculous! And Randy was married! For fuck's sake had Ted gone mad? Had the trashcan knocked his brain about a bit last week?

"Ok then Cody," Ted stood up facing him and crossed his arms, "How do you explain all the time you spend together? All the unexplained absences when no one can find you and your phone's off and it turns out you're with him? How about how you spend half the time in the ring and every single promo staring into each others eyes? You can't take your eyes off him! You follow him around like a groupie, and he can't keep his hands off of you! He's always got his arm around you, always talking to you, looking you right in the eye, and hell, if anyone else is there, they may as well be invisible! How do you explain that Cody?"

Cody spluttered and gestured wildly trying to formulate a coherant response that didn't involve punching Ted's face in.
"What the FUCK? Ted, COME on! SERIOUSLY??? You're talking SHIT man!, you're reading stuff into EVERY little thing, stuff that's not there. And what unexplained absences?? Fuck do I have to report to you now or something? Jesus Christ man!"

Ted let out an incredulous guffaw, "Stuff that's not there? You must be blind or something Cody if you can't see what you're doing! I'll show you if you don't believe me!"

"You'll show me?!"
"Yeah! I have every Raw DVR'd, I'll show you what you're like when you're together!"

Cody couldn't help but laugh.
"Ok, show me! Show me and I'll prove to you that you're wrong."
"Ok. If I'm wrong, what do you do with him all hours of the day and night?"
"What?! Ted man, come on, seriously,"
"Tell me then Cody, convince me!"
"Come on then, you can't do it!"

"Ok, ok, god!" Cody sighed, raking his hands through his short hair in frustration, he couldn't believe he was even having this conversation.
"We just hang out Ted, like friends do, is that ok by you? Cos that's what friends DO, and that's what we are, friends! Is that ok? Would you like a run down? We play video games, alot of video games, and he beats me sometimes and I beat him sometimes! We watch movies, sometimes we might watch movies all night! And sometimes, we fall asleep as soon as it starts! How's that? Is that ok for you?"

Cody jumped up and started pacing up and down, getting angrier and angrier, working himself up into a fury.
"Sometimes Ted, we don't do anything at all, we just sit and talk, or just plain sit, just chill, read the paper, listen to music, surf the net, drink coffee, I dunno man, just stuff, we just hang out, enjoy each others company, 'cos we're friends, ok? We got real close when you were gone and nothing's changed just cos you're back. Is that what it is? What's getting to you? Are you jealous? Is that it?"

"Oh don't even go there! Don't go turning the tables on me now! You saw how he just was with you out in the ring! He was freaking out 'cos he thought you were hurt! He had blood pouring down his face yet all he cared about was you! He wasn't like that when Shane went coast to coast on me!"

"It's called acting Ted, ACTING. Anyway, you knew you were getting that done, I wasn't supposed to, he just had to do something to buy Randy some time after hitting him so hard with that damn monitor, could've fucking killed him Teddy! So when he got up he probably didn't know what had happened to me,"

"Yeah maybe he didn't know, but still, acting you say, well there's an element of truth in every performance Cody,"
"Yeah I know, Randy says that all the time,"
"I'm sure he does. You'd know,"
"Look, I'm not arguing with you about this Ted," Cody had had enough, Ted had made his mind up and Cody couldn't convince him otherwise.

They both collapsed back in their seats, arms folded across their respective chests in a huff.

The silence was deafening between them, stretching on for a few minutes as they glared at each other, pretending not to.
They could hear the discontent of the crowd getting louder out in the arena, and it wasn't long before Randy came stumbling through the door, blood dripping down his face.
"Is Cody in here? Is he ok? Where is he?" he looked around wildly as the medic tried to get him to sit down, but he made a beeline for Cody as soon as he spotted him.

Cody shot Ted a glowering look, brow furrowed, as he got up to meet Randy in the middle of the room, already knowing what Ted would think about his entrance.

Randy took Cody's face in his hands and turned it from side to side, his eyes trawling for damage,
"Are you ok?"
Out the corner of his eye Cody saw Ted throw his arms in the air and shake his head before storming out of the room, but Cody ignored him, he was focussed on Randy's blood soaked cranium.
"Forget about me, you better get in there quick man, you need stitching up,"

Steph came in behind them, Shane glowering in her wake.
"Bed! Now! Both of you! Cody, get his ass in there,"

Cody had known Steph his whole life and loved her like a sister, but the look on her face meant business, and business Steph was a force to be reckoned with. He dragged Randy in, glaring at Shane behind them, who looked utterly fucked. Who was he kidding? Did he really think he was up to it? He looked terrible out there and the fans knew it. There was only so much selling Randy could do before it just made him look shit too, for letting it happen and putting up with it.

Steph made sure everyone was settled, it was obvious both Shane and Randy were not quite with it.
"I'll talk to you both later, well done out there, but don't forget, this is my show Shane, and you gotta try harder," She turned to Cody as she was leaving, "I'll be back later, but call me if you need me, I'll get you a ride home,"
"Ok," Cody smiled gratefully and she squeezed his arm and leaned in to whisper in his ear,
"He'll be ok hun,"
Cody nodded and she made her way backstage to her post.

He sat next to Randy as they cleaned the blood off and watched him get stitched up. He kept thinking about what Ted had said to him and couldn't get it out of his head. 'How dare he?'
He just couldn't comprehend what made Ted even go there. He knew it was all one big family backstage, and Ted knew exactly how far Randy and Cody went back, they'd known each other forever, they were practically brothers for fuck's sake, what was Ted thinking?

Cody sighed and slumped back, sliding down deep in his chair and crossed his arms across his chest.

"What's up Codester?"