starring Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton
Ted causes some tension (and amazing sexing) with his incorrect assumptions
Angsty but WARNING gets romantical... (huh? really? yep, *nods*)
Rated R for Language, slash, and more slash

this is from so long ago (Feb!) you may need a refresher, Shane O and Stephanie were both part of the onscreen storyline as well as their usual behind the scenes rolls for quite awhile, the whole Randy vs McMahon fued went on for ages with Randy punting Vince and Shane In the skull, DDT-ing Steph, awesome times:

The morning wore on, both men finally dragged themselves out of bed under the promising expectations of returning to the bathroom, attempting to make time last as long as possible, enjoying each others company over a long, relaxed breakfast in Randy's room. Anything to avoid possible public confrontation in the dining room downstairs. Well that's what they told themselves anyway, the truth of the matter being far simpler, neither of them wanted it to end, to ruin the moment, emerge back into reality. To face Ted.


Cody shook his head trying not to think about it, but desperately needing to come up with something to say before being confronted with him livid again, face to face. Randy eyed him across the table, pushing his empty plate away and reaching for Cody's hands, wringing themselves together in knots, soothing them between his own large palms.

"Hey... what you thinking?"

The low voice rumbled over him, and Cody turned unsure wide blue eyes upward, shrugging as he looked back down, "I dunno man, it's just Ted, he's... I just don't know what to say to him, he's gonna know, he's gonna think I lied to him..."

"Don't say anything to him then. Not at first, get the night out of the way at least... Look if he's still acting like a jackass later we can sit down and talk to him then, yeah?"

"Yeah okay, I guess." Cody breathed a huge sigh, shoulders drooping visibly and Randy's heart went out to him. He made his way round the table and pulled him gently to his feet,

"Don't try deal with it all now before it even happens, one step at a time and all that. Come on, we gotta make a move."


"Codes, I'm really sorry,"

Cody looked up into his eyes as Randy looked genuinely crestfallen, "Don't be, I'm not,"

"I just feel bad that you two are falling out over..."

"You know what? Fuck him." Cody nodded at Randy's incredulous expression,

"But you two are..."

"Exactly and if that still wasn't enough for him to believe me then he can fuck off. I don't need a friend like that."

"Well... hopefully it won't come to that."

"Hmph. Hopefully." Cody paused a moment, hesitant, looking at Randy questioningly as he leant back on the edge of the table, "Before we go, I was thinking, and I, well I just don't get it, I… what… look, are you sure about this?"

Randy looked at him silently for a moment, knowing already what was coming, he sat back down, preparing himself for the worst, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, what the fuck are you doing? What are we doing?"

"I dunno man…" he said sadly, before Cody suddenly continued in a rush, words falling out on top of each other.

"Well, maybe you should think about it, and, and come to your senses, cos… cos I don't wanna be the one who fucks everything up for you…"

"Cody, stop. Just… stop, okay? I don't wanna think about it…" He raked his hands over his shorn head with a sigh, the vision of despair, "I don't wanna mess anything up either, but I feel like there's more risk of that if I do think about it, too much, you know?" he stood up with a frustrated growl, pacing around the table,

"But I don't wanna think about any of that right now, 'cos I'm happy for once, right here, right now, with you… you know? I don't wanna think I just wanna… feel, just let me live it, please? Let me… I dunno… "

He sank back down into his seat, taking Cody's hand again and implored him earnestly, "I knew this was coming, I knew you'd be thinking like this… but let me explain first before you go making any rash decisions… okay?"

Cody nodded, as intrigued by Randy's words as Randy himself was, "I feel like I'm… living, I mean actually living, and I feel like I'm more in my senses now than I ever have been before in my entire life… but I don't wanna overthink it and 'come to my senses'… and I know what you mean Cody, but whose senses anyway? What senses? Whatever ones 'society deems fit'?" he air quoted sarcastically, "Cos I feel like I'm already there… like I've only just got there, and…"

He looked up again into the deep blue eyes staring at him in confusion, "and that it's here… with you," he finished simply, shrugging, moving to draw his hands away, embarrassed at his sudden revelation, it came as much of a shock to him as it obviously did to Cody who was still sitting completely dumbfounded.

"Cos Codes, I feel like, I dunno, this is all new to me, you know that, I mean I'm sure it's all a bit of a revelation to us both, you know? But last night, it was like… like someone turned the light bulb back on in my head or something… it didn't really feel like it just came outta nowhere, not for me…"

He said it so quietly Cody wasn't sure he'd heard him right, and Randy fully refused to look at him now, head in his hands on the table.

"Cos what we did, what you did to me last night, I've always wanted to do that…"

He looked up, briefly meeting Cody's eye to reiterate the fact, "…and I knew it too, I've always known, I just ignored it, you know like repressed it to the point where it didn't really exist anymore, carried on doing what I was supposed to be doing, keeping up appearances, all of that. But I knew deep down it wasn't what I really wanted. But I didn't think it'd ever happen, I wasn't going to let it, you know, I'm stronger than that, I have a career, a wife to think about…"

He got up again, arms gesticulating wildly, agitated as he ranted, "… but everything you were saying, about Ted, that stuff he thought, it got me thinking, it rang true, and I… I didn't know that I… I didn't realise how… I didn't know how I felt until I said it, the thing about you… about choosing you, but I meant it," he all but whispered softly, staring at the ground.

"Cos things have changed since you got here, in my head I mean, I didn't realise it til now… I mean right this second… It's like this is my life, spending most of the week on the road, with you, it's what I do, it's where I live, where I belong… where I want to be… When I go home, I feel like, like I'm in the way, under Sam's feet, she doesn't want me there, not really, definitely no more than the two days she has to put up with me as it is… and… I dunno, I used to always live for the weekend, now the whole time I'm there I just can't wait to come back to work…"

He sighed again as he sat back down, still refusing to look up, scared of the reaction he might find to his unexpected tirade.

"So yeah, to answer your question, I am sure about this."


The ride over to the arena, despite being filled with amiable chatter, was also fraught with impending doom as far as Cody was concerned. The closer they got, the quieter he became.



"Hey no need to take my head off," Randy reached over and squeezed his jean clad thigh, gently rubbing the tense muscle through the material.

"Sorry man." Cody relaxed into his touch, a calmness washing over him as he thought of all that had happened since last night, and an excitement at what possibly could still happen in the future, but he pushed it all back down and locked it away for later, not wanting to get his hopes up too much.

"He's not gonna know just by looking at you Codes, unless you act all guilty as soon as you lay eyes on him,"

"Yeah I know."

They lapsed into silence the last few minutes as they took in their surroundings, pulling slowly out of the traffic and into the arena.



Ted watched them over the top of his steering wheel as they pulled into the parking lot, blood boiling almost instantly at the sight, slumping down in his seat to avoid detection as he took in their easy banter, comfortable mannerisms in each others presence, unaware they were being scrutinised. He wondered if Cody had told Randy what had gone down, he must've, surely?
He never came back to the room last night after all...

He felt terrible, he was still mad, still thought he was right and was upset at being deceived, but he didn't know why he'd been so angry the day before, he had no right, and he definitely shouldn't have taken it out on Cody the way he did. He wanted to just walk up and slot in with them like he usually would've done, but he didn't think he had the right after the way he'd behaved. He wasn't sure if Cody would even want to speak to him again right now.
The hurt expression on that innocent looking young face as he'd spat vitriol at him flashed through Ted's mind and he cringed, still clutching his phone in his hand like he'd done the whole of the night before, wanting it to ring, but it didn't, he wasn't surprised, what with Cody undeniably being with Randy. He'd wanted to send him a message to say he was sorry, but he didn't, because he wasn't.

He watched as they walked around to get all the stuff out of the back, Ted frowning as Randy smiled fondly at Cody as he spoke, he could see it on his face, the way his eyes fixed on him, laughing as he gesticulated excitedly about something, a hand gently on his back as they approached the door, and Ted was sure he wasn't imagining it like Cody insisted.

He decided to keep out of the way, to just watch, lure them into a false sense of security so to speak, before triumphantly producing all his evidence. He wasn't sure exactly what he hoped to achieve, he just wanted to be proved right, but little did he know it was all his own fault that he had anything to prove at all.

Upon entering the arena, both sets of deep blue eyes scanned the halls continuously for any sign of Ted, to no avail as they eventually reached the locker rooms. Randy wanted to have a little chat about the plan for the match, needing to get a few things worked out before they went live, but Ted was nowhere to be found. No one had seen him, no one had heard from him.

It wasn't until literally three minutes before they were due to walk onto the titantron that he appeared beside Cody, who did a double take at him as he shook himself, jumping up and down on the spot.

"Where the fuck have you been?" he hissed, eyes darting behind to where the other guys were limbering up,

"I could ask the same of you."

"Oh really? Like you don't know."

"You could've at least told me you weren't coming back to the room last night Cody,"

"Ted, after the way you spoke to me yesterday, the last fucking thing I wanted to do was talk to you. And for the record, nothing's fucking changed."

"Fine. Suits me."



"You said it."

"Fuck you,"

At that Cody snapped, his hands suddenly clenched at his sides to stop from throwing Ted to the wall by his neck, and he seethed into his face, the betrayal marring his features as he spat, "No fuck you Ted, fuck you. You're supposed to be my friend, 'no matter what' you always said, no matter what, but as soon as you think something's not to your liking, not to your impossibly high moral standards, well it all flies out the window doesn't it Teddy? So fuck you,"

He spun back around as their music hit and he stalked out amidst the stares of everyone backstage, one pair of eyes in particular, unbeknown to them both, shooting daggers into the back of Ted's head as he followed Cody into the arena.

Randy emerged from the shadows, positioning himself in front of the large monitor, watching intently.

"What the fuck was that?" Steph whispered as she took her spot beside him, to which he shrugged, eyes fixed on the ring, watching the body language and the heat practically visible in the air.

"Hmm," she huffed at him, wanting the inside info, still trying to delve into the inner workings of Randy's mind as she kept one eye on the monitor and one on him as he cringed and seethed in turn, watching Cody cop a major CM Punk boot to the face then Ted appear to save him, dragging him from the ring only to drop Cody on his head instead. Randy was beside himself with disbelief, fury barely contained as he stared and paced like a caged animal.

"I'm gonna fucking kill him," he spat, eyes going wide as Ted stole Cody's pin and then refused to even acknowledge him as Cody raised his hand in victory, at least attempting to keep up the charade, whereas Ted, showing exactly what he thought of the olive branch offered when he shook Cody's hand, crushing it instead in his palm before forcibly whacking him on the head, on the exact spot he knew he'd dropped him on before.

As they started to make their way backstage, Steph turned to Randy sternly, "Leave. Now." and he didn't hesitate at the look on her face, heading to the locker room, smashing his fist into various walls and doors, steam practically visible emanating from every pore.

The minute they were out of sight of the baying crowd, before Steph even had a chance to step in, they were sizing each other up, at each others throats, spitting and hissing back and forth all up in each others faces until Cody ended up pinned to the wall this time as Ted gasped in pain, Cody's knee sinking into his groin at full force as he struggled against the large fist blocking his windpipe.

"Enough! I said..."

It took three attempts before either man responded, Steph resorting to digging her nails into Ted's arm to drag him off.

"...ENOUGH! What the FUCK was that DiBiase?"

Ted just stood glaring, his eyes never leaving Cody's as his chest rose and fell dramatically, a snarl ready on his lips, legs ready to spring back into action at any moment.

"I'll deal with you later. Get out of my sight. And you..." she turned to Cody, back still pressed up against the wall as she batted his hand away to rub at the marks on his neck, and once Ted had disappeared she took his arm, "What's going on?"


She fixed him with a disbelieving glare, "Okay, now all of that nothing, Randy saw every bit of it, I'm sure you can imagine the state he's in... find him, let him know you're okay, keep him away from Ted. Got it?"


"And then fucking do whatever it is you do Cody that calms him down, understood?"

Cody nodded, his brow furrowing as he tried to decipher whatever it was she was getting at, "Good. Go."

She sent him off with a peck on the cheek, literally pushing him in the direction Randy had stormed, and Cody found him before too long.

He stood stock still, hands on his head and staring up at the ceiling, his eyes darting to the door as soon as Cody entered and he was over there in a flash, just managing to stop himself from reaching out to pull Cody to him. His eyes frantically raked all over, seeking any dent, any bump, anything to fuel his fury, eyes caressing him when his body couldn't.

"He's fucking dead,"

The look on Cody's face pleaded with him to drop it, and he moved to sit on the nearest bench, suddenly realising the extent of the agony he was in.

"Are you okay?" Randy knelt down in front of him, trying desperately to refrain from any tell tale physical contact, as much as he wanted to say fuck it to the world and just hold him, but he couldn't, not here, not with half the roster looking on. "I'm gonna kill him," he slid onto the bench next to him, eyes frantically searching the downcast face for signs of affirmation, "If he's hurt you Cody, I swear..."

The voice rumbled over him like thunder, too low for anyone else to pick up the words, but the meaning behind them not lost on Cody and he was practically brimming with emotion as he struggled to reply, "I know," They locked eyes, before Randy rose, rifling in his locker and throwing his pack of Marlboro and a lighter in Cody's direction in quick succession before heading for the door, turning to wait, holding it open as Cody followed him through.

The slam of the heavy fire escape door resonated behind them as they stepped into the darkness, the cool evening air a pleasant change from the sweat drenched sock stench of the locker rooms. As soon as he was sure no one was around, no prying eyes, Randy dragged Cody into the corner as he lit up, gently running his hands over the flushed cheeks and pulling him in for close inspection before he took his first toke.

"Are you okay? Really?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You better be." Randy lit his own smoke and leant back against the wall as Cody laughed, leaning in further as Randy unexpectedly draped his arm across his shoulders, squeezing gently and resting their heads together with a sigh. "I meant it you know..."


"If he even thinks about hurting you, he's fucking dead," he squeezed tighter in emphasis, "I mean it, seriously, what the fuck is his problem anyway? Such a fucking dick."

Cody relished the impassioned words, words directed at him, for him, and the emotion rose inside of him until he felt it was about to explode from his chest, and he placed a chaste kiss on Randy's temple before he realised what he was doing. Embarrassed, he drew away, thinking he'd overstepped the mark out there where anyone could potentially be watching them, but Randy pulled him back, throwing the remainder of his forgotten smoke to the floor.

"Where do you think you're going?" He wrapped his arms around Cody's torso and held him there, face to face, resting their foreheads together and staring into each others eyes as best they could in the dim light.

"This is nice..." Randy whispered, and a shiver ran through Cody's entire body as strong warm hands stroked up and down his back, firmly cupping the base of his neck as he tilted his head upwards, their mouths meeting slowly and gently at first, then hungry, greedy, as they devoured each other breathlessly once more.

"I've been wanting to do that all night..." Randy's voice rumbled over them as they broke for air, panting and desperate for more.

"Me too," The words were lost on Cody's lips as Randy dove back in one last time.

"Sorry, I can't help it. What've you done to me Codes?"

"I dunno, it's so weird, what are we doing? What the fuck are we even thinking?"

A slightly hurt look crossed Randy's features, unnoticed by Cody in the dark, "I dunno, I don't think we are thinking, not really... "

"Well if that's what it takes... to... to, keep you, then I'm never thinking again," He punctuated his words with gentle kisses, smiling back into the giant grin that had broken out over Randy's face.



"Me too."



"Your match is on..."


They sprinted back inside, 'Here Comes The Money' already ringing out around the venue as Shane climbed into the ring, Randy practically skidding to a halt at the entrance to the ramp, a raised eyebrow from Steph the only indication she noticed them at all, and Randy stepped out to do his thing, Cody taking up the position he'd been in earlier next to an unexpectedly smiling Steph.

"Sorry we're late..." Cody whispered, looking bashfully through his lashes at her as he averted his gaze, before fixing his eyes steadfast to the monitor as Randy didn't even make it to the ring before Shane was on him.

"That's okay," she carefully hid her smirk as she responded, bumping shoulders with him as he fixed her with the puppy dog eyes that worked every single time, "Just don't let it happen again,"

"We won't,"

She smirked again, and they both lapsed into a companionable silence as they watched the show, Steph not for a moment unaware of where his eyes were trained. But it wasn't until the time drew ever closer for the run in that they both began to look around, Ted still hadn't appeared, and Steph was starting to formulate a backup plan just in case he didn't show.

Ted sat alone in the deserted locker room, everyone else either watching the match in the mess room, in the ring, finished for the night or in the showers. He repeatedly bashed the back of his head over and over into the cold steel of the locker door he was leaning against from his place on the floor. Suddenly he was startled from his thoughts by the quiet ringing of a phone somewhere nearby, he could feel it's vibration running down the steel and stood up to investigate, because he knew that ringtone anywhere, it was Randy's. He looked around guiltily as he opened the door, quite unsure why he was prying like this anyway, but picked up the phone as it continued to buzz around on the shelf in front of him. His heart almost stopped for a moment as the caller ID flashed up, it was Sam. Randy's wife. The phone stilled, going to voice mail. Before he realised what he was doing he picked it up and hit call, holding the phone to his ear,

"Uh… Randy?"

"Hi Sam,"

"Who's that?"

"It's me, Teddy, uh, Randy's left his phone in my bag, he's uh, in the ring… now…"

"Oh I know, I always ring him when he's out there, you know, just to leave a good luck message, he can get it when he's ready then you see, it's uh, easier that way…" she trailed off as she realised how that probably sounded, "Sorry, I just uh, why are you ringing me back? I wasn't expecting him to leave his phone anywhere… well maybe Cody's bag but… what?" she broke off again as Ted laughed bitterly.

"Yeah, well, of course, who else's bag would it be?"

"What are you trying to say Teddy?" Sam asked quietly, her voice suddenly deadly serious.

"What am I trying to say?" his own voice was menacing in response, "Well Sam, let's just think about that for a moment, shall we? What could I possibly be trying to say about that lying cheating…"

"Ted, now you listen to me and you listen good, you leave them alone, do you hear?"

"What the fuck? Are you threatening me Sam?!" Ted was incredulous,

"You can take that any way you want, Teddy, they're not hurting anyone, and don't you dare go making any waves that can harm either of them or their careers, do you understand? If I hear…"

"If you hear what exactly Sam? A true word out of either of their filthy, disgusting mouths?" Ted was cocky now, but flabberghasted and truly flustered that he was even having this conversation, "How can you condone this? You're his wife!"

"Exactly, which is why I'll do anything to protect him, both of them, Cody is like a brother to all three of us Teddy…"

Ted's voice raised an octave, his high and mighty attitude coming to the fore, "Brother?! Well Samantha, brothers don't normally fuck in the eyes of the Lord…"

"Oh shut up! In the eyes of the Lord nothing, if they make each other happy…"

"Oh I'm sure they do! And how the hell are you okay with that?! Well at least they seem to have actually told you, been honest with the wife at least, good old Randy, that's more than they felt they could be with me, getting all defensive and blatantly lying to my fucking face!"

Ted was shouting now, oblivious to time ticking away the more worked up he became, "And I'm curious, what exactly did they say? Oh yeah Sam, my lovely wife, light of my life, by the way, behind your sweet little back I'm fucking…"

"SHUT UP! They don't need to tell me anything, I've got eyes Ted, just like you do, so just shut up, and leave them alone!" and she hung up, the line disconnecting in his ear.

"What the hell is going on with you lot tonight Cody? He's got about three seconds, before I fire his ass..."

"I dunno..." he trailed off as Ted walked round the corner, smacked him in the face, continued straight past, and took his spot at the entrance, less than a second before they were due to run on.

At Steph's nod they took their cue, eager to escape her unimpressed glare as they ran in, the show of unity literally that, all for show.

The change in Randy's demeanor once he clocked them and the big red mark across Cody's face was instantaneous. He knew instantly who was responsible. Watching Cody execute a vicious crossrhodes, leaving Shane prostate at his feet, he pushed Ted to the side, fixing him with a look surely capable of worse than turning him into mere stone, no, Randy had other things in mind.

If for just one second Ted had looked into his eyes and seen the fury there, the pure anger as Randy wiped the back of his hand across his face, he might've thought twice about his actions, but he didn't see it. The blinkers were well and truely on, seeing only what he wanted to see, what he thought he'd see, what he expected.

As he stood fuming, he did a double take as he looked to the right, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head in disbelief at what was happening right in front of him, in front of the world.
He was right.

As Randy turned to Cody, eyes penetrating his very soul, he moved closer and closer, his body moving in so close as though at any second their lips would melt together. Cody stared in amazement as Randy's nose brushed mere millimetres from his own, the soft lips plump, tempting, his own lips parting, ready to receive them, his eyes so glued to them he was oblivious to the path of Randy's hand as it rose, almost as though in slow motion. Cody's eyes suddenly widened in realisation as the long fingers briefly brushed across his cheek, along his jaw, before curling around under his sensitive hairline and he felt the gentle squeeze get tighter, posessively wrapping around the base of his neck as Randy mouthed the words,

"You okay?"

"Yeah," Cody nodded, attempting to supress an almost giddy grin as he was suddenly brought back to normal speed, to reality in a flash, realising what had just happened and how it possibly looked, to the world, to Ted.

"Fucking fags…" he spat under his breath, his distain written all over his face.
And as Randy was backing himself into the corner, Cody knew in an instant that the viciousness of that punt to Shane's skull was clearly harder than was initially intended, it had been building all day, it was clear, it was final, but whether or not Ted understood that the message was directed at him was another story.

They all played their part in the midst of the high drama that unfolded, most of which Ted wasn't even aware of seeing as he hadn't bothered to show up for the briefing, so at least the look on his face was authentic a few minutes later when Steph took the sudden RKO, but the most dramatic turn of events happened when they returned backstage, no more pretending, nowhere to hide, as it all came to a head.

He found himself instantly pinned to the wall, flashbacks of an hour ago, of his own similar actions toward Cody coming back to haunt him, fresh in his mind

as he struggled against Randy's vice like grip around his neck, unrelenting as he hissed in his face.

"So Teddy, how do you like it, huh? Not so nice when the tables are turned, is it? No, didn't think so. So are you going to enlighten us as to exactly what your fucking problem is? Cos personally Teddy, I think we need to sit down and have a little chat, don't you? I, for one, would be very interested to hear exactly what it is you have to say, I'm a fair man, I'll give you a chance to explain yourself before I break your fucking face."

Yet in a sudden fit of schoolboy petulance, Ted decided he no longer cared, no longer gave a shit, what they got up to was their own business, and why the hell did he care so much about it anyway? He didn't even know. Things had just blown up so quickly, so out of proportion, that none of them really even knew why they were fighting, and he certainly didn't want to talk about it here in front of half the oh so curious roster.

"Can't we talk about this later?" he choked out from under the unrelenting grip,

"No, we'll talk about it now,"

"Okay, if you insist!"

Cody's eyes widened from his vantage point off to the side and he jumped in to drag Randy away, "Let's not do this here though, yeah? Guys please…"

Ted smirked at him, his face portraying exactly what he was thinking without even having to say a word, "You sure about that Cody? Last time I checked you seemed to quite enjoy having an audience for your sordid little fag affair," he seethed in his ear as he pushed his way past, both Cody and Randy hot on his heel.

"What did you just say?" Randy's hand had lashed out before he even realised what he was doing and slammed Ted into the nearest door, directing him inside and backing him up against the wall, nose to nose.

"I said…" Ted began slowly, his voice low, trying to remain calm, but Randy was intimidating at the best of times let alone in the middle of a confrontation,

"What the fuck is your goddamn problem DiBiase? Tell me!"

"NO RANDY! What's YOURS?! You're fucking married man, how could you do this to her? Don't you realise what that means? Are you even aware that your precious little wife knows all about you two and just tried to defend you both to me?! That's what MY problem is, you fucking whore…"

Randy stood stock still, his hands falling to his sides in shock as he took a step backwards In horror. "What did you just say?"

"Yeah, you fucking heard… she KNOWS man, she fucking knows, and for some strange fucking reason that boggles my mind, she seemed perfectly fine with it! I mean what the fuck is this world coming to?"

"When.. were you speaking… to my wife?" Randy growled, stepping forward to stop nose to nose, hands primed as if itching to take hold around his neck and squeeze tight, and Cody had never seen him go so pale, he was visibly shaking with rage.

"Were you going to tell my wife Teddy?" His voice was menacingly low and Ted actually cowered under the excruciatingly hostile and disappointed stare, "Did you ring up my wife, to try and land us in the shit? What exactly did you hope to achieve? Were you trying to ruin my life Ted? Answer me!" he screamed in his face, his anger paramount now and knew no bounds at the betrayal he felt cutting him like a knife.

Cody was frozen behind Randy, staring at Ted, the shock and anger prevalent on his face making Ted feel guilty as hell, Cody just couldn't fathom that his so called friend had actually done that to him. He looked up when Randy suddenly took a step back, rolling his shoulders out and closing his eyes. He took a deep breath, looking at the ceiling, composing himself before he spoke again.

"Were you shocked to find then, Teddy, that she already knew?"

Ted nodded his head, petrified at the way Randy kept spitting out his name, this calm Randy even more terrifying than the one all up in his face. "Yeah, see… even she could see it! I told you man…"

"You wanna know why she could see it, Ted?"

Ted and Cody both just looked at him in confusion as he continued, "Cos I told her," he said simply, ignoring the gasps from both sides.

"But why the fuck would you do that?" Ted was incredulous, "You accuse me of trying to ruin your life but you got a death wish all of your own Randy,"

"Did it really sound like that to you Ted? Did it? Like she wanted to betray me, destroy my career, like you obviously had no qualms doing?"

"No…" he admitted, unable to grasp any possible reason why, it was the lowest of the low in his book, as far as he could see, Randy and Cody had committed the ultimate sin, and now he didn't even have any theoretical ally to side with. "I don't get it though, why did you tell her? And why didn't she want to string you up by the balls until they fall off like any sane woman would?"

Randy sighed, not far off doing the very same thing to Ted, but Cody was equally desperate to know the answer to that aswell as he stared back and forth between them, saying nothing himself, just listening intently. He watched intrigued as Randy actually seemed to be blushing somewhat under the scrutiny, although he wasn't looking at either of them his feigned nonchalence didn't go unnoticed to Cody as he started hesitantly.

"She may have had a vague idea already… Let's just say, that Sam and I, we always had a, very adventurous, shall we say, uh, time in the bedroom, and she knows what I… what I like her to do to me… is uh… probably more suited to someone… of a slightly different anatomical persuasion…"

Ted stared goggle eyed and Cody looked shocked, and slightly embarrassed as he looked away, surprised, although he shouldn't have been, what with the eagerness and ease Randy seemed to accommodate him the night before. Especially his rather generous endowment, if he did say so himself…

"What? No way…"

"Yes way, Ted,"

"So do you play with dildos and stuff? Did you, like, what's that thing where someone licks your ass?"

"Fucks sake…"

"What? That's kinda hot, did you use the dildos on her too? Did she let you…"

Randy stalked closer to him again, his admission making him feel the need to show an overt display of masculinity all of a sudden, "You shut the hell up,"

"Just asking, you brought it up,"

"You're such a dick,"

"Oh I'm the dick? At least I don't get my wife to rim my ass and fuck me with a cock substitute…"

Randy didn't even hesitate, he just smacked him square on the jaw, and calmly sat back down, folding his arms across his chest and regarding the stunned face still backed up against the wall across from him.

"So, tell me why you thought all that stuff about us Ted, I wanna know what made you think it in the first place, tell me!"

"So you're admitting it now huh? Fucking finally. And you wanna know what made me think you were a fucking fa…" Randy was back on him in a flash, hands actually pinning him to the wall by his throat.

"Ted!" Cody broke in, his voice choked with emotion, "Don't! Fucking stop this, okay? Please, I've… I've had enough of all this bullshit! We're supposed to be friends man, we shouldn't be fighting like this…"

"Well you should've thought about that before you fucking LIED to me! Shouldn't you?! HUH?! Cos you're right, we ARE supposed to be friends, except friends don't hide shit from each other like this then deny it when they get fucking caught!" Ted was screaming again, and Randy dropped him like he was something disgusting he found on the bottom of his shoe, shoving him into the nearest chair.

"Right, let's just get one thing straight here for a minute Ted, you were wrong. You were completely and totally wrong, and you owe Cody an apology."



"How can you say that? You just fucking admitted it two seconds ago! How can you so blatantly stand there in front of me and lie to my face like that Randy?! I saw what just happened out there in that ring! You fucking… caressed him!" he spat the word out savagely as if it left a bad taste in his mouth, "I thought you were gonna kiss him for a second! In front of everyone!"

Two pairs of eyes boggled in his direction for a second before he spoke again, slowly seating himself across from Ted, regarding him calmly.

A slight flush rose up Cody's neck as a large hand reached out and drew him nearer as Randy spoke, "I didn't mean to…but, well I wanted to, I'm not gonna lie to you Ted, and I admit I almost forgot myself there for a moment, I actually can't explain what happened to me right then, but what I can explain, is how very wrong you were about everything you said to Cody, and he deserves an apology."

"I'm not apologising til I get an explanation!"

"You don't deserve an explanation!"



Ted just glowered at him, crossing his arms across his chest and saying nothing.

"Fine, have it your way,"

"Randy…" Randy was on his feet and heading for the door before anyone could stop him, but as he reached it he stopped, turning back to lock eyes with Cody at the soft words he'd just spoken.

"Randy wait," he repeated, the pleading in his voice acting like an instant pacifier to Randy, "Let's just tell him…" his eyes turned back to Ted and he regarded him through his lashes briefly before taking a deep breath to look him full in the face. As he felt the comforting touch of Randy's hand on his shoulder in support, he began quietly.

"You were wrong Ted, you were so fucking wrong, there was never a single thing between us, exactly like I told you, we were just friends dude, really good friends. But all the things you said to me yesterday, you made me feel so… I was so fucking angry at you!"

"He was so angry and upset that I made him tell me what you'd said."

"Yeah. And Randy was shocked!"

"Real fucking shocked!"

"He was, honest, like I was when you first said it to me! And then we talked about it all, and wondered what made you think it in the first place…"

"And then we got all kinda embarrassed and like, real fucking awkward about it."

"Heh, yeah." Cody chuckled, "Cos he was in the bath when I told him,"

"See!" Ted interjected, "It's things like that! Exactly like that! I just don't get it! Why the fuck were you in the bath together in the first place?!"

Cody sighed in frustration, quickly reaching the end of his tether, "We weren't in the fucking bath together you dick!" to which Randy burst out laughing.

"Well not at that point anyway…" he added with a snort.

Ted stared at him boggle eyed for a moment, trying to ascertain exactly what they were getting at, "But why were you both even in that room at the same time?! Do you see what I mean? Anyway.." he shook his head, "So what are you saying? That there was nothing going on before but you thought you'd give it a try?! At my suggestion?!"

"Well… yeah."

"Yep. It was all your fault."

"All my fault?!"

"Yeah. If you hadn't been so insistent, so sure about it, we'd never have discussed it, probably never even would've crossed our minds at all."

"Yeah probably not." Randy agreed, slipping his arm around Cody's shoulders, "And that would've been a damn shame," he whispered directly into his ear, chuckling as the instant blush crept up Cody's cheeks again.

"So, what," Ted narrowed his eyes at the intimate exchange, "Are you like, together now or what?"

"We're not… anything, Teddy, we're just… us."

"Taking things as they come, being there…"

"Yeah." They both nodded at Ted's now more relaxed face as Cody continued, "And you're the first person who knows, the only person… and it'd be good if we could keep it that way man,"

"Hm, " Ted arched an eyebrow, "Might wanna tell that to the whole world who just saw your little display out there in the ring…"

"Well," Randy jumped in quickly, "If as you say, you have a stockpile of evidence against us doing things like that all the time, then it won't be anything new now, will it?"

Ted actually laughed, albeit sarcastically, "Yeah I guess you're right. You really should see some of the stuff you know, I mean seriously, dude…"

"Sounds like you've had a little too much time on your hands in my opinion Ted, you fucking weirdo,"

"Yeah…" The growl in Randy's voice kept Ted on tenterhooks and he knew Randy was right, why the hell had he let this consume him to the point he got on his high horse about something that was none of his business, because if he was completely honest with himself he didn't even care what they got up to behind closed doors, like he'd said originally, he was more just, pissed that something so monumental was going on with them and they didn't want to tell him, for whatever reason, and it hurt, 'cos surely that couldn't be entirely true, what they'd just said, that it only happened last fucking night, because of what he'd said?! Did they really expect him to believe that? Maybe that was true, maybe they only just got it together, finally, last night, but there'd been something between them for ages, of that he was certain. "Yeah,"

"Yeah. Makes you sound like a bit of a jeaous wife or something, but regardless, I wouldn't mind seeing some of your so called evidence if I'm honest," Cody said sternly.

"Uh, yeah okay."

"Yeah. I wanna see what got you so damn worked up, what all the fuss was about."

"Me too."

"Okay, okay, fine." Ted nodded, "So…"


"So…" Cody chimed in again, "Let's just call it a night for now, yeah?"


"Teddy…" he stopped hesitantly on his way to the door,


"Do you hate me?"

"Hate you? I never fucking hated you man… I dunno, maybe I was jealous like Randy said," he shrugged, "But not like that!" he added quickly, "Jealous of all the time you spent together and I felt left out or something, I dunno… do you, do you hate me?"

Cody shrugged as he turned back to the door, saying nothing as he just walked straight through.

.com/?d=H81RWE 0J no way out. 3:10 is where pt1 of this fic starts
.de/watch/5978456/WWE_RAW_16_2_09_3_12 real bad quality but it gives you the idea, this is the footage of cody and ted's match the next night on raw where ted saves cody then drops him on his head. 3:10 again weirdly
.com/?d=UUIE3C FC raw :D