Capital, my Capital

Chapter 1; Father

Where am I?

"Hallo!" The voices of other people? Where am I? Who am I? I don't… I don't know. I sense something? What… What is this feeling? I turn the corner. Two people. A blond and a silver haired one. I… I know who they are.

"Vater….?" My voice comes out monotone. They turn and stare at me. I stare back. The blond haired guy's blue eyes met my own hazel.

"Vater Duetschland….?" I smiled. I turned to the other man. "Vater Preußen?" They looked to each other before the blond haired guy came to me.

"Fraulein… Who are you? We cant be your fathers…" He sighed, attempting a weak smile at me.

"Ich? I am…" I didn't know. But suddenly I did. It was like a sudden realization. It just came to me.

"I am… Ich bin Berlin!" I shuffled my tiny children's feet.

"Berlin?" Prussia smirked, crouching down to my level. He studied me for a minute, before turning to his brother.

"West, she is like us…" He smiled at me, and I smiled back. "But not like us at the same time…" He murmured. His look softened as he held his arms out to me.

"Come to Vater!" He called out. I ran into his arms.


"Aales!" Prussia yelled, calling me. I looked at him as if he had two heads. Aales? Who is Aales?

"Aales?" I asked. "I am Berlin, not Aales…." Prussia shook his head, smiling at me.

"Aales is your human name. Aales Weillschmidt…~" He chuckled out, hugging me to him tightly. I blushed, smiling at him. A human name? I looked at him and smiled. Beautiful. It was a beautiful name.

I never loved anything more then Vater Preußen…

"Konnichiwa, Honda-san…." The voice of a 12 year old male reached Japan's ears. He slowly turned around to see the person addressing him.

"Ah… Konnichiwa…" He bowed, taking note of the person's attire. A black middle school unifrom and the boy had dark black cropped hair longer in the front then in the back.

"Honda-san, do you know who I am?" The boy asked, a smile on his face. Japan, scrunched his brows in deep concentration.

"Gomen, I don't… thought you seem familiar…" Japan apologized profusely. The boy laughed, going to sit down on a bench.

"Come sit with me, Honda-san," He smiled. Japan followed him. "I am like you. The reason I am like you is because in retrospect I /am/ a part of you…" Japan looked at the boy.

"What is… What is your name?" He asked, still a bit confused, but he was wry of him.

"Satoshi Honda. But… You may call me Tokyo…" The boy smiled, slyly taking the others hand. "I am your son."

"But Lovinooooo~~~!!!" The childish voice of a 20 year old called to his brother. Said brother shook his head, glaring.

"No Feliciano, we can not get pasta!" Feliciano pouted, saying something about never getting to eat Pasta. Lovino sighed, rolling his eyes and continued walking in the streets of the crowded Italian city.

"Ciao…" The voice of a child reached the two of them. They turned around to see a kis looking of around 6 years of age. "Padri?" He asked.

They looked at the boys appearance. Dark brown hair framed his face. Briwn eyes glared at them a bit, a pout set on his face as if it has been there his whole life, Lovino looked at the kid again and finching back a bit as he noted 2 hair curls, one of each side of his head.

"We are not your fathers…." Lovino scowled at the boy. The boy tilted his head.

"You are not…?" he asked, a tear slipping out of his eyes.

"Veeeee~~~!!! Brother stop it! What is your name?" Feliciano asked the boy. The boy sniffled, then glared at Lovino.

"I am Romen Vargas, or you may know me as the capital Rome…." The two brothers let out a gasp of shock.

"Lovino, do you think?" Feliciano asked his brother. Lovino nodded. They took the boy home.

"AHAHAHA! The hero has done it again!" A man looking around 19 said, causing the people around him to turn there heads in a scowl. The man chuckled nervously going on his way.

One person, a child, followed him eyeing him with intrest. The child had shagy light brown hair and baby blue yes. The boy also had freckles on his cheeks.

"Daddy!" The boy whispered, grabbing the other man by the coat, "Daddy America…"

Alfred looked at the boy in shock. "Daddy?!" He couldn't be this childs father.

"Who are you…?" Alfred asked the boy. The boy looked at him and smiled.

"Damien Christian Washington Jones…" He giggled. "But you can call me Washinton D.C, or DC…" Alfred looked at the boy, and fainted.

All across the world, nations were finding beings just like themselves. Capitals of there Nations. And only the Capital's knew why they were there, But soon, there memories of this reason would disappear as time went on. They would enjoy the times they spent with there families. A new chapter was about to be written in the history books of the world.

All the capitals looked up at the sky,

"We are the next in line…."

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Romen, a.k.a Rome is not Grandpa Rome, but the capital itself.

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