Capital, My Capital

Ch4; Meeting of the Capitals (part 1)

Hurried conversations were going on in the room. Every which way there were frantic Capitals running around. Many small capitals, not yet reaching the human age of 10, were crying for there parents. One Capital looked on at this with sad eyes, not liking what she was seeing. She sighed, remembering her own fathers death, still fresh on her teenage mind.

She sighed, fixing her brown hair back into its normal look at the side of her head in a tight ponytail. She looked at her hands, smiling a little at the familiar brown hands that where there. He eyes roamed around until she saw Buenos Aires, Capital of Argentina, or Marc Carriedo. He looked at the girl and started crying running into her, sobbing. "De Madrid, se ha ido papá!" [Madrid, Daddy is gone!]

Madrid took in a sharp breath. How was she going to explain why his dad was gone? How was she ever going to tell him that Argentina was never going to come back?

"Hey, hey~ Don't cry pequeño." [Little one] She soothed. He looked up at her and smiled at her.

"I… I don't know what I would do with out you Evangeline…" He smiled, saying her human name. She cringed at her full first name, but then smiled at him.

"And I with out you or Romen…" She said, mentioning her Italian Step Brother. He grinned, and then went off to play with the rest of the Spanish speaking capitals. She sighed, and then looked around to spot other people.

"What has become of this world…?" She asked, a tear running down her cheek. She gulped, no, she had to stay strong for her cousins. She was the eldest, she was the most mature, she was the adult in this situation.

"Broliu Kur tu?"[Brother, where are you?] Asked a soft young female voice. A girl looking around the age of 13 was looking around for someone. She kept looking until a male looking of around 16 with blond hair and green eyes came up to her.

"Broliu!" She smiled, hugging him happily, her dark brown hair falling on his hair. The boy blushed and hugged her back.

"Vilnius!" He exclaimed with a polish accent. She smiled at him and he looked away red in the face.

"Whats wrong Warsaw?" She asked, confused. He cleared his throat and too her hand.

"Come we must meet with Riga and Tallinn…" She smiled a little at her. She smiled at the mention of her 'cousins' and nodded her head, going with him.

While they were walking she remembered her father, of his death. Unlike the other countries, her fathers death was quiet and didn't involve blood shed. He father was Lithuania and her brother, Warsaw, father was sitting right next to her father when he died as well.

A tear went down her face as she smiled a little. Things were going to get better right? Warsaw said they would, so it must be true right? To say the least, she wasn't so sure anymore….

"Can you too please stop locking lips for one second? I mean, god there are kids here!" A girl with pale blond hair screamed to two men who were kissing. One had the same hair color as the girl and the other had dark black hair. They both turned to her and smirked a little.

"Nah, I don't think I will…" The one with the blond hair said, smirking and pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. The black hair one looked at her, pouting a little like a little kid that just lost his candy. The blond haired man but an arm around his lover. The girl huffed.

"Fine, what ever! See if I care in the future, Minsk!" She screamed at him. She turned to the black haired man. "Sorry Beijing, no offence to you okay?" She smiled. He nodded.

"Its okay, Ms. Moscow…" He gave a weak wry smile, before snuggling into Minsk. Moscow sighed, looking at them and smiling a little. Well, if they can at least be a little happy in bad times, she didn't care.

DC stalked around the conference room, sighin. Since his dad was usually one to speak up in meetings like this, he would have to do it today in his place. He sighed, placing his bag on a table. A very shy and nervous girl came up to DC. He immediately recognized her as his cousin Ottawa. He looked at her, as she was handing him a letter.

"U-Urgent n-news c-cousin…." She smiled meekly, handing it to him. He took it and smiled at her. He quickly opened the letter, his eyes widening at what was written.

"No… She wouldn't…" He muttered. He gulped, going in front of the podium.

"Everyone… Some urgent news I need to say!" He screamed out, all the capital's turned to him, giving him there full attention. He took a deep breath, readying himself for what he had to say.

"Helsinki, has announced war on who ever doesn't join in alliance with her…"

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