Megatron & Starscream – Making a Lover of a Snake
Chapter 5


Starscream knew that Megatron was looking for him, and he knew why, too- the old fragger wanted him to play another of his stupid mind games. The Seeker had no idea just what he wanted him to do next, but he knew it was going to be just as stupid and humiliating as being forced to bring him energon and polishing his armor, and right now, he really didn't feel like being put through that.

Actually, at the moment, he was feeling pretty frisky. He didn't want to have to play Megatron's game and act like a servant; he wanted to go fight or collect energon or do something, anything physical, engaging, and reasonably dangerous. And that was exactly what he planned to do. He had his own little game in mind, and his mighty leader had no choice but to play along, whether he realized it or not.

The new game was simple: Starscream was avoiding Megatron. The Decepticon lord had no idea where the Seeker had gotten off to, only that his underlings always seemed to have seen him take off in this direction or that, and by Primus, those useless lackies had better find him or there'd be hell to pay. Watching the older mech storm down the fortress's labyrinthine halls and back up again delighted Starscream. How did he like being jerked around and humiliated?

The sleek jet deftly navigated through the Decepticon fortress, ducking through halls and tunnels and taking lifts almost at random. Not a single Decepticon had managed to catch up to the clever creature, and he planned on keeping it that way. Sure, he'd allow some of the lesser lackeys the glimpse of a wingtip or a raised heel every once in a while, just to let them know he was still in the base, but that was as close as he planned on ever letting them get.

Only one person was going to catch him, and only when he was good and ready.

Starscream grinned snidely over his shoulder as he stepped out of sight of a small band of pursuers and slipped away down another hall. By now, he was certain, at least half the Decepticon army was chasing after him, checking every room and storage facility, every hall and lift to try and find the clever Seeker. With every failed attempt to catch him, he got a little more confident and a little more satisfied with himself. This time, he was the one in control.

…Well, sort of. But it was a start.

Down the hall and into another lift the Seeker went, listening to the echoes of angry cries from the Decepticon lackeys he'd just deftly left behind. The lift hummed to life and carried him swiftly and silently up to the next floor.


Megatron was hardly in a calm or rational enough mood to realize or care what game Starscream was playing. It was bad enough that he couldn't find the aerial commander and that he knew the young Decepticon was basically just sulking about the night before, but the fact that a small platoon of his men couldn't track down one spoiled Seeker was making his oil burn.

If they couldn't find, pursue, and capture something moving about within the confines of their own fortress, Starscream or not, then they would probably prove too incompetent to do the same with Autobots. That was particularly worrisome when he considered what would happen if the enemy got into their base somehow and disabled the security systems. All hell would break loose, and there would be a lot of casualties- most of them, Autobot and Decepticon, by Megatron's angry servo.

The warlord stormed through the fortress, servos balled into fists. If his Decepticons couldn't handle it, he'd just have to show them how it was done. He would track Starscream down like an Autobot fugitive and punish him in spades, and then he'd give the troops that had failed a complete refresher course- from scratch, if need be.

There was no room for failure in the Decepticon army. Perhaps he should thank Starscream for showing the incompetence that seemed to be stirring lately and giving him the chance to snuff it out before it was too late.

He would be sure to do that, once he was finished punishing all parties involved- starting with that damn frustrating aerial commander.


Starscream crouched down by the wall, servo pressed against it for balance. His body twisted slightly to keep his wing from scraping against the surface, he leaned forward, peering cautiously down a dark hall. He couldn't see or hear anyone even moving around on this floor; it was as eerily quiet as ever.

The Seeker, like most with the gift of flight-Decepticon, Autobot, or even filthy organic-disliked being in such secluded, confined spaces: there was nowhere they could take off from, and no place to go even if there were, leaving them vulnerable. Unfortunately, at the moment, there really wasn't any way around it if his little game was ever going to come to a point.

So, steeling himself, Starscream made his way down the threatening hall, sharp optics scanning his surroundings thoroughly. He knew they'd be around here somewhere…

From behind him, he heard the soft click of something arming itself. Ah, there was the first of the so-called security measures. Slowly, he turned to look up at the red eye staring back at him from the darkness. This wasn't going to be easy.


Megatron had been frustrated enough before, but when several hours passed without a single sighting of Starscream, he felt he might boil over completely. He could only assume that the jet had 'flown the coop', and if that was the case, they'd never find the fool until he was standing behind the Decepticon leader with guns raised.

He dismissed his soldiers with the promise of punishment later that night. For now, he needed a rest-just enough to diffuse some of his own anger. The keys to winning war were thinking rationally and striking hard, and if he let some snide Seeker interfere with his focus, then clearly he wouldn't be much more competent than the morons who'd failed to capture his second to begin with.

Of course, Megatron would never allow himself to be driven into such a trap. He'd just had a long day.

So, he quietly made his way through the base, striding with all the calm and pride and awesome power that made him a legend. He took the lift down to the lowermost level, into the peace and solitude of his personal floor.

Megatron stepped out of the lift and started down the short, empty hall towards his quarters-but as he approached the door, he noticed something strange and unsettling. The security systems did not engage as he passed them, even to acknowledge who he was. There came no sound of weapons and scanners humming to life to welcome their master. There was only silence.

The Decepticon lord armed his cannon and cautiously approached the door, prepared for an ambush. Somebody was in there; of that, he was certain. And in a moment, he would find out exactly who, and how the hell they'd gotten in there.

The electronic door opened before the warlord, and he lunged in, ready to attack.

"Why hello, Megatron." Came an all-too-familiar voice from the darkness. "Took you long enough. Why don't you sit down?"

Megatron lowered his weapon and switched on the lights.

"Starscream." He growled.

The Seeker lounged carelessly in his chair, a long, slender leg perched on the armrest. In his servo, he held a goblet of energon, and on his faceplate, he wore the most intolerable smirk Megatron had ever laid optics on.

The Decepticon leader stormed up to Starscream, anger boiling. This was one insult too many! He had kept his men running around all day, disabled his security devices, snuck into his private quarters, and now lounged in a chair that no one but Megatron had ever even touched!

"Starscream, you insolent, arrogant little fool!" He roared, throwing his fists down onto the armrests so that his faceplate was just inches away from Starscream's own. He was seething, his engine growling, his body hot.

Starscream's smile only grew. "Oh Megatron, why are you so angry?" He purred. "Did you really think I would just put up with your games without playing a few of my own? It's only fair, you know. Besides, you and I both know that you're only really mad because this time," here, he leaned up so that his face brushed Megatron's own, "I won."

The growl from the older mech's chassis rose, and he quivered slightly with the force of his anger. But both Decepticons knew he couldn't strike the Seeker, or else he'd just give Starscream the satisfaction of being right.

Starscream reached up with his free servo and lightly stroked a rough gray cheek. "Calm down, mighty leader." He whispered. "There's always next time."

Megatron caught the offending wrist in his large, black fist. His optics bore into Starscream's, and his lips twisted into a snarl. In a sudden, swift moment, he jerked him up out of his chair, flinging him over his shoulder. The Seeker flipped over with the force, landing on his back, upside-down, on Megatron's berth.

The Decepticon lord turned and sat in his chair, glaring at the jet now slick with spilled energon.

"You turned my chair around." He stated, trying to keep the anger from his voice.

Starscream righted himself and leaned back on the berth, energon trickling slowly down his cockpit and all along his slender, curvy form.

"You got energon all over me." Starscream answered, a sulk in his voice.

"It's a good look for you." Megatron snorted.

Starscream looked disappointedly at the empty goblet lying next to him. "Wasn't it you who spoke of how unforgivable it is to waste energon? It is a precious resource, after all."

The older mech tilted his helm back slightly, the growling of his engine slowly working down. "What are you asking, Starscream?"

"Nothing," Starscream answered coyly, "I just don't want all this energon to go to waste."

Slowly, Megatron rose from his chair and approached the berth, leaning over his second. He pushed Starscream onto his back and pinned him there, his hands on the bed, fingers rested on the aerial commander's wings.

"You are far too full of yourself, Starscream." Megatron hissed. "Just as I told you before, you can't stop me from molding you into something useful to me. And if you try, I'll just push harder and harder until you either succumb to me or break."

Starscream's servos slid up to caress the back of his commander's neck. "Who said anything about stopping you?" He purred coolly. "It's just no fun if you're the one always calling the shots. Would you really be happy if I did nothing but polish your armor and call you 'highness'?"

"That, dear Starscream, is the point." Megatron answered, frowning.

"Well then, I guess we should just enjoy the time we have together before I become your loyal servant." Starscream said. "Because that might give you what you want, but only I can give you what you need."

"And what do I need, then?" Megatron asked, leaning closer to his second.

Starscream's servos tightened on the back of the warlord's neck, and the Seeker pulled up his upper body, his lips meeting Megatron's own. His smooth tongue, devoid of wet matter, ran along them teasingly.

"Why don't I show you?"