Ace Of Hearts

By SolarCarol

Some characters I have added, some I didn't. Please enjoy all you Fanfictioners!

It was a warm and sunny day, but it has been a week now since the new litter of pups have been born. They could see clearly now, and thier mother, Just, is resting peacefuly from her magnificent work, as the pups play and battle on and on. Now, let's go on with the story, with another person's point of view...


I sighed in boredom as I watched my brothers and sisters horse around in our mom's, owner's livingroom. We had names for each of us in our dog language, but the humans, I'm not sure. I then saw the black one, who was chasing a tan and black pup, race past me and stuck her tongue out. Her name was Silky, not very nice as you can see. And her victem, the tired one, was Racer, he is always real fast. Then, the one sleeping on the couch was a brown puppy, so we called him Murkurey. We named him that because of his murky, mud fur. We couldn't just call him Murky, it might ofend him.

Next, there was another tan and black one, but unlike Spinner, she had a black muzzle, her name was Hiwi. She was shy sometimes, but she can be loud too. Another was a white pup. He was the oldest and the most responsible. His name was Blazer, I always looked up to him as my leader, but not at everything. I don't want to be bossed around that much. Finally, there was me. I was solid grey, no marks or anything. And somehow, I had a blue nose. All of my brothers and sisters and brown, black, or pink. I'm also weak, I never seem to get the games right. I'm different, that's what makes me a reject. But the worst part of all, I didn't have a name.

"Hey runt! Come over here!" said Silky once.

"I'm not a runt!" I shouted.

"Then what should we call you? No-Name?" Silky began to laugh at her own joke. Soon, the others giggled as well.

"Hush now, don't tease your brother like that." said our mother. They soon quieted down and left to play.

"Mother, why don't you give me a name?" I asked.

"Because it's not the time. Now go on, I have to work." Mother was a guide dog for her owner's blind daughter. Each day she leads her to school, and then back again. I don't see the point for a guide dog. Why can't they have a guide human?

I looked around the room. I wanted to play too, but, no one really wants to play with me. Silky said that Runt (An unpleasant name she had given me) is a weak player, and the game get's bored with me in it. I could prove it if I could, that I'm not a runt, but usually I could hear my mother's voice in my head,"It's not the time. Now go on." so I stay quiet on the edge of the rug, as if I never existed.

"Runt, what are you doing?" asked Blazer. He came to my side.

"I'm not a runt! Don't call me that!" I snapped.

"Than what should I call you?"

"I, I don't know." I lowered my head in sadness.

Blazer only nodded. Then he said,"You'll get a name soon."


"When you get a human."

I perked up,"When I get a human? When's that?"

"Tomorrow," said Blazer,"they're gonna sell us to these humans, and they'll take care of us and give us new names. You'll get a name too."

I smiled at the thought, then I turned to him,"When they take care of us, what do they do?"

Blazer thought for a moment, then said,"I heard from the owner, that some guy wants to pick a puppy for fun, some wants to pick one for company, some help, some train-"

"Train?" I inturrupted.

"Yeah, train. I don't know at what, but, I hear it's hard work."

"Well then, I hope he doesn't pick me," I slowly stood up,"I just want a loving home, that treats me like I'm there, that I'm a real thing, and something that has a name. Not like in this family. And, why am I talking to you? You don't care, you just mind your own busisness!" I ran away from him, to the kitchen, where I saw the owner looking at some pictures.

The owner was a portly shaped man. He had a scruffy looked beard, witch I always misstaken as a straw rag, and wears shiny black sided glasses. Today he was wearing a Hiwaiian shirt, and white shorts. He was also wearing some socks with holes in them.

The owner was mumbling something under his breath as he looked at each picture on by one. He seemed to be in deep consantration. After awhile, he sighed, nodded, and left the table to go watch T.V I asume. The minute he walked out the door, I sprang up on the kitchen stool, then on to the table to get a closer look. The pictures were spread out everywhere, and they were pictures of humans.

"Why would he want to look at humans? Can't he just go outside?" I said. I looked at each one. There was one with a man and woman in it. The man had blond hair, while the woman had curly, short, orange hair. Their skin were wrinkled a little, so I think they were getting old. The next had a girl in it, 12 maybe. She had long brown hair, and she had these, metel rods on her teeth. Then there was one with a plump black boy and pretty young lady. Finally, there was a photo of a man and a boy. These two looked intresting. The man was muscular and had black shiney hair. Though he was smiling, he had a serious look in his eyes. The boy had black hair too. But his was more fit for a kid. He had a kind look on his face and had his hands in a "thumbs up" sign. These two looked very fun to be with.

"Hey little puppy. What are you doing here?"

The fur on my back stood up as I froze there in stiff silence. What should I do?

"You can't be on the table! Come now, let's go back to your family." two pairs of giant hands scooped me up, and lead me to the livingroom. They then set me down again and left me there, breathing hard.

It took me a while to realize that it was the owner who had carried me here, so I then flopped down in stupidity at myself.

"What's up runt?" said Silky, running over to me. She kept her distance though and smirked.

"Don't call me runt!" I snapped at her.

"What's up No-Name?" she said. Her voice had a whiney tone in it that made me wanna bite her soo hard!

"Don't, you dare, call me that, ever again!"

"What'cha gonna do? Kill me? Hahaha!" she did a flip and flicked her tail at me,"Mamma says that no one is to hurt anyone else, got it nitwit?"

"You, you-"

"Hurt my feelings? I thought you didn't have feelings. Oh well," Silky started to walk away,"once a runt, always a runt."

I stood there for a long time. My heart was beating a mile and hour, and my fur stood on it's end. Never, in my life so far, have I ever been mad like this! I'll show her, I'll show all of them what I can do, and there's nothing that's gonna be in my way!