A/n I've never written a Hayate the Combat Butler fic before so yeah… In fact I've only ever written Digimon so difference… ENJOY! XP


Our butler in dept Hayate has made it through another day of work, although nothing he ever does seems related to butler-ing.

He was on his way to the bathroom, to well… take a bath, the bath was one of the things he looked forward to after work. [He always looked forward to climbing into bed and sleeping.]

Hayate: I do wish no one will be in there with me, I always feel so awkward when that happens.

Tama: Sorry buddy but this tiger needs to bath too!

Hayate: TAMA!!!!???

Tama: Ah butler in dept I've not been alone with you in awhile.

Hayate: Tama can't you have a bath AFTER me???

Tama: No I can't wait, and anyways it doesn't matter I'm ONLY a tiger afterall.

Hayate: Ok, but you have to stay on that side of the bath!

Tama: No.

Hayate: WHAT!?

Tama: I want this side!

Hayate: Fine just stick to it.

So the two were in the bath relaxing… Well Tama was relaxed but I can't really say the same for our butler in dept. When Hayate allowed himself to close his eyes, he felt a brush of fur across his arm, he instantly opened his eyes only to find Tama right up next to him looking completely relaxed.

Hayate: TAMA!!

Tama: How many times have you said my name today?

Hayate: I don't know but you said you'd stay on that side!


Hayate: AH!? Ojo-sama!?

Nagi: This is my bath time! And why exactly are you shouting at Tama!?

Tama: Meow…

Hayate: Erm….

Maria: Oh my I didn't know you two were in here too… Oh my…

Hayate: MA-MARIA!?


Tama: Me-meow???

Maria: Oh I think I'll be leaving now…

[Maria exits bath and runs of.]

Hayate: I'll be leaving now!

Nagi: Good idea, oh and your punishment is to dress in girls clothes again.

Tama: *sneer*

Hayate: W-WHAT!?

Nagi: Don't question me! *glare*

Hayate: *whimper* Yes Ojo-sama.

Nagi: *satisfied smile*


A/n Well this was only a tiny something I wanted to get of my mind so yeah…. Don't complain about the length… FINE FLAME MY ASS OF IF YU MUST! :'(