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Chapter One-Part of That world

Leah POV

Things with Jake had been going good. We had been dating for about four or five months now and I've never been happier. Sam and Emily weren't doing so good though. I was getting ready to go to Jake's when he randomly showed up at my door. The way he looked told me something was wrong. I knew he was leaving me. Here comes goodbye, here comes me wishing things would never change and I was always in his arms. He just stood in the doorway looking incredibly guilty about something. "Hey, Jake. Come on in." I smiled at him but he just shook his head no.

"I won't be here that long, Leah. I just wanted to say something. I'm really sorry about this, but I've been falling for someone else. I never meant for it to happen, it just did. You have to understand me. I never wanted to hurt you…" I started crying so hard I could barely see him.

"Who is it? You can at least tell me who this home wrecker is." He closed his eyes and I steeled myself for the answer.

"It's Emily." I nearly passed out, but couldn't. Right then, Sam came out of the woods and looked like he would rip Jake limb for limb. I don't think that a wolf has ever loved another wolfs imprint before. This could be very interesting.

"So it's true then? Emily wasn't lying to me? I didn't believe her when she told me she loved you. I thought she was kidding. How could you Jacob? I feel like my heart is being ripped from my chest. I don't know what to do with myself now." Poor Sam, he looked like he wanted to cry. Even though I felt bad for him, I still couldn't bring myself to feel sorry. Karma is a bitch as they say. Sam moved closer to me and I flinched away.

"Now that that's over with, can you two get out of my house please? Jacob, you can come by later tonight to get all of your stuff. Sam, I'll call if I need anything okay? I just need to be alone right now." I slammed the door in both of their shocked faces. I really hate Emily; I've lost both men I love to her.


Even though I feel horrible, I feel worse for Lee-lee. She's lost both of the men she loved to Emily. I really hope she can forgive me. I still love her, not as much as Emily, but now that she left me, I really miss my Lee-lee.

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