Are you a true BBxRae fan? Let's find out, shall we? Lol I make up the most random stories when I'm bored XD


30. Whenever someone says 'lovebirds', you shudder and/or hit them repeatedly.

29. When questioned for doing so, you say nothing.

28. You wanted to hit Beast Boy for ruining the moment at the end of 'The Beast Within' and yet at the same time, you know you loved it.

27. You squeeled when Beast Boy hugged Raven in 'The End: Part 3'

26. You awed at the hug in 'Spellbound'

25. You laughed when Beast Boy hugged her around the waist in 'Troq'

24. You remember random little BBxRae moments during school/work and smile or laugh and get funny looks from your peers.

23. You hate Terra

22. You hate RobxRae

21. 'Nevermore' is one of your favorite episodes

20. The last episode of the show made you want to scream and hit something (and you probably did)

19. Purple and green are your favorite colors

18. You totally wish that he would have kissed her at some point in the series

17. You make up random fluffy stories of them in your head and smile

16. You wish that Beast Boy was the one who came for Raven in 'The End' trilogy

15. You noticed that Beast Boy put his arm around her at the end of 'The Prophecy'

14. If you didn't, your totally planning on checking

13. You hate the color yellow

12. Did I mention you hate RobxRae?

11. Cuz you do

10. It makes you sad when your friends don't understand your obbsesion with the couple

9. You could go on for hours about how cute they are together

8. You want Terra to 'go away'

7. You only read BBxRae fanfiction. Other couples just do not give you the same warm fluffy feeling :3

6. You've watched a BBxRae AMV before

5. When listening to music, you consider how it relates to them and plan an AMV in your mind

4. You hate RobxRae

3. You don't mind that I've said that now three times

2. You always pay close attention when they talk to eachother in the show, even though you've seen the episode about a million times

And the number one way to know you are a true BbxRae fan?

1. You read this fic XD


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(Yes, I know it sucked XD but I'm bored and felt the need to write this)