Hanna buckled her eight-year old daughter into the back of the car quickly.
She had a meeting to get to.
her daughter, Alexia, whined as she got into the front seat.
Yes honey? she asked patiently, knowing Alexia had had a hard day at the right grade.
Can we get some ice cream?
We already have some at home. she told her, starting the car.
I don't like that kind, she said, squishing up her nose, it's gross.
You liked it just fine yesterday. Hanna sighed, pulling the car out of the parking lot and turning right.
Not today though, it reminds me of poo-poo.
But...you LOVE chocolate ice cream! she said, with a tiny bit of a whine in her voice as she headed past the heliport.
Not today though, mother. Alexia said, looking out the window in the back.
Come on, honey, she started, I don't have any more money to spend on buying you ice cream.
she said softly, and stared at her in the mirror above Hanna, I don't want chocolate ice cream.
She shook her head, Then you just won't have any at all, will you?
Alexia smiled Oh, but I will.
Hanna was taking her daughter's behavior in stride, How so?
Because you're going to pull over at the next grocery store and get me strawberry ice cream.
Am I?

But...we already...we have-- she glanced at the mirror, and after seeing Alexia's murderous face, shut her mouth, she mumbled quietly.
Her daughter smiled brightly, Thanks momma!
She forced a smile onto her face, No prob.

But, as it turned out, neither of them got any ice cream that day, because around the bend, came one of our FAVORITE Crazy Taxi drivers, Axel.
He'd heard about the dysfunctional family earlier that day, and done something about it.
He slammed into their car and knocked down the hill, sending it into a tree.

And as he drove into the sunset, on his way to pick up his next costumer, he yelled proudly, CRRAAAAAAAAAAAZZY TAAAAAAXXXXXXIIIIIIIII!