Okay, here's the sequel.


Fred looked down at his son proudly, That was some nice catchin' George.
Thanks pop! he said cheerfully as the family piled into the green van.
A grand slam and you caught it! Fred laughed, That's my son for ya'!
Iris, Fred's wife, looked up at him, Y'know, we should do this more often, we need more family time together anyway.
Yeah, maybe weekends. Fred climbed into the front seat, What do you think kids?
all three children yelled as Fred started the car.
They were outside the baseball stadium, on a nice, sunny afternoon. Who could have a better day then that?
Well, if we're going to come here every weekend, I hope they do something about the traffic. Iris commented as they pulled out into the line to get onto the highway.
Can I see your ball Fred? Laura, his sister, asked from the back seat.
Sure sis. he said, handing it to her with a smile.
Wow! Neat! she exclaimed, then handed it back to him.
Yah! Fat's feat! Oscar giggled, he was real little, and was missing some teeth.
They all had a good laugh at Oscar's pronunciation of words.
Come on! Fred said a tad impatiently from the front, Why won't these people just go?
Patience is a virtue honey. Iris reminded him.
Fred honked his horn anyway, then sat back in his seat, Oh well.
But, as it turns out, they never had to worry about the traffic, or anything else for that matter, again.
For from at the top of the hill at the left, came a burning inferno that used to be a car.
Fred! Watch out! Iris screamed.
The other car slammed into the front, causing the windshield to crack down the middle.
The children screamed from the back.
It's all right! It's okay! Fred said loudly, covering up their cries, It's okay, only the car's hurt, your mother and I were wearing our seat belts.
Oscar whimpered, so Iris reached into the back and brought him to her lap.
That was close. she sighed, How the heck did that happen?
She didn't receive an answer.
A yellow taxi came speeding from the hill, actually flying above about twenty other cars.
The family yelled in unison as the taxi came crashing down on top of them.
Gus's passenger got out of his car and thanked him graciously, while paying him two hundred dollars.
Just doin' my job. he said, then drove off of the green van he happened to be parked on.
And as he drove off into the sunset, he yelled proudly into the wind, CCCRRRAAAZZZYY TAAAAXXXIIIIIIIII!!!