"Penny! Oh dear lord, how many times do I have to tell you? The Big Bran goes to the far right of the cereals."

Penny turned and glared at him; his arm instinctively flew to cover his neck. She put the cereal back and sighed; the sooner that cast was off the sooner she wouldn't have to get up at 6am to make his breakfast. She was marking the few remaining days on her calendar. At least he'd started allowing her to sleep over so she didn't have to stagger so far in the morning, she thought.

She poured the milk into the bowl, daring him to say a word about the milk-to-cereal ratio, and brought it over to him on the couch. She flopped next to him and turned up the TV volume for Dr Who. He didn't touch the cereal, just watched her. "What now?" she asked. He looked at her seriously. "You look very beautiful when you're angry, you know Penny."

She grinned and leaned over, planting a big kiss on his lips. He flushed. It amused her that they had been sleeping together for nearly four weeks yet he still got embarrassed when she kissed him.

"Thank you sweetie. Now eat your cereal. It's losing all it's molecular consistency." She winked.

The pleased little smile she got in return turned her insides to mush. He was still a whack-a-doodle…but she loved him.