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Summary: In this story, Naruto will become…. A GIRL! (GASP!) The story will be mostly of Sasuke and Naruko (Naruto). It will be about how Sasuke and Naruko meet and how they fell in love, hence, the title.

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Sasuke POV all the way

'Sasuke's thoughts'


Falling in Love

Chapter 1: The Day I Met Her

Be Sakiq-Toshi

I walk through the village Kanoha late one night around the end of June, thinking of my deceased family except for Aniki (older brother) and me. Still wondering who was the REAL one that got my family to be killed.

'I HATE that person that did this. I swear I will find out who did this and kill that person,' I thought as I reached a park in the middle of the village.

I always come here to clear my thoughts when I'm not feeling tired. It relaxes my mind and body when I see the flowers and pond at night when there is a full moon like this night.

I walked till I reached my favorite place in the park, a tall tree that sits in the middle of the park. I always like sitting up in the tree when I have nothing else to do some days when I feel stressed from missions the Hokage was giving me.

As I sat in the tree, I looked around me to see flowers' starting to bloom since it is almost summer time.

I sat there for about a hour and a half when I saw a girl around my age, which is 16, walking towards a bench not too far from mine and sat down. She had bright blond hair from what I can tell from here, about 5 inches shorter than me I think. Her skin was a bit tanned. And the thing that surprises me the most was her EYES! They are cerulean color. She looked just like the sun even at night by the looks of it too.

She also looked like an opposite of me. For my hair is a black, eye the color of obsidian, and pale skin.

And there are more differences too. Her eyes show emotions while my eyes show nothing at all.

I watched her from afar while she looked around the park from where she sat. I think I watched her for about 30 minutes when a group of men came toward where the girl sat.

"Man, what a day," one of the four men exclaimed while he stretched his aching muscles.

It was then that they saw the girl on the bench. The four got evil smirks on their faces.

"Look what we got here boys, said a second voice as they got closer to that sapphire-eyed girl.

To Be Continued….

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