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K- Kiss // Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's // Sly x Rua


K is for Kiss

No one really liked that Sly kid.

He was always just hovering in the classroom, keeping quiet, glaring at everyone. Ruka was the only one who ever paid attention to him.

Rua didn't trust Sly at all. He was sure that a kid being a loner like that couldn't be trusted. So, he concocted a plan to make Ruka want to stay away from him.

Children were the best candidates to spread rumors. If people thought that Ruka was interested in Sly, then perhaps she'd deny it under pressure.

Now how to spread the rumor? Children could be surprisingly skeptic-they didn't believe things unless they saw them. There was no way Ruka could be counted on to do anything that would spark any rumors. She was the good little girl of the family. So it was Rua's job to go do something.

It was easy dressing up as Ruka, being her twin and all. All he needed was to steal her spare school uniform, and do his hair up in her pigtail style, but no makeup this time (Yuusei had said that he shouldn't have worn it last time he did this).

He spent most of recess changing in the bathroom, doing himself up.

Then, all he had to do was make sure no one saw him. It was easy. Nobody went over to where Sly hung out, by a tree.

"Sly! Hey, Sly!"

That should be enough to gather some attention. It wasn't uncommon to see Ruka try and initiate conversation. Sly seemed a little perplexed though-maybe his voice was off? Ugh, then he should get this over with before Sly of all people figured it out.

Before the melancholy recluse could even respond, the disguised Rua planted his lips on his cheek in a chaste kiss of sorts. Both of them looked flustered (Rua moreso than Sly), but before more words could be exchanged, Rua was off in his usual energetic fashion.

"Eeeeeugh, yuck, I can't believe I did that!!!" Rua moaned to himself, rubbing his mouth as best as he could in the sink after changing back into his regular outfit. "But those rumors will totally do their work now!"

Unfortunately, the effort wasn't worth it, as Ruka continued to talk to Sly (who seemed even colder towards her than usual now) and the rumor mill hadn't even started up.

Sly was so reclusive that no one even bothered to look at him. There was no way they would have noticed a chaste kiss next to a tree during recess.

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