Wasn't Lying

An Obligatory Post for 7.01 Truth and Consequences
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They were all dead ass tired.

But Vance wanted them home.

Sitting in the same kind of plane that, the last time it left Israel, had carried one less NCIS team member. Now, that member sat, bruised and broken in the seat next to Tony. Gibbs was on her other side, and McGee on the other side of him.

She couldn't sleep. Neither could Tony. But they wouldn't look at each other, one not knowing how close his prior actions were to being forgiven, and the other wondering how she was still alive.

Finally Tony spoke at a low whisper, so not to wake Gibbs or McGee. "Y'know, Zi, we've got a long plane ride back to DC. An' I know you're not sleeping, an' I know I'm not sleeping. So what do you want to do?"

Ziva slowly turned her head to face him and squinted her eyes accusingly. "Why aren't you sleeping?"

"Why are you asking that like you're accusing me of something?"

Ziva closed her eyes and turned her head back so that she was facing forward. She did not speak, and her clenched jaw told Tony that she wasn't planning on talking for a while.

Uncomfortable silence floated between them. He looked down at his hands, wrists red and raw from being bound and whispered without looking up, "I thought you were dead, Zi."

She forced herself not to look at him and hissed in response, "By all logical accounts I should be dead. I was captured by violent terrorists, beaten, raped-" her voice caught, and Tony's jaw tightened "and threatened within an inch of my life. And you and McGee and Gibbs, and you guys came and… "

She was crying now. Not something Tony was used to. "You should be dead. All of us, we should all be dead."

Tony tentatively reached out and took her hand and put her fingers to his neck. "You feel that?" he asked. "I'm not dead. And since you can feel that you're not dead either. And, look, Gibbs is still breathing. And I'm pretty sure McSleepster over there is still alive, 'cause he's a probie and he can't die unless Gibbs gives him permission." He still held her hand to his shoulder, and his face was inches from hers. She buried her head in his neck as best as she could, at their awkward angle, and he whispered soothing nothings in her ear. "Y'know I wasn't lying when I said that I couldn't live without you, Zi."

"I know, Tony. I know."

Gibbs smiled to himself, having been awake for their whole conversation. Oh young love…

A/N: Okay, so I know that it is just my own personal idea that Gibbs is a bit of a romantic. I know it is farfetched but can you not see how happy he would be for the two of them, and their little realizations and admittances that are occurring?? (And yes, I know I exaggerated Ziva's torture. But, well. It's my story. Bahaha.)

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