Ghost sat in her cell. Her eyes burned from lack of sleep.

She was up for evaluation today, and if she might be getting out if she played her cards right.

She'd been in the home for seven years. Seven long years.

But today she would finally get out.

She had successfully gotten off her medication and nobody suspected a thing.

Just minutes away from the interview, Ghost tried her best to make herself look presentable, and less like a schizophrenic with a god-complex.

Good enough, she thought. Now to practice what she had been told were correct answers.

She had been told that if you answer the questions right, they will give you a urine test to prove your on the medications. And if you passed that, you were home free.

She pulled one of the pills out from under her mattress, and crushed it between her fingers. Then she put the powder in one of her pockets.

Crap, she thought, I should have waited till I'm about to actually take the test. She grabbed another pill.

"Ghost?" the orderly came in and smiled at her."It's time for evaluation."

"I'll be right with you." ghost slipped the pill into her pocket.



"Well, here we are again." The fat doctor grinned at Ghost.

"Hard to believe it's been another year already." Ghost lied.

"Well" Fatty started," Perhaps... this could be your last... year here. You've shown... remarkable improvement since our last talk. How are things?"

Ghost's eye twitched.

His timing was off whenever he spoke. His words ran together and he paused at awkward times.

She wanted to kill him.

"I cant' complain" She smiled.

He grinned again. It made his face look like a chow or pug dog. He disgusted her.

He pulled up a folder with some papers hanging out.

"Well lets...see what we got here" fatty was flipping though some pages.

"you've been ...polite, and kind." He looked up at Ghost," Why?"

Ghost looked at him innocently. " Beg pardon"

" Well we know you've gone off your medication, and you still keep a journal about your wolves under your bed."

Ghosts heart stopped.

"Frankly, we've been curious to see how long you'd keep this act going. Not many people have gone to as much trouble as you to try to get out of here."

Ghost jumped onto the table.

"You fuckers are gunna die!" She knelt in front of the fatty and screamed."All of you are gunna die!"

Then Ghost bit into his neck.


Ghost snapped back into reality.

"What do your propose we do about this?"

She was at a loss of words.


Ghost just stared at them.

Fatty took his glasses off and rubbed the lenses.

"Well, I guess this brings me to our news."

Ghost blinked.

"Your being transferred."

Still no response.

"Ghost?" The Fatty stood up,"This is pointless, take her back to her room."

Oh well, she thought. My wolves will wait.