"Please, just don't hurt us!"

The young mans plea went unnoticed by Brigitte who was busy changing into a pair of jeans that were three sizes too big.

She had gotten a car to stop, and was now raiding the trunk for clothes.

The three men that had been in the car, were now all on the side of the road, silently praying to the god they had not believed in for so long.

One had put up a struggle, and he ended up with his elbow crushed under B's foot, after that they all came out without a fight.

After slipping on the shirt that smelled cleanest, Brigitte opened the cooler stored beside some luggage.

It was filled mostly with beer and uncooked steaks. She grabbed two and slammed the trunk shut.

Before she was going to kill the guys she wanted to get them into the woods.

Less noise.

She looked under the drivers seat and found a box with a flare gun.

It would work.

After her three killings, Brigitte was filled with an orgasmic explosion, and a ravenous hunger.

She ate one of the large steaks raw, and thought about eating the second too, but decided against it.

Her heart still pounding in her ears, Brigitte started taking in deep long breaths.

In... hold it ...out... in ...hold it... out.

She did it four more time's before she got light-headed.

Looking at the bodies on the ground, she had a memory flash through her head.

Three people with their throats torn out. The others were tearing meat off the legs.

It made her shiver with pleasure.

A gust of cold wind snapped her out of it.

She needed to start walking if she was gunna make it back to the road before someone called the police.

It was almost dark when a car finally stopped and offered a ride.

An older couple, with a few kids.

They asked her if she was alright, and she said that she had been at the campsite with some friends, and they had sent her to go into town to get some more propane.

The couple told her that she could hitch a ride with them. And Brigitte climbed in.

The car smelt like piss and fruity snacks.

It was almost unbearable.

The man driving asked her if she had a name.

"Brigitte." she said.

There was candy wrapped all over the floor.

"Well Brigitte," The man said." I'm Dan, and this is my wife Melissa."

Then Melissa turned and through her crooked, yellow teeth said," Haddy."

Brigitte figured she meant howdy, but she couldn't be sure.

And then the man spoke again.

" Sitten' behind ya there's Jenny, Kurtis, and our little one Russel."

All smiling at her, Brigitte said hello in the friendliest tone she could muster.

They all looked to be early teens by their faces. But they were all so damn short.

"You listen to the radia?"

It's pronounced radio, you stupid fucking hick, she thought to herself, as she shook her head, no.

The man chuckled.

"Well," he said as he pulled a cassette from the dashboard. "That's good, cus we don't have our antenna anymore."

Melissa cut in. "Some jackass stole it from us."

Well I didn't steal it, you cunt. Brigitte took a long breath to calm down.

"We've been listenin' to ol' books on tape. Mind if we go on to the next tape?"

She shook her head, no.

And then chapter 13 of some fucking harlequin soft-porn romance started.

Another sigh slipped out of Brigitte, and then she fell asleep.