Title: The Problem With Time Travel

Pairing/Characters: Erica Strange, Ethan

Disclaimer: Being Erica belongs to Temple Street Productions and company.

Notes: Contains spoilers for 1x02 "What I Am is What I Am."

Summary: She needs to know if she's really going back in time.

Erica decides after her second trip back in the past that she needs to know. She needs to know if she's really going back in time and changing the past or if it's all in her head. Part of her doesn't want to really know because if Dr. Tom and the whole time travel is just some bizarre figment of her imagination maybe she's better off not knowing. But if it's not…

She impulsively asks Ethan about the past, specifically about the smear campaign against Claire that the Literatti had printed in their paper, he remembers what she had changed. And despite his odd look, Erica is filled with a sense of relief over the fact that she's not going insane. But at the same time she's left with the perplexing issue of having two different sets of memories of that event.

She knows that she could easily ask Dr. Tom about it but she's reluctant to take that route, especially since Erica suspects that he'd offer up some quote instead of outright telling her. So instead of worrying any more about her sanity and the perplexing issue of having two sets of memories for the same event, Erica tries her best to ignore it and instead she focuses on the positive.