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It is the Year 2007 and it is the Asgard race final days in the universe

Or is it?

The powerful and the most noble race in the Universe, the original of the four great races in the galaxy are entrusting the future of the Milky Way Galaxy to the 'Tau'ri' or better known as 'The Fifth Race'

In their last act, they entrusted Stargate command all of their knowledge and technology to them, their 'Legacy' as they are about to end their suffering thru an act of mass suicide. A decision unanimously made as the problem of genetic deterioration/degradation can no longer be solved.

The BCC-304 USAF Odyssey is being refitted by the Asgard as their gift to the Tau'ri, entrusting them the future they have been protecting for eons. But unknown to them, three Ori Warships is traveling to the Asgard Home System and will be arriving three days later.

However, another arrival is about to happen

The Odyssey was in the middle of the refit when, then from out of nowhere of what looks like a reverse black hole is spewing out three massive ships, two of them are over a kilometer long and bristling with weapons and sported with damages from possible weapons. To the crew of the Odyssey this was a shock and even more a surprise, the unknowns is believe to be a human vessel as they can clearly see human writings all over the ship.

SDF-3 Pioneer

Admiral Richard 'Rick' Hunter opens his eyes after surviving another life or death gamble with that infernal Hyperspace Fold Drive again.

The last time they initiated a Hyperspace Fold was when they were at the Event Horizon of a Black Hole. Pioneer survived when they got slingshot across three galaxies and for the next year of traveling back to their galaxy, the Haydonites kept chasing them everywhere until they were found by Icarus and the Long Range Colony ship the Archangel that's turned into a Mobile Base for the Icarus.

The three REF ships kept their distance from Earth for they have discovered that the Haydonites possess a massive armada never seen since the fall of Dolza fleet years ago during the first space wars.

It was a cat and mouse chase that lasted for two years while quietly and covertly they sent part of their protoculture matrix to Earth in order to keep the rest of the fleet into fighting form until another viable powersource can replace it.

Then when the second time they initiated a hyperspace fold, it was inside an asteroid field filled unknown minerals, not knowing that the minerals are dangerously volatile and its reaction to the fold is unknown. Admiral Hunter had no choice, because when you are being surrounded by several dozen hostile ships that fires Neutron-S missiles at you, you have very few options open to you, so you tend to use the first on the list options. RUN

The next thing they remember was waking up at the same system only different universe

"Status Report" spoke the Admiral to the crew his XO Commander Andrew Peters a black hair brown eyes 30 year old reported from his station

"All systems are coming back on line Admiral, the Icarus and the Archangel reports no damage. The Pioneer however, still in minimum weapons, our shadow cloak inoperative, Omni directional barrier inactive and navigations report on our location is … we haven't left the system"

"What do you mean we haven't left the system?"

"Admiral, we are still in the Asgard sector, slight changes in the position of the stars and planets are all here, and there's a planet where the asteroid belt is suppose to be located" he made a quick scan "Planet is habitable and we are detecting lifesigns, non-human, reading unknown ships and…what is that?"

On the big screen it shows a ship in orbit with human and alien life signs. On their screens it shows the ship and they can see USAF markings and emblems from a long old military organization.

"That ship is definitely a human built" remark by an SDF-3 bridge bunny Cristina A.

"Yeah, only humans can make ships that look like its been put together like scotch taped boxes" another officer spoke, Lt. Tim Zahn who got their long range sensors back on line and scans the ship and found something surprising

"The Ship is built with Trinium alloys and…whoa!" he was surprise at the reading his console is showing "Admiral, the power levels of that small ship is three times that of the level of the SDF-3"

"That small ship is giving out three times more power than the Pioneer?" the Admiral ask and amazed of what he just heard

"Yes Sir, I reconfirm the numbers" he replied "Scanners can't get a deeper inquiry sir, an energy shield just went up but that ship is definitely has some serious power levels"

"Admiral I concur with Officer Zahn findings" Dr. Emil Lang spoke from his science station impressed by the data he's getting on his console "The ship posses gravity, inertial dampers and subluminal drive and a very advance sensors," he said "whoever they are Admiral, they are quite technologically advance than we are"

"An American built starship" he spoke in awe

"Do we have comm, Lee?" the Admiral asks Lt. Pamela Lee who is a rather busty blonde reported in

"Working on it sir," she replied as she search the comm bands when instruments detects a signal suddenly

"Admiral, we are being hailed thru subspace frequency" she said as she shows it on their main screen and clears the interference

With audio and visual signals cleared the bridge crew of the SDF-3 watches in astonishment to see a woman blonde short hair in the uniforms of a USAF Lt. Commander

"To the Unknown vessel, this is Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter of the USAF ship, USS Odyssey, please identify yourself"

"USAF ship, USS Odyssey" Lt. Lee spoke confused

"Well we now know that's it's an American ship, but I never knew that, the United States posses' spaceships like that" peter said

"They don't Peters unlesss…" Admiral Hunter said suspicious as another screen showing the vortex behind them, something happened when all three ships activated their Hyperspace Fold Drive in that debris field.

A scientific investigation team found traces of a civilization once came from a planet that became an asteroid. They also found unknown metallic particles floating in the field they have yet to identify

"Something is not right here," he mutters "Pam, open a line to that ship, we need to talk to them"

"Yes Sir" as Pam made a few adjustments so that they can talk to Odyssey, and on the Odyssey, Asgard supreme commander Thor is temporarily doing a scan on the kilometer long visitor and were doubly surprise to find something unexpected.

"Human lifesigns, approximately one hundred twenty thousand mostly it is concentrated on the two biggest ship, reading power levels slightly lower than that of the Odyssey, ships hull is made out of Trinium and Titanium alloys, I detect no shields but most likely it's down" Thor made a thorough scan and detected something rather familiar and reports it on the bridge of the ship

'They have a form of FTL drive, possibly Hyperspace capable and some form of passive cloaking device, strange, it seems so familiar'

"I wonder who they are." Ask Lt. Col. Carter

"Let's just hope that they are friendly" Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell said hopingly

"Were being contacted" a communication officer announced and on their mainscreen shows the bridge of that ship with a man with gray hair facing them. Mitchell can see that the man has the face of a professional soldier with many battles fought.

"This is Admiral Richard Hunter of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, commander of the Earth ship, SDF-3 Pioneer. Hello Lt. Col. Carter of the Odyssey, uhm, pardon me if you don't mind me asking?" he ask straight forward to the point which confused Carter

"Uhm, Yes Admiral Hunter?"

"Is there by any chance that you are from Earth as well and what year is it?"

Everyone look at each other with the 'here we go again look' in their faces. The question seems odd but appropriate as this situation seems all too familiar. General Hank Landry shook his head and rubs his temple as he's about to get one of those days. Again

"A hundred bucks say they are from an alternate reality" Lt. Col. Mitchell spoke out announcing a bet, which pretty much rewarded him with a glaring look in making that bet