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Chapter 3
Fleet Build-up

SDF-3 Pioneer

Sometimes I wonder about O'Neill, the guy is like a kid at one time then a serious no nonsense officer in another with a lot of acts of insubordination for the right reason, but I guess it's probably why he survive this long with his SG- team, diving literary into the unknown, fighting bad guys here and there and saving the day.

Probably drank a glass of Chemical-X when he's was a kindergarten he he he

Admiral Richard 'Rick' Hunter, Chief Military Commander of all Robotech Expeditionary Forces

Halla 2
REF/SGC Orbital Shipyards

A year and a half ago, the shipyard that started with only two spacedocks from the Pioneer and the Ark Angel, now it swelled to as many as twenty space docks all of them are holding under construction Robotech Expeditionary Forces ship class and the Tau'ri class vessels.

The REF ships chosen to build for the tau'ri fleet is the SDF-4 Liberator class Battleship, dozens of Horizont class Transport and Garfish class Super Dimensional Scout Cruiserand also, Shimakaze-class Battlecruiser and the Ikazuchi Class Super Dimensional Large Cruiser.

Engineers of both the REF and SGC made numerous additions to the new vessels; one is the Asgard shields replacing the old barrier systems but kept the pinpoint barrier system as a back up, another is the ring and beam transporters and the upgraded and improved Reflex Furnaces where thanks to the help of the Asgard, a Reflex Furnace on a SDF-4 Liberator Reflex furnace can function for about 100 years even at maximum usage levels than the old 40 years, an enormous and far more efficient than its older version and a near equivalent to the New Naquadah Fusion Reactors 150 years of normal functions.

The reflex furnace also possesses shielding and scramblers; to not only protect it from outside interference but also to keep it from being detected by haydonite scanners.

On one of the Spacedocks, the SGC Daedalus is having weapons refit where railguns once were is replaced with a particle beam 10 barrel Gatling gun, modeled from the standard REF CIWS, RF-10T Point Defense turrets that can fire 320 MJ of particle energy four times per second. Daedalus also sported with a new Mk. 410 heavy VL missile tubes similar to the one on the Icarus (Shimakaze-class Battlecruiser) and other than weapons, the Daedalus is receiving a compliment of 7 VAF-6 Alpha and 4 VF-12 Veritech Beta Fighters and 3 updated RC-4E Light Recon and Transport Shuttles.

Quite an improvement, however, one particular person is not satisfied.

Brigadier General Jack O'Neill is whining like a child to Colonel Samantha Carter, of why he can't have a synchro cannon installed on the Daedalus

"Come on Carter, why can't we have one of those Synchro Cannon?"

"Sir, for one thing, we can't install that cannon because the systems are too bulky and you can forget putting RL-45 on the Daedalus if you want to keep the Asgard beam guns"

"There must be some way to put that big honking space gun on the ship, look at it" gesturing outside the ship is the twin particle beam turrets called the RL-45 and its waiting to be installed.

Carter only sighed and shook her head as her beloved brigadier general is acting like a kid in a toy store ever since the REF decided to offer everything they have in return for SGC assistance and support.

O'Neill wanted to put anything big, mean and dangerous installed on the 304 ships which Carter said NO a thousand times as the 304 can't power up such power hungry system not to mention the severe structural pressure it gives out which the 304 cannot handle.

It took a while for Carter to convince O'Neill to stop nagging her about what to install on the 304 but a few minutes later, O'Neill tried to pester her again, so Carter suddenly beam him to the Daedalus fighter bay to play with the new VAF-6 Alpha.

"Let me guess she threw you out of the bridge again, Jack?" asks by Admiral Hunter who is inspecting the new VAF-6 that rolled out of the production line with USAF-SGC markings and all

"Well…sort of" O'Neill answered

"Uh-Huh" Rick mumbled not believing his colleague

Of the two years since Rick met Jack O'Neill, he's pretty sure that he pestered Colonel Carter to install every weapon in the REF inventory and she said no for one good reason or another.

One of the amusing things about O'Neill and his former SG-1 comrades is that they have a sense of family after years of facing unknowns and great dangers. They risk and protect each other from danger that their exploits became legendary.

Carter, throwing O'Neill off the bridge would be regarded as insubordination but O'Neill won't throw her to the brig as she's too important and right about a lot of things.

"Jack, you have way too much time in your hands" Rick remarks

"Go get a flight suit and let's take these babies out for a spin"

"Uhmn…why?" he asks suspicious

"Well… because like you, I too have too much time in my hands and in order for both of not us get spaced by our own crew for pestering them so much, I think its best we make ourselves scarce for a while"

"Carter is not going to space me!" O'Neill disagreeing

"Really" Rick don't believe that so he open a comm line to Carter at the bridge

"Sam, this is Rick"

"Go ahead Admiral" she replied

"I was wondering, would you have really spaced O'Neill if he didn't stop bothering you?"

"Of course not sir, he's my commanding officer, I wouldn't do that to him," she answered which reassure O'Neill and then she drop the bomb

"I would probably use a Wraith stunner on him, tie him up, gag him, make him sit in a corner with a cone on his head or threw him into a closet to keep him quiet for a while but never space him, Admiral"

"Thank you Colonel" and with that, he turn off the comm link "I rest my case"

There was quite a long pause as Rick is waiting for a rebuttal from O'Neill. Everyone who heard that tried to stifle a laugh and O'Neill only sighs in defeat

"I'll go get a flight suit" he said and he's plotting an evil scheme to get back at Carter, most likely turning her into a Smurf by putting blue dye in her shower like in the movie 'Big Fat Liar' ha! Now that's classic…or….

Baldr Rainbow Rings

The Planet Baldr has some similarities to Saturn, and like Saturn it possess its own rings except that Baldr rings glow in rainbows of all the known elements in nature and one of the most beautiful planet in the Halla 2 system.

Two VAF-6 are flown by veteran soldiers from different dimension is pushing their machines to the limit of its performance.

For Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, flying the Veritech Alpha is like a dream. The man and machine interface developed using the Protoculture is enhancing his senses with a three dimensional awareness with remarkable clarity. As a fighter pilot, loosing ones qualifications to fly jets feels like a death sentence for him. The VAF-6 and its entire technological marvel gave it back and wonder if such a system could be adapted to their fighter planes and their fleet of 302 which can give them added advantage against other fighter pilots 10 fold.

The two fighters flew towards the space weapons testing field where fighter pilots from Earth and the REF are putting their machines and their skills to the test thru an obstacle course with live fire rounds.

Colonel Cameron Mitchell VAF-6 is lying belly down on an asteroid like a sniper for in his hand is a SSL-9B Dragunov Semi/Fully-Automatic Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle a new weapon from the Russians made to be fired by a mecha.

All SGC members are starting to get use to operating their mecha, some better

Mitchell was about to take another shot when he hears the voices of General O'Neill and Admiral Hunter on the local channel. As always, the two are arguing again and from the sound it, he presumes that Colonel Carter just kicks the general off the Daedalus again for badgering her and as usual, the good admiral keeps the general preoccupied with something else.

The good Admiral Hunter seems to know how to handle General O'Neill like a child quite well.

"I wasn't being pushy Rick"

"You were being pushy O'Neill which you are one step of Carter banishing you to the center of the planet if I hadn't brought you out here to make sure you don't nag to death anyone else"

"I was just suggesting adding another RL-45 to the 304, that's all"

"That's all? O'Neill you have been badgering her about that to th1,001 time" Rick said "Which Col. Carter says its not feasible which she is right and you should know, since she's got the best mind in the SGC and YOU said it yourself, that YOU trust her Judgments" Rick sigh in frustration

"Okay, Okay, I admit it," he said grumbling in complain 'still…'

They continue their bicker about one thing after another as they pass by the other with a wave of acknowledgement and went on to their designated target range site.

As they pass by, Colonel John Sheppard flying one of the newly made and fully upgraded VF-11B Thunderbolts a fighter that was develop but never went into production due to the favoring of the VAF-6.

"Did Carter threw them out again," John inquires

"Just the General," Cameron answer "The Admiral had to pull him out before Carter decides to shove him into an airlock"


Meanwhile, Back at the Robotech Universe

General Gunther Reinhardt inspects the new Gate Room and watch in amazement as the Stargate reactivated itself and connected to Eden for another delivery of wheat and grains from Eden.

With the Stargate, much needed supplies from their colonies help Earth and REF greatly and reduces the need to waste fuel for ships which very precious now.

After several trial and errors to connect to Eden, their primary colony outside the Sol System is now just an arms reach and with it, the resources of other planets as well.

Ever since the arrival of a Horizont shuttle fitted with an array of technology not using Protoculture for fuel, things went on without a hitch according to Admiral Hunter plan…for now.

Reinhardt is following the Admiral's instructions to the letter about the Stargate Network, searching for the element Naquadah and other resources that they will need to find in order to strengthen the Space Fleet.

The Stargate was perhaps their greatest assets second only to Protoculture for with it, the Robotech Forces can move without being harassed by the Haydonites and perhaps travel farther than ever if Admiral Hunter Information about how vast the network is accurate.

When the gate activation ceased connection after the delivery, General Reinhardt then turn towards the engineers asks them of,


"We are ready to try the closest gate address near the Quantum Rift General" answered by the chief scientist on the project "According to Admiral Hunter message, there are 120 systems capable of sustaining human life, all of whom has Stergates"

"We need just one address closest to the rift" the General said "The space between Earth and the Rift are crawling with the Haydonite Protoculture hunting fleet and if we try to cross that line, then surely they will know about the survival of Admiral Hunter fleet in an instant" and then he added

"We should also be careful in threading these unknown grounds should there be Goa'uld, Aschen or Replicators that existed there may exist here"

In Admiral Hunter messages warns Reinhardt about all of them, also, he was ordered to find a new bases far from Earth but close to the Rift to avoid the haydonites patrols still lurking around the area.

They needed every possible way to keep Earth out of harms way as much as possible while reestablishing the fleet with new technologies they have acquired from the other universe.

"Colonel Mackenzie" he called on Mac Mackenzie and his teams and groups of soldiers that will be the explorer of what is beyond the gate.


"Have your team on stand by" he said "the moment we get a lock on, your team will go first and scout the area"

Yes sir"

At the other end of the vast room are the explorer teams, each comprised of four soldiers modeled after SGC; however this team is armed, Robotech style, with two Cyclones, one a VR-052 Battler Cyclone (Heavy Armaments) another is a VR-041 Saber Cyclone (Close Quarter Combat)

Once a suitable location is found, Reinhardt will send an entire battalion to immediately establish a beachhead and set up shop

"General Reinhardt" a woman in her sixties called him; Reinhardt turns around and recognizes her, Dr. Samantha Carter PhD in Science and Physics

"Dr. Carter" he acknowledge

"I read thru the data that Colonel Samantha Carter, my alternate reality self have sent 'sigh' this is all but amazing" she said "We can't produce all of them yet so we have to focus on what's necessary" she flip pages on the data pad

"We have all the necessary equipment to upgrade our Reflex Furnaces as well as the shielding which will give the Haydonites the notion that our ships are running out of Protoculture"

"That's good news doctor," General Reinhardt said "so how long will it take to upgrade the entire fleet?"

"Well, with the return of the Satellite Factory back to our solar system, we can finish the fleet upgrade in two months tops"

"Make it one month" he ordered and then inquires of another technology "What about the Naquadah Fusion Reactors, are there any problems?"

"Building it is not the problem General," she answered "we have all the necessary materials and production facilities for them, It's the Naquadah element that we don't have is the problem"

"And the only place we can find naquadah is in the Asgard system" the General finished and nods in understanding the problem

"Focus on the upgrades of our Reflex Furnaces then," he ordered her "We are stretching our protoculture fuel by shutting down two third of the fleet to conserve as much as we can" Reinhardt look back to the Stargate.

"Anytime now, the Haydonites may decide on turning on Earth and our colonies at our weakest" he said worried

"We are betting on the notion that, they will chase the last source of the Protoculture matrix and that's the Invid Regent" he shook his head "No, we cannot get too comfy at the idea, we have to prepare for the worst"

As General Reinhardt sent his team of explorers thru the Stargate, across the galaxy, another race of people is finding themselves being bombed out of existence.

Tollana, a planet underseige

Tollana, homeworld of the Tollan people, a technologically advanced human civilization, and is in the midst of being bomb back into the stone age by a Haydonite Armada.

In a damage room that was once the council hall of the leaders, High Chancellor Travell a tired age woman in her seventies, tired of the war against the haydonites, tired of watching their world burn to the ground slowly, tired of seeing her people living in bunkers and waiting to live or die, tired of seeing her people turn soldiers to fight against a formidable enemy.

"We need help" she said "Surely there is someone out there that can help us, our allies-"

"There a few of them out there beside the Goa'uld that can stand up to the Haydonites Travell" said councilor Narim "most of our most powerful allies are gone, the Asgard's are gone, and those who can fight back are refusing to send help because they have the same problem as we do, or fear that their world will be threatened if they did help us"

Narim, one of the oldest members of council swept away the dust and debris from his seat first before sitting down and placed his hand weapon on the table before speaking.

"Still, there is that one world that we can asks for assistance, we-"

"If you are referring to the people Earth, then forget it Narim" she snaps at Narim

"Those people are dangerous, violent and warlike!" she said "we should find a more civilized people where we can ally with,"

"And where do you suppose we look to find a more civilized people where we can ally with?" Narim snap at her back "they are the only people who were able to stand up against the haydonites for they know much about them" Narim calms down and shook his head dismay at what they done.

"A year ago, when the haydonites started attacking the Icarus of the Robotech Expeditionary Forces, arrived and defeated them. We told them in their face that their assistance was not needed, unnecessary. How arrogant were to think that our superior technology can handle a race of mechanized beings back then, that we slap in their face, that we are far more capable than they are in handling the haydonite" Narim laughs at thinking about that time

"They were searching for their lost ship the Pioneer and warn us that we should not underestimate our enemies, gave us information about them, the haydonites and their wars freely to prepare ourselves should the haydonite return again and even tried some trade with us but we refuse"

"We refuse to trade our technology Narim and I still believe that we did the right thing in not trading with them" Travell said

"Well maybe we should have traded with them!" Narim shot back and it surprise Travell

"Narim, how could you even think of trading with those barbarous-,"

"We are loosing troops by the tens of thousands everyday Travell! The Haydonites mechanized armies are too vast and too powerful and I am sick and tired of seeing my people die in the hands of those mechanical menaces!" he said slamming his fist on the table angrily cutting her off

"The REF battle Mechas and Cyclones were formidable machines, and had we have access to them, our losses in the battlefield would have been lesser but look where we are now" he gesture around the room

"Everything that we have built for thirty years is falling apart in just one year…" Narim slump back into his seat defeated "how arrogant were we, how foolish were we of not heeding them…look at us now…look at our world"

One Year Ago

Without warning or reason, a Haydonite warship arrived and started bombing Tollana with plasma bombs.

Tollan's vaunted Ion Cannons who said that it can destroy a Goa'uld Mothership, destroyed the intruder without a sweat. A week later, two more haydonite ships arrived and they too were dispatch, and then the next week; they came again plus one more ship.

Each time the haydonite came, the Tollans finds it more and more difficult to get a target lock because of an unknown stealth system

For nearly a year, the haydonites took their time in terrorizing the Tollan's using orbital bombing tactics in almost routine, once-a-week schedule. The Tollans repelled them back easy enough from the start but as week after week come and gone, the haydonites came back in greater numbers starting from 10 then 20 then 30

For three months, the Tollans cannons repelled the haydonites once a week where their Ion Cannons did most of the work in forcing the haydonites to break orbit. The Tollan's confidence in their cannons capability to shoot down the haydonites was high that they never place contingency plans should the cannons failed.

It was a mistake that cost them dearly.

When the haydonites came back with 100 ships, the Tollan's cannons shot at them and as the haydonite ships took a pounding, most were destroyed but some went down burning as it fall harmlessly into one of Tollana's oceans.

The Tollan did not shoot down the falling remains since its falling into an empty sea than in populated areas. They sent ships to investigate the remains for study. A week later, the haydonites return and in greater numbers

500 ships are now orbiting Tollana and this time, they unleash an orbital bombardment using synchro cannons and while the haydonite fleet above keeps the Tollans occupied.

Meanwhile, at the opposite side of the planet, is a continent where the Tollans produces most of their planet's food. From the seas came out thousands of Haydonite battle drones, taking the beachhead, their ports and cities near the ocean.

One Haydonite ship that crashed into the ocean wasn't all that badly damage and so it hid itself in the depths until while quietly fabricate their mechanized army using the wrecks of their ships.

The Tollans were taken in complete surprise and the council response was slow to react that by the time that they have organized an army, the haydonites have started marshalling across the planet.

The war took its toll on the Tollan people, their infrastructures are in ruins, their farms and water sources are gone and so as do their spaceships and spaceports destroyed, still they were able to evacuate some of their people off world.

The Stargate which they don't have because they don't want anyone following them to their new home, and that lack of Stargate is now dooming them all as the people of Tollana are now living in miles deep underground bunkers while the haydonite hordes ravage the surface of the planet.

The Tollan capital is the only city left standing thanks to their energy shields that protects them from orbital bombardment and a hundred ion cannons protecting the city, not to mention a hastily organized army commanded by the Tollan security force.

Present time

"Travell, whether you approve it or not, I and many here in council, have sent emissaries to Earth to ask for their aid"

"WHAT, you did what!" she around to the member of council involved and they didn't look at her in the eye

"These are desperate time Travell, this…is a desperate measure…I'm sorry"

"But Narim-,"

"Would you like to tell the people that we have only less than six months left worth of food, water and power and that there is no one to help us fight off these monstrosities?"He yelled angrily

"You have no authorization especially my consent-,"

"Like your consent has any weight in this council anymore, Travell" he said cutting off Travell in mid sentence

"What did you say" she looks at him venomously

"The majority of this council that has already sided with me…to vote you out of office"