This is a bit of an old story. I wrote it in the middle of my tenth grade marketing class (since I didn't really ever do work in that class) and that was what, 3? 4? years ago? Not sure, honestly. I'm actually a writer for reader-inserts, and this was the first. However, since I'd rather not get into any avoidable trouble, it's been edited to have an actual character. (On more than one occasion I find myself too lazy to actually "create" a character and just simply leave everything up to the reader's imagination.) It's posted elsewhere in 2nd-person POV, but has been heavily edited to fit more appropriately. It's my story, I'm no plagiarist.

Summary: My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me? So I do happy... My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury, or wear as jewelery, whichever you prefer.

Disclaimer: Holes belongs to Louis Sachar. Not Solita, as I now call myself. Lior, however, is mine.

More Dirt.
Even more dirt.
Hey look– no, still dirt.

Lior heaved out a bored sigh, her multi-colored hair falling into her eyes as she pressed her head against the window. She was currently cuffed to a bus seat by herself, save for the bus driver and guard, headed to the middle of nowhere. Correction, she was headed to Camp Green Lake where she would be serving time for the next 18 months. That's right, time, that really important thing wasted when one became part of society's degenerates. A groan escaped her at such a thought and she dove into her satchel for her music player, the only thing that could distract the girl from her current state. With a soft 'aha!' she found her search to be fruitful and with some difficulty, due to the cuffs and chains, she laid out on the bus seat, pulled her hood over her eyes, and promptly fell asleep to angry guitar chords and thumping drum kicks pounding in her ears.

-Dream Flashback-

It was either nighttime or early morning as three youths - two boys and a girl - traversed the dark streets. The first boy seemed to both blend in and stand out in the dark streets. His clothes - which consisted of a Hurley hoodie and jeans, both black - contrasted greatly with his obscenely pale skin. Though he dressed as a skater, anyone who heard the name "Jacob Allen Moseley" knew him to be nothing more than a video game geek. The next boy was beautifully blonde and tatted, already holding a reputation for being a badass, despite his young age of 15. On a good day, he answered to the name Artemis Conrad. And last, but certainly not least, the girl; Lior Dina.

She was the town's new girl, only having moved in 4 months prior. If one were to look at her previous behavior and schooling, then look at her now, one would be shocked, to say the very least. Lior had never been the most attentive in class, but with her natural intelligence and remarkable ability to retain information, she didn't need to; especially considering how many tests she aced when the county was watching. But with an abrupt move from South Carolina to Texas came an abrupt change in attitude. Nowadays, she cared even less for school than she had before and began her rebellious streak of staying out late, not doing her work, and mouthing off to authority figures. Her once brown hair had been dyed a multitude of colors, earning her the moniker "Skittles" for the similar colors, and she befriended the town's freaks, Jake and Artemis being the closest.

So now, it was of no real surprise when Jake had called her to Artemis' house to celebrate his parents going out of town for holiday. With one solid kick, his parents liquor cabinet gave way and the party began, eventually spilling from the house and into the streets they were so used to traveling. With all the alcohol in their systems, it really was quite a miracle none of them had passed out. But even so, they all wanted more, but with only one bottle left, Lior took it upon herself to finish it off, all but snatching it from Artemis and downing the addicting substance with fervor.

"Fuck girl, you finished it!"

Lior rolled her gray eyes to stare upon the blonde; his face held a red hue and his brows were knitted into annoyance.

"Yes... yes, I did. So?"

"So? So?! Now we ain't got shit to do! Fuck Skittles, that just ain't cool."

"Psh, whatever man, I'm out. Peace."

And with that, she turned and walked away, the rest of the evening nothing but a blur in her hazed mind. Thinking back on it now, maybe if they'd just stayed in the house, she wouldn't have separated from her friends. Or maybe if they'd just passed out, she wouldn't be in this sort of situation...

-End Dream-

"Hey, get up, we're here!"

Slowly coming back to the conscious world, Lior moved the hood from her eyes and stared up at the impatient guard. Apparently, her movements were much to slow for him as she was suddenly kneed onto the floor. A few curses spilled from her lips as she picked herself up and inspected her hand. It was bandaged from palm to knuckle. 'Another result of that night... dammit.' After standing to full height, the guard took a rough hold of her shoulder and began pushing her out of the bus. The sight that greeted her had her cursing the higher power that be as she realized that irony was, indeed, a bitch.