The Astonishing Reunion of Fanboy and Gothgirl

By Pierce Connor

Chapter One

Damn it! Damn it, damn it, damn it! It was happening again. No matter how hard Kyra tried to avoid it, she just couldn't push him out of her mind. It wouldn't be accurate to call it a crush exactly, but there was some kind of emotion there. The problem was she couldn't classify it and that was frustrating the hell out of her. She tried to stay focused on her walking, but it was easier said than done. She had to settle on a destination. She finally selected a coffee shop. It looked safe enough and no one would bother her. She forced herself to move, focusing on the rhythmic sound of her boots against the concrete. She stepped through the coffee shop doors, trying to look as though nothing was bothering her. It wasn't difficult; she had always been great at faking it. She stepped into line and waited, trying not to seem too impatient. Her personal problems were no excuse for rudeness. Besides, she had the annoying images of him flashing through her head to occupy her time. At least they were good for something. Besides, there was no chance that the real thing would be coming here no matter how much she wanted to see him. She would just have to deal with all this nonsense on her own. She looked up to see a coffee shop clerk eyeing her impatiently. She noticed there was empty space in front of her. How long had it been her turn to order?

"Sorry," she muttered out loud, "I'll have a caramel latte and one of the fudge brownies." The clerk nodded and rung up her total. She paid, took her brownie and moved to one of the window tables to wait for her drink. It was nice for once, not having to talk about the garbage floating around in her mind. Not that she felt the talking hadn't helped. She knew it had, but that didn't mean it hadn't been painful. When her coffee arrived, she greedily it down, hoping in vain that the force of the liquid would wash this line of thought out of her head. She finished the coffee and inhaled the brownie just as fast. She knew eating like that wasn't good for her, but suddenly that didn't matter. She wondered what she would say if she could talk to the image of him that was floating around in her head. Maybe she would apologize for acting the way she did. Even if he had feelings for another girl, that didn't mean he had deserved her anger. It wasn't like they had been dating or anything. She stepped out of the coffee shop, suddenly needing fresh air. She spotted a comic book shop in the distance. A small place, but she felt herself drawn there anyway. No, she told herself in her head, even knowing she couldn't stop herself, there's no need to torture yourself like this. Her feet kept moving anyway, against her will. She knew fully well that the reason she was going had nothing to do with the merchandise in that store. She was hoping it would make the image stronger, or somehow cause the real thing to appear there, even though she knew that was a fantasy. It was true that he liked comics, she was almost sure he wouldn't be at a shop this far away from his home. It was practically across the state after all. That meant she would just have to keep living with the guilt, if she even could. She browsed the modest collection of comics. The usual fanfare. Superman, Batman, the old Sandman comics, that sort of thing. Nothing special.

Kyra figured that she probably looked pretty strange to the comic book geek behind the counter, not to mention the one over there by the row of Alan Moore comics. She peered at him. Fanboy had liked Alan Moore too. Looking closely, she thought the comic geek reminded her of him. No, that couldn't be…it was probably just an optical illusion. She shouldn't approach him. Even though she had done some crazy stuff today, she wouldn't bring her delusion to that level. She turned her gaze away and looked at the Sandman comics. She had all of these though. She saw that the Fanboy-ish comic book geek was leaving. She walked over to the other section and browsed the comics. Her eyes scanned past the section that he had been looking at. It was Promethea. The comic brought back memories; the first time she had contacted Fanboy on the Internet, she had used the name Promethea. She grabbed issue #1, even though she already had a copy. It would give her something to think about. She walked up to the counter and paid for her comic. Then she stepped out of the door and sat against the wall. She had tried to maintain her composure and resist the sadness, but the tears were falling down her face. It was ruining her makeup, but she didn't care. Heaven help her, she wanted to see Fanboy just once.

"Excuse me," a voice said, from somewhere above her, "Are you all right?" She chanced a look up. It was the comic book geek from the store. He had returned. She could barely see through the tears, but…no, it couldn't be possible. She struggled to dry the tears enough to make out the features. Hair color, the general shape of his eyes. She was almost sure that she wasn't seeing what she thought she was seeing, but she had to take the chance. "Fanboy?" she asked softly, hearing her voice crack in a way that made her feel even more uncomfortable. The comic book geek who might be Fanboy knelt next to her, seemingly inspecting her face. "Kyra?" he asked her, sounding surprised. She felt a catch in her throat as she gasped with surprise. It really was him. Was this some kind of kismet or something? Fanboy stood again and held out his hand. Kyra was starting to doubt her string of luck, but she had no choice but to go along with it. She took Fanboy's hand and rose to her feet. "It's um…good to see you," she said through the tears, which were slowly subsiding. Fanboy flashed a smile. "You ruined your make up," he told her with a tone of amusement in his voice, "Let me clean you up." He took some half-wadded napkins out of his pocket and gently applied them to her face. "Sorry these are all I have," he said, "I borrowed some extras from a restaurant. Never know when you'll need napkins." Kyra let out a small laugh. Fanboy hadn't lost his sense of humor. "What are you doing here?" she asked, "I thought you lived on the other side of the state." Fanboy looked around him. "I think people are starting to stare," he said, "Let's go somewhere else. I'll tell you everything." Kyra nodded, not wanting to speak. It was turning out to be a good day. Words would ruin it.