The Story So Far...

If you've read Dirty Little Secret then you already know the story so far but I'll rehash it here for anyone who might have forgot and doesn't want to reread DLS. At the end of third year Draco reluctantly confided in Hermione that he likes Ginny. Hermione decided to try her hand at matchmaking and hooked Ginny and Draco up for Yule ball the next year. Ginny wasn't sure about Draco's intentions and demanded that he prove that he wasn't the cold hearted bastard everyone thought he was. Draco found out about the plan with the Portkey. He stopped Cedric in time, saving Cedric then went through the Portkey with Harry. After a brief fight, Draco and Harry got out but Draco was cursed. Moody was found out and Ginny lifted the curse from Draco. Since Voldemort and Lucius know about Draco's betrayal, he has been asked to stay with Sirius. Joining him are Ginny and Cedric. It's here we start....

Stab My Back

Chapter One

Now We're Broken on the Floor

Fred, George and Ron were all waiting with her parents as Ginny came down from Dumbledore's office. Draco hung back. Ron was glaring at him malevolently but made no outward move against Draco.

Mrs. Weasley didn't seem to know what to make of him. None of them did. Cedric had Hermione in his arms and they were talking about something or other.

Draco felt rather alone.

A heavy arm landed on his shoulders and he looked up to see his uncle, Sirius.

"Don't worry, kiddo. Your girl won't let them kill you."

Then he shoved Draco at the Weasley clan.

Draco stumbled then caught his footing. Ginny immediately turned to him, her face radiant with pride and affection.

Ron typically stepped between them, glowering at Draco.

"Stay away from my sister, you Slytherin," he growled.

"Ronald Weasley!"

Ron and Draco both winced at Molly Weasley's voice.

She swept up to them and took Ron by the ear. "You will be civil if it kills you, son. And believe me, civility is less likely to kill you than I am."

She smiled at Draco, sympathetically. "I understand what you did for Harry. It was incredibly brave of you, considering the position it puts you in."

Her eyes went to Sirius. "Mr. Black," she said in slightly stiffer tones.

Sirius nodded to her. "Molly, Arthur."

"Sirius, I believe the children should be going now," Dumbledore pointed out. "Molly, Arthur, please help take Harry here to the infirmary."

Molly nodded and hugged Ginny one last time.

Ginny came over to stand by Draco and Cedric. Hermione kissed Cedric's cheek then, after a moment's hesitation, kissed Draco's as well.

"Thank you," she whispered, and they both knew what it was for.

He nodded. Cedric looked confused for a second but Hermione just looked at him. Finally Draco could see the moment of realization on Cedric's face.

He turned away to find Ginny looking at him. She smiled and directed her attention to Sirius who was finishing up a hushed conversation with Harry Potter.

Sirius patted Harry on the shoulder then gestured for the three kids to follow him. "It's a bit to far to fly to my place, so we're going to fly down to Hogsmeade and Floo there. I take it you all know how to Floo?"

Draco also knew how to Apparate but he just nodded. Apparating wouldn't work on school grounds as Granger liked to point out.

They followed him. Ginny was closest and Cedric fell back to talk to Draco. "Hey, thanks for what you did. I have to admit I was a little confused and mildly pissed but I get why you did it."

Draco shrugged. He wasn't used to being the hero and it was…well, weird.

"Well, for what it's worth, I'm glad it was you I got to save, Diggory. You're not half bad on a broomstick and you manage to get Granger to shut up everyone in a while."

"Watch what you say about my girlfriend," Cedric commented, but his tone was playful, cheery even.

They walked in silence for a few moments before Cedric said "You…like her then?"

Draco watched Ginny as she walked, her red ponytail swishing to her movements.

"I guess I do," he replied.

"Good," Cedric said.

"Why's that?"

"Because you're not such an ass when you like her."

Draco laughed and Cedric echoed him. Ginny looked back at them with mild concern but Sirius just shook his head and kept on leading.

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