I spotted the curly hair across the bar and I sexed him over with my eyes. Damn he's fine…like fuck-worthy fine. I thought of going over to him, flirting, but decided against it. He looked pissed and was glaring at the bar's big screen. The RedWings? Why the RedWings? Does he like sucking? A hot racy image flashed through my mind. Okay, so 'sucking' wasn't a good choice of words after downing 2 martinis. I crossed my legs twice out of nervousness, then chided myself. What the hell am I nervous about? We´re not even speaking, let alone flirting! I watched the curly-haired sex god down his beer when the RedWings fell to the Penguins: 3-1. He slammed the heavy glass onto the bar, sloshing what was left of the beer on the counter, and threw on his long, brown coat. I stood quickly, putting on my own coat, mimicking his movements. I followed him out into the brisk January air, feeling very much like a drunk, horny creeper. JD had asked me to follow him, make sure he caught a cab home, so that's what I was doing…at least, that's what I was telling my unruly libido.

I walked slowly to my car and watched as Cox grabbed the nearest cab, slid into it, and drove away. I sighed. Well, I'll prolly never see JD's friend again…so it doesn't even matter. With that thought, I threw my car into reverse and drove towards Elliot's.


She was watching me, I knew it. She was trying to be covert but, like Barbie, she was failing. Carla probably put her up to this; Perry can't be alone at a bar like everyone else after what just happened, he has to be babysat. Dammit, Carla, you could have at least picked someone ugly. I pretended to watch as the Penguins crushed my beloved RedWings and scoped out her legs, which she quickly crossed, uncrossed, and recrossed. I grinned. She was nervous; she'd caught my glance and she was actually nervous. God, those are gorgeous…wonder how they'd feel wrapped around me? I smiled to myself, sipped my beer, and watched at the Penguins scored the final goal of the game. Anger suddenly ripped through me. Really? Just ONE point? I slammed my beer glass on the counter and stood to leave. I was done.

She followed me outside, quietly, and I hailed a cab. After the 7 beers I'd downed, even I was surprised I could still stand, let alone throw my arm in the air. I glanced at my beloved Porsche as I got into the cab and sighed.

"Hi, I'm Derek. I'll be your cabbie this evening." the driver said quickly. I nodded, putting on my seatbelt.

"Listen, Derek, great to meet ya. Follow that blue Honda to wherever it goes. I need to see who that is." The cabbie nodded and followed the brunette with the sexy legs down the street.

Our 'joy ride' lasted about 15 minutes and I felt the cabbie slow down as Sexy Legs put the Honda in park, climbing out legs first. I nearly bit through my lip when I saw how far up her thighs the skirt moved as she sashayed towards the apartment entrance. I threw a 20 at the cabbie, way too much for the short ride and pushed my way out of the cab. I never chase women, what is this? I wondered as I followed her up to the door. As she buzzed herself in, I slammed a palm on the door to prevent her from going in.

"Hold on there, gorgeous." She turned to face me, shock lining her face. I stooped a bit to look her in the eyes. Fuck, gorgeous eyes….No! Focus! Scare her! "Now listen here, Stalker Girl, I wanna know some things before you scamper upstairs. First, who are you?" She chewed on her lip, contemplating.

"I'm Lacey." she said, looking up at me defiantly.

"Okay, Lacey. Second, why are you following me?"

"For your own good." she fired back, no longer looking scared.

I scoffed. "What could you possibly know about my own good?" I glared her down, daring her to say anything. She had the grace to stare at the ground and mumble something about knowing more than I thought she knew. "What was that?" I snapped. She jerked her head up. My God, she's hot even when she's pissed at me.

"I said, 'I know more about you than you think'. Jerk." she seethed, anger lining her voice. She shivered from standing in the cool air and I laughed harshly.

"Okay, sure you do. Third question; it's January, WHY the he-ee-ee-ee-ee-ll are you wearing that short of a skirt?" Lacey's eyes brightened a bit and she slid a smirk across her face before answering me.

"I wanted to have a little fun and a skirt was the way to go. Obviously from your reaction, my choice of clothing was well thought-out. Or maybe I shouldn't have worn anything at all." My mouth dropped. Minx! I laughed to cover my shock at her knowledge that she had affected my libido, or lack of one at the moment. An evil gleam lit up my eyes. I'll show her. I'm going to make her so uncomfortable, she'll want out of that skirt…

"All right. Last question…" I paused, watching her chew her lower lip, half-fear, half-desire in her eyes. Do it…do it, Perry. I leaned in towards her a bit more. "Do you taste as good as they look?" I breathed, capturing her mouth with mine, suddenly no longer caring that Jordan was gone. All I count think about was Lacey; right here, right now.


Oh my God, he's kissing me. What do I do? JD never said anything about kissing! Do I run, do I hit him, Jesus he kisses well…NO! Stop! Focus! Break it off! Wait…JD DID say that I should distract him at all costs…couldn't hurt to act on this…Could it? My mind raced as Perry deepened the kiss. No way, I didn't just call him Perry. Cox. Cox. COX. His name is COX. His name is…oh, my God, this is amazing! Perry's tongue traced my bottom lip and nipped at it, as if he were trying to taste it for real. My arms wound around his neck and my fingers itched to thrust themselves into those unruly curls, but I restrained myself. Instead, I teased the skin at the back of his neck, stroking it and teasing the nape of his neck with my fingers. He growled into my mouth, biting down harder on my bottom lip; a cue for me to behave. I ignored it and kept teasing him. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and mingled it with his. He suddenly pulled away from me, gasping for air.

"Do you have a roommate?" he asked breathlessly. I contemplated texting Elliot to go to JD's, but thought against it. I nodded.

"Yes. She's an early-riser, too." Perry cursed under his breath and threw a hair through his hair.

"My place then." he ground out, slipping my keys out of my hand and heading towards my Honda. I gaped at him.

"Excuse me? Do you think I'm just some random slut or something?" I called after him, shocked at his assumption. Perry turned to me.

"You spent all night eye-fucking me across a bar, followed me outside the bar, and just kissed me like you wanted something more than just a good-night thing. I'm just taking the hints, sweetheart. If you don't want to do this, I'll just go." He tossed the keys back at me and whistled for a cab at the curb. A cab skidded up to him, door half ajar, ready to steal him away. I gaped open-mouth at him. Perry eyed me critically. "Up to you." he said, sticking one foot into the car. I stared at him, my brain screaming at me to grab him, follow him, fuck him, but my body wouldn't register. Perry shrugged. "Your loss, princess." he said bitterly, sliding the rest of the way into the cab. I watched as the cab slid away, slush flying across the curb.

"What the hell just happened?" I heard from above me. My eyes flew to the 3rd story where Elliot and JD hung out her bedroom window. I shielded my eyes from the snow that was now heavily falling and called up,

"Dunno! He basically thought I was easy and I got pissed…I guess." No, you got scared because he's powerful and cute and sexy. JD glared at me.

"Way to go, Lace!" I shrugged.

"Oh, well. At least he's off tomorrow and you won't have to see him." Elliot left from the window and I heard a low buzzing at the door. I yanked the door open and strode into the warm air that flowed from the heater. JD met me at the door of the apartment, his face still grim, but he hugged me anyways.

"Good try, cous. Maybe he'll be in better spirits in a few days." I sighed into JD's shoulder and pushed past him into the apartment. I didn't believe him and neither did Elliot, but we would never have said that to JD. He worried about Cox too much already.


I was actually surprised when she didn't immediately follow me into the cab, but thought nothing of it…until she ignored my request altogether. Her face never changed from the shock I'd placed there and she looked so damn hot; confused and lusting for me. I almost wanted to beg her to come with me; I needed to bury myself in something, she'd do perfectly, but I didn't want to grovel to someone I'd known for years, let alone a girl I'd barely met.

The cab dropped me off at my apartment and, again, I paid him more than needed. I didn't care. I wished it was Lacey getting out of the cab with me, instead of just the empty lonliness that was beginning to annoy me. That skirt will haunt me for a while. Short enough to glimpse that sweet ass, long enough to make me want to push it up and- I shook my head. Per, come on, she was nothing, just a girl. Don't let her affect you like this. Remember what happened last time… I blearily put my key into my lock and let myself into my vacant apartment. I ripped a notice of eviction down as I slammed the door, a loud bang resonating around the living room. Jordan had taken everything; my furniture, my son, my libido, even my ability to con a woman into spending the night with me. I sat on my couch, one of the ten things Jordan didn't want in the divorce, and hung my head. At least you'll never see her again, Per. Her or the girl with the sexy legs.