A cute story about Greenland and Iceland from when they were little kids under Denmark and Norway's care. Inspired by the song "Mary's Song" by Taylor Swift - very cute.

Disclaimer: I do not own APH characters, those are strictly Hidekaz Himaruya's, and he doesn't own the countries, nor do I own Greenland, but I do own the OC that represents Greenland… Kay?

"Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other." ~Rene Yasenek

Denmark smirked as he watched the two kids playing. Ice and Kala got along extremely well… as well as it was possible for opposites to get along, that is. They weren't exactly fire and ice opposites, no, that wasn't possible, but they had so few similarities in them, still.

Ice was characterized as cold on the outside, but with a fire on the inside. Kala was the opposite rendition of this; her fiery exterior concealed her cooler, colder demeanor. The two were flipped personalities.

"Aren't they cute?" he chirped to the Norwegian sitting across of him happily as he watched the two run around, it seemed as though Ice was gaining some of that hidden passion in the chase. Whatever Kala had said to him – it had certainly sparked a fire.

Nor was watching the two intently as well, and he nodded, "Yes, I suppose they are." He let the corners of his mouth upturn a fraction of a centimeter to indicate his happiness that the two got along so well.

"Maybe one day they'll grow up and get married – like us!" Den proclaimed and the colour spread across Nor's cheeks.

"W-what are you talking about, you idiot?" he retorted, he hadn't expected that to come out of the Dane's mouth.

He chuckled in response and chirped happily, "What do you mean? Don't you see it?!" he exclaimed and when Nor gave him an un-amused look in response, he sighed and with that same happy smile, looked back at the children running around in the front yard, "They're like miniature versions of us when we were little!" he exclaimed.

Nor looked at the pair closely and sighed when he realized that the Dane was… right. They were like them. The way Kala acted was almost a reflection of Den and the way Ice acted was almost a reflection of him. Of course, they could never be exactly like them – Ice was much more passionate and Kala was prone to be as cool, composed, and even cold as Ice could be. Also… she didn't nearly irritate Ice as much as Den had Nor in their childhood… and she probably wouldn't as they grew up.

And they were always together. It was usually Kala that stuck close to Ice's side. It seemed natural to her to dart up to the boys' side and take his hand in hers so casually. He made no complaints so the action was never corrected. They would always walk a few steps ahead, hand in hand, sometimes swinging their conjoined hands back and forth. Kala talking as Ice nodded and gave his audience. They always seemed so content then – Kala talking happily and easily, a smile lighting up her features, Ice listening with a calm patience to her, smiling ever-so slightly…

As Nor got lost in his thoughts he didn't realize what exactly the little kids were doing until Den proclaimed, "Look!" and his attention was fully on the scene.

Nor turned his eyes to the scene and it appeared Ice had finally caught up to Kala. He had caught her in a warm hug and they stared into each others faces for a while before… he placed a chaste kiss upon her lips. They broke not long after – perhaps their lips had touched for a brief five seconds before Ice retracted and they stood their, Ice's arms around Kala, Kala's limp at her sides, staring in to each others faces, faces red with activity and emotion.

"Their first kiss!" Den chirped happily. Nor simply stared at the scene as, in utter disbelief… how had that happened? There was no time to really ponder this, because after releasing her, Ice's face burned bright red as he looked at the ground and Nor watched as Kala regained her senses and, smiling, tilted his head up by the chin with her hand and repaid the favor. Another wave of shock rushed through him – since when had they been so… accustomed to such affectionate behavior?

"Aww," Den cooed, "Aren't they cute?" he pouted slightly, "Why didn't you do that when we shared our first kiss?" he demanded.

Nor glared in response, "What does that have to do with anything?" he snapped before looking back at the two kids, they were now running back to them, Kala pulling a flushed Ice by the hand with her, her won cheeks luminous with a delicate pink.

"Den-nii-chan!! Den-ni-chan!!" she called as she rushed up to the pair, she smiled brightly and exclaimed, "Icy and I kissed!"

Den smiled in response, "That's sweet, kid! How'd you like it?" Nor kicked him under the table, glaring, the only visible sign that it had happened was a slight twitch on Den's part.

"It was nice!" she answered sweetly, "Is kissing supposed to make you feel warm inside?" she asked with amazing childhood innocence.

Smilingly, he nodded, "Of course! It means you love that person, after all! Do you love Ice, Kala?"

She looked thoughtful, glancing back uncertainly at Ice, when he made no response but to blush a shade of red darker, his eyes widen a fraction before turning away, casting his stare at the wooden floors, she smiled and nodded, "Yes! I love Icy!" she then seemed to think again and asked with the simple childhood curiosity that was in no way offending – but highly embarrassing, "Do you love Nor-nii-chan, Den-nii-chan? You kiss Nor-nii-chan lots!"

Nor felt the heat rise again and Den grinned and nodded enthusiastically, "Of course! He's my wife, after all!" this earned him a second kick under the table.

Kala smiled pleasantly before nodding, as if reassured. She began to chat animatedly with her "older brother" as Den constantly told her to call him until something caught her eye, and turning to look at the scenery, she exclaimed, "It's snowin', Icy!!" she pointed and tugged on his hand to get a better view at the edge of the porch. They settled themselves, legs over the edge of the porch, swinging in the air, hand in hand, watching the snowflakes drop down, and two bickering Nordic nations behind them...