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Chapter 20

Lilly POV

I was dreading going into work the next day. It has been a few weeks since I've been on desk duty. One more week and I'll be off of desk duty. Not to mention that around the same time, me and Scotty got together. We had our first date last night where it was Scotty who decided to drop a bomb on me and say that we should let the rest of the team know about us.

I was nervous on the fact that we were going to let everyone on our team know about us.

Big gulp there.

Not that I was the nervous type or anything, but with the risk of my job on the line, I was scared to know what would happen.

What if we were separated into different units? What if Boss didn't like us together, together?

"Lil, you okay up there?" Scotty asked from upstairs.

"Yeah I'm okay, need a minute" I replied. Yeah also, me and Scotty had planned on living together at this point.

I went downstairs where Scotty was fully dressed and had coffee made.

"You alright?"

"I guess, I mean what if Boss doesn't like us being together?" I asked him.

"Lil, you got to stop worrying, I'm sure he'll be fine with it." he replied.

"How on earth can you be so calm like this? Aren't you worried about you job?" I asked incredulously.

"Come on, if Boss was to try and separate, let him try" he replied with a grin.

I rolled my eyes playfully as we left my house for the day.

We both walked in the office later on. I proceeded to go into the break room for more coffee when I saw Kat in there. She was recently transferred from Narcotics after our other detective, Josie transferred out due to personal reasons.

"Hey Lil, got something going on with Romeo over there?" she asked.

"Well I guess you'll have to find out" I replied.

"Come on, it's not like you guys are together" she said. I looked her and she saw the look on my face.

"Are you serious?"

"Afraid not. Just pretend to be surprised when we announce it to you guys" I said.

"Oh don't worry, sadly though I owe Nick 10 bucks" she said.

"Nick made a bet?" I asked.

"Yeah, joined in last week when I came in, it was between Will, him, and me." she said.

"And why am I not surprised" I asked.

"Lil, Kat meet us in Boss' office" Scotty said. I sucked in a breath as I followed him into Boss' office where Jefferies, Boss and Vera was there as well.

"Okay so I'm assuming by now you all know why Scotty called you in here" I said. They nodded.

"Well, we just want to let you guys know that for a few weeks now, Lil and I are together." he said.

The room went silent for a minute. I got nervous all of a sudden.

"Well I'll be damn" Will said as he took out his wallet while Nick was grinning.

"You all bet on us?" Scotty asked.

"Well, yeah I mean it had to take you two awhile to get together without doing anything too stupid" Vera said.

"Besides the point, I'm happy for you guys though I'm still getting used to this group" Kat said.

"Same here" Will said sincerely.

"Ditto" Vera said. I had a small smile played on my face before turning to Boss. I was scared to know what he was thinking.

"I am happy for you two and I had a feeling there was more going on when you had to live with Scotty throughout the George fiasco. I will allow you guys to stay on the team. They'll be times when you can work together or with different people but I can allow it on two conditions" he said.

"And those are?" I asked.

"Limit the PDA between you two and keep the domestic problems at home. I don't need any home problems to have here . We have enough to deal with when we get new cases" he said.

"I promise" I said as Scotty nodded with me.

"Then that settles it, get back to work all of you and Scotty?"

"Yeah Boss?" he asked.

"A word alone."

I smirked a little as I left Scotty in the office. I had a feeling that he was going to give Scotty a little pep talking to.

I was downstairs in hardware by myself later that afternoon. We had gotten a new case on our hands and I went down to look for the box, I felt two arms wrapped around my waist and I sighed in content.

"I should do it more often" Scotty said.

"Not here" I said turning towards him. "So what did Boss had to say to you?"

"Nothing really, well, except for the part that if I hurt you, he won't be afraid to use his gun. Same goes for Will and Nick."

"Jefferies told you that? Who would've thought" I said.

"Yeah though I am glad that they reminded me cause Lil, I screwed up before and what happened with me and your sister…"

"I know it's in the past and I just want to forget" I said.

"Then let's." he said wrapping his arms around me and our lips met.

"Scotty, as much as I'm enjoying this, I don't want to loose my job" I said pulling away.

"Save it for home tonight?" he asked.

"Thought you never ask" I replied. I grabbed the box above me and we both headed back upstairs.

Somewhere deep down, I know things will take time and I was more than willing to take the risk.

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