Rhapsody in Blue
Jennifer Gay

Summary: An Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy/Sailor Moon crossover. Takes place after the final episode of Season 5 and after Sailor Stars in the Manga.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy or Sailor Moon! All I own are the villains!

Chapter 1: The Girl That Fell from the Sky

It was a somewhat calm, peaceful Monday afternoon here in the little town of Peach Creek as we come upon the forest that was beside Peach Creek Jr. High. It is here where there is a place called the Pit, a place to hang out and relax after school. But, a short while ago, it was not a place to relax; but the Pit was used as a place for a fight.

It was a "fight" (AN: Meaning that it was staged as a real fight) between Double D and Jimmy. But it all went downhill after Jimmy started to attack Eddy, who was teasing him. Then Jimmy attacked Double D for trying to help Eddy.

All the three Ed's, who were all battered and injured from some kind of pain, were the only ones at the Pit at the moment. After a few minutes, they left the area of the Pit, walking back to the school to get their backpacks, which were currently located at the front of the school.

Ed was a tall, twelve year old preteen with a red-tinted buzz cut, a unibrow and hazel, green-brown eyes. He was wearing a red and white striped t-shirt that was underneath a long, green jacket that went a little past his waist, baggy blue jeans, and black tennis shoes.

Double D was a middle sized twelve year old preteen that had only three strands of black hair coming out of the back of his white-striped, black sockhat and had dark, jade green eyes. He wore a red-orange t-shirt that went past his waist, purple carpenter pants that went to his knees, and blue tennis shoes with long, red socks that went to his mid calf.

Eddy was a twelve year old preteen that seemed to be just a smidge too short for his age. He had three, long strands of dark, almost navy blue-colored hair that stuck out more than the rest of his hair on his slightly shaggy blue hair and had dark, ice blue eyes. He wore a yellow t-shirt that went right to his waistline. The shirt had a purple collar and a red stripe coming down the right side of his shirt. He wore baggy blue jeans with a silver wallet chain coming out of his front left pocket and also wore red tennis shoes with white and black designs on them.

"Grr, I'm so gonna get that little twerp when we get back home!" Eddy growled to himself as they exited the woods that they were in, "The nerve of him attacking me!"

"Well, you did provoke him into attacking you, Eddy," Double D stated as he turned to him.

"Oh?" Eddy questioned sarcastically, "How so?"

Double D could only sigh at his behavior, putting his right hand to his forehead, "You're so stubborn sometimes…"

Ed, in the meantime, was not paying any attention to his two friend's conversation. Instead, he was staring up at the sky for no particular reason. But something did catch his attention very quickly, "Umm, guys?"

"What?" both Double D and Eddy questioned quickly; this was the first time Ed said anything to them for the past ten minutes.

"What's with the blue line in the sky?" Ed asked with awe in his voice.

"Huh…?!" Double D muttered with confusion as he and Eddy both looked up into the sky. They both gasped at what they saw.

Just like Ed had said; there was a dark, blue streak of light in the sky, and it was heading to the direction of the Pit. They watched with amazement (AN: Or horror, depending on which Ed's reaction) as the blue streak of light disappeared into the woods behind them. They then heard a very loud 'thud' afterwards.

There was silence between the three before Eddy spoke, "What the heck was that?!"

"It looked like one of the planet Junopia's evil Meteor Men!!!" Ed stated in horror.

"No Ed, I think it was just a meteorite," Double D quickly stated, trying to calm Ed down from his sci-fi theories.

"A meteorite, eh…?" Eddy questioned a little as he then plotted his hands together with the look of greed in his eyes, "Don't meteorites fetch a lot of money when someone finds them?"

"Well… yes," Double D hesitantly replied, "But, I would like to examine it to see if it is an unknown alloy, and then see if we can sell it off to someone who collects meteorites."

Eddy's eyes widen at the thought, "Well, what're we waiting for?!" he soon starts to run back to the Pit.

"Wait!" Double D called out to Eddy, who stopped to see what he had to say, "What about are backpacks? The school might take them up if we leave them there."

Eddy seemed to growl under his breath, already seeing where this was going.

"In the meantime, I'll go to the meteorite and see what kind of element it is," Double D explained.

Eddy made a defeated sigh as he turned to Ed, "Ed, let's hurry up and get out backpacks before the school takes them up."

Ed just nodded his head, "Okie-Dokie, Smoky!"

Eddy and Ed soon headed back towards the front of the school while Double D headed back towards the Pit. Double D took his time though, seeing that there was no rush to it. When he got back to the Pit, he saw a huge crater up ahead that had knocked down or moved things that were around when the meteorite hit the ground.

"Hmm, the meteorite must be big in order to create this kind of crater," Double D said to himself. He soon glanced down to look into the crater, "I wonder what kind of--?!"

He suddenly stopped what he was saying as he made a startled face. Double D's heart seemed to have skipped a beat as he made a gasp; his face soon turned crimson around his cheeks.

There, down deep within the crater, was an unconscious twelve year old girl. She had dark, ocean blue hair that went to her chin and ears, which looked a little bit like a boy's haircut. She was wearing a baby blue t-shirt with a long sleeved white undershirt, ivory-colored cargo pants that went to her knees, and baby blue and white sneakers. But, the worst thing about this picture was the cuts and bruises that covered her arms, face, and legs.

"Oh dear!" Double D exclaimed as he was quickly by the girl's side in the crater. He quickly put his index fingers on her neck, hoping to feel a pulse response. He made a sigh of relief; there was a pulse, but it was very faint.

Double D then proceeded to lift her out of the crater with all of his strength. By the time he pushed her out of the crater and onto the soft grass beside it and climbing out of the crater himself, he was panting heavily from that physical activity.

"Hey, Sockhead!" called a voice from the woods as Double D could hear Eddy and Ed coming to the scene, "Did ya find out meteorite yet?! I'm practically drooling on myself to see it!"

"Eddy… Ed! It's great -- that you're… both here!" Double D said to them with a breath at a time before he finally regained his voice and posture, "There's a girl here that needs some medical assistance!"

"What?!" both Ed and Eddy exclaimed as they both then came to the area to see what he was talking about.

"Whoa! W-W-What the heck?!" Eddy nearly yelped out of his skin, "Where did she come from?!"

"Whoa…" Ed muttered a little with awe, "Is she an alien for the planet Dinoco A113?"

Both Eddy and Double D gave him an odd stare, "… No Ed, I don't think so," Double D finally replied to Ed's sci-fi statement, "But I do agree that she was the 'meteorite' we saw fall from the sky."

"How can you say something stupid like that, Sockhead?!" Eddy nearly shouted at the top of his lungs, "That's something that I'd expect Ed to say!"

"And that was something I really did want to say," Ed agreed in his own way with a nod of his head.

Double D was about to respond before a sound cuts him off; a soft, yet hurtful groan. The three Ed's turned to the girl, who was slightly rolling around, as if she were having a bad nightmare, before she went back to laying on her back. She then slowly opened her eyes; revealing dark, yet radiant sapphire orbs.

"W-Where… am I?" the girl stuttered a little as she then shot up as if she was just struck by lightning, gasping in horror.

This surprised the Ed's, especially Double D; being that he thought that she would still be knocked out by the force of her landing. The three Ed's just watched her as she got up off of the ground, as if she hasn't been hurt at all.

"Umm… E-Excuse me," Double D started to stutter to the girl, "A-Are you alright?"

The girl turned to see the Ed's behind her. She widens her eyes in surprise, "Oh!" she then blushed like a tomato in embarrassment, "I-I'm just fine; t-thank you!"

"Hi there, alien girl!" Ed suddenly stated as he started to shake her hand up and down like a lever, "I am Ed, the earthling from Earth!"

"Ed, you maniac!" Eddy yelled at Ed as he came over, grabbed Ed by his green jacket, and dragged him back over to where he and Double D were, "She's human, not an alien from one of your dumb comics!"

The girl looked on at the scene with confusion before she realized what they were talking about, "Oh, I… must've fallen from the sky just now?"

Double D nodded his head, "That's right," he then tilted his from confusion to her statement, "But how, may I ask, did you fall from the sky?"

"I… I'm not sure," she replied, "One minute, I'm at my best friend's wedding at Juuban Park, and then…" the girl gasped in horror once again, "Oh my, the others!"

She then looked at her surrounding even closer than she did before, "Am I still in Juuban Park?!"

"No, you're in the Pit close to our school," Eddy stated as he raised a suspicious eyebrow, "You know, in Peach Creek. Where did you think you were?"

The girl was silent for a minute, "I-I don't believe this…" she finally stuttered, 'There's a new threat to the world, and I'm on the other side of the world because of it!'

"I-Is there something wrong?" questioned Double D, noticing the worry in her eyes.

"… No; no, there's nothing wrong," the girl said, shaking that thought out of her head as another thought came to her. She looked up at the three boys and said, "M-My name is Ami Mizuno. What are your names?"

"I am Ed!" Ed said quickly with a little 'hello' wave.

Eddy made an arched eyebrow in suspicion once again, "The name's Eddy."

Double D felt like he had butterflies in his stomach when Ami then looked at him to get his name, "A-And my name is E-Eddward with two D's, b-but everybody calls me Double D," he stated back with a stutter.

Ami made a smile at the three boys, "Nice to meet you all…" she then thought about something else, "… D-Do you three know of a place to stay for the night?" she asked with slight hesitant, "I need to try to find a way back home, but I would need a roof to live under to do that."

"I-I have an extra guest room at my house," Double D said, "My parents won't be back for another month, so you can stay there if you want."

Ami made a nod, understanding, "That'll be perfect," she made a smile, "Thank you for the offer, Double D."

"Y-You're welcome," he simply replied with a stutter, "W-Well, we should be heading back to the Cul-De-Sac; it's starting to become dark."

"I want cookies and milk!" Ed said with happiness as he, Eddy, Double D and Ami walked out of the Pit area and walked back to the Cul-De-Sac.

But little did any of them know that there was someone watching them from afar; it was a shadowy figure from the woods that was in the direction of the school. You clearly tell that it was a male figure by… well, his figure.

Yay! This is a revision of my very first Fanfic, Rhapsody in Blue.

But, in this version, there will be better grammar and such. XD