Chapter 17: The Judgment Hours--Hour VI--The Showdown with Lady Ultima and a Sacrifice for Weiss

(Last Time with Weiss in the Last Chapter…)

"Weiss," she said with a sinister, hollow voice, "I sense that you will leave our master soon… how unfortunate for you."

Weiss seemed to be filled with rage at the moment, "Why… Why did she do that?!"

And before anything else happened, Weiss made a portal and walked through it, "Make her come to her senses, Duo!" he said before walking into it.

"W-Wait!" Double D called out, but it was too late, Weiss had left him with Ami.

(Continuing with Weiss in this Chapter…)

Weiss soon exited the portal he made as he saw his surroundings. He was now at the front doors of Lady Ultima's throne room. Weiss quickly rushed through the throne room doors and gasped at what he saw on the other side. He saw the Sailor Senshi and the Cul-De-Sac kids that walked in with Duo when he came here (AN: Who was Mina, Johnny, Kevin, Nazz, Ed, Hotaru, Eddy and Rei). They were all in the same black crystal-like coffin that Ami was once in. Everyone was asleep in darkness.

"No…" Weiss stated with disbelief as he then noticed four others missing; Ami, Duo, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen.

Soon the doors open from behind as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen come running through the door. They both gasped at all the people in the black, crystal coffins as they then notice Weiss.

"You!" Sailor Moon shouted with a growl; she was clearly upset at the site of the room, "Did you do this?!"

"No, this is Lady Ultima's doing," Weiss said with sadness, "I had nothing to do with this, if that's what you're concluding."

Sailor Moon and Kamen were surprised at how sad he sounded, "But aren't you one of her generals?" Kamen asked with confusion.

"I was; until she broke her promise to me," Weiss stated, "She promised that she wouldn't take Ami's star seed; but she did it anyway."

"Yes, and with her star seed, I shall rule over!" said a feminine, malevolent voice as Lady Ultima appears, sitting on her throne a few feet away, "Ah Weiss, you and Russo both have been loyal to me for the last few millennia. But it looks like you will be switching sides, will you not?"

Weiss only made a glare at her as Ultima then formed something in her hand; a bright, blue colored light. It was Ami's soul, "Now, for the final phase…"

She then proceeded to put the bright blue light up to her mouth to swallow it whole… that is, until it disappeared before she could do it, "What?!" she howled as she gave a glare at Weiss, "Grr, how did she gain it back?!"

Ultima then set her sights on another face in the crowd, "Oh well, at least I have a replacement!"

She then stood up from where she sat and sent a beam of darkness towards Sailor Moon, "Sailor Moon!!!"

She gasped in shock as she braced herself for the impact… but it never came. Moon opened her eyes to see Weiss standing in front of her. He had taken the hit for her.

"S-Serenity…" he stuttered, "Tell Duo… t-to take care of A-Ami for me…"

With those words, he collapsed to the ground and faded into thin air. Sailor Moon and Kamen then made a glare at Ultima, who only made a sadistic laugh, thinking that she had hit Sailor Moon.

"You ready Sailor Moon?" asked Kamen.

"Huh?!" Lady Ultima gasped with surprise, "What the--?!"

"Yes," Moon said with a nod of her head as she got out her Eternal Tier and pointed it at Ultima.

"Silver Moon… Crystal Power… Kiss!!!" she shouted as a beam of hot, white light escaped from the tip of the tier. It went towards Ultima who cried in fright at what would become of her. Ultima screams in agony as she is destroyed.

Her body turns to ash as the throne room brightens up with white light. Soon the lights disappeared as Moon and Kamen saw the people being released from their boxed prisons.

"Guys!!!" Sailor Moon shouted to them as they all came over to her, "Are you guys alright?"

"Yeah, looks like it," Venus said.

It was then that someone noticed a few people missing from the crowd, "Eddy; where's Double D and Ami?" Ed asked as he turned to Eddy for an answer.

"Huh?!" he and the others exclaimed as they looked around to see them, but with no success, "Ed's right; they're not here!" Johnny stated.

Eddy turned to Rei, "Hey Rei, do you think you can--"

"Yes, I can," Rei interrupted him before he could finish. She then closed her eyes and started to think, but then opened her eyes again with a gasp, "Something blocked me in my mind!"

"Well, looks like we'll have to find them the old fashion way," Kevin said with slight annoyance.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement as they walked towards the throne room doors behind them…

Meanwhile, back with Ami and Double D, Ami was still brushing her right hand through his hair, tears were now coming from her eyes; she was breaking down slowly, "Double D…"

Suddenly, she felt a hand being placed on her left shoulder. Ami gasped in surprise as she turned to see who it was. It was Weiss kneeling beside her; he looked like he had been through hell and back, "It's going to be okay, Ami."

"W-Weiss!" she stuttered with surprise, "What happened to you?"

"Lady Ultima almost killed me when I took a hit for the Moon Princess," Weiss explained as he then looked down at Double D, "I'm… not going to be here much longer. So I'm going to give Duo my last bit of life energy… So he can live to protect you."

He took his hand off her shoulder and put his hands on Double D's forehead.

"You two take care."

With that said; Weiss's body shined a bright blue as his body then disappeared and went into Double D's chest. And a few seconds later, Double D started to breathe again.

Ami's tears continued to fall from her eyes as Double D opened his jade eyes once more; though she was still crying, the tears were not for sadness, but for happiness.

"Double D?"

Double D looked up to see Ami above him. He made a smile to her, "Ami…" he stated weakly as he sat up from where he lied down.

Ami wasn't prepared for what happened next. Double D pulled her into a hug and didn't let go for about five seconds, He soon said, "I was afraid that I would lose you again for good."

"D-Double D…" Ami stuttered as she replied him with a hug of her own, "I thought the same thing…"

Suddenly, they felt a cool breeze come into the room as they both got out of the hug and stood up from where they sat, hand in hand. The wind was now swirling around them as they soon disappeared from the room.

Meanwhile, back with Sailor Moon and the others, they looked all over the castle and still no sign of Ami or Double D. They then met back at the entrance to the castle.

"Did anyone find them yet?" Sailor Moon asked everyone as they all replied with a shake of their heads.

Suddenly, a gust of strong wind blew by them as a vortex of swirling wind appears in front of the group. They were surprised to see Ami and Double D in the middle of the vortex as it then disappeared.

"Double D; Ami!" they all exclaimed as they ran over to the two preteen, "Where the heck were you two at?!" Eddy asked.

"And how did you appear from the wind?" Ed asked.

Double D and Ami looked at each other before coming to a simple conclusion, "Weiss," Ami stated.

"Weiss?" questioned everyone else with confusion.

"Yes, Weiss…" Ami said slightly saddened, "He… revived Double D… after I…"

She felt a hand being placed on her shoulder as she looked over to see Double D, "It's alright Ami; I forgive you. You… couldn't compose yourself at the time."

The others were slightly confused at what they were talking about. But they decided not to question it further.

"Well, that's enough of this episode today," Eddy said as he stretched his arms out with a yawn, "Let's go back to the Cul-De-Sac… I'll even make my omelets for everyone; free of charge!"

The Cul-De-Sac kids that were there gasped at the offer, "You would really do that Eddy?!" Johnny asked.

"Well, yeah; what's so wrong with that?" Eddy replied with a somewhat mysterious smile, "Can't I turn a new feather… slightly?"

"Umm…" Double D started to correct, "Don't you mean 'leaf', Eddy?"

"Uh… Yeah! That's what I meant!"

Everyone seemed to laugh at his reaction; including Kevin… Well, slightly; anyway.

"Let's go!"

Soon everyone trailed out of the cave, though the forest and back to Destiny Lake; where some of today's madness happened. They soon all went back to the Cul-De-Sac; each Ed with their loved ones, hand in hand…

The End

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