Warriors of God

This was inspired by the promo pics for Episode 4 of Season 5. If you don't want to be spoiled then I would wait to read this after you see the episode. Granted, I don't even really know what's going to happen in the episode other than what the description says.

Also, this is going to be a Dean/Castiel story. Sort of. Well, you'll see when you read it. Sorry. It's what my brain came up with. *shrug*

So this may have more chapters if people request it. My goal is to have it done before the episode airs, however, so keep that in mind! This ain't going to be a 40 chapter story! (Watch, I say that and you people will get me on chapter 100! Lol!)

Disclaimer: Supernatural is not mine. If it were, well, there would be less clothes, more shower scenes, and waaaaaay more smut between Dean and Cas because, well, I could! : ) So that also means Dean and Castiel aren't mine. I'm just borrowing them to play with!


Chapter 1

The air was rank with the smell of putrid rotting garbage and flesh. The streets were littered with debris and abandoned, broken down cars. Some of the cars had sat there so long that vegetation had sprouted in the seats. The rundown buildings were covered in colored graffiti, some of the pictures and writing dulled with time and sun. The windows were barred and boarded up, the glass broken.

There were no signs of life.

Then a door opened.

Four people emerged from the building, armed to the hilt. Three men and a woman. The woman was attractive with dark hair pulled back in a pony tail and dark eyes. She carried her weapon confidently, carefully surveying her surroundings with skilled practice. One of the men was an older gentleman with salt-and-pepper hair. While the woman was watching the ground level he was carefully watching the rooftops. The second man had dark hair and blue eyes. His face wore several days growth of a beard. He also was surveying at ground level, but also keeping a close eye on the leader of their group.

The leader was a tall handsome young man with light brown hair and green eyes. He carried a rifle and had a pistol strapped to his leg. His face was set in concentrated focus, his eyes staring straight ahead. He knew he didn't have to worry about anything coming up behind them. He knew his companions would alert him if anything tried.

"Nothing yet, Dean," the bearded man said quietly to the leader.

Dean nodded, his gaze never wavering. "They'll be here, Cas. They're just waiting for the right moment. They're watching us now."

Cas nodded, his grip on his weapon tightening slightly as his gaze swept across several buildings.

The group fell silent once more as they continued down the road. Soon Dean could see their goal in the distance. A dilapidated building built of brick. The sign identifying what it was had been destroyed long ago, probably when the Plague had first began. Dean clenched his jaw, hoping beyond hope that what they needed would be in there. That maybe this time they would finally catch a break.

They were one hundred yards from the building when the crunch of glass breaking under a boot from down an alley caused them to all freeze. They all instinctively turned towards the sound and at first saw nothing. Clicks of safeties being shut off filled the air and their weapons were all pointed at the alley.

Time froze. They waited with baited breath.

Suddenly, a strangled roar echoed down the alley and something charged out of the darkness. It was a man, or what appeared to be a man. His face was smeared with dried blood and his eyes were wild with frenzy. He charged the group with his arms raised, ready to attack. The woman fired, shooting the man in the head. Blood and bits of brain and skull sprayed through the back of his head and splattered on the wall behind him. He collapsed lifelessly to the ground.

It was too late. It was as if he had been the signal because suddenly two more frenzied people leaped out from behind an abandoned bus in front of the group. Then five more came out from another alley on their right. The fighters began firing upon the zombies, but it soon became clear that they were outnumbered as more zombies began appearing.

"Get back to the base!" Dean yelled as he slammed another clip in his rifle. "GO!"

The older man and woman began running back the way they had come, firing at the zombies in front of them. Cas remained close to Dean's side as they began running back. They were able to clear a path back to their base, killing zombies as they went. They were almost there.

The ground beneath them was cracked and heaved from years of neglect. Dean didn't see the small chunk of missing sidewalk and he stepped in it. His ankle twisted and cracked painfully causing him to cry out and fall to the ground. Cas's eyes widened with horror at the sound of Dean's cry. He turned around and rushed to Dean's side.

"Dean!" He yelled frantically, dropping to his knee next to him.

Dean clutched his ankle and gritted his teeth with pain. Both men could see how Dean's foot was twisted in an odd angle.

"It's broken," Dean ground out.

"Come on," Cas said, trying to help Dean to his feet.

Dean looked back at the zombie hoards approaching. He swallowed hard, forcing himself to make a difficult and painful decision. He pushed Cas away and shook his head.

"No! You need to run!"

Cas stared at him and shock and shook his head. "No! I'm not leaving you!"

Dean fired and killed another zombie while Cas took out two more.

"There's too many and you can't make it with me!" Dean yelled furiously. "You know the plans! Run! I can take care of myself!"

Cas looked around desperately at the growing crowd of zombies. Tears welled up in his eyes. He knew that Dean was making the most logical decision and that he was right about both of them not being able to make it. But he also knew what would happen if he left Dean here.

"Please… don't ask me to…"

Dean swallowed hard, trying to fight back his own tears.

"You have to leave me, Castiel! You know it! One of us has to live through this!" He pushed Castiel away again. "RUN!"

The tears began rolling freely down Castiel's cheeks. He took a deep breath and grabbed Dean's hand.

"I'll always love you," Castiel whispered through his tears.

Dean smiled sadly and nodded. "I know, Cas. I'll always love you too."

Using every ounce of effort he had left in him Castiel forced himself to let go of Dean's hand and rise to his feet. Shooting as many zombies as he could in order to clear a path to the base he forced himself to run. He finally made it to the door and allowed himself one last look at Dean. The man had made it to his feet and was balancing himself on one foot and had made it over to one of the buildings and was leaning against it.

"Come and get me you sons of bitches!" Dean yelled triumphantly as he shot the zombies around him.

That was the last Castiel saw of him before he was pulled inside and the door was shut.


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