Todd had an odd feeling for about 2 week and she was wondering a little if something was wrong with him, like he was getting sick or something and when Todd was busy thinking Kurt walked over to talk to him. At almost the same time Kurt went to talk, Todd's stomach started to flip and Kurt saw him kind of turn a dark shade of green. Kurt asked him if he needed the nurse.

No, I m okay I think. Todd said.

But Kurt was concerned when all of a sudden Todd ran inside the school. Kurt found him in the bath room along with very unpleasant noises.

You ok, Todd? Kurt asked. Standing next to the stall he was in Todd.

Go away man. I told you I am ok.

Kurt didn t listen and opens the stall door and sits next to him just to see if he is ok as Todd still had his head in the toilet.

Todd I can bring you back to the institute if you want to. Kurt said, still sitting next to Todd.

Hell no I am not going to the x-geek manor. He said after sitting back up against the stall wall.

Oh come on what s the harm it s not like you will be sucked into the twilight zone.

* his brean starts singing the them song *

I can bring you to the brotherhood after ok I just want proof. macoy to take a look and see if you are sick or not

* he stares at todd for a minute *

todd. * He sighs and looks back over to Kurt * fine whatever but please bring me back to the brotherhood after ok fuzzy.

* Kurt smiled and teleported them to the manor and him and Kurt headed to see macoy*

scot. Kurt whats toad doing her *he said as he is about glaring a hole throw todd *

Kurt. It s none of your business scot and what does it mater.

*scot just stares more for a minute then logen drags scot to the danger room for training

And when they had finally reached him Todd wasn't feeling good again but he didn t really tell Kurt that *

Kurt. hello prof. macoy

macoy. what are you doing her Kurt aren t you supposed to be at school

* Kurt tells him what s going on and why he is there

he tells macoy the Todd was felling bad for a few weeks macoy tells him to try to rest to see if that will help *

they had let him go home and sleep mostly to see if it would just a bug or something along those lines

but he felt the same in the morning but something was different this morning *

lance. todd?........ have you looked in the mirror ?

todd. why would I and what with that look * still getting odd looks ween he is looking for food

peatro. went to get wandas hand mirror and held it up in front of todd*

todd. meep..... omg is that me or are you playing a prank on me ?

* he looks down and sees he has boods he turns red

there small but still present a small butt and nice curves to every ones shock he is vary pretty as a girl *

todd. not again DANG IT * as he slams the fridge door.

* he looks back and then attempts to bolt for he door but peatro zipps right in front of him

then he goes for the window and made it got as well

he worked his way back to what he called the x-geek manor cus he didn t like most the people there besides Kurt

as a mater of fact him and Kurt had been going out for about a month and a half

todd jumped over the gate with no real effort and jumped up to kurts window hoping he was there *

todd. hay fuzzy let me in

* Kurt looked for a sec and opened it confused as he just got up*

Kurt. todd is that you? why are you a girl * he sat back on the bed for a minute so he cud wake up*

todd. I can changed genders ok its only happened one time before though I thought it wouldn't happen again

and of all times when I don t feel good * he thinks for a sec and notices he feels a lot better all of the sudden *