Chapter one-

This had to be the worst summer ever. Not only had my mother announced she was transferring to a bigger city, in a bigger plant to work, but she had also left the whereabouts of this new job of hers a mystery. So I was leaving my happy little town of Rosewood to move to an unknown city so my mom could get a minute pay rise. Is it just me or does that just sound plain selfish? Well it gets worse. Instead of being able to spend my last summer saying goodbye to my friends, my mother had decided to drag me off to the lake for the summer. We hadn't been there since dad had died, and I hadn't exactly been pining to go back to the place, it reminded me too much of dad. I had argued my way into my mother allowing me to bring a friend to share my torture. Of course I hadn't had too many volunteers, not many people wanted to spend their summer break at some stinky lake. But I had persuaded my best friend Ino to come along. The lake was just outside of the city of Konoha, and most families came from Konoha to spend their summer break at the lake. So I didn't really know anyone, although there were a few I had met when I was younger, but I wasn't even sure if their families would still go to the lake. I sighed as the car pulled onto the gravel road. The sun was streaming into our small minivan and onto my face.

"Sakura, this place sure has changed, huh?"

I groaned, dreading getting out of the car. We were staying at the same holiday park that we used to when I was young. There was a freshly painted sign that sat in front of the park's entrance.

"I hear the park has new owners." My mom exclaimed.

"That's great," I said with a sigh.

"Oh come on Sakura, this place will be fun," Ino tried, I gave her a look that said we both know this is going to be lame! She forced a little smile.

"That's the spirit Ino," mom praised. Ino gleamed, Ino and my mom got along well.

In all honesty the place did look a little different, everything had been re vamped, it looked almost flash, not so rugged like it used to.

I could see the lake glimmering in the distance, mom pulled up to a small window, she gave the man by the window a few pieces of paper, they talked for a bit and then we drove into the camp. There were small red cabins dotted everywhere, children and parents walked in the sun and tents were pitched in odd locations. At the centre of it all sat the beautiful Crystal Lake. Across the lake I noticed an immaculate house; I had never noticed that before, it was huge. Ino must have seen it too, because her mouth dropped a little. Ino's parents weren't exactly short on cash but even her house didn't compare.

"Now you two are staying in cabin 32T, I'm staying 33T that's the row just across from yours, so here's your keys and try not to get up to too much mischief, okay? The toilet block is-"

"Toilet block!" Ino screeched.

"Yes," my mom continued, "it's about 3 rows down, next to the cafe."

"You mean we don't get our own bathroom, we have to share with strangers?"

"Yes Ino, you don't think those cabins would be able to fit a bathroom in it did you?"

Ino shook her head and frowned. Mom chuckled as she turned a corner and stopped outside our cabin.

"Okay girls, get your bags and get unpacking."

I sighed as I clambered out of the car; I pulled my bags out of the trunk and helped Ino with her many bags. She wasn't exactly a light packer. We dropped the bags outside our cabin, and mom tooted as she drove away. God was she embarrassing.

"Okay, let's check out our accommodation." Ino chirped.

"Yeah, don't be too disappointed." I replied I pulled the key out of my pocket and jammed it into the lock; I shoved it around for a bit until the door finally made a clicking noise and swung open with a creak. The cabin was small, smaller than I had remembered. The floors were made up with wooden floor boards, a bunk bed sat in one corner, a tall chest of drawers in the other. There was a old rocking chair and a mat as well. But that was all.

"It's... cute" Ino suggested.

"Its shit, don't lie."

Ino laughed and pulled in her massive baggage, I helped her and then dragged in my few bags and my pillow. It took us a little over an hour to sort everything in our room out.

"Finally," Ino moaned as she collapsed on her top bunk.

That was probably the most work she had done in her life, Ino wasn't the type of girl who had to do anything. Everything in life just seemed to come to her; she was rich, beautiful and carefree.

"How about we head to the cafe and get something to eat?" I suggested.

"Sounds great, just let me get changed first."

"What's wrong with what you're wearing?"

"Nothing really, I just want to change." Ino said, she was already up and searching through her bag for an outfit. I looked down at what I was wearing, denim shorts and a purple spaghetti strap top, nothing special at all. I looked in the mirror at myself, I sighed and pulled my hair back and tied it up with the green hair tie that was lying limply around my wrist. Ino was the type of girl who packed on the make-up, took her time choosing the perfect outfit and spent hours on her hair. I didn't wear much make up at all, sometimes I admit I wore a little bit of mascara and eye liner, but it just felt like a waste of time to me. Ino said I was lucky, she said I didn't need make-up and that I was perfect already, she had told me that since I was young. Slowly my self esteem had risen but it still wasn't at its peak. Ino was a great best friend; she stood up for me when I got picked on, she told me even when I knew that it wasn't true that I was beautiful. I knew I'd never be as beautiful as her though. I pulled my hair back down, so there was no point in trying, right?

Ino had slipped into a blue, flowing maxi dress, with floral patterns all over it. It was beautiful, and probably very expensive.

"Kay, should we go?" she asked, I nodded and we headed out of the cabin and towards the cafe. The holiday park had changed, I wondered who had bought this place and fixed it up. The dirt tracks were replaced with concrete ones, the signs had all been re-painted and there were multiple playgrounds for kids to play.

"Sakura is that you?"

"Huh," I turned to see who had said my name. It was a familiar face, one that still looked the same after so many years. Well not the same as such, he certainly had grown and gotten hotter too. There in front of me stood a shirtless Naruto.

"Naruto?" I asked.

He beamed, "yeah so you remember me? Why haven't you come back to the park? I mean it's been what four years?"

I didn't want to answer his question truthfully so I lied, "oh I don't know, I guess we've just been busy."

"I bet it's changed a bit since you were last here." Naruto said as he took a good look at me. "Wow looks like you've changed a lot to" he mumbled.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing, uh who's your friend?"

"Hi, I'm Ino Yamanaka, pleased to meet you" Ino exclaimed, fluttering her eye lashes.

"Hey, the name's Naruto" Naruto exclaimed with a friendly grin. "So where are you girls off to? Are you gonna head down to the lake?"

"Nah, we were just heading to the cafe actually."

"Oh don't go there, some of the other teenagers are having a picnic down at the lake. You'll know some of them Sakura, you should come. I was just going to get a shirt and join them actually."

"Oh I don't-" I began before Ino nudged me in the rib.

"We'd love to." Ino said.

"Great! You can wait here, my cabins just down the path I'll just go get some things and then I'll show you where to go."

"Okay sounds like a plan" Ino said as Naruto ran off.

I sighed, and Ino smiled at me.

"He was hot, why didn't you tell me there were hot guys here, I mean did you see his body! He was ripped!"

"Well last time I saw him I was twelve and he wasn't ripped then, besides I don't think he's your type. He's kinda loud and well out there."

"Well he's hot now; yeah I like my Mr. Mysterious types. Still he's nice to look at."

I smiled; Naruto returned clutching a white t-shirt in his left hand and a bowl of ramen in the other.

"Kay you guys ready?" Naruto asked, we both nodded in unison.

We followed Naruto down the concrete path and down a beaten down dirt track that apparently was a secret path that parents didn't know about. Apparently the place we were having the picnic was a secret place that Naruto and his friends had discovered a few years back. The secret place was beautiful. Forest surrounded the small patch of sand that made up the secret place. There was a head of wood in the middle of the clearing. I assumed the wood would be lit later on to create a bonfire. Teenagers surrounded the clearing there must have been just over a dozen of them. Some I knew, some I didn't.

"C'mon I'll introduce you to some people" Naruto sang.