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Kanda half glared at the bespectacled man in front of him. He could see him fidgeting in his seat, pushing up his spectacle that had fallen below his eyes. His fingers entwined with one another later on the unkempt table and his eyes remained averted. Kanda could feel himself getting impatient and hugely irritated; just what the hell is wrong with his body?

In the past two weeks, in every morning, the samurai would definitely rush to the washrooms with his hand covering his mouth and thus, receiving a few curious stares from all the people around in the process. He would feel strangely sick and dizzy during his daily training sessions, resulting in the dilemma of not being able to improve his skills. Fatigue had been a pretty common thing too but he had forced himself to stay awake and alert when he was on a mission five days ago. It was only when he was back in the Order did he take naps when his tiredness was too much for him to handle.

The most bizarre (and the most frightening) thing was that he was starting to crave sweet stuffs, not to mention the sight of soba, his most favorite food, was repulsive to him. Nowadays, he had been eating like he was starved for days; his appetite was almost similar to that of Allen's and Krory's, maybe a tad bit bigger even. The urge of gobbling down the food set in front of him was strong but his pride was big enough to push those thoughts down; he would never eat like an uncivilized human being.

All the people in the cafeteria, including Jerry, was stunned when Kanda had one day ordered and carried those mountain of food, placed them on an empty table and finished them without any difficulties. There were absolutely no leftovers.

At first, he thought that these conditions were just there for a short period of time. However, after two long weeks, they were not showing any signs of subsiding at all. Instead, his conditions seemed to have worsened, his cravings for sweet things had grown even more intense. The raven gagged; those amounts of sugars he consumed would be more than enough to last him for a few lifetimes.

"Kanda, promised me that you would stay calm to whatever I am going to tell you now." The raven snorted, the mad scientist had finally decided to speak up. He had thought that the older man had gone mute after the silence they shared in the room. Kanda glared on at Komui and kept still; seriously, what could be worse than the curse he had?

Komui took in a deep breath, "After conducting multiple analyses and having the same results from all of them, we found that you are… pregnant…" Dead silence crept in again and the atmosphere in the room had turned a billion times more strangling and uncomfortable. The older male waited for the other's reaction, already knowing the worst. Maybe a short break between the explanations would allow the raven to be more composed and ease the situation a little?

Oh who is he kidding…

Kanda was as still as a statue before he swung into action. He leapt from his seat, drawing out Mugen from its shield, activating it and jumped atop of Komui's desk. The Chinese could feel something sharp poking against the tip of his precious nose; an undignified squeak escaped his lips.

"I did not hear you quite right, Komui. Would you repeat your sentence again? If this is a fucking joke," the end of the blade poked harder into Komui's nose, "Your face will be thoroughly done in by Mugen." Kanda's voice was calm, but Komui knew better. His actions so far did not even resemble a person who is calm. Despite the fear of being slice to pieces by the murderous man in front of him, Komui sighed and looked at Kanda in the eyes, wanting the exorcist to be convinced of what he said was all true through the emotion shown in them. The raven's eyes widened a little, showing that he was starting to understand maybe all of this was no freaking joke.

Ignoring the life-threatening weapon that was directly in his face, the bespectacled man continued, "I know this seems hard to believe - ," Kanda cut him off with a rude snort, "ok, VERY hard to believe. However, we had investigated very thoroughly and every symptoms you have resembled a pregnant woman." Komui prayed for his well being when the phrase 'pregnant woman' slipped out. Luckily, it seems today was his lucky day. "Yes, it is indeed bizarre, but, we could never deny those results that were shown in our faces."

Kanda brought his sword down and Komui sighed in relief.


"Not that I'm being rude or anything, but it must be because you had sex with someone..."

"No!" Kanda exclaimed in frustration, "Of course I know that! What I meant was how I… became pregnant? I'm a fucking guy if that's the last thing we all know."

"Oh that," Komui scratched his head sheepishly and grinned in embarrassment, "My guess is maybe it is the work of the innocence or the possibility of your body trying to make another being of the second generation. Chances are your body knows that you are the only one of your kind and it is trying to increase the population of it. All of these are just assumptions though. It will take another couple of weeks or months for us to determine the truth."

Komui summarized what needs to be said in his mind before he started again, "It seems that whatever's the cause had made an artificial womb in your lower abdomen, thus allowing the fetus to grow. Basically, it is the same conditions as any normal pregnancies. So now, no more missions or trainings sessions allowed for you."

The samurai could feel his blood boil; he did not even say he wanted to keep the baby.

"I don't want it."

Komui stared at him with widened eyes and felt anger slowly creeping out of his pores to engulf him; how irresponsible could the teenager get?

He half-glared at the other raven, "Your decision alone won't change anything. You need to ask your partner regarding this crucial decision. Come to think of it, I need to know who he is, the father of your child."

Kanda clenched his fists.


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