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M.O.D.E.L.S. by Boogermeister

Chapter 1- The Newest Member

"Butter," the photographer muttered monotonously before snapping her camera. The man simply stood still with a serious look on his face. His chocolate brown eyes were hard and serious, in contrast of his bright orange spikey hair. "Loose the top two buttons, please," muttered the photographer.

"Okay," sighed the man, unbuttoning his ivory-colored dress shirt to reveal his well-toned chest. After a few shots, the photographer put down her camera.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Ichigo Kurosaki," she bowed slightly, her black braided ponytail slid off her shoulder. The man, Ichigo, simply smiled and nodded as he moved away from the setting, which was a large burgundy curtain. He felt a bit tired from today's hectic schedule. Orihime should pay for this, he thought.

Speaking of which, a young woman with long auburn hair and cheerful grey eyes ran up to him; though she was dressed in a business attire, her large chest created an unneeded attention around her. "Ichigo, you done with your shoot?" she asked.

"Yeah, Orihime," sighed Ichigo. "Is that it for the day?"

"Well . . . ." Orihime pondered, checking at her clipboard. "Yeah, it is."

"Good," Ichigo replied, bopping her playfully on her head. "That's what you get for giving me a full day."

"You're so mean!" whined Orihime, rubbing her head. "You shouldn't hit your agent like that!"

"I don't care, I'm ready to leave anyway," grumbled Ichigo. "Thanks for your time, Miss Nemu," he said, glancing back at the photographer, who simply nodded. He and Orihime left the photo shoot and out the building to get to the waiting car. Ichigo was a somewhat very important person, and that's because he was a model, a person who is paid for his unique looks.

"Am I going back to Sereitei Agency right now?" he asked.

"Of course, Miss Yoruichi said so," replied Orihime. "She said she wants everyone in the agency to come and meet the new client."

"Great, another man-whore for her," scoffed Ichigo, glancing at the buildings moving past his eyes. "She already has enough, why does she want more?"

"Not every client is a man-whore," Orihime pouted. "If that is true then you'd be one too."

"No I'm not, because I'm pitching for the other team, Inoue," Ichigo smirked, pinching her in the cheek.

"Ow, stop hurting me or you're fired," Orihime whined just as the car stopped in front of a four-storied office building. The Seireitei Agency is an all-male modeling agency, ironically owned by a woman and all of her agents are woman as well. Ichigo and Orihime got out of the car and walked towards the opened entrance.

"Tag!" A fist came out of nowhere and was about to hit Ichigo, but he dodged it and the arm before suddenly flipping the assaulter to the floor. "Ow! Goddamn it, Berry!" yelled the man; his unusually crimson hair was in a spikey ponytail and had tribal tattoos on his eyebrows.

"Damn, Renji, from living with my Dad you should've know about my fighting reflex," muttered Ichigo, walking over him like it was nothing. "So how's it going, Pineapple?"

"Shitty, as usual," Renji replied, getting up. "Me and Byakuya had gotten into a fight about my shoot earlier today."

"Again?" questioned Ichigo they walked towards the elevator, Orihime already went upstairs so they waited for the door to open. "Let me guess, is it about your tattoos again?"

"Yeah," replied Renji before resting his head on Ichigo's shoulder. "But at least I have you, Berry."

"Fuck off, Renji," scoffed Ichigo. "You already have a boyfriend."

"But I know his sister longer than him anyway. She's the one who introduced me to him. Before that, I met you."

"By doing a piledriver on me," corrected Ichigo.

"Because you made a comment about my hair," said Renji as the elevator door finally opened and they went inside.

"You made a comment about my hair first," argued Ichigo. "You said 'from your hair color, people'd think you're gay'."

"Well, you are," replied Renji, pushing a button.

"That wasn't the point," Ichigo argued. "You said it out loud for the entire agency to hear."

"They knew anyway," Renji flatly replied.

"Not all of them!" the orange-haired man yelled in a sudden anger. "Back then, Orihime was devastated because she thought she would have a chance with me!"

"Well, maybe if you're a bisexual, then she'd still have a chance," Renji pointed out. The elevator door opened and they walked out. "Besides, she should've known years ago, although you don't fit into the standard stereotype," he said as they walked down the hallway and into the 'hang out' room, as it said on the door with a picture of cartoonish rabbits and bears sitting around.

"I don't think you do, either," grumbled Ichigo, sitting on one of the two couches that was facing each other and placing his feet onto the coffee table that in the middle. "Remember what happened when I told my Dad?"

-Quick flashback-

A few month ago . . . .

"Dad . . . ." muttered Ichigo. "I kinda . . . . actually like guys." His father blinked at him for a moment before suddenly wailing.

"How?! How did I fail you?!" he wailed before hugging a huge poster of his deceased wife. "Masaki, I failed our son! The Kurosaki line is finished because Ichigo isn't horny for girls!"

"Uhh . . . . it don't have to be like that, Dad," Ichigo muttered.

"I had a feeling about it," one of Ichigo's little sisters, Karin replied unsurprisingly. "You'd bring Orihime and Rukia around but nothing happened."

"Waaah, Masaki . . . .!" whined their father while the other sister, Yuzu, tried to console him.

"So . . . ." said Karin, glancing at Ichigo. "You the top or the bottom?"

"Woah, where the hell did that come from?!" Ichigo exclaimed in absolute shock.

-End flashback-

"Did he got over?" asked Renji.

"Yeah, after a half an hour of dramatic crying," shrugged Ichigo. "Then he said 'Even though the family line is finished, I still love you.'. That goat-faced idiot, he's so weird."

"You're used to weirdness anyway," Renji said, glancing out the door. "Great, they're coming!" he smiled as he quickly closed the door, but left it slightly opened by a hair.

"Who's coming?" asked Ichigo but it was quickly answered when the red-head pulled down his pants. "Damn it, Renji, what's the point of the prank if we already know about them?"

"Still, it's fun," smirked Renji as he shifted around and hunched over himself. Ichigo stared at him in annoyance but couldn't look away, it might be funny for him.

"Anyway, he-- AAAHHH!!" A man screamed as soon as he opened the door and stumbled back accidently into another man. Renji roared in laughter as he pulled up his pants and turned around to laughed and point at the two.

"Can't believe you fell for it, again!" he laughed. The first man who saw it all had spikey black hair and had three thin scars down on his right cheek as well as a '69' tattoo on his left and a choker-like tattoo around his neck. The other man behind him had pale blond hair that cover his left eye, though his expression was easily read as being mildly shocked.

"Damn it, Renji, I'm gonna kill you!" gritted the black-haired man.

"Uh-uh-uhn, you know the rules, Shuuhei!" smirked Renji, wagging his fingers at him. "Do it." Shuuhei sighed in defeat as he bent over and waited for the 'punishment'. "Faa-ag! Faa-ag! Faa-ag!" Renji sang out at each kick to the other man's butt. "You are a faa-ag!" The last kick was, as usual, the harshest as Shuuhei stumbled forward from the assault.

Ichigo, who remained silent from the retarded ordeal, scoffed in annoyance. "I really don't get the prank," he scoffed. "The majority of the male models are gay. So what's the point of calling him a fag?"

"You really don't get it?" questioned Renji. "Maybe if you have a boyfriend then you would know the fun."

"This game is not fun!" huffed Shuuhei, rubbing his backside.

"You're just mad 'cause you didn't tricked me this time," Renji smirked, making a face at him. "You should be glad it's you and not Izuru."

"Leave me out of this please," Izuru muttered uncomfortably.

"I'm telling Rukia on you, Renji," Shuuhei retorted. "This stupid game of yours is going too far now."

"I'm not afraid of her!" defended Renji. "I'm not even afraid of her crappy drawings of woodland critters. So why--" His words were cut off by a poke in the back.

"What did you say about my drawings, Renji?" Renji flinched in fright at the voice and slowly turned his head. A small-framed woman with silky black hair and dark navy eyes smiled 'calmly' at Renji, who shuddered in sheer horror. Like Orihime, she was wearing a business suit. "I'm waiting to hear an answer, Renji," she said. "What did you said about my drawings?"

"Um . . . uh, th-that they're re-really, really nice, Rukia?" stammered Renji.

"Good," smiled Rukia. "Anyway, Yoruichi told me to get you guys to go to the meeting room. The new client is coming soon."

"Which agent he's gonna work with?" asked Ichigo as he stood up.

"Don't know but we'll about to find out," shrugged Rukia as they walked out of the room and walked down the hall. The meeting room was at the end of the hallway, the large table was moved to the side for more space for the chairs scattered around. The only ones there when they arrived was Orihime, along with a rather busty woman with flowing strawberry-blonde hair and light blue eyes that often says 'let's have fun all the time', a very feminine-looking man with sleek black hair and decorative feathers on his left eye, and a man with a serious demeanor on his face and he had some sort of hair clips on his long jet-black hair.

"Is this everyone?" muttered Ichigo, sitting next to Orihime.

"Toushirou's out sick, Yachiru's hiding somewhere, and Soi Fon's trying to catch Oreo," replied the woman, she too was wearing a business suit though her cleavage was extremely noticeable.

"Ugh, why can't we just put that damn cat to sleep?" grumbled Renji as he sat next to the calm man.

"Say that out loud, that'll make everything better," muttered the man.

"Sorry, Byakuya."

"Who's the fag now?" mocked Shuuhei, only to get a rasberry from the red-head.

"You were playing that game again?" questioned the woman. "No fair, I would've wanted to see that."

"Good thing you didn't, Rangiku," Renji muttered. "That'll be scary for me."

"It should serve him right for making such a childish game," the other man said, flipping his hair back in a graceful manner.

"Well he can't pull the prank on you, Yumichika," replied Shuuhei. "He wouldn't want to get his ass beat by Ikkaku, nonetheless."

"Been here for five minutes, and already I'm bored," Ichigo muttered to himself. He was a little interested of which agent will the new client will go to. Rukia was already looking after Renji and Byakuya, who was her older brother; Shuuhei, Izuru, and Toushirou were managed by Rangiku; only Yumichika was Yachiru's only client. He himself was also an only client to Orihime, who was his lifelong friend along with Rukia. Just then, a black cat trotted in and walked past the people without batting his eyes.

Not long after, a woman come rushing in; her black hair was cropped saved for the two long braids in the back. "Got you!" she panted as she rushed towards the cat and picked him up.

"Soi Fon, is the new client here yet?" asked Rukia.

"He'll be here momentarily," replied Soi Fon. "President Yoruichi and Mr. Urahara went downstair to meet him."

"That crazy guy's here?" muttered Ichigo; though he hated to admit it, Kisuke Urahara was the one who 'discovered' him out of the blue and offered him a modeling job. That's because Urahara was actually an internationally known male supermodel, but it's hard to believe due to his eccentric behavior. Ironically enough, Ichigo never really heard of the famous man until soon after he came to the Seireitei Agency.

Speaking of which, a man came in; a green-and-white stripped fedora covered his light blonde hair and he was wearing a moss green suit. For a famous person, he has an odd fashion taste, Ichigo thought. "Ichigo, how you doing?" the man smiled cheerfully, walking up to him as he waved his fan around.

"A little tired, had a hectic schedule," muttered Ichigo.

"Great! Just fantastic!" chided the man.

"You're not really listening, are you, Urahara?" Ichigo muttered in a bit of annoyance.

"Come on, call me Kisuke, like we're old buddies," Urahara smiled.

"I don't remember being buddies with you," the orange-haired man flatly replied, kicking him in the shin.

"Ow, you shouldn't hit an internationally famous model!" whined Urahara, rubbing his knee.

"They're going at it again," muttered Renji, glancing at the two.

"It's the same thing every time," Byakuya muttered.

"What if I couldn't model because of my injured knee?" Urahara whined dramatically.

"Good, I don't care," Ichigo replied flatly.

"You're no fun anyway," pouted the other man.

"Go back to being boyfriend to Yoruichi," Ichigo said blandly. At that said, a dark-skinned woman walked in; she had golden eyes and her long dark violet hair was in a ponytail. Unlike the rest of the women, who were wearing neutral-colored suits, hers was bright orange. "Yoruichi, he's acting stupid again," said Ichigo, pointing at Urahara.

"Of course he is," shrugged Yoruichi. The black cat jumped out of Soi Fon's arms and ran up to Yoruichi. "Troublesome, aren't you, Oreo?" she smiled at the feline nuzzling at her ankle.

"Yoruichi, hurry and tell them the good news," smiled Urahara.

"I know," she sighed. "Everyone, this new model is different from the rest of you guys. He's actually from Europe."

"He's foreign?" questioned Shuuhei.

"Yeah, but he's very talented and good-looking," replied Yoruichi. "Although he has a bit of a temper."

"Then what's a point of having a guy like that here?" scoffed Ichigo.

"Look who's talking," muttered Renji.

"Anyway, he's right here so try to be nice to him for now. Come in, Mr. Jaegerjaques." On cue, the said man walked in; everybody immediately notice his unusually hair color of baby blue. His eyes, though, were sky-blue colored and had turquiose markings right under his eyes. It wasn't long until they noticed his scowling face.

"The fuck you're looking at?" the man scoffed blatantly. Most of them were startled from the sudden rudeness.

"Everyone, this is Grimmjow Jaegerjaques," Yoruichi smiled, as if it was normal. "He's our newest model."


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