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M.O.D.E.L.S. by Boogermeister

Chapter 20- Moving Day Epilogue

Several months had passed rather slowly, and still both Ichigo and Grimmjow are still together for the better. The blunet's former boss, Aizen, was finally arrested for first-degree murder as well as child molestation due to Grimmjow's past. The man was now forever in prison, with little or no chance of getting out. As for Grimmjow himself, he finally felt relief from his dark past for the first time in his life.

It was because of Ichigo that he felt better about his life, that he wanted to live more than ever. Although his life with Ichigo had been more or less erractic by the 'weirdness' standard. When everybody else found out about the blue-haired model's time in prison, all the girls now find him hot much to Ichigo's annoyance. Some of the guys, however, saw him as a badass.

"Wow, I bet you beat the crap outta inmates who would try to mess with you," Shuuhei said with euthusiasm.

"I wish, but I could've," Grimmjow replied smugly.

"Quit gloating, Grimmjow, you sound like an idiot," grumbled Ichigo.

After the first few months, however, the orange-haired model noticed something about Grimmjow's hair. It was steadily growing, nearly past his shoulders. The other man decided to let his hair grow, despite Nel's attempt to play with it. Gradually, Ichigo was used to Nel's company though internally he found her annoying over 'certain' events. Once, she accidently walked in on the two men having sex on Grimmjow's couch; Ichigo was mortified by it while the two 'siblings' laughed their heads off.

Through the orange-head's pestering, Grimmjow complied to have sex in the bedroom. One morning, after spending the night, Ichigo took a shower just as the blunet stepped into the spraying hot water. "Wash me, Ichi," mumbled Grimmjow, nuzzling his face into his neck. "I'm so filthy."

"Your mind's filthy," scoffed Ichigo as he nudged him away.

"Well, care to know what I'm thinking about?" smirked Grimmjow.

"I'd rather not," Ichigo scowled as he turned back to the shower. The other man hadn't try to make any more moves for a short while, it seemed odd to the orange-haired model but he shrugged it off. As soon as he drenched his hair under the shower, he glanced down and his eyes widened in shock at something yellowish in the water. "Grimmjow . . . ." he muttered.


"Are you pissing in the shower?!" he questioned angrily as he glared back at him.

"Kinda," Grimmjow shrugged.

"That's disgusting!" frowned Ichigo.

"How's that disgusting? It's going to the same drain anyway," replied Grimmjow.

"That's not the point, you ass-tard!" Soon after that, Ichigo didn't allow Grimmjow to touch him for a while.

Ichigo's home was no picnic at the park, either. Almost whenever Grimmjow stopped by, Shirosaki 'purposely' jumped on him out of spite. The white Akita clearly hated the person in his master's life, almost like a child hating his mother's new boyfreind. Zangetsu, on the other hand, didn't seem to care as he already tolerated the new man's presence. The blue-haired model had complained about Shiro's behaviors but usually get retorted by Ichigo, saying that Shiro's still a puppy.

"That goddamn mutt's not a puppy anymore, Ichigo," grumbled Grimmjow.

"Come on, Grimmjow. To my eyes, he's still my baby," sighed Ichigo, petting the smug-faced Shiro. "Isn't that right, Shiro? Right that you're still a puppy? Yes, you are. Yes, you are, Shiro!" The Akita licked happily at his master's face, even at his mouth.

"And how's me pissing in the shower considered disgusting?" Grimmjow muttered under his breath.

Still, they soon realized how thin Ichigo's walls are when they consistenly made love. Late one night, the orange-head answered the door when he heard a loud knock. "Who's knocking at this time?" he yawned, he was wearing a pair of pajama pants while Grimmjow was wearing boxers. He opened the door and to his surprise, saw a police officer. "Uh, is there a problem, officer?" he asked.

"Yes, I've received a neighbor's complaints about loud yelling coming from this apartment," replied the officer.

". . . . What kind of yelling?" Ichigo asked uneasily, while a smirk on Grimmjow's face was appearing slowly.

"Um, well the neighbors kept hearing stuff like 'I'm the King, and I reign over you!', 'Harder, give it to me harder!', and it keeps going on just like that."

Ichigo's face turned deep, deep red in absolute embarrassment. "Oh my gosh, I can't fucking believe this," he muttered, covering his face in shame. Grimmjow, however, laughed as if it was a joke.

"I knew it, I knew I was that fucking good," he chuckled. Once again, Ichigo forbids him to touch him for another while. Even when Grimmjow suggested to gag him during the romp, he wouldn't want to go along with it since he knows that the blunet might get a hard-on about it. As another few months went by, Grimmjow's hair grew even longer as it reached by his elbows. And at every sex they had, which is often in the blunet's bedroom, Ichigo couldn't help but running his fingers through the long and thick locks.

"I thought you said you wouldn't grow your hair out," smirked Ichigo during one night; it was raining heavily outside and this time they were in his bedroom. "What makes you change your mind?"

"Well, I love the way your face looks when you drag your fingers through it," Grimmjow smirked. "It makes me hard when you look like that."

"Tch, you get hard over everything I do," Ichigo scoffed.

"Yeah, and I'm hard right now," smirked Grimmjow before he kissed his lips. The orange-haired model eagerly kissed back; Grimmjow's nicotine addiction was now comepletely gone despite being a long time smoker. His new addiction now involves being with Ichigo. "I want you to scream for me, Ichi," he groaned softly, kissing at his neck.

"Idiot . . . . we can't because of the neighbors," moaned Ichigo.

"Fuck the neighbors," Grimmjow growled softly, kissing and nipping at his bare chest and stomach. Ichigo moaned again before muffling his own mouth. Grimmjow glanced at him and smirked, maybe trying to stay quiet is more exciting for the both of them. His hand crept towards Ichigo's erection when they suddenly heard a faint knocking. "What the fuck? Who's at the door at this fucking time?" Grimmjow frowned, hearing the dogs barking in the living room.

"I don't know, but by the way the dogs are barking, it must be someone we know," Ichigo muttered, appearing as much as irritant.

"Shit, I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind," Grimmjow grumble as he got off the bed and reached for his jeans. "I'm fucking coming!" he growled as he heard the knock again, quickly putting on his jeans and stomped out of the bedroom. He was about to swear off as he opened the door, but instantly frowned when he saw Nel holding an umbrella above her head. "Why're you here, Nel?"

"Um, you're not gonna believe this, Grimmie," replied Nel, putting up a nervous smile.

"What the fuck is it?" the blunet grumbled, his frown deepened.

"I, uh, found out that I left keys back home when I went out for a while," Nel answered. "I was hoping you can give me yours." Grimmjow scoffed just before they heard a distant thunder.

"Damn, it's too late to go home now," he muttered. "It's better if you come in."

"But what about Ichi?"

"Let me handle that," Grimmjow muttered as he walked back to the bedroom, where Ichigo frowned at him. "Don't give me that look, just put on your pants," he muttered.

"Tch, out of all times . . . ." scowled Ichigo, quicking putting on a pair of pajama pants.

"Nel, come here," Grimmjow said quietly as he lied on the bed.

"What? You letting her sleep in here--"

"Just shut up and go to sleep," Grimmjow muttered, pulling Ichigo to his chest just as the young woman tip-toe'd towards the bed and crept beside the blunet.

"Sorry," she whispered. Grimmjow simply grunted as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Ichigo slightly frowned at Nel, who already closed her eyes as she slowly drifted to sleep, and sighed as he shifted in what little space he has in his own bed. Grimmjow was just as mad from the unexpected visitor, he should've spoil his Strawberry earlier tonight.

He heard the bedroom door creak a little; Nel forgot to close this door from the dogs, he thought. Shiro gingerly lept on the bed and laid across the three people. Grimmjow choked out a painful 'oof' as the white Akita delibrately pawed him in the groin with his hind leg. "Fucking mutt," he muttered under his breath. Shiro glanced at him and seemingly smirked before resting his head.

The blue-haired model sighed deeply in agitation as he closed his eyes, something must be done. "Ichi," he muttered.

"What?" muttered Ichigo, one of his legs was dangling off the side of the bed as he tried to sleep.

"We should get a place together," muttered Grimmjow.

"For once, I agree with you."

"Everybody, listen up," smiled Ichigo. "I've got good news."

"Does it involves Grimmjow?" asked Renji, he and everybody else was sitting around in their boss' office.


"Then I don't care," the red-head flatly replied.

"Just pay attention, Renji," frowned Rukia.

"I'm hungry and bored already," whined Shuuhei, while Izuru simply spaced out as he stared at the wall beside him.

"Come on, guys. Stay focus," Ichigo frowned. "I don't care if Brad Pitt's outside selling fruits ass-naked."

"All right, fine," Renji sighed.

"Yeah, Ichigo, what's the good news?" chided Orihime.

"Ichi and I are moving in together," Grimmjow replied with a shrug.

"Oh my gosh! Guess what?! Pbbfft!" Shuuhei exclaimed jokingly with a rasberry. "No, I'm kidding! That's great, though."

"Wow, you're moving in together?" Rangiku questioned in surprise.

"Yeah," Ichigo replied.

"Which apartment you're moving in?" Renji asked.

"We actually decided to get a new apartment," the orange-haired model said. "Grimmjow said that he wants Nel to live with us."

"Of course I do, don't want her living alone," muttered Grimmjow.

"Well, this calls for a celebration," chided Rukia.

"Yeah, let's get drunk!" Rangiku cheered.

"Yeah! Let's go to a bar!" cheered Izuru.

"I can't go, I'm underage!" frowned Toushirou.

"We'll just sneaked you in!" chided Rangiku. Ichigo simply sighed and smiled as he glanced at Grimmjow.

"I actually love my friends," he sighed.

"Me too," smirked Grimmjow.

However, when Ichigo broke the news to his family it was expectedly unexpected in more ways than one. "Oh! My darling Ichigo, you're finally gonna settle with his boyfriend!" Isshin cried joyfully as he danced around. "Did you hear that, Masaki?! The next step is marriage! We'll soon have a new son!"

"Shut the hell up, Dad!" Ichigo exclaimed angrily, dropkicking him in the back. "Damn, I knew I should've stayed quiet about this if you were gonna to act like this!"

"C'mon, Ichi, it's not so bad!" laughed Grimmjow. As usual, Yuzu smiled at the exciting news while Karin simply shrugged.

"I bet ten bucks that they'll last only a month in their new house," she muttered.

"Shut up, Karin," scoffed Ichigo.

"This caused for a celebration! Let's go out to eat!" cheered Isshin.

"Hell no! You'll embarrass me!" yelled Ichigo, elbowing him in the face.

"Ow! Should've see that coming!"

"Where the hell is Grimmjow?" frowned Ichigo as ripped the tape off the moving box and opened it. "He's been gone since morning. Do you know where he went, Nel?"

"No, he just disappeared," shrugged Nel, taking out random stuff. "He usually goes out to buy cigarettes but you don't think--"

"That bastard, I bet he totally relapsed," Ichigo muttered. Both of them were in their new apartment, it was slightly bigger than either of the men's old homes and it had two bedrooms; one of which was obviously for Nel. Shiro was still feeling fidgety over the sudden move, he paced over the scattered newpapers and around his master before whining in distress. "I know, Shiro. But you better get used to it," Ichigo sighed, patting him on the head. "This is your new home now."

Shiro frowned, he thinks that the other man led his master onto the moving thing. Zangetsu basically doesn't care, as long as Ichigo feels better over situations while he was resting nearby Nel. "Shit, if Grimmjow's going back smoking I'm gonna kick his ass," Ichigo frowned. He took out an alarm clock just as they heard the door opened. "Where the hell have you been, Grimmjow?" he frowned again, glaring over his shoulders.

"Oh, just somewhere," shrugged Grimmjow, smirking a little with his arm behind his back. Ichigo narrowed his eyes and turned around.

"What're you hiding?" he questioned.

"Nothing," smirked Grimmjow.

"Grimmjow, are you smoking again?" frowned the orange-haired as he walked up to him.

"Why would I smoke? I got something good and amazing for us."

"Is it V.D.?" Nel asked nearby.

"No," Grimmjow frowned a little.

"Prize money to treat your V.D.?"

"Shut up, brat."

"Come on, Grimmjow, just tell me what did you get," Ichigo sighed as he crossed his arms. Grimmjow smirked happily as he moved his arm out and revealed a small kitten in his hand. "Wha--? You got a kitten?" Ichigo questioned in surprise.

"Yeah, I bought her from a small pet shop nearby," Grimmjow replied, scratching the kitten behind the ears. The small cat was blondish-tawny with thin, darker stripes and white paws and had greenish-hazel eyes. "I named her Heidi," the blunet smirked.

"Heidi?" questioned Ichigo.

"Yeah, after that famous German supermodel," Grimmjow replied, but Ichigo blinked in ignorance. "Man, you're pathetic. You need to watch and read the media more often, Strawberry."

"Shut up," Ichigo frowned a little. "Can I hold her, Grimmjow?" Grimmjow smirked as he handed her to him. "What kind of cat is she?"

"The guy at the front desk said she's an American Shorthair," replied Grimmjow. Heidi mew'd as she wiggled away from Ichigo's arms and climbed onto his shoulders. Ichigo winced a little as the pinprick-like claws scratched into the skin of his neck before the kitten then climbed onto his fuzzy orange hair.

"Get her off, Grimmjow," he winced. "She's clawing at me." Heidi sniffed through his hair and started kneading at it. "Ow! Get her off! Get her off, Grimmjow!"

"Psst. Heidi, come here," Grimmjow whispered, holding out his arm. The small kitten did what she was told, leaping onto his arm and climbed onto his shoulders.

"Ouch, don't her claws hurt you, Grimmjow?" muttered Ichigo, running his fingers through his hair.

"Barely," Grimmjow scoffed in amusement. "You're such a pansy, Ichi." Ichigo frowned at him but sighed, at least he finally got his own pet. Grimmjow stepped outside and came back in with small amount of pet supplies. "Oh, brought these for your mutts," he bluntly stated, nudging a sack of dry food with his foot after he closed the door.

"Thanks," sighed Ichigo. Shiro walked up to the two men and noticed Heidi on the blue-haired model's shoulder. He yelped in questioning and Grimmjow glared down at him.

"Go away," he muttered. "Hurt her, and I'll snap your neck, you stupid mutt."

"Don't worry about it, Grimmjow," Ichigo replied. "I'll make sure they won't cause trouble around her."

"Oh, here it is," Nel chided, as she took out a shoebox.

"What's that?" Ichigo asked, turning around.

"Old letters Grimmie used to send me when he was in prison," replied Nel.

"Tch, throw them away," grumbled Grimmjow. "They're just random junk."

"No, I wanna keep them," she pouted. "It's the only thing we have for each other." Grimmjow scoffed softly but smirked in slight defeat.

"Fine then," he sighed, settling the kitten onto the couch. "Put it in a scrapbook or something." He then walked to the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. "I bet you're curious why I wrote those letters, Ichi."

"N-no, I don't need to," Ichigo scoffed.

"Yeah, you do," he smirked as he drank half the can in one gulp. "It's nothing but sentimental bullshits, anyway."

"Yeah, it's mostly 'I miss you' notes," said Nel. Shiro eyed at Heidi, who was pawing in the cushions, and trotted towards her. Heidi glanced at the Akita and sniffed curiously at him. Since Gimmjow was being preoccupied, Shirosaki lept onto the couch and nuzzled at her.

"Hey! What're you doing?" Grimmjow frowned when he saw the white Akita.

"Oh, Shiro's not hurting her, Grimmjow," replied Ichigo, Shiro licked affectionately at Heidi as the kitten climbed onto his back. Grimmjow snorted in annoyance, he can't believe his newest pet already made friends with his canine adversary. "Seems like we're one weird family, huh?" Ichigo muttered.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" Grimmjow asked, finishing his beer.

"My dogs are like your stepkids, Nel's sorta like my 'sister-in-law', and we now have a baby girl," muttered the orange-haired model.

"Wow, we're some fucked up family," smirked Grimmjow.

"Weirdness does gravitates towards me," Ichigo sighed as he smirked back at him. "But . . . . I'm actually glad about that."

"Ooh, look what I found!" Nel chided, taking out a framed picture. "A picture of you guys kissing, looking all lovey-dovey!"

"What? Gimme that, Nel!" Ichigo exclaimed as he snatched it from her. "Can't believe you still have this, Grimmjow," he scowled, staring at the picture.

"What do you expect, Ichi?" smirked the blunet. "That was our first kiss together, so I wanna cherish it."

"You're such an asshole," scoffed Ichigo.

"That I am," Grimmjow chuckled, pulling him close and gave a quick kiss on the lips. "Love ya, Ichi," he whispered before stepping away. Ichigo's heart automatically jumped; he had never heard Grimmjow said those words before, not even during sex. Even though Grimmjow meant it physically, the words sounded so astonishing and incredible from all the time they're been together.

"Wait, what? What did you say, Grimmjow?" he stuttered.

"You heard me," smirked Grimmjow.

"But . . . . did you say you love me?" he questioned.

"Why? You're gonna act all girly about it?" Grimmjow teased. But instead of the other man scowling about it, he was kissed deeply on the lips. Quickly snapping out of his stupor, he kissed back, moaning as their tongues tangled sloppily with each other. "Shit, Ichigo . . . ." he moaned softly, breaking the heated kiss.

"I'm so fucking glad to hear those words, Grimmjow," grinned Ichigo. "I was waiting for you to say that."

"Damn, if I knew it was gonna make you hard so quick, I would've say it sooner," smirked the blunet as he suddenly lifted Ichigo into his arms bridal-style.

"What the--" Ichigo startled.

"Now, let us fuck!" Grimmjow laughed as he marched towards their bedroom. At the slam of the door, Nel sighed in content; she has to clean up after taking everything out by herself.

Meanwhile, the two men kissed deeply on the bed before Ichigo leaned away for air and realized he still had the framed picture in his hand. "Grimmjow . . . . I really do enjoyed our first kiss," he smiled.

"Is that right, Strawberry?" Grimmjow smirked.

"And another thing, idiot," Ichigo grinned, putting the picture down. "My name actually means 'one guardian' or 'one who protects'."

"Really? Well I guess you have to protect yourself from a sex-crazed beast like myself," sneered Grimmjow, flipping their positions and they kissed again.

"Say those words again," moaned Ichi.


"Say it, and I'll let you fuck me until the next day," smirked Ichigo. Grimmjow's grin widened at that and kissed him again.

"I love you, Ichigo," he whispered.

"I love you too, Grimmjow," whispered Ichigo.

"Now let's fuck."


The End.

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