You Get Me, Loverboy

A/N: Oh yeah I went there. Run away now if you're easily squicked. Ahaha… Oh god, this fic (almost) makes me want to shoot myself. (Please don't kill me.)


"Hey there, lover. How's it goin'? Ah, come on in – sit down! You know you never have to ask to come into my room.

"Hmm? My day? Well, it's been all right… Trained a bit, lazed around a bit… I got called into His Excellency's office, though. An emergency's come up, and I'm going to leave on another mission tomorrow.

"Of course I've got my lucky dress, thanks for asking. I wish you could come along. I mean, we make one hell of a team. A fighting force to be reckoned with! You remember that time? The rush! The adrenalin! The close calls! I know you've got my back. Just remember that I've got yours, too.

"God, I love running my hands through your thick mane. It's so soft. I liked it when it was longer, though. Yeah, I know, impractical for the summer, but really, it made you look younger. You should think about growing it out again.

"Haa… I can't promise I'll come back safely, but I promise I'll try my best. You know why I have to do it. For king and country! You've risked your life for the kid, too. You understand.

"That's why I love you so much. You get me, loverboy. You really do. I don't think there will ever be anyone else that understands me like that. I only wish the captain knew me as well as you do."

"Could it beeeee?!" It'd better not be.

"What? Oh, come on now! Don't be jealous of him! I'm not into lions. Don't worry, there's only you in my heart, T-Zou, only you. Hey, how about I let you top tonight? Got some special manjuu right here – we'll see if they can increase that stamina."