Pekoponians had such a strong penchant for economic superiority. Even somebody as strong as Natsumi would sometimes be swayed by what the people of her planet saw as valuable. In a strange way, it sometimes drove Giroro. If he took over this planet, he'd have it all to share with her, at least for a moment until his own took it for some use they considered higher.

Yes... to share it all with her. It sometimes became close to daydreaming.


Natsumi wafted in the small of sweet potatoes. As usual, it came from outside by a tiny fire. Also as usual, when she looked to Giroro and asked to join him, he acted surprised, but clearly had enough food prepared for a duo.

She sat down next to him and they talked, sometimes until long after the food was gone, and she smiled.

No matter what anybody gave her, they never got a smile quite like that one.