The Many Problems with the Eragon Movie


First, he's meant to have brown eyes and hair, not blue eyes and blonde hair like the actor! I mean, if you're going to do a movie, then get your facts right!


Well, in the book, he has white hair and beard, and he has almost black hair in the movie! And also, he smokes a pipe! Well, you see none of that! And also, they don't leave Carvahall until after Garrow is buried!


Well, first, she doesn't grow into an adult in a flash, she takes MONTHS! And she hasn't waited a thousand years to hatch, it's only a hundred! Oh, and she takes a while to talk as well! One detail I picked up on, not sure if anyone else did though, is that her wings have almost scaled feathers instead of the membrane thingy! (Sorry if I'm being paranoid!)


Elves have pointy ears dammit! Also, she has black hair, not brown-ish! AND, she shows her emotions, and actually tells Eragon that she's a princess! I mean, in the book, he doesn't find that out until well into Eldest!


HE HAS RED EYES!!!! Not blue!! And, his hair is fully red! Not some brown!


The ones in the movie are made out of bugs!! I mean, where'd the whole, black cloaks, eat people thing go? And where are the Lethrblaka? I mean, how else are they going to get around? And they play a part in Brisingr.


WHERES ORIK? Apparently, the dwarf in the movie is Hrothgar. And if it is, apparently he left his crown and Volund behind!


What happened to Roran? He went and joined the army!

There's no Katrina! She is the main reason Roran moves the village to the Varden!

Horst's sons (Albreich and Baldor) get hauled off to the army! What the heck!?

Angela. Must I say more? I will anyway. In the movie, she is some retarded hippy! And there's no Solembum! And they don't live in the shop. Garr.

Arya leaves too early! She's meant to take Eragon, Saphira and Orik to Ellesmera!! They don't do the whole, ride to Ellesmera, Eragon finds some new feelings fiasco!

THERES NO ISIDAR MITHRIM! That's another part of the story. Thinking of which, Arya never saves Eragon from Durza!

The Urgals! They look nothing like they what they were described as! No horns, not 6-8 feet tall, nothing!

Well, thanks for putting up with my raving, I was just bored and this popped into my head!