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Later that day Joey and Aden decided to go to the diner to get a take away food. Both wanted to celebrate regarding Aden's moving in with Joey but since they still need to fix Aden's stuff, they thought it would be more convenient to just get a take away and eat at home.

Joey and Aden was just outside the diner and was about to head inside when they bumped into Angelo who just came from the diner. Both apologised to each other and both Aden and Joey are about to go ahead when Angelo called out for Joey.

"Joey, can I have a word with you. Please?"

Joey and Aden looked at each other with a questioning look. Aden wanted to stay just in case things get out of hand but Joey nod to him to go ahead and get their food as she walks back to Angelo.

"Am I in trouble Constable?" Joey smiled and joked as she approached him trying to ignore the nerves she's feeling.

Angelo smiled back at Joey and shook his head no.

"I just want to talk to you about, Charlie…"

Angelo said calmly and looks straight into Joey's eyes to see her reaction. Joey looked back straight in the eyes, she feel a little anxious but thought that she done nothing wrong, so there really isn't anything to be nervous about.

"What about Charlie?" Joey asked simply, locating herself beside Angelo who's now staring shifted his eyes towards the sea.

"I know everything… " Angelo started, "she told me what happened with the two of you a year ago and in the ladies last night. By the way thank you for staying with her last night."

"It's ok. And uhm… what about Charlie?"

"I just wanna ask if your back to still her away from me?" Angelo asked directly and turned to Joey again to look in her eyes, to know if she will be telling the truth or not.

"No, Angelo. I'm not here to cause anyone any problem." Joey answered honestly.

It's true that when she came back, she's hoping that maybe she and Charlie can rekindle their so-called-relationship. But when she found out that Charlie is already in a relationship… she threw all the hope she had at the back of her head, and not once did she think of stealing her back away from him. As far as Joey knows, Charlie is in a functional, peaceful relationship with Angelo and for Joey, that is all that matters. Little did she know that if given a chance, Charlie would turn her back to anything in a heartbeat if it means that she could be with Joey again.

Angelo looked intently in the woman's eyes to see if she's telling him the truth… and was stunned when he saw that she is! It gave him some kind of relief to know Joey isn't after Charlie anymore.

"Thank you." He said sincerely, "in that case… ca I ask for you friendship, then?"

Angelo asked, which made Joey frowned in bewilderment. Angelo instantly noticed the look in Joey's face and it made him laugh a little before deciding to explain.

"Ok. The thing is, I love Charlie…" Angelo started, "and I know how uncomfortable it is for her to have us both in one place at the same time; i.e. last night. So, I thought if she can see that we get along… maybe it would give her some kind of relief. Right?" Angelo finished explaining.

Joey listened to Angelo's reasoning and although it cut her deep to know someone loves Charlie maybe as much as she does… she still couldn't find it in her heart to be upset or to dislike the guy beside her. Instead she found herself admiring the understanding of Angelo regarding Charlie's past relationship with a woman. And although it saddened her that all this is like rubbing the truth that she and Charlie is long gone, in her face… she still feel happiness not for herself but for Charlie. Because Charlie is able to find herself someone that will love her with all his heart and will understand and accepts her still. She's happy for Charlie that now, it's not complicated anymore because this time, she's actually with a guy.

Joey smiled at Angelo and offered her hand indicating her answer to the guy's question. Angelo took Joey's hand and smiled back to her.

Angelo said his goodbye, saying he needs to go back to the station. Walking to his car, a grin crossed his face. Being a police officer, they are trained to look beyond what they see, to read facial expression, to read body language, so it would easy for them to know who's lying or not. And talking to Joey and observing her, he knew that Joey is being honest all through the conversation they had, which made it easy for him to put his plan into action.

It is true that he loves Charlie and he does cares a lot about her. That's why he has to do everything he can to keep her to himself. But the main reason why he wants to be friends with Joey, is because after seeing Charlie's action and how affected she is about Joey being back in town. He knew deep inside him that if given a chance, Charlie would leave him for Joey in a heartbeat. He knew he wouldn't stand a chance. So, he thought him being friends with Joey will somehow secure his relationship with Charlie, knowing it doesn't matter that he can't stop Charlie from still loving Joey, but at least he has the control on Joey. After his brief chat with Joey which gave him the opportunity to observe the girl, it downed to him that Joey is a kind of person that has a lot of goodness to give that it's her strongest point and yet her weakness as well. He knew very well then that she is the type of person who wouldn't betray a friend. And so if he's friends with her, he knew she wouldn't betray him by stealing Charlie.

A few minutes later after Angelo left, Aden came out of the diner with food containers in his hands. Joey walked up to him and helped him with the containers.

"So, what does Angelo wants from you?" Aden asked as they walked home, he couldn't wait till they get home to ask.

"Nothing…" Joey answered simply.

Aden stopped from his track and stood in front of Joey to also stop her from walking. He looked at her, full of concerns; his protective instinct towards Joey is kicking in.

"What did he say Joey? What did he do?" Aden asked "I swear, if he done anything to harm you, I'll…"

"Aden stop!" Joey interrupted him, "he didn't do anything to harm me or said anything to offend me. If anything… she was actually being nice." Joey explained.

"Nice? Why is it that I kinda smell something fishy is going on…"

"Aden…" Joey said with a warning tone "he's a nice guy. Ok?"

"You barely know him. How can you say he's nice?" Aden challenged.

"I just do. I mean… I just feel it." Joey reasoned.

"Joey… everybody's nice when it comes to you. He accidentally killed Jack, Martha's husband. And you think he's nice?" Aden informed the girl with now a shocked looked on her face.

Joey contemplates for a while about what she just found out about Charlie's boyfriend. But then she decided that it's not her place to judge. Besides Aden said accidentally, so that doesn't make him a bad guy. He didn't do it in purpose anyway.

"Aden, you said it's an accident, so that doesn't make him a bad person. It means he didn't mean for it to happen. And I can not judge him because of that and neither should you. Ok, I know causing the death of another human being is bad enough, but I know… and I don't know how I know, but I know he didn't mean it and if given a chance he will do anything to take everything back." Joey said with compassion not only for Jack but also for Angelo's situation.

Aden shook his head in disbelief. He knew how much of a good person Joey is, but it still amazes him how she can be so compassionate about someone that not only she doesn't know much but also the same one that is in a relationship with the woman she loves the most.

"What?" Joey asked frowning seeing the look in Aden's face.

"Nothing… you just can't stop to amaze me… anyway so what does he want?"

"Nothing… he just wanted to be friends."


"For Charlie's sake." Joey replied simply.

"What? Why? What is it to Charlie?" Aden asked confused.

"Well, Charlie told him about us before." Joey started "I assumed Charlie learned her lesson about keeping secrets. Anyway, so yeah… we all know how awkward it would be for Charlie to have Angelo and me in the same room. And we all know that it is most likely to happen, because we're all in a small town. Anyway, Angelo doesn't want that for Charlie, he doesn't want Charlie to feel anxious or uncomfortable whenever that happens, so he thought if she sees us and knows that we're getting along, it would be easy for Charlie. So yeah… that's why." Joey explained.

"And I'm guessing that you agreed to that?"

"Yes, of course. I mean… why wouldn't I?"

Again Aden shook his head and smile as he looked at the girl in front of her.

"You love her that much huh?" Aden asked quietly.

"What do you mean?" Not its Joey's turn to get confuse.

"I mean, you and I both know that you still love Charlie. And being friends with Charlie is already hard enough… but to be friends with the person who has the woman you love the most, just so it'll be easier for her? I mean… do you ever think about yourself first? Because we both know it's gonna hurt big time!"

Joey now realised Aden's point, but just shrugged her shoulder in response. She thought as long as Charlie's happy… she doesn't mind getting hurt at all. Aden saw the look in Joey's face and knew exactly what she's thinking. Aden then wrapped his arm around Joey and pulled her close to him. He kissed the top of her head as he continued to embrace her.

"I still don't know why and how Charlie could ever let you go…" Aden whispered, his lips still pressed against the top of Joey's head.

Joey wrapped an arm around Aden's waist, thankful that at least she still has him.

"She didn't…" Joey answered quietly, grateful for the comforting arms around her, "I ran away, remember? I was that one that left her." Joey said, not wanting Charlie to get the blame.


It's been a week since the incident between Charlie and Joey happened. Both managed to stay out of each other's way, both maintained not to bump to one another, which is normally impossible because Summer Bay is really a small town.

Joey was always out looking for any job around. Aden suggested the Surf Club again, but Joey thought it would be her last option. She has too many memories in that place and it's so public that she will probably end up seeing Charlie and Angelo always. She knows that she agreed to be friends with both of them, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't cut her. It still hurts her but thought 'As long as I don't cause trouble in them and their relationship… then let them cut me over and over again.

Charlie on the other hand busied herself with work. She hardly even go on patrolling duty, for the first time in her police life… she'd rather stay and do the paper works than attend in to some incident or whatever problem there is to attend to.

It was Friday afternoon and Ruby just came back from school, when she walked in on Charlie holding a beanie. She is well aware to whom it belongs to, but decided to keep her smart-arse comment to herself, knowing it isn't the good time.

"Hey, Charlz!" she greeted her sister as she seats herself beside her sister, "since when did you own a beanie Charlie?" Ruby eventually asked, wasn't able to stop herself.

Charlie just looked at her sister; she knew that Ruby knows its Joey's. "It's not mine." Charlie answered back simply.

"I know… but why do you still have it?"

"She left it here." Charlie replied quietly.

"And why didn't you return it?" Ruby queried although she knows why.

"I can't… I didn't know if I will ever see her again. I need something that will keep me sane. Up until now… I still need this to keep me sane." Charlie explained, fighting back tears again.

"You know Charlie, you don't need that anymore. She's back; the one person that can keep you sane and human is back. You know what you have to do Charlz. Stop fighting it and just give in."

Charlie looked at Ruby and considers her sister's advice. She knows she's right, but she just doesn't know how to put it in action.

"How do I do it, Rubes? She doesn't want to be with me. She just wants to be friends with me."

"First… dump Angelo. Second, fight for what you feel! If you have to go down on your knees and beg Joey, do IT! You know she's worth anything and more." Ruby advised the older Buckton.

Ruby saw the look on Charlie's face and it disappoints her, knowing exactly what that looks means. She can't believe how gutless Charlie can be. For someone who can protect and run a town peacefully, Charlie is really coward when it comes to her own.

"I know… you don't have to reply. I can see it; you can't do what I said. I just hope you can find happiness on you own way."

"Ruby… it's not that…" Charlie tried to explain.

"It's ok Charlie. It's you choice. By the way, I'm going out tonight and might not be home until tomorrow."

"Why? Where are you going?"

"I'm sleeping over at Joey's. Aden moved in with her and we're going to do some house painting tomorrow. Here…" Ruby tried to take the beanie from Charlie's hand, "I'll return it back to Joey." She offered.

Charlie hold onto the beanie tight so Ruby couldn't take it away. She remained quiet for a while, knowing Ruby is staring at her.

"I can do all the things you said…" Charlie started to talk not looking at Ruby, "I can go down on my knees and beg, I can even announce to the whole of Summer Bay that I'm in love with her if I have to. But…" Charlie turned and now looks at Ruby to meet her sister's gaze, "I can't dump Angelo just like that, Rubes… he done nothing wrong except to love the wrong woman and… to hurt him just like that, just because of my selfishness… I can't. I can't do that to him. I can't be that cruel." She let a tears fall from her eyes.

Ruby hugger the older woman, now understands where Charlie is coming from. She feels sorry for her sister, as she realised how trap Charlie is in her situation although there is no one to blame but her. Ruby kinda agrees and sees Charlie's point regarding Angelo. She doesn't like the guy but no matter what, it would really be unfair for him. But then again she thought Love is never fair, anyway.

"Come Charlie… come with me. I'm sure Joey wouldn't mine if you tug along." Ruby suggested, releasing Charlie from her embrace and coaxed her to stand up and come with her.

"Rubes… I don't know. I don't think that's a good idea." Charlie said although if she will listed to her heart, its screaming yes and go with the younger girl, but she thought if she listens to her heart now that it would be really hard to stop listening to it, knowing that's exactly what she really wants after all.

"Charlz… I am only going to ask you one more time." Ruby said sternly "Come with me!" Ruby again convinced her sister maintaining the stern look and stern voice. She thought if Charlie and Joey are not going to act right on their feelings, then they left her no choice to intervene. She's sick of these two women closes to her never seemed to stop playing hide and seek.


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